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Everything You Need to Know About Among Us

Download Among us and discover the new murder mystery gaming experience that you have never experienced before. Among was initially released in 2018 by an American gaming company InnerSloth. For two years, it did not game as much recognition but in the mid of 2021, the new updates compelled millions of people to download this game.

In the new gaming era, where shooting and storytelling games get the most recognition, Among Us, with simple gameplay and normal graphics, gets into the line of competition and even surpassed a few big names.


Among us comes with simple gameplay where a group of 4 to 10 people plays either as an imposter or crewmate. The number of imposters varies from 1 to 3. The teammates need to complete their tasks and the imposters have to kill almost all the crewmates to win the game.


How to play

You can either play online on your server or someone else’s server. The server can have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 players with 1 to 3 imposters. Other than that you can also play together if everyone is connected with a local Wi-Fi.

To create your server, click “create sever”. You can set the number of players and imposters according to your desire. You can also set the server either public or private. In a private server only your friends can join whom you have told the code, whereas, in a public server, anyone can join,

For joining a public server, click “join server”, and choose any one server you want to. All servers will be classified with the number of players and imposters. For joining a private server, enter its special code. It will be given to you by the person who created the server.

When you have finally entered the game, wait for other players to join as well. Meanwhile, you and other players who have joined can roam around freely in a compact room. You can change the color of your avatar here and also customize it with different wearables. Some are few, while for some, you will have to pay or unlock at different levels. The host will then start the game.

After the game has finally begun, you will either be a crewmate or an imposter by default. If you are a crewmate, you will have to complete all the missions and also be aware of the imposter and not get killed.

To win the game as a crewmate, you will have to either complete all your missions or spot all the imposters successfully. To spot the imposter, keep a close look at every one. If someone is not doing missions or just pretending, then you have spotted an imposter. You can also check what everyone is doing on the security cameras but it only covers a few areas. If an imposter is smart enough, then he won’t kill anyone in front of the cameras.


On the other hand, if you are an imposter, then you will have to be very careful to win the game. First of all, chose a partner and stay with him all along, so he can convince others that you were with him. To deceive your partner, switch off the lights. This will limit his visibility and you can quickly kill someone and come back with him again.

Other than that, play the blame game, and vote for anyone suspicious. This will take the suspicion off you. Never blame the other imposter, because once he is gone, then the game will become even more difficult to win for you, but do not defend him as well. If the suspicion is too strong, they just go with the flow, otherwise, you will be under everyone’s radar as well.

To coordinate with others, you can chat with them. Chat is only enabled when there is a dead body reported, an emergency meeting is called, or in the lobby. This game does not have a voice chat option.

When you are killed or kicked out, you can roam around as a ghost or view chat, but none other those killed or kicked out as well can see you or view your chat. After the end of the game, you can either remain on the same server or leave it.

How to Download Among Us

Among us mostly played on mobile phones or tablets. To download in an android phone, go to play store, type among us in the search bar, and download it. Its size is not too big, so it won’t take much longer to install.

Similarly, to download on an iPhone or iPad, go to App Store, type among us in the search bar and download it.

You can also download it for PC. First download blue stack chip on your PC. Then sign in to your google play store account. This is a way you can play among us for free on PC. You can also purchase it from Stream for $5. It’s rating on stream is 10/10.


  • You only need little to no specifications to download this game.
  • Millions of people are now playing this game.
  • The paid version will not show you any additional.
  • People are now streaming this game on YouTube and other social media platforms and getting millions of views and earning thousands of dollars. This shows the uprising potential of this game.

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