Best Top Freezer Refrigerator: Top 1 Whirlpool

Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Top 1 Whirlpool

Best Top Freezer Refrigerator offer you simple frozen foods storage, and a familiar two-door layout -fresh, fresh foods occupy a bigger bottom compartment, while frozen products fit an upper compartment.

These top freezer refrigerators are frequently a fantastic match for smaller kitchens or even households that don’t require room prosperity, usually found in French doorways or even side-by-side fridge versions.

Whether you are searching for a whole refrigerator for the apartment, house, or workplace, or trying to find a huge capacity design to satisfy large families’ requirements, we have found the right design for you.

What Makes a Fantastic Best Freezer Refrigerator?

What features should you search for while purchasing a freezer drawer fridge? Let us look at the attributes of a great top freezer fridge door.

Temperature Control

Best fridges have a very simple layout to put it to a particular temperature. This simplicity translates into a consistent temperature controller, no matter seasonal ambient temperatures swings.

Cooling Performance

The cooling system is usually signaled by constant cold air supply, compressor functionality, and heating technology design. If the fridge has warm stains, it is not as inclined to maintain your food things fresh for extended periods.

Best top freezer refrigerators of 2022 are equipped with strong compressors to maintain the refrigerator inside at the specified temperature. They are also intended to disperse cold air within the basic refrigerator.


While leading top freezer refrigerators may lack a few of the intriguing features found in contemporary french door models or even side-by-side fridges, they still pack a few design features that make them very desirable.


Even though a refrigerator’s end doesn’t affect its functionality, it impacts your kitchen or garage’s general layout. The Best Top freezer refrigerators normally come in black, white, or stainless-steel finishes that may match most kitchen layouts.

Shelving System

The shelving system is 1 class where the best top freezer fridges readily outrank other fridge kinds. Top freezers, as a result of their designs, usually provide adjustable shelving.

This permits you to adjust the adjustable shelves into places that are most appropriate for the food fresh items you wish to shop for. Most top freezers have sliding shelves for simple storage and recovery.

Ice Maker

Universally, leading plantations have sub-standard ice dispenser and don’t have in-door ice manufacturers. It turns out that these kinds of fridges are more dependable since ice-makers would be the number one feature that needs repair.

Higher-end refrigerators versions typically feature built-in ice makers from the bottom freezer department. This implies you have sufficient ice dispenser cubes for your cold beverages anytime. You also don’t have to fill ice-cube trays, unlike any normal toaster.

What Size Is Right for You?

Before buying your refrigerator, it’s almost always best to ascertain the most appropriate size for your household.

Top freezer doors offer you adequate distance, but this is contingent upon the size of their refrigerator and your food storage requirements.

Four will expect a refrigerator with a bigger storage capacity than one individual in a little apartment.

Top freezer refrigerators have different top freezer models that come in various sizes but generally offer you a storage capacity of between 16 to 33 cubic feet of storage area.

These versions also have different width dimensions to fit from the kitchen area specializing in the refrigerator. A top freezer refrigerator offers 28″ widths, and involving 20 – 22 cubic feet capability will satisfactorily serve a household of four.

Significant Tips Before Buying Your Best Freezer Refrigerator

Below are a few ideas you should notice before buying your new fridge or substitute refrigerator.

Consider the door fold

The door swing has a large effect on the space. Can a left swing shirt freezer space or ideal swing refrigerators match best? All these are questions that should establish the kind of best french door refrigerator temperatures to buy.

The majority of the popular high freezer versions have reversible door swing choices. However, your installer can charge an excess fee for the ceremony.

Measure your distance

Refrigerator size is a significant aspect to consider before deciding which best freezer model to purchase. Though your storage needs and budget determine the best refrigerator size for you, the accessible site space is also essential.

You don’t wish to purchase a 33″ width refrigerator for a distance that could only accommodate a 28″ top freezer refrigerator.

Quantify the available site area for your fridge. Check to make sure space may also deal with the width of an open door swing.

Is your Fridge Garage prepared?

Most garages have ambient temperatures, particularly in regions with seasonal temperature fluctuations.

A normal top freezer refrigerator might not provide a sufficient cold atmosphere to the things in the refrigerator because the neighboring garage temperature affects the thermometer reading.

Top freezers are usually supposed to be put at a particular temperature. This implies that they can manage the ambient temperatures. However, you need to consult your salesperson and make certain the version is garage-ready.

Is your Fridge energy-efficient?

Each excess house appliance means a rise in annual electricity costs. Energy-efficient appliances can help reduce more costs by up to 15%.

Though the energy efficiency doesn’t necessarily determine the refrigerator’s functioning, you ought to go for top freezers using the ENERGY STAR certification.

Reviews Of 8 Best Top Freezer Refrigerator To Buy 2022

Top Rated 8 Best Top-Freezer Refrigerators Of 2022


Best Overall: Whirlpool 18 cu. Ft Refrigerator

This top-freezer fridge from Whirlpool combines value and style, which makes it a favorite option. Offered in several outdoor finishes, such as fingerprint-resistant stainless steel for easier cleaning, this refrigerator measures 28 inches wide and 32 inches deep.

It’s 17.6 cubic feet of interior space, which divides into 13.66 cubic feet of space from the fridge portion and 3.98 cubic feet specializing in frozen products.

Though a couple of versions of a high freezer toasters stretch these measurements marginally, these are typical dimensions to get a full-size top freezer refrigerator and are excellent for smaller families.

Within the refrigerator, you will discover two full-width glass shelves, two produce drawers, along with a doorway that could accommodate gallon-sized containers along with having a milk bin for cheese, butter, etc.

A bonus feature is that the adjustable deli drawer-slip it to both sides of the refrigerator should you want to create space for taller items onto the shelf beneath.

Additionally, the vivid, crisp LED lighting is a bonus for people who love being able to view everything indoors at a fast glance.

Frigidaire Gallery FGTR2037TF

Why We Like It:

  • Crisper drawers have been humidity-controlled that improves food preservation.
  • Sliding spill safe glass shelves
  • Reputable
  • Energy Efficient refrigerator
  • Uniform temperature
  • The thermostat is flexible.
  • LED interior lighting


  • You will have to set up a built-in ice maker.

The 20.4 cu. Ft. FGTR2037TF comfortably sits atop our most top-freezer refrigerators due to its exceptional heating performance, humidity-controlled crisper drawers, and ice-ready interior layout.

The ice-ready layout is a massive benefit, as it permits you to bring an ice-maker after, in the event you opt to purchase one.

The Frigidaire Gallery FGTR2037TF has other interesting features like spill-proof door shelves. This sliding deli drawer offers additional extra storage space and the cable shelf, enabling one to arrange items in the freezer.

The refrigerator’s 20.4 cu. Ft. capacity provides more than enough storage room for a household of four. The FGTR2037TF also offers a smudge-proof stainless-steel outside.

LG LT CS24223S

Let’s start things off with a top freezer model from LG. LG is an Asian consumer electronics manufacturer which was set up in 1947. They’re among the most well-known TVs and other home electronic equipment, but they also create some fantastic appliances!

They’re a JD Power Award Winner for “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with most top freezer refrigerators” and also have won numerous JD Power awards to get their kitchen appliances!

Among the top freezer models, refrigerator versions is your LG LTCS24223S, a 33″ wide version having an impressive 23.8 cubic ft capacity.

The inside features humidity-controlled crisper drawers and a Glide N’ Serve cabinet, all lit with glowing and energy-efficient LED panels.

This version sells in black stainless steel at $1,299, stainless at $1,199, and whitened at $1,099. The guarantee covers one-year parts and labor plus seven years on the sealed system.

Suppose you’re searching for a few of the biggest refrigerators available on the current market. In that case, this choice from LG has among the greatest top freezer capabilities on the market!


  • Refrigerator capacity: 17.6 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 6.2 cubic feet
  • Factory-installed icemaker
  • Energy Star rated
  • LED light
  • Full-width deli drawer and a transparent dairy bin


  • Length: 32.75″
  • Length: 33.4″
  • Height: 67.9″

Best Splurge: GE 21.9 cu. Ft Refrigerator

If you’re trying to find a spendy but glossy top freezer refrigerator, consider this 21.9 cubic feet version from GE.

Equipped with loads of space indoors for both frozen and fresh foods, the top freezer refrigerator’s distance is among the most common compliments that reviewers have for this particular model.

The 15.25 cubic foot top-freezer refrigerators are just two full-width-tempered glass shelves, together with double-paned drawers and modular in-door storage compartments.

The freezer is among the greatest features of the splurge-worthy refrigerator. As many top freezer versions tap out about four or five cubic feet of capacity, this version extends the freezer to an impressive 6.68 cubic foot.

The other full-width tempered glass plate makes it effortless to arrange fresh and frozen foods. You might even set up an optional icemaker if you would like ice maker on demand.

You may select from five unique endings, such as three fingerprint-resistant choices, which make cleaning the outside of the refrigerator less of a chore.

Bloomberg BRFT1522SS


  • Has an built in ice maker
  • Digital Thermostat could be corrected to a real desired value (rather than only low/med/high)
  • Uniform chilly air supply
  • Released low Sound score (47dB)


  • Bloomberg is a family name in the United Kingdom and other European nations but isn’t widely known in America.
  • Much like most top freezers, the ice maker manufacturer can be improved.
  • Crisper drawers are fundamental.

The 28-inch counter thickness top freezer has an automatic ice maker that produces around 6lbs of ice maker every day.

This is an enormous stage in its favor as high freezers normally come without ice maker manufacturers. But apart from the ice maker, the Blomberg BRFT1522SS has other intriguing features that set it apart from routine fridges.

The top of those features is that the dual evaporator design keeps independent cooling zones, preventing the transport of air/flavor in the freezer to the refrigerator compartment and vice versa.

Other features include the antibacterial inside, which retains food safer/fresher, vibrant inside light, flexible-rack jar holder shelf, digital controls, fingerprint-resistant, stainless-steel complete wrap doors.

Best Compact: Magic Chef 10.1 cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

This 10.1 cubic foot refrigerator from Magic Chef is a high choice when it comes to compact, small high-top freezer refrigerators.

Whether you’ve got a very small apartment kitchen or desire a little refrigerator for the garage or your office, this version is big on efficacy, and small on distance.

In this freezer refrigerator’s ice maker out of Magic Chef, you will discover two glass shelves and two produce gallon-sized door bins.

In comparison to a few other compact fridges with cable shelving and one producing a half-width deli drawer, all these are important improvements that make this refrigerator feel and work like a full-size top-freezer refrigerator.

The fridge compartment includes 7.4 cubic feet of space, while the freezer gets the rest 2.7 cubic feet of distance.

Remember that the freezer is armed with a manual defrost alternative. Therefore it is going to require periodic defrosting for continuing operation.

Samsung RT18M6215SR

Next up is a version from Samsung. Even though you might be more acquainted with Samsung’s smartphones, TVs, and another household electronic equipment, they also offer you an impressive collection of appliances!

The Samsung RT18M6215SR is an Energy Star rated top freezer fridge with a few fantastic features that will help you update your kitchen.

This fridge comes with an 18 cubic foot capacity in a 30″ width and flexible refrigerator shelves, which help you make space for taller items.


The slip and reach pantry keeps your favorite snacks in easy access, and it is all illuminated with crisp, bright LED lighting.

The FlexZone freezer could be converted into additional refrigerator distance, which might be convenient if you are getting ready for a celebration or want to maintain your organize frozen foods items in a vertical freezer or chest freezer.

Fantastic for smaller families and many different families, this top freezer fridge is offered at Samsung black stainless steel at $949, white at $749, and stainless steel at $849. Its slim 30″ width makes it a fantastic selection for kitchens with limited space!


  • Refrigerator capacity: 12.7 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 4.9 cubic feet
  • Factory-installed icemaker
  • FlexZone freezer could be converted into an additional fresh food area.
  • LED light
  • Energy Star rated
  • Topical Cooling System, which helps stop spoiling and freezer burn
  • Reversible door


  • Length: 28.75″
  • Length: 31.9″
  • Height: 66.75″

Maytag MRT311FFFZ

Another excellent top freezer that you consider is derived from Maytag. Maytag is owned by Whirlpool, mixing their individual storied histories in washing machines and other appliances into one!

The Maytag MRT311FFFZ is a 33″ wide refrigerator using a 21 cubic foot capacity and the unique PowerCold attribute to help cool down markets that have heated up throughout the trip between the shop and the kitchen.

The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel complete alternative is an excellent way for you to receive that glossy stainless steel beam with fewer smudges and marks.

Additionally, it is available in stainless steel for a more glossy finish than conventional stainless steel. Prices started at $1,099 for fingerprint-resistant ice maker, $1,049 for average stainless steel, and $949 for white or black.

Another special bonus is that the ten-year limited parts warranty on the compressor completes it! If you’re trying to find the best top freezer fridge with no ice maker, this choice out of Maytag keeps it easy.


  • Refrigerator capacity: 14.42 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 6.09 cubic feet
  • BrightSeries LED light
  • Optional ice maker kit available (not pre-installed)
  • Up-front digital temperature controls for easy adjustments
  • Full-width deli drawer and a transparent dairy bin


  • Length: 32.75″
  • Length: 30.6″
  • Height: 65.5″

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Should you want a fantastic fridge that provides additional storage area, is quite dependable, and contains a fantastic price point, you need to consider a top freezer.

A superb top freezer may conveniently manage ambient temperatures, and they’re simple to keep, making them among the greatest fridges to consider for secondary or primary additional frozen foods storage areas.

The only significant drawback to getting a top freezer refrigerator is you might need to bring an ice maker to enjoy full refrigeration advantages.

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