Best Wine Fridge 2022: Top 1 Nutrichef Best Under Counter Wine Cooler

Best Wine Fridge 2022: Top 1 Nutrichef Best Under Counter Wine Cooler
  • Paul Kahan

After 60 hours of testing and research, such as interviews with a sommelier, a storing wine critic, and a couple of pipes experts, we believe the 18-bottle Ivation IV-FWCT181B is your Best Wine Fridge for the majority of people.

It had the most powerful construct quality with the most precise and consistent temperatures of almost any dedicated fridge we analyzed. And its discreet design will blend into just about any decor.

The Way to Pick a Storing Cooler that Makes You?

First off, you need to choose the kind of bottle wine cooler which you would like to purchase.

Single Zone Cooling

Most wine fridges with only an upper zone fridge cooling system have one cooling system and a single temperature zone controller. Great for starters and individuals who favor just red wine enthusiast lovers or a white dedicated fridge.

Dual-Zone Cooling

Dual-zone coolers are for people who have a growing fridge collection or like both white and red wines. They are a bit more expensive, although not a lot more.

Built-In Best Coolers

Ventilation for all these best wine coolers is such that you may perfectly incorporate them with your kitchen cabinets. Perfect for layout purists and anybody who want to bring a bit of class for their kitchen or bar area.

If you are going to purchase your very first lockable wine cooler, then I would advise picking a tiny single-zone fridge. They are not so expensive and are the ideal means to ascertain whether you intend on heating wine appropriately.

When you’ve determined the sort of fridge, you may take a peek at my best-rated wine cooler testimonials for many fridges kinds…

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Why You Need to trust us

We spent over 60 hours exploring and analyzing best wine fridges, such as hands-on evaluations with nine of their greatest ones.

We interviewed Michele Thomas, a sommelier, freelance wine writer, and sales associate in The Greene Founded in Brooklyn, New York; Eric Asimov, wine critic for The New York Times (parent firm of Wirecutter); and also many pipes and HVAC pros.

I have written about appliances normally for nearly six decades, first as a staff writer at and today for Wirecutter, and I have covered both mini-fridges and freezers previously.

How We Choose The Best Under Counter Wine Coolers?

We began by interviewing many specialists and studying as far as we can about the best wine fridges, thermoelectric coolers preservation, and proper fridge storage.

Then we left a spreadsheet comprising 45 commonly available versions and began narrowing the contenders.

We restricted our search for freestanding, single-zone wine fridge versions with capacities between 12 and 36 bottles. (A single-zone wine fridge has a single compartment with a single temperature zone setting, whereas dual-zone cooler versions have 2.

“Freestanding” only means the wine fridge has finished sides and does not have to be set up.) These may fit nearly anywhere in your house, do not cost very much, and provide lots of storage room for many wine drinkers.

We enjoy the 12- to 36-bottle capacity scope since it lets you match a minimum of one full wine enthusiast case without moving over the top concerning cost, dimensions, floor space, or build-out requirements.

The jar capacity recorded for every single wine fridge refers to regular 750 mL bottles. If you go through a great deal of 11/2-liter magnums or strangely shaped burgundy store bottles, you will probably need to eliminate a shelf to match them.

We enjoy best wine fridges with solitary dual temperature zones cooler since they cost less than dual-zone fridges, have bigger abilities relative to their dimensions, and do everything a fridge must do.

Some of us are drawn to dual-zone versions since they possess a mixture of red and white wines and reds and understand that every style has its perfect temperature: 50 °F into 55 °F for red and white wines, 65 °F into 70 °F for reds.

But these are serving temperatures. Anywhere between 50 °F and 60 °F is perfectly good for keeping both white wines and reds.

And when you are in a pinch, you can always quickly cool a winey sticking in the kitchen refrigerator to get a half-hour warm-up by temporarily microwaving it (yes, then microwaving it).

Here are the Things That distinguish a Fantastic wine fridge from All of the rest in those constraints:

Quality construction:

More than anything, a great fridge enthusiast is something that you can rely on. The sliding shelves are hardy and simple to remove but not too flimsy in their manual rails.

The door opens onto a smooth axis and does not wobble. Besides that, the gaskets are sterile as well as also the substances business and protected. The plastic hinge covers do not come loose.

It’s four leveling legs, and everyone can cover no less than a half-inch lift off the ground. Though it has one, the handle is firmly attached to the door, and the window is hardy enough to withstand the bulge.

Accurate thermostat:

The serving temperature displayed on the thermostat ought to be precise so that you know you’ve got your fridge in the perfect comfort zone.

It does not have to be accurate, but we have noticed some fridges being off by up to 5 °F involving the screen serving temperature and the actual temperature. That is enough to fall outside the desirable range without you realizing it.

Fits Various bottle sizes:

The refrigerator can match a tall bottle in any slot without cleaning up against the window, and it may match a broad magnum bottle wine cooler without eliminating a shelf.

Quiet operation:

A wine enthusiast shouldn’t be louder than the dishwasher, as well as your kitchen refrigerator. Most models we looked at are thermoelectric cooler and nearly silent. Compressor versions are somewhat louder.

Digital thermostat:

The thermostat ought to be electronic and ready to be put to exact different temperatures. Wine fridge storage is significant so you shouldn’t need to guess the refrigerator’s temperature using an unnumbered dial such as those that you see in mini-fridges.

Neutral layout:

A wine enthusiast should mix easily into any kitchen, dining room, or basement. It does not need to become a fashion statement, but it should not compromise its decor.

Many individuals maintain their best fridges from sight, but it is still better to avoid versions with bright, flashy endings or excessively showy LED displays.

Sensible controllers:

The buttons must be responsive. The inner LED light ought to shut off automatically if left. The screen LED must be dimmable or ready to be turned off (that is rare).

Even if it has one, the controller lock should not turn on within minutes -it needs to be set manually, in any way.

Generally Great user reviews:

A fantastic wine enthusiast is going to have consistently favorable user testimonials with no apparent quality-control problems. Freestanding models tend to have lower average ratings in comparison, say, fridges or dishwashers.

Most are created in high-volume factories with no strongest quality-control criteria.

We are unable to check for long-term functionality. Therefore we took quite seriously any fad we identified one of these internet user reviews and even disregarded it among our top contenders due to consistent criticism about malfunctioning temperature controllers.

Below are a few things that may or might not be significant for you. We did not prefer them one way or another.

Consistent temperature:

Temperature swings in fridges seldom exceed a couple of levels in a secure atmosphere. That is not large enough to endanger the wine lovers inside.

You require the fridges to maintain somewhere in the assortment of 50 °F to 60 °F to maintain wine enthusiast wholesome. Even if the refrigerator constantly fluctuates a couple of levels up or down, then the chilled wine’s thermal inertia will ward off spoilage.

Tinted window:

LiA light, especially ultraviolet lighting, is awful for wine enthusiast. A darkened window provides added protection. However, you can prevent the problem by keeping the refrigerator away from windows or direct sun.

UV exposure typically has to endure many months for it to the damage wine enthusiast.


Some fridges have key locks to ward off interested youngsters or would-be burglars. It is a wonderful bonus if you believe I’ll be a problem, but it is probably not an issue for many people.

Cutout for vertical bottles:

A few fridges have a base rack that may fit vertical bottles (helpful for bubbly store wines and beer being obsolete ). But wine ought to be stored horizontally. Therefore we did not find a massive advantage to cutouts aside from aesthetics.

You should not need to invest more than $225 to get a fridge that includes almost all of these features.

Should you restrict the capability to 12 to 18 bottles, then a great refrigerator with all you want and nothing you do not charge any greater than $180.

Scaling-up in cost will get you bigger capacities with more tasteful design elements, such as wood-finished rolling cabinets.

Once we understood what we were searching for, we had nine of our best contenders sent into an apartment in Boston for analyzing.

Reviews Top 10 Best Wine Fridge Of 2022

Reviews Top 10 Best Wine Fridge Of 2022

Bestseller No. 1
SaleBestseller No. 2
SCHMECKE 18 Bottle Compressor...
736 Reviews
Bestseller No. 3
Bestseller No. 4
12 Bottle Wine Cooler...
271 Reviews
Bestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 6
Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine...
2,457 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 7
Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor...
1,104 Reviews
Bestseller No. 8
Bestseller No. 9
Ivation 34 Bottle Compressor...
150 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 10

Best Compact: Nutrichef 15-Bottle Refrigerator

For individuals working with smaller distances, this compact, nevertheless, well-constructed Nutrichef wine fridges tend to be the best answer. It’s four chrome wine racks and a single bottom position rack to securely hold around 15 standard-size bottles.

In 17.7 inches, 13.6 inches broad, and 27.2 inches high, its freestanding design enables you to set the refrigerator in your kitchen countertop or floor.

It packs a punch with features, such as a compressor cooling technology (enabling you to correct the temperature between 41 to 64 levels ), an auto-lock to your stainless steel door, along with an electronic control panel to track the device’s temperature and inside LED lights.

Even better, the wine refrigerators keep your bottles trendy while still keeping a quiet operation due to some vibration-free system.

Best Overall: Kalamera 46 Bottle Dual Zone Fridge

Intense wine drinkers and collectors will love this big, freestanding fridge.

It retains 46 bottles, which means you can store wine instances of your favorites or match it with many different unique wines to match perfectly with dinner, regardless of what is being served.

It’s a triple-layered glass doorway, which means it is possible to see the bottle dual zone fridge without sacrificing the glow, and the glass will not fog.

It has double dual zones, which means that you may keep both white and red wines in their proper temperatures. In case the electricity goes out, this wine fridge remembers your customized temperature settings, which means you won’t have to reset it.

Designed for quiet operation and reduced vibration, wine sediment will not be bothered in storage.

Not only is that a high-quality refrigerator that can keep your wine secure and chilled, but besides, it looks great with black and stainless steel trim and beechwood cabinets.

Ivation IV-FWCT181B

The Ivation IV-FWCT181B gets the most powerful construct quality and also the most precise temperature functionality of any wine enthusiast we analyzed.

It can match 18 bottles in its cable racks-sufficient to maintain 11/2 instances of wine-without even producing an extremely major footprint.

The thermostat has been among the most precise we analyzed. It functions in close silence among the most tasteful and simple designs we have seen to get a wine enthusiast in this dimension.

Its controls are practical and simple to use, using an electronic thermostat and an inner LED which shuts on its own after a couple of minutes.

Plus additionally, it has consistently positive consumer reviews, meaning it is unlikely to trigger headaches in the long term.

We had no complaints regarding the general build quality of this Ivation IV-FWCT181B. The hinges are tight and hold the doorway on a smooth swivel. These materials are strong and show no indication of wear and tear after transport.

The smoked-glass door window is thick and also will help keep out harmful UV light. Every one of those four leveling legs is protected and ready to balance the system on any irregular surfaces.

And the refrigerator has a built-in wine fridge, ergonomic handle that does not stand out and consume much more space than it ought to. An optional door lock can be obtained for an additional $10.

The Ivation retains 18 standard-size wine bottles, which is rather a good deal for a refrigerator this compact and cheap.

Much like all of the models we’ve tested, you will want to eliminate one of those stainless steel shelves to match an 11/2-liter magnum bottle. It’ll fit a tall riRieslingottle, also.

We discovered that the Ivation’s thermostat to be one of the most precise and consistent we analyzed.

At the upper zone half of the refrigerator, different temperatures hovered over 1 °F of their goal of 54 °F for most of the 75-minute test intervals -nearer and more consistent than any other version we analyzed.

The next evaluation, measuring the refrigerator’s base, was accurate, with different temperatures falling three levels below the goal.

We are not overly concerned about this since it’s still within the acceptable temperature range for keeping wine (besides that, it had already started to fix itself toward the conclusion of the test period).

We would rather have a refrigerator that may get lower than the target temperature range compared to one which fails to achieve it an all-a a problem we had with all the NewAir AW-281E Classic 28 Bottle Coolers and Whynter SNO 28 Bottle Coolers (WC-28S).

Like many thermoelectric fridges, the IV-FWCT181B is almost silent, with just a faintly perceptible hum if you are standing right alongside the bottle fridge.

We enjoy how it seems, too-a a little like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Wine enthusiast has a slick black finish using an easy four-button control panel up/down arrows for placing the warmth, an on/off button to command the interior LED lighting, and a lock to suspend all of the configurations.

That bottle fridge is all you want. The inside lighting automatically shuts off after 10 minutes to stay mild to a minimum-something we have not seen any other wine enthusiast do. It is a wonderful touch for lots of people concerned about a lot of light exposure.

The Ivation has fairly strong reviews on Amazon. However, we wish that it had been available at some different retailers.

It now holds a mean score of four stars (out of five), across 109 consumer reviews, with 77 percent providing it four stars.

That is pretty great for a refrigerator and not low enough to raise concerns about potential quality-control troubles.

Best Overall: Frigidaire 38-Bottle Cooler

Dual-zone fridges are Berrigan’s go-to, awarded her taste for consuming wines in serving temperatures (meaning she enjoys her whites to be warmer than her reds).

She advocates Frigidaire’s 38-bottle cooler because of its frostless, UV-protected tinted glass window, stainless steel frame work, rear reversible door, LED light, and screen energy-efficient fan system.

Using its seven racks (five of which can be slipping ), you can save your bottles at one of 2 dual temperature zones cooler: possibly a cooler variety for whites of 41 to 54 levels or a wider temperature range for reds of 55 to 64 levels. This wine refrigerator is freestanding just.

Best Large Ability: EdgeStar 332 Bottle Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cellar Temperature

If your wine collection has outgrown a little refrigerator, you will have tons of room for storage using these side-by-side components.

These are just two distinct units, which means that you may elect to install them alongside each other to seem like a single device or put them individually.

Purchasing the pair saves you money over buying them individually, which means it is possible to purchase an excess wine case to help fill them.

They maintain 332 bottles, complete, and the components may be utilized either as stand-alone units or constructed in.

The doorways are tinted glass doors, and there’s a safety lock to keep the wine secure.

The temperature zones controls have LED displays. It’s simple to set your preferred temperature on every unit. The shelves are made from wire using a wood rim.

The doors have hinges on the proper, but you can customize the appearance by reversing both doors utilizing the guide’s data.

Magic Chef 12-Bottle Countertop Cooler (MCWC12B)

If you would like something somewhat bigger and a bit more economical, the Magic Chef 1212-Bottle countertop Cooler (MCWC12B) provides the same excellent construction and temperature functionality as our top pick in a 12-bottle wine collection capacity.

It is large enough to fit a complete case, but still small enough to fit on a countertop or the ground of a cupboard. Temperatures were, again, one of the very consistent and precise we analyzed.

It functions in virtual silence, with just a very dull gleam, and its layout is similarly small, accountable to blend in everywhere.

The controls are practical and simple to use, using an easy/off LED change and electronic controls. And its user testimonials are positive with no clear quality-control troubles.

The Magic Chef MCWC12B seems much like our best selection, and it seems every bit as sturdy and well-built.

The window feels strong and ready to shoot the occasional bump, and the reflective tinted glass provides a wonderful aesthetic element we have not seen in different fridges.

It’s four leveling legs, which may adjust up to half an inch. The hinges smoothed a protective covering. Along with the cable, shelves feel a little more stable when pulled fully.

It has also got the same built-in, recessed grip, which retains its footprint to a minimum.

The MCWC12B will match 12 standard-size wine bottles. Like the rest of the fridges, you will want to eliminate one of those shelves to match an 11/2-liter magnum. However, the trunk’s heat sink takes up less space, which means it is simple to match a tall riRieslingottle.

It is not a very big fridge -roughly 11/2 feet tall and a bit over a foot broad -meaning it is easy to stash it into a cupboard or cabinet, or on a counter.

The MCWC12B showed proper and consistent temperature functionality. In our initial evaluation, the inner temperatures were constantly within 1.5 °F of this temperature set on the thermostat (54 °F) on the refrigerator’s peak.

Like our best choice, the Magic Chef is practically silent. We listed a decibel (dBA) studying of 35.2, which is somewhat louder than a whisper.

But, we noticed that a faint buzzing noise which, though silent, was more perceptible than that of the fridge. It might be unique for this machine, or it might be a manufacturing quirk. In any event, it is not loud enough to dissuade our recommendation.

The MCWC12B includes a sleek black finish that can blend in virtually everywhere. We enjoyed this version’s LED lighting is dimmer than those of the additional fridges we analyzed, excluding the bigger 28-bottle wine Magic Chef.

The MCWC12B has the same general functionality as our top pick, using two buttons for placing the thermostat temperature and an on/off switch for your inside LED. Straightforward. Straightforward.

We found consistently positive consumer reviews across Amazon, Home Depot, and Best Buy. This refrigerator has an average rating of 4.5 stars (out of five) on Home Depot, across 67 consumer reviews.

On Amazon, it’s a similar score of 4.3 stars around 63 reviews. We could not find any trend at the testimonials pointing to some frequent manufacturing defects or quality-control problems.

Our only complaints about the Magic Chef MCWC12B apply to pretty much any fridge we analyzed: It can not match a magnum without eliminating a shelf, and you can not turn off that annoying thermostat LED.

Additionally, it features a door lock, creating your collection less protected against would-be thieves and nosy kids. All these are small quirks that, though annoying, aren’t sufficient to turn us off completely.

Best Single-Zone: Kalamera Built-in Collection

If your collection consists of mostly reds, then one temperature refrigerator is your very best option. “Remember that wine-white, red, sparkling and strengthened -ages properly in the 53 to 57 temperature range,” notes Tilden.

To put Kalamera cooler differently, if aging is the priority versus functioning temperature, then one temperature refrigerator is going to do the work nicely.

Kalamera’s 18-bottle single-zone fridge is slick in design yet highly usable. It includes vibration-reducing advanced heating technologies, smart electronic management, a double-pane locking glass door, and six flexible beech wood shelves which will not scratch your bottles.

The refrigerator’s minimum temperature is 40 degrees with no more than 66 degrees. The front port additionally lets you build it in your counters or maintain it like a freestanding fixture.

Best with Wooden Shelves: Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Cooler

If you love your white and red wines both and need to show them in style, this cooler is the best fit. The dual-zone fridge holds 24 bottles, with 12 at the top zone and 12 at the reduced zone, with all the electronic touch-pad control set between them both.

The top zone could be put for 54 to 66 degrees, whereas the reduced zone could be 46 to 66 degrees. Thermoelectric cooling and timber shelves provide vibration-free cooling, which will not disturb sediment throughout storage.

With stainless steel door trim on the door, the cabinet is black to get an elegant, contemporary appearance.

A security lock allows you to fasten your wine enthusiast, whereas an inner LED and tempered glass doors allow you to find the wine enthusiast. The LED may be switched off from the controller panel.

This is created for freestanding use, and the door should swing 180 degrees if you would like to eliminate and replace the shelving.

Best Built-In: Wine Enthusiast Vinotheque Café

A built-in wine fridge, Tilden says, is perfect ” if you intend on constructing the dual-zone wine cellar temperature into cabinetry.”

This refrigerator features a unique port system: the fan is situated in the front, which means it can be set up under a counter or table. There’s no requirement for additional room in the rear or sides to allow heat to escape the device.

The dual zone wine cooler Vinotheque Café version from Wine Enthusiast features a front port, beechwood racks, a touch display full of a hygrometer, and many more.

It utilizes a high-performance inverter compressor system to control temperature and may transport up to 46 bottles, protecting them from humidity, light, heat, and vibration.

This refrigerator can also be energy-efficient, removes odors using a charcoal filter, also provides full-cabinet LED light in addition to a locking glass door with a UV-protected glass pane.

Best 12-Bottle Wine: NewAir 1212-Bottlereestanding Countertop Fridge

Best for individuals who purchase their wine cellar from the case, this thermoelectric wine cooler retains just 12 bottles of red or white wine, also you’re able to place the warmth from 54 to 66 degrees.

The thermoelectric coolers cooling keeps the dual zone wine cellartrendy with no vibration. Therefore wine sediment will not be bothered during storage.

The stainless steel case will look great in just about any kitchen, while the glass doorway and inner LED will easily view your bottles.

The three-wire shelves each hold four bottles and slip in and out easily for loading and unloading bottle wine.

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