Best Bento Box For Kids 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Bento Box For Kids 2021: Top Brands Review

Goodbye stained plastic containers, hello adorable bento boxes!

Creating perfectly portioned lunches for your little one only got a terrific deal easier with these colorful kids’ bento boxes. Made to appease your kiddo that requires a smorgasbord of meals at lunchtime, you are likely to be able to pack them a little bit of everything.

Whether they are carrying their bento box to the dinner table at college or perhaps the dining room dining table in your house, they’ll be obsessed with these trendy tiny containers. Here’s the very best bento box for kids reviews; it’s possible to discover.

Best Bento Box For Toddlers Buying guide

Best Bento Box For Toddlers Buying guide

While looking for top excellent bento boxes for children, there are numerous things that you will need to keep in mind. Obviously, you will wish to opt for a model with a style that will appeal to your child. Below are a few of the additional important aspects you need to consider when searching for the kid’s bento box ideas.

The Materials

First of all, look closely at the substances the bento box is constructed from. If you decide on a plastic version, ensure it is food secure and BPA totally free. If you would rather glass, then look closely at the fact it is very likely to be quite heavy and maybe breakable.

Whichever kind of material you select, it needs to have the ability to withstand elevated temperatures. This will make sure you could wash your bento box in the dishwasher. It should also be possible to reheat your meals in the microwave if desired.

Size Matters

Bento boxes can be found in a vast assortment of various sizes, and it’s crucial to decide on a size that meets your requirements. If best lunch bags, you’re most likely to discover a little model is adequate. The very last thing you need is to send your kid to school with best kid lunch containers that are too big and heavy for them to take.

The Number Of Compartments

Kids love assortment, and they’re certain to enjoy tucking into a variety of different meals at lunchtime. Because of this, it’s a great idea to pick out a bento box that’s set with many distinct compartments. This will let you fill out the compartments with small pieces of food like vegetables, fruits, and fries.

The Lid

The lid of your bento box will have to remain securely in place until your kid is about to eat. This can help to reduce food and liquid from draining during transport. But, it’s vital to be certain your kid will have the ability to remove the lid when they’re ready to consume.

Temperature Control

It’s very likely to be a few hours before your child is about to consume the meals within their bento box. For this reason, you may wish to be certain the food stays at the desired temperature before lunchtime. A few bento boxes are totally insulated lunch, but some contain ice pack lunch assembled into the plan.

Top Rated Best Bento Box For Kids

Top Rated Best Bento Box For Kids

1. Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box

With its vivid and daring design, this bento box actually stands out from the audience. The best bento lunch box for kids is offered in blue, black, green, and purple to appeal to both girls and boys. But this version is a lot more than just a pretty face.

A place for everything and everything in its place…

The inside of the bingo box is placed with five compartments in various sizes. The main compartment is big enough for a salad wrap. Additionally, some sections are perfect for chips and fruit and just a dip compartment in the middle.

This version boasts rubberized borders to make it particularly robust and block it from getting dented. The tray is removable to make it rather simple to wash. In reality, this tray, in addition to the remaining part of the bento box, carefully dishwasher safe.

Going the distance…

As an additional incentive, the Bentgo boxes for kids are provided with a two-year guarantee. This usually means that you can be certain it’ll have the ability to take lots of knocks and shocks. On the other hand, the general layout is so durable you can be certain it’ll last considerably more than a couple of decades.

This dinner box boasts an extremely sturdy design that’s also leak-proof. It includes a two-year guarantee, though you may make certain it is going to last considerably longer. On the other hand, the potency and equilibrium mean this version is somewhat on the hefty side.

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Bento Lunch Box | Meal Prep Containers | 7 Pack | Leak Proof | Reusable 3-Compartment Plastic Divided Food Storage Container Boxes for Kids & Adults | Microwave, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe Lucentee
2,520 Reviews
Bento Lunch Box | Meal Prep Containers | 7 Pack | Leak Proof | Reusable 3-Compartment Plastic Divided Food Storage Container Boxes for Kids & Adults | Microwave, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe Lucentee
  • FROM FREEZER TO MICROWAVE: Your Lucentee Bento Lunch Box Set offers total convenience with freezer and microwave safe containers up to a temperature of 120degrees or 248F, so you can plan ahead and enjoy a hot lunch on the go.
  • SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Stop throwing away single-use bags and containers. These BPA-free, reusable lunch box trays include individual compartments, are food safe & made to last.
  • EASY AND FAST CLEAN UP: No more hand washing of delicate food storage containers. Just toss your Lucentee Bento Boxes in the dishwasher (top rack only) and they’ll be ready for your next meal.

2. Lucentee Bento Lunch Box

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you’re guaranteed to want to conserve as much time as you can. Preparing numerous different meals simultaneously is a simple and efficient method to get this done. This implies that if you wake up late, you can make certain tasty lunches awaiting your family.

The ideal time saver…

This is made of straightforward lunch boxes. You’re treated to some set of seven big fitting bento boxes. Each box boasts another colored lid and can be transparent, so you can check out what’s inside.

Each box is constructed from BPA plastic and can be set with three distinct compartments. This really helps to make it effortless to keep unique kinds of food different. 1 compartment is big enough for sandwiches, although others are best for snacks like fruit, chips, and nuts.

It keeps it hot…

As these boxes are food secure, you may even place hot foods indoors without difficulty. These very best bento boxes for children are designed to stay warm remarkably well. But if the food gets trendy until you’re ready to consume, then you can pop up the container in the microwave.

As soon as you’ve completed using the kid lunch container, you can pop them into the dishwasher’s upper shelf. However, additional care ought to be taken when cleaning the lids. Should they be too hot, they will probably twist, meaning the tight seal will be compromised.

3. Mealprep Glass Meal Prep Containers

If you’re packaging a few lunches together, trying to recall what’s indoors can be a small challenge. This may be a problem when you’re packing lunches for various members of their family. If you aren’t careful, you might wind up giving your children or significant other the incorrectly packed lunch.

What is for lunch?

This will not be a problem when you opt for the best snack containers for toddlers. These advanced bento boxes are made from glass, so you can easily see the contents. This glass bento box is particularly thick and hard to get rid of the concern over breakages.

These boxes are totally reusable and eco-friendly, whereas the glass walls are all intended to withstand stains. This usually means they ought to remain in good shape for a while to come. You’re provided with a package of three; you can prepare a few lunches at precisely the same moment.

Keeping a lid on things…

The lid of the version will help to make it stand out in the audience. It’s been manufactured from BPA-free plastic intended to stay securely in position and place with silicone gaskets, which help prevent leaks during transport.

But while these bento boxes are particularly durable, it needs to be noted that they’re not entirely leak-proof. Because of this, it’s ideal to refrain from putting rancid food within these boxes. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re packaging a normal lunch for the children.

4. Oxo Good Grips Leakproof On-The-Go Salad Container

OXO Good Grips is famous is producing high-quality products that are intended to make life simpler. Their products can normally be found in homes around the globe. OXO Good Grips products usually boast advanced design features that make them stick out in the audience.

However, is this container any good?

As its name implies, the OXO Good Grips Leakproof On-The-Go Salad Container was created especially for salad fans. It features a dual-layered design that retains different areas of the salad different. This guarantees that it stays crisp and fresh till you’re ready to consume.

The huge bowl in the base of the container was created for lettuce and other fresh ingredients. There’s a menu on top that’s great for protein, such as fish, poultry, and cottage cheese. Whenever you’re ready to consume, remove the tray and shake the bowl’s contents.

No spills…

You’re also provided with a particular pot that’s been created especially for your own salad dressing. This pot has a screw-on lid. This will help to avoid contamination and leakage whenever you’re on the go.

Although this container was created specifically for salad, it may also be used to keep different kinds of food. However, it’s necessary not to forget that you remove the lid before placing it in the microwave. The lid isn’t microwaved safe and will be very likely to melt the container.

Bentgo Kids Childrens Lunch Box - Bento-Styled Lunch Solution Offers Durable, Leak-Proof, On-the-Go Meal and Snack Packing (Purple)
18,642 Reviews
Bentgo Kids Childrens Lunch Box - Bento-Styled Lunch Solution Offers Durable, Leak-Proof, On-the-Go Meal and Snack Packing (Purple)
  • PORTIONED FOR KIDS: 5 practical compartments portioned perfectly for a child’s appetite (recommended for ages 3-7). Plus, drop-proof, rubber-coated edges and a sturdy design for active kids.
  • LEAK-PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Keeps meals and snacks fresh and mess-free during transport– Includes two kid-friendly latches that are easy for small hands to open and close.
  • MICROWAVE AND DISHWASHER-SAFE: Removable compartment tray reheats food safely in the microwave and cleans up easily in the dishwasher (hand washing is recommended for the outer shell to preserve the leak-proof seal and extend the longevity of your product).

5. Kinsho Bento Box Lunchbox Containers For Kids

Constantly attempting to think of fresh foods to place within your bento box may be challenging. But, it’s crucial to stimulate your child’s creativity at mealtimes. They are certain to love opening their bento box when there’s always something fresh inside to allow them to attempt.

Becoming a master chef…

The best bento box for preschool provides the Best Solution. This clever looking bento box is put together using six distinct pockets inside. You’re also treated to some fork and spoon, which matches perfectly fits the plan of this box.

Besides the box, you’re also treated to some group of sixty entertaining recipes to try. These recipes are specially made so that they match perfectly to the box. This usually means that you can be certain that there will not be a boring moment in mealtimes.

Built to survive…

The box is particularly tough and durable. It is both dishwasher and microwave safe for improved convenience. You’re provided with a set of fitting bento boxes, with a single in pink and the other in blue.

Maintaining this top-quality bento stay wash is guaranteed to be particularly fast and simple. In reality, you can pop it directly into the dishwasher. This powerful model is also freezer and microwave safe for improved convenience.

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6. Yumbox Original Leakproof Bento Lunch Box Container

With its entertaining and colorful layout, this bento box actually stands out from the audience. Children are certain to enjoy the Outer Space images, which are put into each compartment’s base. These pictures will slowly be shown as your kid eats their lunch.

However, is it just a pretty face?

Among the things you’re certain to enjoy about this version is that it features a leak-proof layout. This removes the danger of spills and drips in your kid’s lunch bag. It’s possible to lift the major tray if you have to wash it while the tray is dishwasher safe.

Every one of those six compartments within this bento box is produced in different sizes and forms. You’ll have fun exercising interesting items to put in each section. This is guaranteed to make lunchtimes additional fun for the little one.

Sauces and drops…

Five of those compartments from the removable tray are made to hold around half a cup of food. There’s also a distinctive circular compartment set to the center of this tray. It was specially designed to hold unique kinds of dips and sauces.

Although this version comes with an Outer Space motif, there are also many different designs to pick from. A few of the styles include Lotus Pink, Surf Green, Bijoux Purple, Cilantro Green, and Saffron Orange. This really helps to make it effortless to pick out a model that will appeal to a child’s sense of fashion.

7. Thousanday Bento Box Containers For Kids & Adults

Using their cute and colorful layout, these bento boxes are certain to stick out in the audience. Thousand Bento Box Containers for Kids & Adults can be found in aisde assortment of distinct colors. This helps create it particularly easy to decide on a bento box appropriate for your own sense of style.

But, you may be certain these bento boxes aren’t only a pretty face. Each box is placed with three big sections on the interior of the tray. These segments are big enough to maintain a primary meal, in addition to a side dish and a bite.

Not only for the children…

As its name implies, these bento boxes are acceptable for both kids and adults. If you would like to spend less on meals on the job, you’re certain to love carrying this version with you. It’s fully dishwasher safe, making it effortless to reheat your meals whenever you’re ready to consume.

You might even eliminate the sectioned tray should you want so you have one enormous compartment. Taking away the tray also will help make it particularly easy to wash. Even though you can wash it by hand, you may even pop up the menu to the dishwasher if you would like.

Whatever you could ever want…

Every one of those bento boxes comes complete with a particular spoon and fork. Carrying these utensils together with you is guaranteed to be particularly simple. This is a result of how particular cutlery compartments are put to the lid to keep them secure.

8. Innobaby Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter With Sectional Lid

If you want a toddler lunch container, mealtimes are certain to be a small challenge. Attempting to convince your kid to sit still long enough to consume is very likely to be frustrating occasionally. Providentially, the Innobaby Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter using Sectional Lid was designed to help keep youngsters interested.

The ideal travel companion…

This trendy bento box was produced in a bus design and is guaranteed to stir small ones’ creativity. It’s been manufactured from stainless steel, which is food secure and particularly easy to wash. This exceptional box also comes complete with a fitting lid that’s been manufactured from BPA plastic.

This tray is made to be particularly durable and eliminates the requirement for paper plates. You’ll have the ability to place unique kinds of food in each one of those segments. It follows that even the pickiest of eaters are certain to want to float in style with this tray.

It goes the space…

Among the wonderful things about the stainless steel the tray is that it won’t crack or stain over time. It’s also made to repel scents in addition to rust. As soon as your child has completed eating, this tray is intended to be particularly easy to wash.

But it’s ideal for preventing maintaining this tray in the refrigerator overnight. This is a result of how the tray will shrink to a certain extent when it becomes cold. Because of this, you’re very likely to discover that the lid does not fit properly after shooting it from the refrigerator.

9. Bentgo Kids Brights Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box

It is time to have a peek at one of the trendy bento lunch box kids around. Bentgo has made a vast selection of bento boxes for folks of all ages. Their bento boxes are famed for being particularly durable and flexible.

But how can this bento box step up?

The Bentgo Kids Brights Bento-Style kids lunchbox containers a vibrant and daring design that’s guaranteed to appeal to children. You’re certain to feel totally sure about sending your child off to college with this version. This results from the simple fact that it is made from FDA-approved food-safe substances from BPA and PVC.

The food tray within this version was split into five distinct segments of various sizes. There’s loads of room for sandwiches, fruit, and a selection of different products. There’s also a distinctive circular pot at the center, which may be made to hold fruit and sauces.

So easy to wash…

This tray is microwaveable for additional advantage when heating hot foods. The tray is also detachable to make it rather easy to clean and fill. When cluttered, you can put this tray on the upper shelf of the dishwasher should you desire.

Among the greatest things about this bento box is the fact that it’s totally leak-proof. This usually means you won’t have to put it into another bag. While the latches hold the lid securely in place, they’re simple enough for young kids to open.

10. Omiebox Bento Box For Kids

Even though bento boxes are best for transporting food, they are sometimes somewhat hard to carry. This implies it is usually essential to pop up the bento box in some bag. But you have to ensure the bento box which you pick is entirely leak-proof.

Luckily, this will not be a problem if you pick the one lunch box for Kids. This bento box boasts an entirely leak-proof layout and features a snap on lunch box. The lid can be set with a particular carrying handle, so no excess tote is necessary.

Vibrant and bold…

Children are certain to adore the vivid and bold look of the high-quality bento box. The interior is placed with four distinct sections. All these are intended to make it simple to keep unique foods different until your kid is about to eat.

Some like it hot…

Among the things which set this bento box apart is that it includes a thermos container. This may be used to keep hot soup and a vast array of different products. This container features a compartment built into the box and won’t move heat to other products.

If you’re enticed to get this version for the thermos container, then there’s something to keep in mind. The thermos container is tiny and can only hold about a cup of food. Should you require something bigger, you can buy it on Amazon, Walmart ( lunch box Walmart, amazon bento box,…)

Best Kids Bento Box FAQs

Best Kids Bento Box FAQs

1. Are Japanese bento boxes wholesome?

Bentos are healthy: As you prepare them regularly, you may be sure you’re ingesting the many healthy foods, minus addihealthieststances. Bentos are balanced: Bentos consists traditionally of poultry, fish or beef, and pickled, cooked, or raw vegetables. … Some people have bento boxes sets

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2. What’s bento lunch?

A bento box is a compact container designed to hold a single serving of rice and lots of side dishes. In ancient times, lunches were wrapped with such materials as bamboo foliage, magnolia leaf, bamboo foliage bamboo sheath. Subsequently, wooden boxes came to utilize.

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3. What’s so good about bento boxes?

With the lid, the pockets are sealed from each other, so moist foods will not flow into other pockets –meaning that your salad dressing will not boil the sandwich. The box is freezer safe. Therefore it may be frozen ahead of time to maintain hydrated chilled, and it is dishwasher safe using the lid removed, so lunch could be served hot.



The very best bento box for toddlers to buy for your loved ones. The box’s division permits you to save a variety of sorts of meals on the same platform. The conventional Japanese bento box was invented to have tasty and healthy homemade food whilst outside of the home.

And as we mentioned, a homemade meal is significantly superior to chunks of bread at the canteen. So don’t feel shy to choose homemade meals. Get your kid the perfect bento box, then fill in some healthful components and a couple of yummy foods. Switch dull lunchtime to healthy eating time.

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