Air Cooler 24 Review 2022: Best Information For You

Air Cooler 24 Review 2022 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

Would you like to keep your home cool in the heat of summer? Publican Anker had taken a look at the acclaimed Air Cooler 24 Review, and we think it’s worth considering.

In the long run, you’ll save money with its energy-efficient design, get a great warranty from the manufacturer, and get a durable construction that will stand up to punishing conditions.

Just follow the product instructions, and you’ll be able to get it running in no time. An excellent choice for power outages, emergencies, camping, survival kits, disaster relief, gas/oil production sites, recreational vehicles, off-grid houses, and many other applications.

Why Is AirCool 24 The Definite Solution Against Heat Waves?

Why is AirCool 24 the definite solution against heat waves

An air conditioner that is constantly on can be expensive and take up too much space. This product is a cost-effective alternative to air conditioners and a powerful, efficient replacement for the fan.

The personal cooler cools you around the place you use it most. It is also smaller and more efficient than a fan. You can forget about high electricity bills and complicated air conditioners!

“Stay Cool, Save Money”

AirCool 24 portable air conditioner is lightweight, compact, and powerful. It creates a natural, clean atmosphere in your home. It purifies the warm air and makes it less noisy.

You can relax with the cool breeze of clean, cool air and the soft glow of the night. AirCool 24 is the perfect solution to make the summer heat bearable. Its elegant design means that you can place it anywhere you like: in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

How Does AirCooler 24 Work?

AirCool 24 initially looks complicated, but it’s pretty simple to use. It looks much like an air cooler unit, but it is smaller and doesn’t have all the hassles of installing it. The internal water tank can be filled with water. Once it is complete, you can plug in power meter into a wall outlet or USB port. It can cool down any part of your house in minutes once it is turned on.

This unit is easy to use and can be placed in any environment, home or business. It is straightforward to use. It heats up the hot, dry, and stale air in a typical home. This small but powerful unit still pumps out cool air.

AirCool24 was a product we tried out, and we were very impressed. It can provide immediate relief regardless of your home’s desired temperature. This is all thanks to one compact, small unit. It’s also affordable to purchase.

You don’t have to pay a lot for a cumbersome, heavy unit that needs external ducting. Instead, you can spend less and get a unit without any installation. AirCool 24 could revolutionize how people cool their homes.

AirCool 24: Who Can Benefit?

AirCool 24 is available to anyone, even in the middle of summer. AirCool 24 is the perfect solution for office workers tired of their airless boxes and mothers with young children who refuse to take a break in their hot bedrooms.

AirCool 24 is the right choice. This device is especially popular with children because it has a nightlight that can change color to create the ultimate effect.

This product is an excellent option for anyone who needs a cool breeze or a lower temperature at home or work. AirCool 24 may be the perfect product for you, whether you want to cool off while watching TV or relax by the pool.

AirCool 24 can be used if you find too much to bear in the summer heat.

  • Low noise, high-quality
  • Wall plug or USB power
  • Compact and portable
  • Powerful but efficient in power
  • Voltage: Bivolt
  • Speeds of 3
  • Tank capacity: 750ml
  • Autonomy up to 8 hours
  • Dimensions: 17cm cube


AirCool 24 Who can benefit

AirCool 24 is revolutionizing the way people cool down their homes.

Most Evaporative coolers can look more like portable air conditioning units than they are. The AirCool 24 cube-shaped cooler measures 17cm by 17cm by 17cm. It can be easily placed on a desk. The unit we tested was in white, but you can also choose from black or blue.

This evaporating cooler has a 750ml water reservoir. Although it is a little challenging to take out, we figured out how to get the tank in and out quickly after some refills.

This tank holds water, absorbed into the cartridge and spread evenly across the cooling system. The fan at the back blows hot air on the water. This evaporates the water and cools it.

That’s alright with me, as the Evapolar Personal Air Cooler managed to make working at my desk much more comfortable. Likewise, it’s useful for sleeping and keeping your body cool on a hot night.

The water tank can provide three to five hours of cooling pads, and the cartridge can absorb approximately 400 ml of water. Refilling the cartridge when it is complete will extend the cooling time by one to three hours, adding up to eight hours.

The buttons on the top panel make it easy to control the AirCool 24. Hold the middle button, and the cooler will turn on or off. You can adjust the temperature and maximum airspeed buttons. There are three-speed settings to choose from a gentle breeze or a burst of fresh air.

The default mode shows the income temperature. This is your room’s temperature. It also shows the output air temperature, which indicates how efficiently the unit is working.

Once you have tapped the button, the main menu will open. You can adjust the color and intensity of the water reservoir light.

You can also turn the light off. Night mode turns off the reservoir light and darkens the main screen. You can choose to have the cartridge glow a particular color when dry. This will let you know that it’s time for refilling.


There are several controls to figure out because you can use this as a stand-alone fan, air cooler, and/or humidifier. In addition to the standard power button, the button with a water drip is for turning on or off the cooling/humidifying (on the remote control, it’s the center button with three dots).

The four-square button lets you adjust the fan mode from normal to sleep to natural mode. (We prefer normal mode.) The circular arrows indicate oscillation. You can press it quickly to start/stop oscillating.

AirCool will work at its maximum efficiency once the cartridge has absorbed all of the water from the tank. The ambient temperature and relative humidity are critical factors in the cooling effect. Evaporative coolers are most effective in dry, hot environments.

AirCool provides a guide to help you understand the expected performance of your cooler. At 25oC and 30% relative humidity, expect 15.4oC air output; at the same temperature, but with 60% relative humidity, the outlet temperature will be 19.7oC.

To give the cartridge time to absorb sufficient water, I tested the cooler in a room at 22.8 degrees Celsius and 53.2% relative humidity. After the cartridge had been saturated, I measured AirCool output at 16.3 degrees Celsius.

According to the AirCooler, the temperature at the entry was 22.3 degrees Celsius, and the outlet was 16 degrees Celsius. Below, you can see the cooler working with the thermal imaging camera: The blue portion of the image shows cold air.

The maximum airspeed was measured at 15cm, which dropped to 1.8m/sec at 1m. The anemometer could not detect airflow at the minimum speed. The AirCool doesn’t exchange as much air as a fan, but it shouldn’t. The cool breeze of the air surrounded me, refreshing me better than any fan.

You can feel the most benefit if you are too close to the device. AirCool 24 made my desk more comfortable. It is also great for sleeping and keeping you cool during hot nights.

The noise level isn’t too bad. It measured 53.9dB at 1m at maximum power. The noise levels at minimum power were 33.4dB. This is the background noise in the room.

It is very efficient in terms of power consumption. The plug-in power monitor showed that the AirCool 24 consumed 2W at minimum speed and only 6.2W when running at maximum power. This is a lot less energy than an air conditioner. Because the power consumption is so low, the AirCool can be connected to your computer using a standard micro USB cable.

Should You Buy AirCool 24?

On a Summer Day, with the typical humidity levels in my house, I tested the performance of Air Cool. I found that it could produce a cooler airflow than the ambient temperature. It made my work environment much more comfortable. I could still open the windows to get fresh air thanks to its design.

The best part is that they are very affordable to run. Although air conditioners can cool entire rooms and work well in high humidity environments and require ventilation, they are more costly to purchase and maintain. While they can cool a greater area than air conditioners, they do not alter the air temperature.

The AirCool can be used at work or while sleeping. It is ideal for people with dry, severe respiratory conditions.

The AirCool 24 is compact, lightweight, and affordable. It’s simple to use and has simple controls.

Cost and Price Plans

The regular price is $179.99. The manufacturer offers discounts on its official website.

You can buy 1 unit for $89. Two units will cost $59 each, while three units, the bestsellers, will cost $54 each. You can buy four air coolers for $55 each, or ten units if you want to get it all.

All orders have a lifetime guarantee of satisfaction, and shipping and handling charges are included in the payment.

Online Reviews/Complaints

This product has received excellent reviews online. The cooling system is freon-free and is a significant selling point. This makes it both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

It can be used as a humidifier or purifier and acts as a nightlight. Many people place it in their nursery or older children’s bedrooms. It won’t disturb your child’s sleep and doesn’t make any noise when used.

You can easily adjust the fan speed and temperature to create a comfortable environment for your children to have a restful night.

Knowing your children are well taken care of will make your sleep easier. You will also see the benefits of this small yet powerful device if you have one in your bedroom.

Competitors and Alternatives

You can also look at other options if you’re looking for small portable air cooling units. The G2T-ICE purifier and evaporative air cooler are available, followed by the EvaLight USB-powered personal evaporator and Arctic Air cooler personal air cooling system.

Here also show the differences and features of it. If the quality is good, then it is a one-time investment. These are less expensive and environment-friendly than air conditioners.

Excess heat can cause many different health problems in this arctic air cooler to help to avoid them. These are used for both indoors and outdoor. The latest design and brand have many new air cooler features like a remote controller, timer, water indicator, etc.

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Does the air cooler work?

An air cooler is far more efficient than a fan to cool the room. An air cooler does more than a fan. It adds water droplets to the air by evaporation. This absorbs heat and lowers the temperature to a safe level. It is far more efficient than a fan.

Is air cooler with water terrible for health?

Air coolers are not like air conditioners. They use water instead of CFC or HFC as their refrigerant. It is, therefore, safer for the environment and human health. Even though it doesn’t use harmful chemicals, natural air cooling has been proven effective.

Can an air cooler make you sick?

Extreme cold can cause sickness if you like to blast your cooling. Extreme cold can cause dryness and spread of the cold-causing virus. It also decreases immunity, meaning fewer white blood cells to protect us from illnesses and viruses.


Air Cooler 24 is the best choice for you. It is an excellent solution that will provide your home with crisp, clean air. Air Cooler 24 is available in many stores near you, which makes it easy to get. It’s also built with metal, which lasts years instead of just months like other cooling products. Finally, it is a low-priced air cooler that gives a good amount of cold air.

When you buy Air Cooler 24, you will enjoy a long-lasting product that will save you money. Thanks for reading our review. If you want to purchase the product, click on the banner below for more information.

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