Best Samsung Refrigerator Brand: Top 1 RF28R7351SG

Best Samsung Refrigerator Brand Top 1 RF28R7351SG

Samsung is famous for its products with consumer-friendly features, exceptional quality, and superior after-sales service. Additionally, the brand frequently updates its products to match your changing lifestyle demands.

That is the reason it is logical to consider Best Samsung Refrigerator versions for your house. You may purchase the finest Samsung refrigerator that fulfills your need with no hassles by purchasing in your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

Here, you can cover the Samsung refrigerator via simple EMIs and store out of more than 1 lakh partners both offline and online across India.

Reviews Top 12 Best Samsung Refrigerator Of 2021

Reviews Top 12 Best Samsung Refrigerator Of 2021

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Samsung RF28R7351SG French Door Refrigerator

Things To Enjoy

Massive Storage Capacity: this appliance is your joint biggest on our listing. It’s lots of organizational possibilities for maximum storage efficiency.

‘FlexZone’ Drawer: Half of this freezer area is taken up from the flex zone’ drawer which includes four different temperature settings.

This feature provides you the choice to turn a portion of their freezer into a refrigerator, depending upon what you need.

Food Showcase Door: The display door lets you look within your appliance without even opening the doorway and losing chilly air.

Double Cooling & Metal Cooling Panel: These two features combine to make certain your markets’ maximum durability. The Twin Cooling utilizes the proper air-type for every compartment while the cooling system helps maintain a more consistent temperature.

The Style: Here is the best looking Samsung appliance available on the current market, in our view, aided by the glossy fingerprint resistant black stainless steel end.

What’s Not To Like?

Ice Maker: Among several features on this fridge, nevertheless, this one is not just the very best. It’s low ice storage and over-freezing troubles.

Restricted Space For Tall Things: The enormous quantity of space is an important selling point for this particular appliance. Nonetheless, the design group gave little consideration for storing large items.

Last Remarks

This fridge has numerous cool features that people don’t have time and space to record.

On the other hand, the cushioned shelving, Autofill pitcher, ENERGY STAR score (to mention but a few), together with the great storage, beautiful looks, and efficacy make this the finest Samsung appliance available. It will lose marks for the suspicious ice manufacturer.

Samsung 476L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT49K6758S9)

The RT49K6758S9 is a sizable, frost-free, double-door appliance that makes for a fantastic selection. When you are considering Samsung, the newest refrigerators like this one ought to be on the very top of your listing.

This refrigerator features 476L storage area in addition to advanced features like Smart Link Inverter, Cool Package, along with many others that result in its unparalleled functionality.

The Samsung RT49K6758S9 also has five modes, namely, Holiday, Extra Fridge, Home Alone, Routine, and Seasonal, that help reduce power consumption.



  • 17.5 cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Twin Cooling System
  • 33-inch Width
  • Power Freeze and Wonderful
  • LED Lighting
  • French Door


Samsung has double-sided cooling all their refrigerators, so the fridge and freezer’s atmosphere doesn’t commingle. Your food will taste better since the warmer, fridge atmosphere won’t move to the freezer’s stinky, drier atmosphere.

Consider the flavors and scents from fresh fish, maybe not landing on your ice cream. Sub-Zero has employed the same argument for ages.

Each of the Samsung refrigerators will have LED light too. LED will not ever have to be substituted like incandescent lighting. It’s also a”trendy” bulb and won’t project heat in your freezer or refrigerator.

Ever try to change an incandescent bulb? It burns your hands since the outer skin warms to nearly 350 degrees.

Samsung RF260BEAESR French Door Refrigerator

Things To Enjoy

Low Price: This can be a great deal of fridge for a relatively modest outlay. It is a bit short on features. However, the main role is to store chilled and frozen products. Plus, it can save a lot.

Storage Space: Considering that the above low price, the quantity of storage space available is absurd. Samsung’s interior layout maximizes the distance to its real potential.

‘EZ’ Manage: Modern freezers have a seal around the doorway to keep up the internal temperature; they could sometimes be hard to start. The’EZ’ handle makes opening the drawer simpler. Just pull it up to break the seal, and the freezer will open easily.

Running Price: It is not merely relatively inexpensive to purchase. To get a large French door fridge, it is also sensible to operate at $7 a month.

CoolSelect Pantry’: This refrigerator in a refrigerator is excellent for storing party platters, meats, or anything produce that has to be kept at a different temperature to the remaining part of the fridge.

What’s Not To Like?

Affordable Plastic Interior: To counter the minimal price-point of the massive mill, Samsung employed thin, cheap plastics to the bins and drawers.

No Water Dispenser: The water dispenser is still a staple in the massive refrigerator. Nonetheless, this version lacks one.

It Could Be Loud: Many consumers have reported that the refrigerator might be loud when working.

Last Remarks

Not all of us have the budget to get a sizable, feature-filled appliance. Therefore Samsung RF260BEAESR fills a gap in the marketplace for lower-end apparatus with sufficient storage capacity bigger families may need.

The absence of features and also cheaper substances used on the inside make this potential.

Samsung 670L Single Door Refrigerator (RT65K7058BS)

This 670L refrigerator is packed with useful features like Power Cool Mode, Cool Package, Twist Ice Maker, Twin Cooling Plus Technology, Power Freeze Mode, Digital Inverter Technology, Easy Slide Shelf, and Deodorizing Filter.

These features make keeping drinks and meals simple. Moreover, this version is reduced on energy consumption and produces less noise also.



  • LED Lighting
  • Twin Cooling


Side-by-sides provide more coordinated storage and much more freezer space than the popular door.

Samsung RF27T5201SR French Door Refrigerator

Things To Enjoy

Lots of Storage: Using 27 cu.ft of storage, this can be a large appliance. The refrigerator has over twice the freezer capability, so it is suited to consumers who favor new produce over suspended.

Adjustable Shelving: The flexible shelves within this appliance could be ordered to keep even the greatest bottles.

A great deal of Ice: The ice maker has sufficient room to store 4.2pounds of ice at any one time.

Ceiling Mounted LED Lighting: Most refrigerators are back-lit or possess the lights mounted on the side. The ceiling mounts provide more flow throughout your shopping.

What’s Not To Like?

Deficiency of Features: There’s very little to complain about using this particular model. So if we must nit-pick, we would say there might have been some added features for the purchase price.

Last Remarks

If you’d like your fridge to cool fresh produce and suspend frozen products, this may be the product for you. The complaints round the functioning of the RF27T5201SR are minimal.

So, at the same time, you forego many features, what you receive in return is a more reliable unit.

Samsung 654L Side by Side Refrigerator (RS58K6417SL/TL)

This is a side-by-side fridge brought to you by Samsung. It’s full of Multi-Flow, Power Cool, Twin Cooling, and Power Freeze, which help take your fridge to another level.

The Twin Cooling system is a highlighting characteristic as it keeps high humidity levels and prevents odors from blending inside the refrigerator.

Samsung 275L Single Door Refrigerator (RT30K3723S8)

Equipped with features such as Power Cool and the Electricity Freeze, this among the finest Samsung refrigerator versions if you entertain frequently. These acts cool your drinks faster and produce ice quicker also.

The All-Around Cooling technologies and the Double Fan technology also ease even cooling within each refrigerator’s compartment.

What is more, it is possible to convert the freezer into a refrigerator if need be and produce around 88l of additional space immediately!



  • Flex Zone drawer-4 distinct configurations
  • 22.5 cubic feet
  • External water and ice
  • Twin Cooling Plus
  • Power freeze/power trendy


This refrigerator is actually about flexibility. You’ve got four individual doors with this version. The base right compartment may be made from freezer to refrigerator based on your three potential cooling surroundings requirements.

Samsung RS27T5200SR Side by Side Refrigerator

Things To Enjoy

Enormous Storage Space: To get a side-by-side apparatus, the 28 cu.ft of distance is huge and much more than sufficient for many large families.

Low Price: This appliance is easily the least expensive fridge on the list. It provides a lot of space for small cash.

Adjustable Shelving: A tiny adjustability to aid with housing taller things.

All of Round Cooling: The multi-event cooling system provides an even temperature during, optimizing your products’ durability.

What’s Not To Like?

Bland Exterior: This appliance is comparatively dull to check at, but that is not surprising considering the very low price.

Slow Ice Maker With Low Storage: The ice maker takes ages to produce ice, and once it does, there is not much space to keep it.

Poor LED Lighting: LED light is typically a fantastic thing; however in this circumstance, it merely illuminates the upper shelf leaving the remaining part of the machine in darkness.

Last Remarks

The adage”You get what you pay for” is only half right in this RS27T5200SR.

Because while you cover a comparatively modest cost with this particular appliance, you receive a considerable quantity of storage space, however in regards to features and design, this fridge is lacking in either.



  • Family Hub Double Drawer French Door
  • LED Lighting
  • Twin Cooling


The Family Hub has been reduced in price now that the tech is more prevalent.

If you’re in technology, you might choose to observe this fridge at a showroom and ask for a presentation.

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The Way to Select the Finest Samsung Refrigerator

A Samsung fridge is the most advanced product once it comes to technology.

As a latecomer into the US marketplace, Samsung contested every aspect of residential fridges from food preservation into user-friendly features, from connectivity into alternative design fashions.

This commitment to invention earned Samsung a prominent place in our very best refrigerator brand positions.

Stunning Looks of Samsung Refrigerators

Before we dive into particular features, you must understand what distinguishes Samsung refrigerators inside the lineup.

Samsung classifies its fridges under four Main groups:

  • Side by Side
  • French Door
  • 4-Door French Door
  • 4-Door Flex

Each class combines function and style with observable features like”food-showcase doorway” (a.k.a. door-in-door) layout, FlexZone technologies shown on 4-door refrigerators where you can fine-tune the warmth at the pull-out drawer by food type.

Or in the case of this 4-Door Flex version, you’ll turn a complete section from the freezer into a refrigerator on demand.

The”Family Hub” touch-screens are built-in to the doorways and select models on each of those groups. Additionally, you’ll discover versions with or without water/ice on the doorway or counter-depth fridge and standard depth choice.

Marketing jargon can be tough to decipher. Do not worry. We’ll clarify features like”flex zone”, “family-hub”, etc. in the article’s entire body using plain English. We also covered new fridge kinds in detail in our article.

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What’s a Food ShowCase Samsung Refrigerator?

Food ShowCase or because it’s better tagged in the market, the”Door-in-Door” layout is a good example of an innovation that’s super helpful in a household setting.

A fridge works the toughest after you shut its doors to compensate for the missing, cold atmosphere. In any case, temperature changes aren’t useful in regards to long-lasting food preservation.

Food ShowCase doors help a fantastic deal if you arrange your high-frequency things towards the front shelves for simple accessibility.

Should you put your Gallon of Milk, OJ, etc.. At the front row, you can recover them easily without completely opening the refrigerator.

Moreover, the stainless-steel inside finishing helps maintain the traditionally warmer place on your fridge, namely the front part up to the rear level.

This feature is referred to as a metal cooling system. Some Samsung refrigerators have a stainless-steel panel on the back to improve cooling.

Samsung refrigerator designs are fantastic for all kitchens, such as houses that have a more conventional design. We’ll clarify the distinct sets in detail to help you get your arms around the entire catalog.

Is Samsung Refrigerators Reliable?

Samsung refrigerators are dependable. Over the previous ten decades, Samsung dominated 20% of its appliance marketplace in the United States. For that reason, it sells more cars than other manufacturers.

Considering this new brand went from zero to the number one firm in the US markets in this brief period, we can’t help but detect some service problems. The number one service issue using Samsung refrigerators is excess icing from the ice-maker element.

Although recent versions have addressed this matter, Samsung is grabbing much flack from the”setup base”.

Samsung refrigerators have a one year bumper to bumper warranty that covers both parts and labor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you advocate Samsung washers and dryers?

We examine popular Samsung products widely. Watch our in-depth article on the front-load stackable Samsung washer and dryer.

How about Samsung Alerts?

I hear they’re ultra-quiet.

Correct, Samsung incorporates cutting edge technology in its dishwashers. Visit our in-depth Samsung countertop review.

Just how long should a Samsung Refrigerator last?

Your Samsung fridge should stay in good shape with proper care and maintenance for 7 – 15 decades. Make sure you read the fridge manual and follow directions to the letter.

Just how long is the guarantee on Samsung refrigerators?

Samsung refrigerators from the USA include a one year guarantee. Should you”Googled” guarantee on Samsung fridges and came across the consequence of the state’s two-year guarantee, please check the URL. It probably describes New Zealand.

Because it’s customary with most makers, Samsung provides a 5-year policy on sealed systems (i.e., the material you can’t touch, such as compressor, evaporator, condenser, etc.).

There’s also a 10-year warranty coverage on electronic inverter compressors. Please see Samsung’s US site to have a look at the specific guarantee term for your product.

How frequently do I want to modify the water filter at a Samsung fridge?

Residential water filters will need to be replaced every six months (they’re made to filter 300 gallons of water).

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Samsung refrigerators are packed with amazing features that make them worth each penny invested.

If you would like to keep ahead of the tech curve and experience home fridge automation at its finest, you may wish to consider opting to get a Samsung refrigerator.

What is more? Samsung rewards you with extra savings when you buy refrigerators as part of a kitchen package. During promotional intervals (generally once per year ), you may also get these refrigerators at a discount.

Anticipate longevity of +/- seven to ten years is customary with each significant refrigerator manufacturer nowadays. Visit your approved retailer, Designer Cabinets, and discover how an excellent, new, and an innovative fridge can do much more than just keeping your food cold.

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