Best Soft Cooler Review 2022: Top 1 Arctic

Best Soft Cooler Review 2020 Top 1 Arctic

Whether you are off on a road trip, a camping trip, or a day at the shore, Best Soft Cooler is an ideal companion to help keep your beverages chilled and your food clean.

They may also be utilized as faux bamboo to maintain your barbecue warm and secure for many hours.

But with so many versions on the current market, choosing the best soft-sided cooler for your situation can be complicated, particularly in case you’ve never bought one earlier.

To assist you to avoid this unpleasant situation, we have assembled this guide to the greatest soft springs money can purchase.

The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze ranks number one on our list. However, there are many other coolers fantastic choices based on your budget.

Top 10 Best Soft Cooler Should Purchase In This Year

Top 10 Best Soft Sided Coolers Should Purchase In This Year

Bestseller No. 1
Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze...
38,260 Reviews
Bestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 3
SaleBestseller No. 4
Extremus Rendu Soft Cooler,...
103 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 5
TOURIT Cooler Bag 35-Can...
3,719 Reviews
Bestseller No. 6
LANDICI Cooler Bag 24 Can...
71 Reviews
Bestseller No. 7
SaleBestseller No. 8
SaleBestseller No. 9
Lifewit Collapsible Cooler Bag...
37,647 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 10

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze

A worthy runner-up, the Titan Deep Freeze, is a challenging model that will keep your headphones and lunch cool regardless of where you are headed.

The Titan Deep Freeze supplies a 30-can capacity, so there is guaranteed to be a lot of room to bring refreshments for yourself and your companions.

Besides, it comes from a radiant heat barrier, a special zipperless lid plus durable cooler exterior pockets.

This makes it a superb option if you’re trying to find a cooler to consider the excellent outdoors, in which its rocky exterior and long-lasting heating protection will guarantee your supplies stay clean and protected.

What we like:

Insulated with a radiant heat barrier – Designed to keep your beverages and meals soft cooler for more, the radiant heat barrier reflects heat instead of absorbing it. This is great for long summer days on the shore, fishing, or viewing sporting events.

Leak Proof liner – Due to its leak-proof lining, you won’t need to worry about unforeseen spillages dirtying your car or truck, clothing, or home.

Leak Proof soft sided coolers will also be more efficient at preventing warm air from penetrating, leading to longer-lasting, more effective cooling.

Flip-open lid – Using this versatile soft cooler, you won’t have to fiddle about with zipping as a result of its flip-open lid layout. This implies it is fast and simple to close up the following packaging, in addition to making it easy to get on the move.

Durable exterior – its abrasion and puncture-resistant outside make this versatile soft cooler a fantastic selection for your outdoor experiences.

Its hard cooler outer material can be water-resistant and stain-resistant, which means you won’t need to be worried about rain-soaked snacks or maintaining them clean.

Removable SmartShelf – Due to its removable SmartShelf, this soft cooler enables you to protect and distinguish soft and hard coolers, preventing your headphones from mashing your side salad.

What we do not like:

Less acceptable for bottles – Even though we love this soft cooler, it is less suitable for packaging drinks cool than standard-sized cans.

By way of instance, if you package heated water bottles, you hazard lifting the zipperless lid and lessening the best small cooler’s efficacy.

While the problem of packing tall bottles could be bothersome, we do not believe that this is a dealbreaker.

Smaller water bottles will match this tote style soft cooler just nicely, along with the rocky substances, easy-access lid, and highly effective insulating material supplied by this soft cooler allow it to be our top choice for outdoor experiences.

CleverMade Collapsible Soft Cooler

Strong, sturdy, and durable, with lots of useful added features, the Collapsible Cooler by CleverMade is the best pick and best total soft-sided cooler.

CleverMade takes pride in producing innovative products, and also this budget soft cooler bag is no exception.

We picked this model as our winner since it’s a fantastic eight-gallon capability (30 liters/50 cans and hold ice frozen), is completely leakproof, and features a selection of useful pockets and a handy integrated jar.

It may also be dropped to conserve space and is quite reasonably priced – what’s not to adore?

What we like:

Leakproof, insulated inside – The insulated interior keeps your food and drinks cool beverages ice cold for extended intervals.

The simple fact that this version is leakproof not only means your car or truck and garments will remain clean, but it also suggests that the contents will remain soft cooler longer since the airtight seal prevents heat from penetrating.

Structured aid – open up the soft cooler bag and right away, you will notice its sides stay straight and vertical. Does this create for simple loading, but besides, it provides additional protection because of its valuable contents.


Side and top carry handle – The best grips are fantastic for carrying lighter loads, or in case your cooler’s completely packaged and weighed down, then use the side grips to make it easier on your arms and rear.

Integrated bottle opener – Do not make it down to the shore before realizing you left the jar opener back in your home! With the best small cooler, you will not ever need to worry about forgetting your bottle opener.

Two pockets – front zipped pockets are useful for valuables like your pocket or phone. In contrast, the mesh back pocket is fantastic for virtually whatever you would like to stay different, like sunscreen, utensils, or ribbons.

What we do not like:

No shoulder strap – The absence of a cushioned padded shoulder strap is somewhat awkward as you can not carry this soft cooler hands-free.

YETI Hopper M30

Yes, it is costly, but until you scoff at the purchase price of this Yeti cooler, let’s get something straight: These springs continue.

Even though some people today call them”overbuilt,” the criticism is something of an overstatement. Would you need your best soft coolers to become underbuilt?

It can be true that more economical soft coolers can be equally as effective in regards to keeping hold ice frozen. Our testing and personal experience show that lots of the best soft coolers start falling apart ahead of a Yeti Hopper M30 even revealing vague indications of wear or use.

Additionally, yeti soft coolers supply a three-year guarantee on its best soft coolers, where several different manufacturers only offer you one.

I threw down this best small cooler, a clasp tape-lined pair of stairs, believing it would result in one abrasion. Nothing. I tilted it upside-down and left it this way for hours.

Not a trickle. I pulled, ripped, and pulled at the zipper at each incorrect way with all of my might. Not even the sign of a budget, and it was airtight afterward.

When talking with Yeti’s agents, I learned they construct and examine their best soft coolers for abuse and conditions they will probably never find, which explains the reason why I am so confidently able to urge what appears like an extortionately priced, over-glorified lunchbox.

However, other bags I analyzed just were not quite up to scratch, as well. Should you rely upon a soft cooler bag often enough, an investment at a Yeti will cover off.

The brand’s first iteration of the best soft coolers, the Hopper Two, arrived using the signature HYDROLOK zipper, which will be far and away from the finest cooler zipper I have encountered.

In certain ways, it was overly tough: The zipper was so twisted that it might scratch your arms and wrists if you were not careful hitting inside it. This zipper has been substituted with the brand’s HYDRO SHIELD magnetic strip, so this iteration will not cut you up.

The bag itself is rather stiff, also. So much, so you require two hands to do anything with it, that is the sole remaining drawback of this Hopper, so far as we could see. In all, the new M30 is not much easier to enter.

Pros: Sturdy, glossy, airtight

Cons: Pricey, heavy in comparison to a few other selections (but that is because of the Superior insulating material ), inflexible

Engel HD30


  • Incredibly durable
  • Top-notch insulation
  • Handy handles and features
  • Comfy shoulder strap


  • Exterior pocket not waterproof
  • Very big

We’re seriously impressed with the Engel HD30. It packs a few top-notch insulating material abilities, maintaining raw foods cold for more than four days.

Many soft springs have tough zippers or narrow openings. The Engel stands out as unexpectedly user-friendly. With sides that clip, the very best can handily be opened further to permit rapid loading and finding of contents.

In addition to this, this is the biggest soft coolers we analyzed, fitting an impressive 48 cans, which makes it a good competitor to guard your meals for a very long weekend of camping.

Despite its bulky dimensions, the Engel is much more mobile than we anticipated, including a nearly painless two-person carry if you have loaded it up with a lot of heavy things.

Its high-quality, durable cooler construction brings authenticity to this model’s capacity to endure lots of abuse and use for several decades.

Large power always includes a trade-off in just how far you are prepared to take it. Despite a buddy to help, this is not the perfect soft cooler to consume a mile farther down the shore to the picnic.

However, with all kinds of added helpful features like additional handles, detachable bottle openers, and another pocket, the Engel outcompetes all of the remainders for still another year, staying our favorite version. It might not be economical, but it’s impressive.

Polar Bear H2O

The Polar Bear H2O is just one loud-soft coolers. It comes from Laffy Taffy blue, or fire engine red smattered with big white block lettering and polar bears.

Therefore, this soft cooler would be tough to shed. Together with the quantity of closed cell foam insulation built-in and its outstanding ice retention capacities, you certainly would not wish to.

I stuffed the Polar Bear using the little quantity of ice frozen I discovered in my dad’s freezer, and though it was not optimally packaged, the best soft coolers kept ice retention cubes to the greater portion of this afternoon and into the evening.

Regardless of the inadequate quantity of ice frozen with which I packaged it, everything indoors remained incredibly ice cold. I believe thanks to the liberally insulated liner, which gives you the impression that there is barely any area in the best soft coolers.

Upon filling it, you might discover that it appears bottomless. Whenever I believed it was about complete, there was space for one more can.

What the insulating material does if it is not complete is take up the area that could otherwise be occupied by air, which I guess could have let things thaw a great deal more quickly.

If it were not for the zipper, that appears airtight and leak-proof but isn’t. The best soft coolers will be providing the YETI with a run for the money.

And as the pattern is enjoyable – if loudly – I can not help but wonder whether it does not drive away from some prospective clients who would like to fly beneath the radar.

I surely captured the eyes of a couple of fellow subway riders in Manhattan.

Overall, this is an excellent cooler with closed-cell foam insulation – actually, it is the only soft cooler bag we have analyzed that is closed-cell. It remains cold and retains ice frozen, the best small cooler, even regardless of the zipper that escapes.

In the event the corporation would provide a logo-free variant with an airtight zipper, then I would have an excruciating time picking between it and the Yeti.

Based on Wirecutter, the Polar Bear H2O bore 7.25 cups of ice melt in the conclusion of a 24-hour evaluation, three-quarters of a cup less than that which the Yeti had.

My marginally less scientific testing discovered precisely the same quantity of ice frozen melt each, so it is probably safe to state the gap in ice retention capacities borders on being negligible.

Pros: The Best, the best-insulated cooler bag we have tested

Cons: Zipper escapes, the published decal May Be too busy for a few (but also keep in mind it is cooler)

AO Coolers 24 Packs Canvas Soft Cooler


  • Simple design that is Simple to Use
  • Adequate insulation
  • Duffel style handles
  • Can be folded flat for storage


  • Zipper and exterior pockets not waterproof
  • Padded Shoulder strap onto the Brief side

At first glance, this cooler might not seem like much. It does not possess the laminated outside and waterproof zipper that all these others boast.

Yet under this unassuming outside, the AO soft Coolers 24 Bundle is a good cooler that is easy to use and easy to enjoy. Very thick insulation provides dependable freshness to get an above-average quantity of time.

A single opening that is more than the inside of the bag makes it simple to load. After finding what you are searching for.

One large zippered pocket on the exterior provides a well-above-average dry storage number. Duffel design handles could be combined for simple transportation.

Its elastic shape not only permits you to fold it flat for storage (that most of the contest can not claim) but also more readily accommodates tall objects – such as a bottle opener of celebratory champagne.

The AO does lose a few points for lack of a waterproof zipper and outside – although the normal zipper is a lot simpler to utilize than waterproof ones that call for a whole lot more tugging.

Although its hull is not overly rigid and impenetrable as many of the others we’ve tested, it is still fairly robust and well-constructed. The shoulder strap might be more to adapt to crossbody wear better.

But these drawbacks are minor. Overall this cooler performs well over its price, providing the maximum value among all versions we tested.

TOURIT Soft Cooler

The Tourit Soft Cooler bag is the finest insulated soft coolers choice. As a result of its three-way insulating material and extra-durable outside, the Tourit Soft Cooler leaves a superb choice if you have to keep your meals and beverages cool for up to three times.

Tourit is well-known for producing high-quality outdoor equipment. Great for camping, this highly-insulated cooler bag allows you to enjoy your trip without needing to be worried about your supplies.

Additionally, this model features different carry grips for comfortable transportation, a watertight outer shell for extra protection from the elements, and is leakproof for spill protection and improved cooling performance.

What we like:

Three-layer insulation – Due to its excellent insulating material, the Tourit can maintain your food and drinks cold three times.

Leakproof – For much less cleanup and better insulating material, the Tourit cooler includes a completely leak-proof zipper.

Three strategies to take – it is easy to change your carrying fashion to match this soft cooler load. Take advantage of the grip handles for heavy packs, or the best grips or handy cushioned shoulder strap when you are less weighed down.


Tough outer shell – Heading off to the fantastic outdoors? As a result of its hard outer shell, you won’t need to be concerned about your best soft coolers becoming punctured along with your lunch being destroyed.

Bottle openers – The integrated design also saves room for your other essential accessories.

What we do not like:

The zipper can be tricky – Not a problem, more of a niggle. The zipper is somewhat awkward and fiddly sometimes, which means you could fight to open and shut this cooler on the event.

IceMule Pro

I have been using a sterile bag to put away my grab for a long time. Whether just attempting to maintain a few drinks cold or hopping the subway with a load of seafood, I had never stopped to consider if someone leaves a cooler from a sterile bag.

They do, and my clams aren’t roasted before viewing the oven’s interior and. My spine is no more cold and moist from extended hikes home together with my dry bag slung over my padded shoulder straps perspiration in the ice retention so that’s cool my grab.

Input IceMule and its attractively designed dry-bag-style springs can be insulated to the point of becoming just sufficiently cushioned to wear as a backpack cooler with no fish spines or precariously packed beer bottles digging in your uterus.

They are also completely airtight due to this roll-top layout, which eliminates the neglect point of a zipper.

The IceMule lineup has received a great deal of praise even though some early hiccups using layouts, such as ripped inner liner, water getting between the outside and interior linings, and a cheap, beach-ball-like air purifier.

So far as I could tell, yet, each one of these issues are addressed and solved and using an IceMule Pro to zip back and forth between the pier and the flat with my gran was a complete delight.

And, once you’re not using it, it folds flat and stores easily. Also, it doubles nicely as normal backpack hard coolers.

The IceMule Pro is sold from either plastic or canvas, and after having analyzed it, I feel a bit more confident and comfortable wearing the picture. On the flip side, the canvas just comes in black, which might not be the best color to get cooler.

Pros: Lightweight, reasonably priced, stable, “burping” valve to let out excess air, easy to clean

Cons: Insulation may be better

REI Co-op Cool Trail Split Packs


  • Comfortable portability
  • Exceptionally convenient features
  • Unique and useful layout


  • Reduced durability
  • Zipper not leakproof
  • Not striking insulation

Ever want your cooler to haul more than just the chilly material? Want a coat and a book to decide on this picnic? So do we.

We love the well-thought-out look of this REI Co-op Cool Trail Split Bundle for ensuring that you do not need to leave your sweatshirt or frisbee in your home.

The bottom half is a little cooler than matches provisions for you to your day, while the upper half retains all of your dry products. Several other helpful pockets may hold easy-access things or wrappers and garbage.

Additionally, this is among the very comfortable backpack cooler versions we analyzed, and we’ve got no problems carrying it out for miles into a thrilling destination picnic. As a bonus, it is also one of the cheapest soft coolers we examined.

But, alongside a critical abrasion and puncture-resistant rivalry, the bag’s recycled ripstop nylon does not look quite as impressive.

We worry a little about its durability, particularly of the bag’s base, as it is dragged over rough surfaces. Along with also the attachment points of the sternum strap into the padded shoulder straps are somewhat looser than we’d like them to be.

The comparatively thin cooler section is not up for anything mad long, but can surely get you through a day’s adventuring. Although the cooler fabric is waterproof, the zipper is not – so do not store this tote on its side.

Despite some flaws, we love this ridiculously helpful tote for many of our experiences that demand more than simply a cooler filled with food.

Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler

Do not have to take equipment for the entire family? The 16-Can Soft Cooler bags from Coleman is a fantastic selection for maintaining smaller amounts of food and drinks cold beverage cool on those hot days.

Easy to take, we enjoy how this streamlined cooler boasts lots of pockets and a beneficial bungee cord for each of your picnic or day excursion accessories.

Its insulated heat-welded compartment can be highly capable of maintaining your food and drinks beverages chilled, whereas the removable hard plastic liner makes it easy to keep fresh and clean.

What we like:

Compact, easy-to-carry dimensions – If you do not have to maintain any food or beverages chilled, you are better off choosing a smaller milder, such as this one.

With its ample 16-can capability, this version features lots of distance, yet remains simple to carry.

Removable antimicrobial lining – For ease of cleaning and additional hygiene, the removable antimicrobial liner makes this cooler easy to keep.

Storage pockets and bungee cord – Want to carry along a couple of additional accessories? With this cooler, it’s possible to strap light added layers into its bungee cord simply. Alternately, stash your valuables securely in the zippered front pocket, or use the negative mesh one for almost any extras that don’t have to be chilled.

Insulated heat-welded compartment – Due to the heat-welded seams, this cooler keeps the internal temperature low for your drinks to stay cool, even on warm days in direct sun.

Shoulder strap – The shoulder strap is sturdy and comfortable.

What we do not like:

No catch manage – While we adore the shoulder strap, we believe this version could be improved together with the different choice of a grip handle for people who might find bearing weight onto the padded shoulder straps uneasy.

Matters To Consider When Buying A Soft-sided Cooler

Still unsure what’s the very best soft cooler bags for you? We break down the main features to watch out for within this section before making your purchase.

Weight and reliability

When deciding upon a new cooler, check out its weight before purchasing. Keep in mind you’ll be adding additional weight together with your drinks cool, ice, and food packs, and therefore you don’t wish to start off having too high a figure.

Portability is also a significant element. If you are most soft coolers likely to be carrying big, fully-loaded hard coolers over short distances, rugged side grips will probably be welcome.

For lighter loads and longer distances, shoulder straps can be particularly useful if you’ve got your hands full with additional gear.

Storage space

Always have a look at the decreased dimensions of your hard sided coolers before hitting purchase.

While the vast majority fold down to only a matter of inches, some are milder.

Possessing a flat-folding cooler such as the CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag makes for Simple storage and transport, especially if You’re planning on carrying it with you in your journeys,


Insulation is unquestionably the main criterion. After all, even if your cooler is not maintaining your beverages and meals chilled, then it defeats the purpose of having you.

Pay careful attention to just how many layers of insulating material are provided and whether there are no radiant heat barriers to help protect your freight.

Normally, the more layers, the more, the better. But, keep in mind that quite thick insulation is very likely to grow the general bulk and storage area necessary for your cooler.

Extra features

Your cooler may or may not arrive with a few of these extras. Based on your planned usage, acquiring these extra features may make a large difference to your overall user experience.

Bottle opener – exceptionally useful and a fantastic space saver.

Pockets – Ever helpful for additional utensils or accessories, pockets may keep your valuables protected and rescue you from having to take an excess bag or overload your own pockets.

Shoulder strap – excellent for lighter loads or whenever you are very likely to have your hands full with additional gear. If you consider transporting your cooler to distant, peaceful locations, do not underestimate the viability of owning a shoulder strap that will assist you on the way.

Bungee cord – going to the shore or even a lakeside BBQ? Bungee cords permit you to easily attach handy added layers of clothes, like a scarf or light waterproof. It is also possible to use these to clip on several different accessories or join bulkier items like mobile speakers.

Shelf – if you are fed up with your beverages squashing your lunch afterward, a detachable shelf is an ideal addition.

Liner – a detachable liner is a fantastic alternative for simple cleaning. Hard cooler drives additionally give additional support and protection to the contents of their own cooler.


As they say, you typically get exactly what you pay for. But, we advocate thinking long and hard about just how much usage you expect to escape your cooler before minding your money.

If you’re seeking to utilize your cooler sometimes and near culture, a reasonably priced version is very likely to be more than adequate.

If, on the other hand, you want hard sided coolers for everyday use or to resist extreme outdoor conditions, then we would recommend paying to get a longer-lasting, exceptionally stable version.

Related Posts:

The Way to wash and care for your many soft coolers

It is important to wash out your soft-sided cooler after every use. This will stop odor build-up and be certain your cooler stays hygienic for next time.

As gentle springs may fluctuate significantly between versions, always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations specific to your version.

This movie from YETI has some fantastic advice. Though they utilize the YETI hopper, the information could apply to some soft coolers.

Generally, provided you wash after every use, you can achieve outstanding results simply by wiping the inside of your soft coolers using a moist cloth soaked in a mild dish soap solution.

If your cooler has some removable shelves or liners, you can get rid of them and sponge them tidy using identical solutions.

After washing, make sure you leave your soft coolers to air dry with the lid completely open to avoid any mold from forming. Once dry, it is possible to replace some removable compartments and keep them away until the next time you want to utilize it.


At first glance, soft springs seem dichotomous, yet somehow all the same.

If you delve deeper into the world of springs, you will discover they’re as diverse as some other equipment classes and that more versions are still hitting the current market, summer after summer.

You’ll find specialty dividers created for trekking, high-end versions made for long-term milder demands, standard models similar to a lunch box, and everything in between.

While reviewing these products, we moved from our way to envision what the regular, the exceptional, and the severe equipment user and the abuser may use them.

We did these things: summertime excursions to the desert, extended climbs on warm days, dinner celebrations at the playground, sunny beach days, rainy camping weekends, and impromptu BBQs.

We hauled these springs around and put them through their paces. We’ve compiled a few of the most exhaustive reviews of soft springs currently offered in doing this.

We hope that the information presented here enables you to discover the appropriate soft coolers to meet the way you live.

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