Best Bento Box 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Bento Box 2021: Top Brands Review

Let’s agree, as children; we’re all eager about the dinner break. Everybody would sit and start lunchboxes and discuss the food. But today canteen has taken within the homemade lunch and today can rarely place adolescents carrying box lunch. You shouldn’t ever feel shy to take homemade food to college or employment for great health and improved immune. Additionally, many health experts suggest people have a homemade meal many times every week. So Publican Anker is picking a few of the very best bento box reviews of 2021.

buying guide

Buying guide


Now that you have noticed, bento box comes from various substance. Each substance retains its properties and makes it unique from others. However, if we needed to sum up, we’d classify bento box substance widely to stainless steel, wood, glass, and vinyl.

Stainless steel: solid stainless steel bento boxes are excellent for adults and teenagers who love homemade meals. They’re tough and cannot be bent or cracked easily.

But, there are opportunities acidic foods will respond to steel, including pickles, lemon, etc., stored for extended hours. However, they are easy to clean on the flip side and may persist for a life with very little upkeep.

Glass: Again, brittle glass bento boxes are best for grown-up teens and adults. Glass lunch boxes are fantastic for those that prefer to package citrus fruits or pickles often.

As a result of the essence of glass, which doesn’t respond with these kinds of foods and keeps them clean for quite a while, one more advantage of glass food containers would be, they’re microwave, oven, and freezer safe.

Wood: A traditional Japanese bento box is constructed from wood, and rather than locks, there’s a ring that retains every compartment collectively.

They’re fantastic for packaging Japanese food. But, wooden boxes aren’t as user-friendly as steel or plastic. Consequently, you can’t soak the microwave or set them in the freezer as with other materials. They need more maintenance and will persist for a lifetime.

Plastic: These will be the most convenient means of packaging bento food. At the same time, going for vinyl, select BPA-free, food-grade, and non-toxic substance.

Plastic food containers would be best to keep soup and other liquid foods since the silicone gasket prevents inner leaking. Plastic boxes arrive in cute bento box containers. They are great for boxes for kids.

Box Partition

Bento boxes have walls to save more than 1 sort of food on precisely the same platform. Traditionally these walls were fixed, but you can now find lunch boxes using a flexible divider.

If not, it is possible to get rid of the divider fully. So regardless of which material you opt for, a bento Japanese fashion box will have several walls. Partitions would be to create people to add unique kinds of food for a balanced diet.


Normally, bento lunch boxes are airtight. Therefore the hot food that your package doesn’t get cold for a couple of hours. And the same is true for cold food. They aren’t considered as insulated lunch boxes. However, their high quality and thick walls help keep food cold and warm for quite a long moment.

Top Rated Best Bento Boxes

Top Rated Best Bento Boxes

1. First Bentoheaven Bento Box Bundle With Free Lunch Bag – Leakproof Lunch Boxes

The easy and advanced design of this First BentoHeaven bento box lunch bag is adored by many. It has two pockets with an adjustable divider on one.

Along the thickness of the boxes is sufficient to match sandwiches with no crust on. However, not just sandwiches; however, heatproof silicone gasket lets you package liquid foods such as sauces or drops. Besides, you can slip the divider readily by the sauce amount you desire.

Regardless of the minimalist layout, BentoHeaven includes a committed spoon and fork compartment around the top. Additionally, you don’t have to look for compatible cutlery individually because the BentoHeaven BPA-free lunch box includes a bento set of chopsticks, a spoon, a knife, and a fork.

Besides cutlery, also, it has lunchbox notes. You can write a heartfelt note each time after packaging a yummy meal for your child or spouse.

If you don’t have enough time to cook meals in the daytime, then BentoHeaven microwavable bento box is ideal. This BPA-free unit is freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

So please make the most of its attributes by preparing the meal prep at nighttime. Then only store it in the refrigerator and microwave in the daytime or the microwave of your workplace, due to venting lock lid design that cuts reheating time in addition to keeping the material fresh indoors for quite a very long moment.


  • 100% leakproof operation because of tight silicone gaskets
  • Along with the adorable cutlery set, BentoHeaven also has a set of chopsticks.
  • The size Is Ideal to pack satisfying meals for 3 to 7 years old children.
  • Best microwavable bento amazon lunch box with over 500 favorable reviews
  • Okay for microwave, microwave, and freezer
  • It comes in 2 colors; black and Bamboo white.


  • There’s no little square or round compartment Devoted to sauces or drops.

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2. GreenLunch Eco Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Bento Lunch Box with Pod Insert

However, a food-safe substance the businesses utilize, parents are constantly concerned about their kids’ health. And if you don’t expect plastic products, then proceed with the GreenLunch stainless steel bento box.

The substance has been promised to function as high-quality stainless steel and is guaranteed to be BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free, lead-free, and 100 percent non-leaching. So 1 thing sure for this bento lunch box would be that the food which you pack for your loved ones doesn’t touch any plastic component in any way.

Aside from the high-quality stuff, we adore the size of the bento lunch box. It comes in two levels with 3 containers. There are just two 3-cup size containers plus a single little 3/4-cup container. The little container easily fits in any of the pockets of this big bento box. Additionally, the 3-cup dimensions are big enough to match a full-size sandwich with the crust on. You’re able to pack veggies in the little compartment while the large bites go at the bigger section.

The top-grade stainless steel of the bento lunch box won’t corrode or corrode, even if you pack liquid foods. But it’s essential to say that the device isn’t 100% leak-proof.

Even though the lids sit closely on the place, there is space for thin liquids such as soup to flow. So prevent packaging soups, stew, etc., with GreenLunch stainless steel bento box. However, you can hassle-free package thick sauces such as hummus or yogurt in its own nesting pod. Your cracker break will not feel dry if there room for thick drops.


  • The device can hold over 6 cups of meals.
  • The bottom tier matches a complete sandwich readily with crust on
  • There are no plastic gaskets or synthetic substance that comes in contact with your meals.
  • Sturdy stainless steel Won’t rust or corrode.
  • It’s a nesting pod that Is Ideal for thick sauces such as hummus, dips, etc.
  • Greatest bento lunch boxes for adults or kids.


  • Perhaps not 100% leakproof

WeeSprout 18/8 Stainless Steel Bento Box (Large) - 3 Compartment Metal Lunch Box for Portion Control, for Kids & Adults, Bonus Dip Container, Fits in Lunch & Work Bags, Dishwasher & Freezer Friendly
161 Reviews
WeeSprout 18/8 Stainless Steel Bento Box (Large) - 3 Compartment Metal Lunch Box for Portion Control, for Kids & Adults, Bonus Dip Container, Fits in Lunch & Work Bags, Dishwasher & Freezer Friendly
  • 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL BENTO BOX TO LAST A LIFETIME – The WeeSprout Stainless Steel Bento Box is indestructible. No more replacing broken plastic containers! Our bento box is made of stainless steel, so you never have to worry about harmful additives leaching into your food. Nutritious food is the only thing that makes it into your meal! It’s rust-resistant, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant, so your bento box will remain like new for a lifetime!
  • PERFECT FOR PORTION CONTROL – Say goodbye to packing and washing multiple containers. Our bento box lets you keep your entire meal in one easy to carry container. The large capacity of our bento box is perfect for work lunches, mid-day snacks, or pre-gym fuel! The 3-in-1 sectioned design is perfect for portion control and makes it easy to stick to your health goals. And it conveniently fits in purses, work bags, backpacks, and gym bags!
  • REDUCE WASTE AND SAVE MONEY – Never again use one-time plastic or paper bags, or plastic containers that will end up in landfills! Our bento box makes it easy to shop responsibly. It’s good for you and the planet! Plus, you’ll save money by not using single-use, disposable containers. And our bento box makes it easy to always have healthy food on hand, so no more impulse buys at lunch time!

3. Prep Naturals Glass Bento Box Containers with Lids (3 Pack)

If you like to package fruits to your mid-day meal afterward, Prep Naturals glass bento box is ideal for you. Particular fruits and food have a high acidic character and may reach with steel or aluminum if kept too long.

This not only destroys the flavor of food but also produces a filthy odor. And you may not wish to start the box to discard food from the garbage. So, rather than steelhead for the best quality glass bento box that doesn’t respond with any kind of food, however acidic or alkaline.

As a result of the borosilicate glass substance of Prep Naturals, that’s thick and totally balanced. Such a kind of glass is not as prone to breaking and shattering. In any case, the food storage container is produced out of a top-notch dishwasher, microwave, microwave oven, dishwasher, and freezer-glass secure glass.

The glass lunch box has been separated into three segments with glass dividers. There are no gaps between pockets, which can result in internal leaking. It’s possible to package ketchup, hummus, dips, etc., without the anxiety of leakage spoiling your workplace tote.

Maintaining a fork and spoon at the tote is just one common thing we all overlook in our hectic morning program. However, thanks to Prep Naturals’ special translucent cutlery lid in addition to the lunch box, which reminds you to maintain a fork and spoon until you pop up your tiffin from the tote.

Aside from that, the lid seal, which prevents fluid from draining, is removable to wash out the grooves. It’s much better to hand wash the silicone and grooves ring to eliminate the germs and stuck meals.


  • High-quality borosilicate glass construction with thick glass dividers
  • Dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer-safe
  • Comes with reusable cutlery that includes a fork and a knife
  • A pair of 3 glass containers, lids, and plastic cutlery
  • Ideal for exact portioning
  • Glass Doesn’t react to acidic foods. Does it spoil them after long hours of storage?
  • Finest glass bento box for adults


  • Glass is not for children.
  • Fixed glass dividers

4. Cosmetic Japanese Wooden Bento Boxes for Infants and Children – FDA Approved

Japanese classic lunch boxes were made from wood. And should you like to experience traditional Japanese bento style lunch box, then Aoosy wooden bento box is ideal. Made from natural wood, this multi-functional dual-layer box is safe to package meals. Besides natural timber, the device can be finished in pure paint.

The paint is healthful, secure, BPA, PVC, and phthalates free. This implies that your food won’t infuse any poisonous smell even though it stays within the box to get a couple of hours.

The timber’s fantastic quality and the lock and design of this unit bring from the standard Japanese bento box texture. Rather than a lock or latch, it includes a black ring. This ring goes round the box to maintain wooden claws from the area.

The wooden bento box divides into four components, the interior lattice, two boxes, along a lid. The wooden divider is removable in the event you would like to package just 1 form of food.

Talking of meals, this wooden Japanese lunch box isn’t intended to package liquid foods such as soup, pasta, etc. On the contrary, it’s ideal for Japanese foods such as rice, poultry rollup, buffet, dry fruits, etc…

The container is excellent for hiking, camping, lake fishing, fishing, and other outdoor activities where you require yummy and healthful food. It’s possible to choose your steel cutlery or utilize the wooden fork and spoon that come together with the wooden box.


  • The wooden interior lattice is removable.
  • Conventional All-natural square wooden lunch meals container
  • No BPA, compound gas, PVC, phosphates; just natural paint and wood
  • An ergonomic and well-balanced layout
  • Rounded borders are safe for Kids.
  • It contains a wooden spoon and fork.
  • Completely eco-friendly product and also the bento lunch kit to get Japanese food


  • Granite tin and box are not safe to place in the dishwasher, microwave oven, or oven.
  • Avoid using abrasive scrubs as it will harm the timber, and these Tiny creaks are Ideal for bacteria to flourish.

THE ORIGINAL Japanese Bento Box (Upgraded 2020 Black & Bamboo Design) w/ 2 Dividers + Larger Utensils w/Holder - Leakproof Lunch Container
2,435 Reviews
THE ORIGINAL Japanese Bento Box (Upgraded 2020 Black & Bamboo Design) w/ 2 Dividers + Larger Utensils w/Holder - Leakproof Lunch Container
  • Own the original & highest rated (over 2,200 reviews!) bento box! Be envied with the bento box lunch box by GRUB2GO. Great design, versatile function and a minimalist style come together in a traditional japanese style set.
  • The original Japanese bento lunch box. Order from "M2 Brands" to receive authentic GRUB2GO bento boxes.
  • Upgraded design with 2 dividers & larger utensils w/holder included! Dual layer air-tight eco containers keep your food fresh & help you portion control. Use one or both big containers at once.

5. Leak-Proof, BPA-Free Stacking Bento Box by Wagindd

BPA-free plastic bento boxes would be best to pack lunch for children. They’re simple to open and secure in comparison with glass containers. And you don’t have to be concerned about toxic materials with Wagindd 100% food-grade bento boxes.

This FDA-approved, food-grade PP plastic lunch box and silicone gaskets are super durable and secure. Additionally, high-quality substances won’t respond or blot with acidic or turmeric-based foods such as chicken curry.

When many products neglected the leakproof evaluation, this one passed the test using gold colors. Making this leakproof lunch box perfect for packaging soup, stews, curry, etc.

The rubber gaskets on the lid of every compartment prevent liquid from coming out. Talking of pockets, this microwave-safe bento box consists of 4 separate removable containers. One 500 ml, one 400 ml, and 2 180 ml containers. They all are totally leakproof. The tiny containers are fantastic for soup and dips.

A microwave cap onto the lid allows you to reheat the interior of the material handily. You can keep the insulated lunch box in the freezer or refrigerator and then reheat the contents even though you’re all set to eat.

Open the steam tabs onto the lid before microwaving. And like many different products on the list, this adorable bento box also provides fruit selection, spoon, and fork. The dimensions and smooth advantages of cutlery are ideal for children.


  • All four-person meal containers have been equipped with a leak-proof lid.
  • A useful steam discharge cap allows you to heat in the microwave readily.
  • Includes suitable snap-in fork, spoon, and fruit select
  • BPA-free material, secure for the freezer, microwave, microwave except for lids
  • Offered in two soft colors, pink and blue
  • Best adorable bento box for children with a cheap price tag


  • The spoon Isn’t strong enough to hold a Great amount of food.

6. GRUB2GO The First Japanese Bento Box

Highly rated by consumers, using a layout that looks tasteful, this bento box may travel to function or into a picnic effortlessly. It’s two generous compartments that may be altered with the contained dividers; therefore, the salad does not snuggle up to your sandwich. The containers may be used together, or they could travel individually when lunch is not too big.

The lids are airtight and leakproof. Therefore there is no worry about tipping the box or pitching it into a backpack. The set includes utensils that snap right into a tray, which means it’s possible to cut your salad spoon dressing and consume it together with the added fork.

A huge elastic band is comprised that holds all of the bits neatly together. This retains a total of 1,000 milliliters or even a little over 4 cups.

7. Ecolunchbox Three-in-One Classic Bento Box

This stainless steel bento box includes two big pockets and a lidded bite pod, which may keep your candy treats from decorating your salad. It retains a total of 4 cups of meals, so there is lots of space to get a sandwich, side, and a bite, but it is not completely leakproof, so it is not created for carrying chili or soup.

It is made completely out of stainless steel, with no gaskets, plastics, or silicone, so it is dishwasher safe once the box comes home at the end of the day.

The latches are simple enough for children to use but reposition firmly so that the box will remain closed until it is time for lunch. Whether this bento box is not large enough, the giant variant retains a whopping 8 cups of food, so it is good for people with large appetites, for carrying fluffy foods such as green cakes, or for sharing.

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8. Caleb Company Click & Go Bento Boxes

This collection of three bento containers allows you to prepare lunches for your family members or program a few days beforehand. The leakproof snap-locking lids keep foods fresh and spillproof.

To assist in customizing your bento box lunches, this has only one big and two small removable compartments so that you may utilize or remove containers to make sure your food matches perfectly. Due to the airtight and leakproof plastic sealed lid, you may also put fluids in the containers without spilling worries.

A textured border on the floor helps prevent slipping and leaves the boxes easier to grasp. These hold 39 oz and are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

9. Komax Lunchmate Bento Lunch Box Kit

It is not always easy to maintain lunch in the fridge or to microwave a meal. Therefore, the bento box lunch kit includes an insulated tote to keep your salad trendy or your own spaghetti and meatballs warm.

The Komax Lunchmate includes two distinct containers, which maintain 17.9 ounces, one of which can be split into two pockets, and it features stainless steel cutlery and chopsticks.

The containers are microwave and freezer safe, which means it is possible to prepare meals beforehand and heat before eating​ in the event you would like. They are also dishwasher safe for simple cleaning.

The included insulated tote has a waterproof coated fabric and a zipper for simple access. A handle makes it effortless to carry. To keep foods cold for more, there’s space in the bag for ice packs (not included).

10. Bentgo Salad BPA-Free Lunch Container

Salads are a healthful lunch choice. However, they are not always easy to package, leading to unhappy, soggy greens when it is time for lunch. T

his bento box is created for a salad-though it may be used for different foods readily-using a large, 6.75 cup base container for those greens, three top pockets (one 10-ounce and 2 5-ounce) for crispy pieces, wet vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as other yummy add-ins.

A fundamental lidded 3-ounce segment is ideal for salad dressing. Therefore it can be used right before serving, and also, a fitting fork pops onto the lid, so keeping it tidy and convenient. This can be top-rack dishwasher safe once the container comes home, and it is offered in an assortment of colors so everybody in the household can realize their salad on the way from the door.



1. Are Japanese bento boxes wholesome?

Bentos are healthful: Since you prepare them frequently, you can be certain you’re eating the most healthy foods, without additives or substances. Bentos are balanced: Bentos consists traditionally of fish, poultry or beef, and pickled, cooked, or raw vegetables. … Some individuals have bento boxes collections

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2. What is bento lunch?

A bento box is a compact container made to hold one serving of rice and many side dishes. In early times, lunches were wrapped with such substances as oak foliage, magnolia leaf, bamboo foliage bamboo sheath. Afterward, wooden boxes came to use.

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3. Which is the largest Yumbox?

Yumbox Tapas 4 and 5 compartments are bigger Yumbox dimensions for pre-teens, teenagers, and adults. Overall quantity: 4.2 cups.



The best bento lunch boxes to buy for you and your family. The branch on the box allows you to save various sorts of foods on precisely the same platform. The standard Japanese bento box has been invented for individuals to possess delicious and wholesome homemade food whilst out of the house.

And as we said, a homemade meal is much superior to balls of bread in the canteen. So don’t feel shy to take homemade food. Get your child the ideal bento box, and then fill in certain wholesome parts and a few yummy foods. Turn dull lunchtime to healthful eating time.

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