Best 6 Burner Gas Cooktop 2022: Top Brands Review

best 6 burner gas cooktop

Design, power, and fire. For many years, the best 6 burner gas cooktop was loved for all that brings. A gas grill is popular for controlling varying heat levels and letting graphics on the fire, the 6 burner gas cooktop includes a heavy-duty construction.

Sautéing, searing, melt, and skillet over a gas burner and hammering the pans at an angle above the fire is a technique that is huge for people who enjoy collecting juices at the same end of this pan to be able to baste their meals, for a one-handed motion of meals during the pan, or perhaps for developing a more stunning flambé.

If you have been looking for the best gas grill inspired by your cooking style, you’ll quickly realize there are many options out there. Publican Anker has listed high-end brands below to budget-friendly options that are light on features.

Best Gas Cooktop Buying guide

Best 6 Burner Gas Cooktop Buying guide

Before we accomplish our rankings, it’s critical to tackle precisely what makes a wonderful 6 burner gas cooktops terrific.

Though it can be easy to look in a gas cooktop coated in stainless steel, shiny knobs, and elegant finishes and assume it’s a great appliance, you might be fooled regarding what’s beneath the hood.

6 burner electric stove is somewhat more complex than electric cooktops since they require 6 burner gas cooktops to be triggered and saved from burning in an open flame to do the job. Meaning there’s a more substantial allowance for error regarding their reliability, cooking capacity, and features.

Nonetheless, the perfect 6 burner gas stove top is among the very best gas cooktops of any kind in the world. Listed below are only a few of the most important elements to consider when it’s time to pick your next petrol stove.

Cooking Power & Range

It should go without saying that a gas cooktop grates ability to cook well should be the top priority when making your selection. Cooking power is measured in BTUs, a system that determines just how much heating output a center burner can deal with. The best residential burners can reach as big as 20,000 BTU.

But electricity isn’t all – your gas cooktop burners have to be able to manage finely compact output levels, too. How else are you planning to find that perfect simmer or melt chocolate without burning it beyond understanding?

The best gas cooktops feature a choice of burner power, from the speediest skillet to the daintiest simmer burner. Some gas cooktops split their sealed burners into dedicated jobs, but a few attribute burners can do it all from leading – to low-heat.


As mentioned before, gas cooktops require a distinct process-discharging gas fuel, light gas cooktops, maintaining that fire adjusting its size and heat output with time.

This means that ensuring reliability in the long-term use of your gas cooktop is essential. The perfect cooktop manufacturers back up their reliability with warranties and guarantees made to guarantee you, but maybe not all warranties are created equal.

Start searching for those who pay as much for the gas cooktop because possible as long as possible. This not only ensures you’re likely to be protected in the event of some substantial problems but moreover, it speaks to the brand’s belief in the potency and strength of its own machines.

If a brand new provide a minimum warranty, it’s probably as they’re looking to avoid paying into the defects they expect to strike down the road.


Past the gas cooktop’s basic cooking capability, it’s also vital to consider how feature-rich it is. From wireless connectivity for safety features like auto-shutoff in the event of an extinguished flame, the best gas cooktops 2022 extend over and beyond mere consumption capacity to provide you a world-class experience from beginning to complete.


Let’s not forget that you don’t simply have to use your gas cooktop-you have to look at it, too. Your gas cooktop takes up rather a great deal of visual property in your own kitchen. Therefore it has to be a visually pleasant, timeless, and high-quality design that may cause you to be proud to own it into feature prominently in your property.

Many producers have different approaches to the way they appear on their rooftops for optimum visual style, so make sure that you select one that matches your preferences to keep yourself happy for quite a very long time to come.

Top Rated Best 6 Burner Gas Cooktops Brand

Top Rated Best 6 Burner Gas Cooktops Brand

SaleBestseller No. 1
Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas...
205 Reviews
Bestseller No. 2
COSMO COS-DIC366 Drop-In Gas...
3 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 3
ZLINE 36 in. Dropin Cooktop...
45 Reviews
Bestseller No. 4
ZLINE 36 in. Rangetop with 6...
56 Reviews
Bestseller No. 5
COSMO COS-GRT366 Slide-In...
4 Reviews
Bestseller No. 6
Deli-kit 34 Inch Gas Cooktop...
201 Reviews

1. Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners

Technically, the Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners Isn’t a 6 burner gas cooktop but a range top. But, Pro-Style Gas Rangetop still functions since the best 6 burner gas cooktops and rangetops are mostly similar anyhow.

The latter will only need more vertical space in your countertop; however, since Pro-Style Gas Rangetop will still sit in addition to your kitchen countertops, we will still incorporate this product here. In any case, it is a potent option which you shouldn’t overlook.

Why is this Thorkitchen product a good alternative in its own pro-style design? It seriously sounds and feels just like a professional-grade cooking surface.

Not only does this appear as a restaurant kitchen cooking gear using its intimidating sealed burners, but also, it has a lot of capabilities to back its look.

With a single 18,000 BTU burners, two 15,000 BTU burners, and three 12,000 BTU rear burners, it can surely allow you to cook economically in your home.

While this thing measures 36 inches wide, you may even rely on it to provide you with sufficient room to use pots and pans in many sizes. Cleanups should not be a problem, also, as it’s easy to get drip trays and continuous cast-iron grates.

Overall, this product is similar to high-end, professional components without the hefty price tag. Therefore, if you’re searching for just that, this could only be a fantastic selection for you.


  • 36″ width
  • Pro range top layout
  • 650 into 18,000 BTU output
  • Stainless steel control panel
  • The black ceramic drip tray
  • Continuous cast-iron grates
  • ABS controller knobs
  • Automated re-ignition
  • 2-year guarantee
Empava 36 Inch Gas Stove...
125 Reviews

2. ZLINE Drop-in Cooktop with 6 Gas Burners

For people who strictly prefer cooktops, the ZLINE Drop-in Cooktop with 6 Gas Burners is a good alternative. This new promises high-quality products in a fraction of a price tag, therefore it could just give you a superb thing.

When considering cooking apparatuses, it is not unusual to be attracted to the big, shiny ones. The hottest six burners electric cooktop can actually promise a whole lot to a homeowner, which explains exactly why many people covet them.

Before you go on and begin taking a look at 6-burner gas cooktops, you may first need to ensure it’s exactly what your kitchen needs.

As some people even wonder if they actually require 4-burner stoves, dual-ring burners, a 6-burner gas cooktop may prove to be overkill for several families.

How do you know whether you’re able to make decent use of a 6-burner cooking surface? Well, for starters, examine the sum of cooking that you do.

If you cook a lot and cook many dishes for one meal, you may use many gas burners. If you want sealed burners with distinct cooking abilities, these gas cooktops are going to be a fantastic selection for you.

You may also need to forfeit a couple of things if you are getting a six-burner gas cooktop on the reverse side. The cooking area is absolutely one of these as using a 6 burner gas cooktop can crowd your countertop.

It follows that you may not be capable of using all sealed burners if you are going to cook using big pots and pans. Obviously, you may even go for a bigger cooktop, but this may also mean more distance consumed in your kitchen.

With all this said, it is essential to consider your choices if you are considering obtaining a 6-burner cooking surface. If you believe you want more info before making a telephone, this manual will give you a hand.

3. Cosmo F965 36-Inches Dual Fuel Gas Range Cooktop

Should you require a great deal of electricity from the best gas cooktop, the American Range Cosmo Series Gas Cooktop got your back. This 6-burner cooking surface provides around 21,000 BTUs so that you don’t need to think about your marijuana not getting warm enough for your dish.

It is not only about power, however. This gas cooktop also includes 18,000 and 13,000 BTU sealed burners. Some of them can likewise be put to only release 500 BTUs so that you can simmer your dishes without even worrying about them getting burnt to a crisp.

Besides its professional-grade functionality, this gas cooktop looks the part, also. Its heavy-duty grates and knobs give off a vibe it may badly cook up a storm. Therefore, after something that produces both function and form, this may be the ideal option for you.


  • 36″ width
  • 6 Steel burner heads
  • 13,000 to 21,000 BTU heat output
  • 500 BTU simmer setting
  • Bead blasted, stainless steel surface.
  • Continuous cast-iron grates
  • Porcelain burner caps
  • Right side controls
  • Automatic electronic ignition
  • Automated re-ignition
  • Additional accessories available
  • 1-year guarantee

4. Verona VEFSGE365NSS 36″ Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

With this particular brand being among the most well-known names in the market, the Verona VEFSGE365NSS is surely a product you should not overlook.

This professional-style cooktop features quality, value, functionality, and design so that it could just be just what you’re searching for.

Since the manufacturer is famous for its products’ quality construction and functionality, it is possible to expect this particular merchandise. It may not produce as much warmth as the prior product, but it comes very close.

It could reach around 18,000 BTUs, which may already be enough for many families. Coupled with its specially engineered SureSpark Ignition system, it may already provide top-notch functionality.

As a result of its design, it is also possible to utilize it using a vast assortment of cookware. An optional griddle is really accessible for this exact cooktop version, so if you cook a good deal of breakfast meals, this could only be a fantastic game for you.


  • 36″ width
  • 6 burner heads
  • 6,000 to 18,000 BTU heat output
  • Simmer settings
  • Permanently sealed burners
  • SureSpark Ignition System
  • ScratchSafe cast iron grate
  • Stainless steel surface
  • Push-to-turn metal knobs
  • Right side controls
v cool livat Gas Range Stove...
621 Reviews

5. Thor Kitchen HRG3618U 36″

The same as the preceding thing, the Thor Kitchen HRG3618U is just another good alternative if you’re trying to find the best 36 gas cooktops. This new is also a well-known kitchen gear manufacturer, so that you may anticipate this very thing to provide amazing results.

You will find plenty relating to this product, which makes it worth considering. For starters, it features the fourth-generation base Star burners that provide a more effective heat supply.

Additionally, it has an extremely professional layout, which means you are not only getting a high-performing unit; however, you will also receive a serious-looking cooking surface onto it.

Speaking of functionality, this product can be tough to overcome with all its own six bolts capable of producing around 18,000 BTUs. This ensures it can genuinely help to make your cooking effective and effective.

Top it all off with its ExtraLow features, and you are guaranteed that it is flexible enough to cook the most delicate dishes.

Making its usage a good deal easier and much safer is its own blue LED light indicator. This light will turn on provided that the sealed burners are around, so if you could not fully turn off the knob, this could help remind you to do so.

Coupled with rather heavy-duty construction, this could really be a superb investment for a whole lot of families who like to cook a good deal.

However, it is not just a gas cooktop, which means you need to be prepared to exert more effort in installing this equipment in your kitchen countertops.


  • 36″ width
  • 6 Star burners
  • Raised pedestal burners
  • Professional range top layout
  • 18,000 BTU heat output for every burner
  • Two ExtraLow simmer burners
  • QuickClean foundation
  • Continuous cast-iron grates
  • Porcelain cooktop surface
  • Blue LED light indicator.
  • Island trim accessory comprised.

6. Cosmo COS-DIC366 Drop-In Gas Cooktop

6 Sealed Italian Burners: 6 top performance sealed Italian-made burners for Many Different cooking options, including an 18,000 BTU Burner, two 13,000 BTU Burners, two 8,500 Burners, plus a 4,200 BTU Burner

Built To Last:Constructed of corrosion-resistant 304-grade stainless steel with heavy-duty continuous cast iron grates for heat retention and distribution, and fingerprint and smudge-resistant finish easily wipes clean

Advanced Safety: Gas Cooktop features electronic ignition for both center burner gas cooktop security and efficacy

Lp Convertible: Covert your natural gas cooktop to utilize liquid propane (LP) with the discretionary convertible kit, sold individually

5-year Limited Parts: Our customer care staff relies proudly on the united states. Product Dimensions: 36″ (W) x 21″ (D) x 0.6″ (H). Electrical Requirements: 120V/0.01 3 Prong Plug, Natural gas cooktops.

7. Bosch Benchmark NGMP656UC, 36-inch

Bosch is a title that has long been connected to high-end designs and quality appliances. It’s a well-deserved reputation through years of quality and a commitment to producing visually amazing and all-around trustworthy appliances. Bosch appliances have the business done with elegance and style.

The Bosch Benchmark series is no exception. This impressive model features 5 sealed and double-stacked six burners. The middle burner is tremendously powerful at 20,000 BTU’s. 2 12,000 BTU burners a 10,000 BTU.

Also, 5,500 BTU burners can be available to take care of different pot sizes and cooking demands. The low-temperature choice on those six burners allows you to sew delicate sauce and also melt chocolate without scorching.

The heavy-duty metallic knobs are big and aesthetically striking, which makes adjusting your temperature simple. The continuous cast-iron grates are constructed to last, and it is all housed in a visually pleasing and chic package that will be right at home in nearly any type of decor.

Bosch consistently rates highly for reliability and general build quality, and the Benchmark series fits right by that particular lineage of caliber. If you are ready to spring for a superior gas cooktop, the Bosch Benchmark collection is one of the absolute best money can purchase.

Empava 36 in. Slide-in Natural...
13 Reviews

8. Samsung NA36N7755TS

Samsung cooktops may be somewhat new to the kitchen appliance market in contrast to a number of its rivals. Still, it’s staked its claim close to the mountaintop regarding exceptionally designs that are abundant with contemporary features. Additionally, Samsung gas cooktops come in both stainless steel and black stainless steel colors.

This Samsung gas cooktop features 5 burners, among which will be a high-powered output burner for rapid boiling and higher sea temperatures. (Right Front: 13K BTU, Left Front: 9.5K BTU, Right Rear: 5K BTU, Left Rear: 9.5K BTU, Center: 22K BTU)

It rates exceptionally highly for reliability and general satisfaction from real consumers, and its high-heat and low-heat capacities are remarkable.

9. BlueStar RBCT365BSSV2, 36-inch

Having a high burner power rating of 22,000 BTU, this BlueStar gas cooktop is a winner for overall heating power. Nevertheless, it is not merely a muscular cooking system – it is also managed really lower simmers and a vast assortment of cooking tasks using its 130° minimal temperatures.

Additionally, it boasts a commercial-grade stainless steel construction and heavy-duty knobs for simple and reliable control. Full-motion cast iron grates also make certain you could move your pots and pans throughout the cooking surface easily.

Offered in both 30″ and 36″ sizes, this Bluestar gas cooktop also features an easy-to-clean design and a 1-year guarantee by Bluestar. For secure operation, Bluestar cooktop has comprised an automatic electronic ignition and re-ignition system. Meaning that in case the flame burning goes out, the gas cooktop will automatically discover and reignite it.

In general, Bluestar is famous for dependable and fully-featured appliances; also, this gas cooktop is not any different. You can not go wrong picking this 5-burner, stainless steel design for your house cooking installation.

10. Miele KM3475G 36-inch

Miele is famous for high-end kitchen appliances, and they live up to this reputation with all the KM3475. Lovers of several cooking styles will be delighted with its revolutionary design, including two dual-wok burners for everyone your beloved wok-based dishes. Five wok burners complete will provide you a lot of space to operate, and the digital controls ensure consistent ignition and security.

Enamelled grates and burner caps not just produce a clean and contemporary appearance, but they also guarantee long-lasting durability with no visible scratches. All in all, the KM3475 is a remarkable entrance from Miele that makes them a place on the list of the greatest 36 gas stove top.

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11. Ge 6 Burner Gas Cooktop


GE CGU366P2MS1 36 in. Gas...
5 Reviews




1. Which type of gas cooktop is the best?

The answer to this query depends upon who you are cooking for and how frequently you’re cooking. If you live alone and only use a 6 burner gas cooktop to produce dishes for your pleasure, you must probably stay with a normal cooktop.

But if you are considering cooking dishes for many others and know you’ll need to do this often, you may wish to receive 6 burner electric cooktops

2. Exactly why is a gas cooktop more than an induction cooktop?

No gas cooktop is true “much better” than others. It is to do with what is more useful and finest for any particular circumstance. Gas cooktops are more effective at moving heat evenly throughout all this cooktop’s temptations, but what is the objective of if everything you want to do is produce the occasional omelet or hamburger?

Gas cooktops and electrical cooktops do the same specific item: Provide heat to things that need healing. The value depends upon the presented situations.

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3. How much time do induction cooktops last?

Since different folks have different habits when using gas cooktops, there is not a specific reaction to this. The response to this question depends upon how frequently you’re using the induction gas cooktop.

Furthermore, it depends upon how many times you use the same burner on the induction cooktop. If you are using the double burner every moment, it will not last long. To prolong the life of just about any 6 burner gas cooktop, resist the urge to utilize the same burner each time you prepare yourself.



We expect our guide to provide enough information that you make the most educated choices and get home the ideal best 6 burner gas cooktops to buy your fantasy.


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