Best GE Refrigerator 2021: Top Brands Review

Best GE Refrigerator 2021 Top Brands Review

As the article states, the best GE refrigerator is a product that is a top-of-the-line fridge with a sleek and stylish design. These GE refrigerators are high-quality products that come with excellent insulation, a beautiful design, and they also match any kitchen.

These GE appliances have a lot of features that will be useful for both the fridge and the family. When choosing the new GE refrigerator, you have to look for a model that is a little bit bigger than a standard one.

Besides, it would help if you also opted for a fridge with features like an ice maker. This will make the work of running the refrigerator very easy. If you want to get more ice, open the door shelves and take out the ice that has been made. It will help you get the ice whenever you need it. So, opt for a refrigerator that has an ice maker.

Top Rated 9 Best GE Refrigerators Brand 2021

Top Rated 9 Best GE Refrigerators Brand 2021

GNE25J French Door Refrigerator

This French door model measures 33 inches and is customizable. Four adjustable door shelves with split shelves organize groceries. A full-width drawer with temperature control and humidity controls is available in addition to the two humidity-controlled drawers.

For tall items or bulky items, the Quick Space Shelf can be moved out of sight. This unit is rated ENERGY STAR, so you can rest assured that it will work efficiently and conserve electricity.

This model has some handy features. The interior water dispenser makes it easy to get filtered water. A factory-installed Icemaker is also included.

Turbo Cool Setting keeps the interior temperature cool even when the new refrigerator door is opened frequently. This unit is equipped with a door alarm that notifies you when the door has been opened. The design also includes an upfront temperature display and easy-to-reach controls. There are four options for finishes: slate, stainless steel, black stainless steel, and white.

  • Eight door bins
  • Six adjustable gallon storage bins
  • LED lighting
  • Do not delay

GE GDE21ESKSS Bottom Freezer

30-inch 20.9 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

The GDE21ESKSS is our top-rated GE refrigerator in the bottom freezer category. We found other interesting features in the GDE21ESKSS, beyond the basic fridge fittings.

The GDE21ESKSS has an advanced water filter system that removes 98% trace chemicals and pharmaceuticals from water. If you find that impressive, the automatic, factory-installed, ice maker is also amazing.

The GDE21ESKSS has a 30″ width and a sliding drawer which allows you to make more space for storage. You will find food shelves, drawers and bins for storage and organization.

For better temperature control, the model uses a multiflow air system. You can set the exact temperature level for your food or drinks using the simple temperature controls.

The GDE21ESKSS is a top-of-the-line bottom freezer that’s easy to use, reliable, and offers plenty of space.


36-inch 28.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The Profile Series PSS28KYHFS is easily the top-ranked side-by-side GE refrigerator. The PSS28KSHSS features an advanced water filter system that removes 98% trace chemicals, just like the GDE21ESKSS.

Arctica Ice Makers are included in the model. They can hold up to 10 lbs. The Arctica ice maker creates ice up to 50% faster than other refrigerators.

The PSS28KYHFS is equipped with adjustable door bins, glass freezer shelves and multilevel drawers. These features make it easy to organize food items in a way that maximizes space. 4 electronic sensors control the temperature system. A short tower with precise controls and easy-to-use controls provides accurate controls.

The PSS28KYHFS, unlike the GDE21ESKSSS and GTE16DTNRWWW, has a dispenser that can be used to make chilled water, crushed ice, and ice cubes. Safety features include a child lock and a door alarm. An LED lighting system that illuminates both the fresh food and freezer compartments of the refrigerator is also available.

The PSS28KYHFS refrigerator is an amazing refrigerator, particularly for those who need a constant supply of ice cubes. The model is currently a top-rated side by side refrigerator.

GE Profile PDSS5NBWLSS 25.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

You can buy one of the most potent GE Bottom Freezer refrigerators for as low as $1,900.00. The GE PDSS5NBWL was rated as the best Bottom Mount refrigerator across all brands.

  • The Stainless Steel Contoured Doors with Sculptured Handles and Top and Bottom Bevels give the door a striking look that adds a personal touch to your home.
  • Optional Automatic Icemaker, which we highly recommend.
  • It was convenient to have two humidity-controlled drawers as well as one full-length drawer.
  • The refrigerator’s interior with GE Reveal Lighting and BrightSpace, emits a natural-looking glow, including in the freezer drawer.
  • The Multi-Level Slide’n Store Basket System has three full-extension storage baskets that provide great flexibility. We found it very convenient and enjoyed it.
  • As some dealers believe this is an optional extra, make sure you request the Condiment Bin or Beverage Rack.
  • In top-freezer and bottom-freezer models, it may indicate a malfunction that requires a visit from a GE service technician.

GE Profile PFE28K French Door Refrigerator

GE Profile PFE28K French Door Refrigerator

This 36-inch French door refrigerator is part of GE’s Profile. It has a considerable capacity. This ENERGY STAR, 27.8-cubic-foot model can store up to 27 grocery bags. The fridge has a full-width drawer that can hold three temperature turbo freeze settings. This allows for optimal food storage. The drawer is illuminated by LED lights that indicate the temperature setting.

GE PFE28KMKES Profile 27.8 Cu. Ft. Slate French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
  • 27.8 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Hands-Free AutoFill
  • Second Icemaker Option

Hands-Free Autofill allows you to leave the dispenser while it fills your container with water. The Advanced Water Filtration System removes 98% of trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice. TwinChill, a TwinChill, evaporator regulates different climates in fresh food and frozen sections to preserve foods. There are two options for finishes: stainless steel or slate.

  • Turbo Cool setting
  • Spill-proof adjustable shelving
  • Sabbath mode
  • Option for the second icemaker
  • Display LED lighting
  • Shelf Quick Space


Our top choice of top-freezer refrigerators from GE was the Energy Star rated GTE15CTHRWW. It has been consistently rated the most reliable refrigerator by consumers, retailers, and third-party rating systems since 2016.

Adjustable freezer shelves make it easy to insert items in the GTE15CTHRWW. Clear drawers make it easy to find and monitor items. A large storage area is located by the refrigerator’s door that can hold large containers.

GE GTE16DTHWW 15.5 Cu. Ft. White Top Freezer Refrigerator - Energy Star
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like...

The GTE15CTHRWWW has been discontinued by GE as of December 2019. GTE16DTNRWW was replaced by the model, which weighs slightly more at 15.6 Cu. Ft.

The GTE16DTNRWWW is reliable and easy to use temperature controls. You can set the desired temperature range for your food. The fridge is equipped with LED lighting and has moveable racks that make it easy to store and organize food.

GTE16DTNRWW meets or exceeds federal energy efficiency standards, making it one of the most efficient refrigerator models on the market. This will save you money on your energy bills. High gloss white makes the model’s outer appearance and exterior easy to clean.

The GE Profile PSF26RGWWW 25.4 cu ft Side by Side

Recently, the GE PSF26RGWWWWW has been rated a Consumer Reports Top Buy. The 25.4 cu. The interior was divided into two sections of approximately 3.5 ft.

  • It is well-designed with unique features.
  • It features a high-gloss finish with a hidden hinge.
  • The Center and Top Bevel offer a smooth surface with contoured doors and a hidden hinge.
  • The GE ClimateKeeper2, with its unique dual-evaporator design, did a fantastic job protecting the ice from odor transmission.
  • The Color LCD Controls with Touch Screen was a great feature. It made it easy to control all functions of the fridge.
  • The LED Lighting Integrated Dispenser provided ample illumination and convenient operation for the dispenser.
  • The UltraFlow100 and PreciseFill can pour water in precise increments, up to 100 ounces per min.

The QuickFreeze Setting worked perfectly and allowed for faster, fresher freezing. This will preserve the quality and flavor of your meats. The Electronic Beverage Center was able to keep beverages icy, calm, and easily accessible.

GE GSS25G Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The refrigerator measures 36 inches and holds 25.4 cu. Side-by-side refrigerators offer an ample 25.4 cu. ft. capacity and space-saving benefits. Side-by-side models have a smaller door width which makes it easier to navigate narrow kitchens or islands.

This model features adjustable shelving that allows you to customize the layout. Large and tall items can be accommodated with multilevel food fresh crisper drawers. GE’s Advanced filter system is used to create indoor water and ice dispenser.

GE GSS25GSHSS Side Refrigerator
  • Adjustable door bins creates additional storage for large items
  • Deep door bins allow you to store gallon-sized or larger items,...
  • Glass freezer shelves give a high-end appearance with secure storage...

This unit is available in both traditional black and white, as well as black stainless steel and black slate options. It offers all the modern conveniences you would expect from a refrigerator. There are four options for finishes: stainless steel, slate, white, and black.

  • Two adjustable glass shelves that are spill-proof and can be adjusted
  • Gallon door storage
  • Adjustable door bins
  • Vacation mode
  • LED lighting
  • Arctica icemaker


A reliable, simple fridge

It would help if you had a fridge that works and is affordable. The reliability of this GE fridge is very low.

If you have a limited budget, the GE GTS18GTHWWW is a 28-inch comprehensive, top-freezer model. It is often one of the most affordable fridges for its size. It is more robust and has the same basic features as similar French door models.

Additionally, its owner-review history indicates that it is less likely to suffer from defects or other issues. It’s 17.5 cubic feet big enough to store the essentials for a family with four people. It’s a great choice if you are looking for a second fridge for your garage or basement or for providing one to tenants.

Our refrigerator buying guide can help you find the right size, style, or combination for you. Even if we don’t have a suitable model for you, this guide will help you identify your needs and critically evaluate any fridge you consider.

GE Profile PYD22KYNFS 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

This 36-inch counter depth model will give your kitchen a modern, built-in feel. This unit features a French door refrigerators design and is part of GE’s Profile. The flexible food storage options provide many solutions. The new food storage section has six doors, a full-width dairy center, a deli drawer, and a dropdown tray.

Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze offer extra cold air to help maintain internal temperatures. For guaranteed freshness, the external ice and water dispensers include GE’s Advanced Filtration System. The hands-free Autofill lets you walk away, and the water dispenser will fill any container with the right amount of water.

The pull-out freezer drawer comes with two storage baskets for frozen foods. You can also add an optional second icemaker to the drawer. This model has been approved by ENERGY STAR, which ensures outstanding energy efficiency. Slate and stainless steel are available as finishes.

  • Full-width electronic temperature-controlled drawer
  • TwinChill, Evaporators
  • Glass shelving with adjustable spill-proof design
  • 22.2 cu.
  • Display LED lighting

There Are Three Things To Consider

Consider the following three types of features when choosing which Best GE Refrigerators are suitable for you.

Capacity: Think about how big your family is right now and, more importantly, where you want it to go. What will your situation look like in the next year? Do you have a plan for the next two years? Five years? Five?

Style: Think about what you are looking for in terms of how the fridge will look once installed in your kitchen. You can narrow down your choices and price range if you are more concerned about functionality than aesthetics.

You can find fridges in black, bisque, or white, stainless steel, satina (a stainless option), and stainless steel. Before you buy, think about which color would look best in your kitchen.

Available Space: Before you make your purchase, take a look at the location of your fridge. Consider the swing of your doors. Does it swing to the left or right? What size will it fit in your kitchen? Are you looking for a built-in look? You might consider the GE Monogram or counter depth refrigerators if you want a built-in look.


Is GE a good refrigerator brand?

General Electric (GE) makes a range of household appliances, including GE refrigerators. They come in a variety of styles and at different prices. This brand is a top choice for durability. It is important because you often spend a lot on a refrigerator.

Which is better, LG or GE refrigerators?

Both LG and GE offer a wide range of major appliances. Both companies have high customer satisfaction ratings for many of their best-selling products. GE is now following LG’s tech-led approach. GE is still slightly cheaper in some areas, however.

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Is the GE Profile refrigerator worth the money?

Good, The GE Profile Series refrigerator looks excellent and has a wide range of unique features. We even found the most intelligent water dispenser that we have ever seen. The bad Performance was hit and miss, with steep defrost cycles and an ineffective temperature-controlled drawer.

How long will a GE refrigerator last?

According to the United States Department of Energy, GE refrigerators can last for approximately 12 years. It’s time to replace your refrigerator. You may also want to replace your GE refrigerator if it isn’t energy-efficient.

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GE appliances are one of the most highly rated ones on the market. From clothes dryers to dishwashers, their counter-top ovens to commercial ice makers, GE has it all. This article will go through some of the best GE refrigerators on the market.

A quick look at the price range and the model’s features below will give you a clear picture of which one is most likely to be most suitable for your household needs. Thanks for visiting today. If you find this review helpful, make sure to let us know below in the comments.

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