Best Bullet Blender 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Bullet Blender 2021: Top Brands Review

As individuals work to become fitter, sodas, and juices are now extremely popular, and there’s no more excellent way to get them than to create them. The best bullet blender reviews reach search on the information pages, which means you might be wondering exactly what constitutes one bullet grinder different from the other.

Publican Anker has reviewed various bullet blenders and created a list of the top eight selections for you. We’ll discuss a few of the pros and cons of each so that you can find a whole picture of precisely what each has to offer you.

Best Bullet Blender For Smoothies Buying Guide

Best Bullet Blender For Smoothies Buying Guide

Motor power

You require motor electricity that is powerful enough to combine the ingredients that you put inside. If you adore frozen smoothies, then a 250-watt motor will not suffice. But more critical motor power is not always better.

Too much motor electricity can make it loud and cause the engine to overheat. Opt for a blender that has a large enough motor electricity to your requirements.

Numerous rates & programs

The longer speeds the Blender has, the more flexible it is. If you enjoy using a blender to make frozen fruit in addition to pureed baby food, then you will need something with various speeds. This can let you attain the desired consistency for unique ingredients. If you are less picky, then you can eliminate an easy one-touch function.

Automated programs make it far more suitable to combine by itself. All you need to do is press a button, and the Blender will combine based on a preset program. This might help prevent overheating and make sure that everything is mixed. A heartbeat feature also helps dislodge any blended ingredients.

Blades design & substance

A robust motor does not matter whether the blades are inexpensive. Sturdy stainless steel blades are crucial to crush ingredients properly. It would help if you also had an efficient layout that will combine the ingredients well.

Container material & capability

BPA-free vinyl is essential in regards to the jar substance. You do not wish to get vulnerable to toxins in everything you consume. Also, you require a jar that is large enough to manage the smoothie dimensions you’re searching for. But a smaller jar is generally better for smaller smoothies since they’re easier to wash.

Multi-functionality & flexibility

If your bullet grinder has additional functions, this may make it a permanent fixture in your kitchen. Many bullet blenders can perform things such as heating soups or create nut milk. It is well worth it to invest more in a flexible blender if you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.

Simple to clean and use

Simplicity is among the most vital facets in a bullet blender. When it is not simple to clean or use, you are missing the purpose of obtaining a bullet blender. A dishwasher-safe blender will make cleanup a cinch. Nobody wishes to have to spend quite a while in the morning washing your bullet blender by hand.

Noise level

Higher motor abilities are usually noisier, so take care when buying bullet food processors. Have a look at online reviews that cite the noise level. You do not need to wake up the entire area with your 7’m smoothie!

Optional accessories

Many blenders include accessories such as extra to-go cups and lids, spatulas, and recipe books. These may be perfect for raising the versatility of this Blender. Extra cups additionally help the entire household to use one Blender involving them.

Warranty & Customer Services

Bullet blenders frequently break down; therefore, picking one with a fantastic guarantee is indispensable. A lengthy guarantee will cover any possible malfunctions down the road. Pick a business with outstanding customer support since you will never know how fast they will react to you.


The budget is among the most critical facets. But you have to consider the durability when factoring in the purchase price. A more expensive blender could be a better option in the future than a cheap one that breaks.

Top Rated Best Bullet Blenders

Top Rated Best Bullet Blenders

1. NutriBullet 12-Piece Bullet Blender Best Total

The NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece Blender/Mixer is our preferred because of the strong 600-watt engine and its hardy, patented stainless steel blade with cyclonic action. The nutribullet parts diagram is available in a set that includes one tall cup, two brief cups, a horizontal blade, an emulsifying blade, two resealable lids, a pocket nutritionist booklet, and manual recipes.

This bullet juicer has sufficient power to combine any foods you put into it, but it’s one big flaw. The engine operates oppositely compared to the cup screws to the base. This permits the cup to unscrew in the bottom as your food has been mixed.

We also discovered that the rubber seals do not always seal well. Ensure that you screw your lids tightly and check they’re sealed well until you choose them on the street with you. This version also includes a restricted one-year warranty.


  • 600-watt engine
  • Stainless steel blade with cyclonic action
  • Includes blades, cups, lids, pocket trainer, and recipe guide
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Cup unscrews during mixing.
  • Cups do not have rubber seals.

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2. Ninja BL456 Bullet Blender

The Ninja Countertop 24 ounce BL456 Blender has a robust 900-watt motor. This Blender permits you to manually slip the blade to easily crush ice and suspended foods and tear using the skin, seeds, and stalks of different foods, to supply you with the nutri ninja value you need in a smooth beverage you adore.

As soon as your beverage is completed, twist one of those spin spout lids to carry it to the run on you, and toss the rest of the elements to the dishwasher until you depart. This Blender is simple to use, effortless to clean, and provides your body the nutritional kick it ought to begin your day.

The ninja bullet blender, which includes a one-year guarantee, is double the standard bullet blender’s magnitude. In case you’ve got a little kitchen, and you would like to keep out your Blender on the countertop, you might choose to look at the dimensions to make sure it’ll fit your area before buying it.

We also discovered that it is deafening while mixing. Therefore it may be a rude awakening to create a smoothie for breakfast first in the afternoon. When you combine hot fluids, such as java, it is hard to remove the foundation’s cup. You might want to have that which we call a”rubber husband” to help you get out it. The rubber will provide you a much better grasp, in addition to a barrier between your hands and the warmth.


  • 900-watt engine
  • Manual pulse
  • Twist-on spout lids
  • All components are dishwasher safe.
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Difficult to eliminate base when hot fluids are used
  • Twice the size of bullet blenders
  • Loud

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3. Magic Bullet Blender Set Greatest Value

The Magic Bullet Blender includes all you want to get your day started. It features a high-torque energy base, a stainless steel cross blade, a tall cup, one party cup, a brief cup, two comfort lip rings, two stay-fresh resealable lids, one flip-top to-go lid, plus one recipe book and consumer manual. It is famous for its mixing and chopping power.

In previous versions, the best magic bullet was fantastic to pulverize whatever you put to it in ten minutes or less. The newer version does not appear to be powerful.

The blades do not chop as finely as they once did, and the engine is not strong enough to move the food around as necessary to get a smooth, even mix. You will want to prevent your mix and shake the device around to receive the untouched food to the blades. It helps you could manually slip the food, permitting untouched food to fall nearer to the blades every time it stops.

The Magic Bullet may find the work done if you’ve got enough time and patience to have fun with it. You also need to bear in mind that the cup occasionally gets trapped at the foundation. Be cautious about how you get it out. Should you happen to break one of the tabs on the cup, that cup doesn’t function more.

The blade will not participate unless all of the tabs press where they are supposed to. Remember that this Blender includes a one-year warranty.


  • Chops, mixes, blends, whips, and grinds in 10 minutes or less
  • One speed setting with pulse control
  • Includes foundation, cups, blade, lip rings, lids, recipe book, and consumer manual
  • All pieces are dishwasher safe.
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Does not move food around because it ought to
  • Not as strong as other versions
  • Cups get trapped in the Blender.

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set
34,380 Reviews

4. Cuisinart CPB-300 Bullet Blenders

The Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender includes a 350-watt engine with safety interlock and automobile stop features. The stainless steel blade may be utilized in constant low or high energy or in a heartbeat way to chop your meals.

The engine on this Blender is not potent enough to combine all foods. You almost have to set your meals a little at a time, pulverize it, and add more. Suppose you attempt to place everything in simultaneously, the engine bogs down and overheats, giving away that horrible overheating smell. It does precisely the same thing when you attempt to crush ice or other frozen foods.

Beware if you choose your drink with you about the run. The lids tend to flow when you’re drinking from these. On the other hand, this version includes a lengthy three-year guarantee.


  • 350-watt engine
  • Safety interlock and auto stop
  • High, low, and pulse controls
  • Stainless steel blade
  • 3-year guarantee


  • Overheating smell
  • Not powerful enough to crush ice
  • Bogs down readily
  • Lids flow when ingesting.

5. CHULUX Smoothie Bullet-Blender Maker

The CHULUX Smoothie Bullet Blender Maker is a fantastic blender for people on a small budget. It’s a 300-watt motor that spins four blades to chop your food up. We did discover this Blender is not potent enough to block ice or food economically. It does fine at first, once the blades are sharpest. As soon as they start to dull, but the motor can not take excess taxation.

As soon as you’ve your food at the jar, simply hit the power button to turn the device on. Following the Blender has completed its magic, place on one of those spill-proof lids and be in your way. The bottles fit well in the cup holder of your vehicle. They have a fold carrying hook which can be attached to a bag or belt loop. All sections of the product are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a snap.

The CHULUX includes a couple of issues, however. There’s a maximum fill line. Many blenders have a tiny little leeway, but this grinder shuts down if you cover the max line in any way. If it pops up, you need to wait a couple of minutes before you’re able to restart it.

One thing that will help give you more space in the jar is cutting your food into small pieces about a raspberry’s size. It can be a blender, and you also would like it to chop your food, but this model is not strong enough to cut large chunks of difficult items, such as apples.

Be extra cautious with all the bottles. They are made from thin plastic, which does not require much to crack. The organization does not sell replacement bottles independently. You need to replace the entire unit to secure more bottles. When it’s been less than a year, then your Blender might be covered under guarantee.


  • 300-watt engine
  • Four blades
  • One-touch operation
  • Simple to wash
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Freezes up if overloaded
  • Not strong enough for ice or foods
  • Wish to cut food into smaller portions
  • Bottles break easily
  • Replacement bottles not accessible

NutriBullet Pro Plus, One Size, Grey
2,333 Reviews

6. Hamilton Beach 51131 Bullet-Blender

The Hamilton Beach 51131 Blender is exceptional in how it stores. The bottles shop upside down, and there is a location in the base of the foundation to wrap the cable into. That is fine if you would like to exit it out to the countertop but do not desire cords around.

This Blender features one-touch mixing with its stainless steel blades. There is not a great deal of electricity for this particular machine, so be ready to cut your food into little pieces before placing it in the jar to mix.

Despite smaller bits, the blades do not rotate down the food, so the top food does not become mixed. You are going to need to stop and push the ingredients into the bottom.

The engine is not strong enough to handle crushing ice hockey or chopping other frozen or dense foods. This Blender works well with soft vegetables and fruits.

Cleaning may be a nuisance. The blades are not removable, which means you need to wash them at the foundation. Not only is that poor for cleaning, but also, it means they can’t be replaced. If the blades get dull, you will need to purchase a new unit, even though there’s a three-year guarantee.

The jar can be hard to clean, mainly if you can not wash it out immediately after completing your drink. The jar has vertical ribs, which are probably there to guide the food down. These ribs depart cracks for little food particles to have stuck inside. It can be challenging to find those ribs clean when the food gets an opportunity to dry.


  • One-touch mixing
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Compact storage
  • 3-year guarantee


  • Blades are not removable.
  • Food Has to Be cut into little pieces.
  • Food on top does not get mixed.
  • Not strong enough for ice hockey
  • Vertical ribs bottle hold food.

7. BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade Bullet Blenders

The BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade PB1002R runs on the 275-watt motor using the simple change of an on/off button to combine your meals using its stainless steel mix blades.

This Blender is acceptable for people who live paycheck to paycheck since it does exactly the job you require. You only need to be patient to get the consistency you desire. The blades do not move the food around nicely, which means you will need to take the top off and push the components on top to the bottom a few times to find everything combined.

This is an affordable blender that you would buy due to the price tag, not the product’s grade. The engine is not strong enough to use on ice or frozen foods. It just lasts approximately annually when combined with soft foods. That life will be shortened in case you attempt chopping up hard foods. Bullet mixer does provide a two-year guarantee.

The cups have lids so that you may choose your drink with you. However, the part that pops open to drink from is hollow. Liquid accumulates from the vacant place when you choose a drink and stays there until you choose your next drink. When you turn it open another time, the liquid sitting at the hollow place cleans out.


  • 275-watt engine
  • Stainless steel mix blade
  • On/off button
  • 2-year guarantee


  • Hollow flip closure accumulates liquid.
  • Requires a Great Deal of playing to get food mixed
  • Not strong enough for ice hockey
  • Motor only lasts about a year.

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8. BELLA Personal Size Rocket Blender

The BELLA (13586) Personal Size Rocket Blender features a 700-watt engine and stainless steel blades. It includes five mixing cups more than one individual can utilize. We have used BELLA blenders previously, and this version isn’t made in addition to its predecessors. The plastic looks and feels thin and inexpensive, even though there’s a two-year guarantee.

This Blender is remarkably loud. From the sound of this, you would think that it might cut through anything, but this is not the situation. Despite all the energy behind these, the blades are not designed to cut ice hockey or other compact or frozen foods.

If you would like to create a smoothie, then you will want to crush the ice into small pieces before placing it in your Blender, then make sure that there’s enough liquid from the cup to maneuver the ice about.

When you combine more problematic foods, your blades get dull quicker. The BELLA does not have replacement blades out there. Whenever your blades get dull, you are going to need to purchase a new blender.

Much like many other cheaper versions, the BELLA’s blades do not pull food out of the top down to the floor. You’ll end up shaking the unit or removing the lid to push down the food until it reaches the blades.

Another matter is that the cup becoming stuck at the foundation. There are slots where the tabs around the cups enter and need to push for this to operate.

If you slip the tabs slightly ahead, the tabs will slip under a lip, which keeps the engine running without you continually pushing it down. It is almost as though the blades spinning forces the tabs up to that slot. They become jammed and do not wish to come loose.


  • 700-watt engine
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Five mixing cups
  • 2-year guarantee


  • Quality not as good as previous versions
  • Replacement blades not accessible
  • Cup gets trapped in the foundation.
  • Need to shake and stir for food mixed
  • Must crush ice before placing in Blender
  • Loud

9. COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, 10-Piece 800W Auto-Blend High Rate Smoothie Blender/Mixer, 2-year guarantee

It includes six stainless steel blades that chop through numerous components for a smooth closing product.

The COSORI Personal Blender includes a decent 800-watt engine that could crush ice hockey and other harsh ingredients. It functions as a 10-piece collection with sports cups and lids. Both stainless steel blades operate at 23,000 RPM, readily pulverizing frozen veggies and fruit.

The auto-blend program makes it convenient and straightforward to use. It operates by mixing ingredients in 3-second periods with 1-second breaks, shutting off after ten cycles.

The COSORI Personal Blender is medium-priced and features a 2-year guarantee. Additionally, it will come with a 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime support from COSORI.


  • Smart auto-blend technology
  • Strong motor and blades
  • 2-year guarantee and lifetime support
  • A lot of accessories


  • Drinking spout on-to-go lids are little.
  • The lid can flow

10. Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Combination 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

It has got a sleek-looking jar which you can take everywhere with you and drink in style. The Oster My Combination is just another small private bullet blender that is incredibly reasonably priced. It comes in many cute colors, using a dishwasher safe 20-ounce plastic sports jar. You may easily combine your smoothie at the container and toss it on your backpack to carry with you.

It’s a 250-watt motor that is surprisingly loud. On the other hand, the low cost makes it well worthwhile. It makes a good smoothie, though it is not amazingly durable. Nonetheless, it’s inexpensive enough which you could purchase a different one. The Oster My Combination includes a 1-year limited guarantee.


  • Cute bottle
  • Easy to shoot on the move
  • Simple to wash
  • Cheap


  • Weak motor
  • Cheap substances

Best Bullet Mixer FAQs

Best Bullet Mixer FAQs

1. Can there be a better blender compared to NutriBullet?

All in all, the best nutribullet alternative is lasting and relatively reliable if appropriately utilized. Although, if you’re eager to purchase a higher-priced high-speed blender, subsequently consider a Vitamix (that is the most affordable Vitamix version ). Vitamix is created in the USA with all metal gears and functions exceptionally well.

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2. Which Blender is much better, Ninja or NutriBullet?

Many blenders produced by NutriBullet are created for the short-term, down into the favorite veggie bullet, which effective at gluing, cutting, and spiralizing vegetables. Exactly what exactly do we mean? The Ninja is a little more robust with 700 watts, while the NutriBullet’s engine is simply 600 watts.

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3. What do you place at a NutriBullet?

  • Fruit Juice. Potentially the most common mistake people make when preparing smoothies is incorporating fruit juice.
  • Flavored Yogurt.
  • Highly Processed Protein Powders.
  • Milk.
  • Super Sweet Fruits.
  • Additional Sweeteners.
  • Too Much Healthy Fats.



These reviewed versions are made with the most recent technology and high-quality substances for optimal performance and durability. While brand and price are crucial elements when picking a product, buyers must also concentrate on matters directly affecting the overall functionality. They comprise the system’s functionalities, construction, ease of usage, and security.

If you’re a beginner searching for the ideal best bullet juicers to buy, we advise that you need to find something that looks excellent, works only, and provides value to your cash.

It’s also wise to keep in mind that a few versions will provide you a polished finish and proper functionality, but the lesser advantage in contrast to premium ones. Indeed, buying the very best Blender isn’t merely a matter of taste, but also the need and price range.

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