Best Car Cooler 2022: Top Brands Reivew

Best Car Cooler 2022 Top Brands Reivew (1)
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Best car cooler is necessary for those who need to keep their heat food and drinks cold while they’re on the go. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, with compact or more bulky options available.

Investing in a good cooler for your car is an essential purchase for those who want to keep their food hot or beverages cold on a hot day trip.

If you’re looking for a reliable cooler that will be able to withstand everyday use without any issues, we recommend taking a look at these top brands. The best car coolers can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your frozen food or drinks cool chilled.

Top Rated 17 Best Car Coolers Brand Of 2022

Top Rated 12 Best Car Coolers Brand Of 2022

【Upgraded】BODEGA 12 Volt...
1,215 Reviews

YAPASPT Electric Car Cooler Bag

The car cooler is a compact and portable cooler. It has adjustable straps and many pockets. The 25-liter capacity can hold 34 cans of soda. There are three pockets on the exterior, one of which is made from mesh. This allows you to store your keys and cell phone easily.

It is available in black and measures approximately 13 inches high by 15 inches long.

Lifestyle by Focus Electric 25-Liter Travel Cooler and Warmer

Price: $119.99

This electric cooler/warmer has a 25-liter storage capacity and plenty of room for snacks. It also has a 4.6-star Amazon review rating.

The cooler can hold 30 12-ounce cans. It also comes with a car adapter and a standard outlet power cable that plug into wall outlets. They both fit neatly in a compartment, so they don’t get lost when you need them.

You can keep your freeze food at 40°F or heat it to 130°F, making it ideal for food cold transport at all temperatures. It has a handy carrying handle and removable separator that make it easy to organize snacks and cold drinks.

 Editor’s Pick: ICECO 31-Liter Portable Freezer

ICECO 31-Liter Portable Freezer

This cooler from ICECO is the best example of the saying, “you get what you pay for.” This cooler is more expensive than other portable powered coolers, but it promises greater performance and durability.

This slim cooler is versatile and can run on either 12 volt or 24-volt DC or 110- or240-volt AC household power. Many coolers that can keep your food fresh and drinks ice cold or frozen are available, but this cooler is recommended for keeping temperatures between -7 and 50 F. This means that you can freeze or chill food cold at enough room temperature settings without the need for bulky require ice packs or freezer packs.

This cooler offers equipped with a Secop compressor by ICECO for fast cooling. This cooler can be run in eco mode, which consumes less electricity and lasts longer when powered by a battery.

ICECO comes with an insulated protective bag as well as a 12-foot DC power cable. The compressor comes with a five-year warranty, while a 1-year warranty covers all other parts.

Pros: Excellent performance and generous warranty coverage. Buyers report excellent customer service.

Cons: Very expensive and limited portability due to heavyweight

Price: $690.00

Ausranvik 37-Quart Portable Fridge Car Cooler

Ausranvik’s car cooler features an LED display and touch panel that allows you to set the inside temperature anywhere from 4° below zero to 50° Fahrenheit. The interior is illuminated so that you don’t need to search for your favorite beverage or snack. You can even charge your smartphone with the USB port.

The cooler’s sleek design and clever details, including two carrying handles and a cooler drain plug, are not to be missed. This cooler is worth the extra money if you are willing to pay more for a better cooler.

Cooluli 4-Liter Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

Cooluli Mini refrigerator is an excellent choice if you are looking for a small cooler that will not take up too much space in car. It has more than 12,000 user reviews and can fit comfortably in the middle of the passenger seat. Cooluli mini fridge is a 4-liter electric cooler/warmer that can hold six 12-ounce cans. It also comes with adapters for 110-volt and 12-volt voltage so it can be plugged into your car. It also comes with a USB cord that can be plugged into a portable cooler power bank (not included).

The fridge can cool food to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below the ambient temperature. However, it won’t get you super cold if your car has no cold air conditioning. It also heats up to 122 to 144 degrees Fahrenheit. The fridge comes with a small carrying handle and a basket and storage shelf that can be removed to maximize space. This fridge is stylish and can be purchased in pink, red, and baby blue.

Promoted Product: TYPE S Blizzard Box Portable Electric Coolers

There are TYPES Blizzard Box Portable Electric Coolers for all kinds of activities, including camping, tailgating, and off-roading. The versatile electric coolers are available in three sizes: 41 QT 56 QT, and 99QT. There will also be smaller 13QT or 22QT models in September 202.

No matter what model you choose, they all come with a high-performance compressor that keeps your food and drinks colder for longer.

The Blizzard box is capable of cooling down to 0 degrees F and freezing at lightning-fast speeds. It can also be used as a freezer. These TYPE S coolers include a 12V DC power cord as well as a 110V AC adapter. This allows you to charge your device before, during, and after your drive.

The TYPE Blizzard Box coolers have an integrated 1.5A USB A port to charge your mobile devices. A low voltage detection system will automatically turn off power to conserve your vehicle’s battery. These coolers are packed with clever design features such as the ability to open at either end using the dual-latch lid and an interior light to save you from searching in the dark. They are the perfect companion for a road trip.

Pros: They are available in various sizes and can cool or freeze. The built-in USB charger charges your devices. Digital climate control allows for rapid cooling capacity or freezing.

Cons: More features mean a higher price tag

AO Coolers Original Soft Cooler

Price: $79.95

This durable, affordable soft cooler holds 24 cans of soda and 14 lbs of ice. It is small enough to fit on your floor mat behind your middle seat.

Cooler offers highly insulated and can keep ice frozen for up to 24 hours, even in summer. You can choose from a variety of colors and have a shoulder strap.

Best Value: Aspenora 37-Quart Car Refrigerator

Aspenora 37-Quart Car Refrigerator

Another product is next on our list that blurs the lines between portable refrigerators and coolers. Aspen’s cooler is as good as our Editor’s Pick but at a much lower price.

The cooler’s two-zone design is one of its most impressive features. The freezer and fridge can be used on one side. The lid has a touch-sensitive panel that allows you to adjust the ambient temperature. You can also lock it to protect food warm from spoilage and prevent accidental openings.

This cooler also has a USB charging port because you are likely to have at least one tablet or smartphone with you when you go camping or fishing. The cooler does not have an adapter for 110/240-volt operation.

According to the company, this cooler boasts insulation of 1.57 inches thick to keep the interior cool for up to 10 hours. This will allow you to turn it off overnight without worrying about draining your truck or car’s battery.

The cooler will automatically shut down if you forget to turn it off. An anti-pinch closure mechanism prevents you from accidentally slamming into the lid. The soft-close function protects electronics from damage.

Pros: Dual-zone design allows you to chill certain items while freezing others, attractive design, built-in device charger

Cons: The insulation runs only on 12/24-volt DC. Some buyers claim that it is less effective than Aspenora claims.

Dometic CFX 40W 12v Electric Powered Ultra-Portable Cooler, Fridge Freezer

Dometic CFX28 car cooler is a well-crafted product. It features reinforced corners and a mostly stainless-metal construction. It is durable and portable so that it will last for many years.

This cooler is a Wired favorite. It runs on your vehicle’s 12-volt power supply and has a 26-liter capacity. That’s enough space for your family to have lunch or a few drinks (or 43 cans). The cooler can reach temperatures as low as 7 degrees below zero and has an interior light. It also comes with a smartphone app that allows you to adjust the inside temperature.

Knox Gear Electric 45-Liter Cooler and Warmer

This Knox electric cooler 45-liter can be used to keep your car stocked with food chilled and beverages chilled if you are going on a long drive or have many hungry passenger seat.

It comes with cords to plug in your car or wall outlet, and the cooler’s built-in storage compartment stores them all when they are not being used. The cooler can be used to cool down to 40°F and heat up to 130°F. There is also a removable divider that keeps warm things organized. This cooler has two handles and wheels for portability.

BODEGA Car Refrigerator

With Deal: $358.99

【Upgraded】BODEGA 12 Volt...
1,215 Reviews

Bodega’s car cooler has a 38-quart capacity. Its removable shelf baskets are what sets it apart from other coolers. You can place ice cream on one side while condiments and beverages are stored on the other.

The power cord can be plugged into the vehicle’s 12-volt DC adapter and an ordinary wall plug. It is easy to transport thanks to its wheels and handles. You can control the wheeled cooler from your smartphone via an app. Bodega comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Best on a Budget: Ivation 27-Quart Portable Fridge

Ivation 27-Quart Portable Fridge

If you are looking for something basic, here’s our recommendation. The first few items on our list are portable freezer units. However, this Ivation product is an electric car cooler that will keep food and drinks cold but not frozen.

This dual-power cooler can be run on either a 12-volt DC power source (like your vehicle’s car cigarette lighter) or a 110-volt AC using the optional ac adapter for household outlets. The lid houses both adapters in convenient compartments.

Ivation claims that the device can keep beverages at 40 degrees F and food warm at 130 degrees F. This option is best used with food or drinks that have been heated or chilled. As buyers have pointed out, it will take some time to heat or cool items at ambient temperature.

Although the cooler has a small capacity, Ivation claims it can hold two-liter wine bottles of soda. The cooler is 10.6 pounds in weight, making it easy to transport even when loaded.


Pros: The space-efficient design will not take up too much space. It is versatile and affordable.

Cons: The cooler’s lid-mounted temperature control unit is better for controlling the specific temperature than changing it.

Price: $109.99

Igloo 40-Quart Iceless Cooler

Price: $45.54

There’s a good possibility that you’ve seen Igloo’s name on coolers at a campground or picnic. A well-known company makes this 40-quart electric car cooler. It can be used as a traditional ice chest or as a mini-fridge.

It is a basic model, so it doesn’t have a warming function. It’s intended to keep food and drinks but not frozen. Igloo claims that this cooler is made with thermoelectric technology and a convection fan to provide energy-efficient performance. Igloo claims that this cooler can keep food and drinks at 38 degrees F below ambient temperature. It will perform best in an air-conditioned vehicle or home.

To keep your food and beverages fresh, it is recommended that you use the cooler for camping. This cooler can be used for both car and home and comes with a 12-volt adapter for cigarette lighters and a 110V household power cord.

Pros: The fridge is versatile and affordable, can be used with household or car power. The latching door keeps your lid shut when you use it as a stand-up fridge.

Cons: The lid is not wide enough to allow for ice chest use in warmer temperatures.

Igloo 12-16 Qt Profile...
7,853 Reviews

Car Cooler Buying Guide: Which Should I Get?

Car Cooler Buying Guide Which Should I Get

You can search for a suitable car cooler on your own if none of our choices are suitable. These are the factors to consider before you make a purchase.

Storage Capacity

What number of items would you like to store in the lightweight cooler? This is the most crucial factor to consider when shopping for a car cooler. We recommend buying one with a minimum 25-quart capacity if you are traveling with your whole family.

You don’t have to buy a large cooler if you travel alone or with a friend. A large cooler that holds 6-10 quarts should suffice. This is especially important for short trips that last less than a week.

Ease of Use

You should also consider how simple it is to use the 12V cooling system. Is it possible to lock and open the cooler easily? It would be difficult to put it in your car each time you need it.

The coolers with a removable lid are our favorite. It makes them easy to clean, but we’ll get to that later. We also like them when they have straps or sturdy handles.

Power Supply and Usage

All 12-volt coolers come with a DC adaptor. The adaptor can be connected to a cigarette lighter, and your cooler will begin working.

Some people also have an adaptor for 110-volt AC plugs. It can be used to connect to a home power outlet. It also has an advantage when you stay in a hotel. You can use it to cool down your food overnight. It won’t harm your car’s battery nor compromise the quality or taste of your food.

You can always buy an AC power cord separately if the cooler you want doesn’t come with one. It’s still a more convenient carrying handle to have the AC power cord included with your cooler.

Temperature Range

Read the specifications before you buy a cooler. What temperature can it go? A typical car cooler can only cool it down to 40oF below the room temperature range. This is fine if the AC is on but not so impressive if it’s not.

The most expensive car coolers can lower the temperature. Some coolers can cool down to below-zero temperatures. These are car refrigerators. That’s why they’re more expensive.

It comes down to the importance of having ice-cold beverages on hand. Spend the extra money to get a mini-fridge in your car.

Insulation quality

This point was mentioned earlier in this article. But we cannot stress it enough. A sound insulation system is essential for a car cooler to be effective.

You want the contents of the cooler to remain drinks fresh for many hours after you unplug it. This is especially important if you plan to take a picnic to the beach or make long stops along the road. This is actual energy efficiency.


Some models include a warranty plan. You will feel more confident in investing your hard-earned cash into a quality gadget. If the warranty plan is not listed on the product’s Amazon or website, contact the seller.


Should you buy a car cooler with a compressor or a thermoelectric model?

A cooler with a compressor is the best option if you need it to freeze or chill food efficiently.

A cooler that has a compressor can be used as a portable refrigerator or freezer. However, it won’t come cheap. A compressor is heavy, so it will be challenging to move a cooler with one.

A thermoelectric cooler, which is simpler and less expensive, uses the scientific phenomenon known as the Peltier effect to generate heat or absorb heat. This creates a cooling effect. A thermoelectric cooler is not as energy efficient as a compressor-based one, so it will not do as well as a compressor-type system at keeping food cool. A thermoelectric cooler is much more affordable than one that uses a compressor.

Maybe you are interested in thermoelectric coolers, let’s learn more here:

Can you put ice inside an electric car cooler?

But it depends on what type of cooler you choose. A compressor-based cooling system will mean that you don’t have to freeze your food or drink. These coolers are capable of chilling down and maintaining a temperature.

If you purchase a thermoelectric cooler, it is advisable to chill or freeze your food and drink ahead of time, then pack it in the cooler before turning it on. The thermoelectric cooler function can keep your items frozen longer than regular coolers.

How long can you leave an electric cooler plugged into your vehicle?

An electric cooler can be plugged into your car for as long or as it is being used. This keeps the battery charged.

Be sure to turn off your vehicle when it is not in use. The cooler will eventually drain the battery and leave it running for up to three hours. This can cause you to be left without the power to start your engine.

What’s the difference between running your cooler on 12-volt DC power and 110-volt AC household electricity?

There is little difference in coolers. All the coolers on our list can be powered by 12-volt DC power. The coolers that can plug into a household outlet come with adapters. This allows you to convert 110-volt AC power into the DC required by the cooler.

Do car coolers drain your battery?

A 12-volt cooler won’t drain your car’s battery while it is running. However, some models will draw power even if your car is not turned on. Before you plug in your 12-volt cooler, make sure you read the user’s manual.


The best car coolers are the only choice for a long road trip. This is because they can transport cold or hot food and drinks. However, these coolers only work if they are correctly sized for what you need. Since there are different ones on the market, make sure to buy the one that will fit your needs.

We hope you enjoyed reading this review and found it very helpful. As always, head to our homepage for more information on other products and services we offer.

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