Cabela’s Polar Cap Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Cabela'S Polar Cap Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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The Cabela’S Polar Cap Cooler Review is a dependable polar bear-proof cooler that can maintain ice for days! This durable cooler from Cabela’s is designed to keep your food and drinks cold in temperatures as low as unfavorable 39 degrees.

The Polar Cap Cooler is easy to carry thanks to its foam-padded bottom and durable canvas exterior. When the time comes to open the cooler, flip up the lip to reveal ice well-insulated by aluminum rods. The Polar Cap Cooler holds 20 cans of beer.

A rope handle and sturdy rubber feet keep the cooler from tipping over when it’s on its side or when you’re carrying it by hand. And thanks to the removable lid, you can enjoy the view of your favorite pond or lake without freezing your face off.

About the Product

About the Product

Cabela’s Polar Cap40 QT Cooler is available in white and black colors. The cooler’s sturdy and robust construction can withstand any bear attack and keep ice frozen for many days. The cooler has a high insulation-to-weight ratio and all-around foam insulation. This provides great temperature control as well as ice retention without too much weight.

To keep out great cold retention temperatures, use a freezer-grade gasket to airtight seal the cooler’s lid. Cabela adds a bear-resistant design to its molded padlock tabs to secure the cooler’s contents.

Cabela goes ahead to add a bear-resistant design in its molded padlock tabs to secure the contents inside the cooler. The rubberized barrel-shaped T-handle gives you a secure seal, and the integrated bottle openers are available at your convenience. Enjoy reduced heat transfer between the cooler and the surface thanks to the non-skid feet.

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You can airtight seal your cooler with the rubberized barrel-shaped T handle. The feature integrated bottle openers make it easy to access. Non-skid feet ensure that heat transfer is reduced between cooler and surface.

Cabela has made sure to include molded handles and an aluminum connecting rod with a hinge, which is not common in coolers. With rope handles with handle retainers, tracers, and handles, you can easily lift and carry your cooler.

The temperature control foam, located between the outer plastic and the inner goodies, is another fascinating feature. It acts as a shield from hot temperatures. Cabela adds high feet to increase airflow around the cooler’s body and reduce heat buildup below the ice chest.

The cooler’s hinge-free design helps to reduce areas of weakness. The cooler does come with a hinge-free lid hinge. This hinge is supported by aluminum connecting rods.

The Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer is a great performer. It keeps ice at room temperature for seven consecutive days. The freezer-grade seal and not the latches keep the contents fresh for an extended period thanks to their tight sealing.

The seal can become extremely tight if it is kept closed for too long. Cabela has added an integrated pressure release valve to the cooler. This allows you to open it easily. The cooler’s elevated non-skid feet reduce heat transfer.

While the primary purpose of the polar caps equalizer is to keep things cold, the design and construction also ensure that your drinks stay chilled. There are also a variety of sizes available, which is something lacking from other manufacturers.

Cabela has a padlock latch that prevents bears from accessing your cooler contents. The Polar Cap Equalizer has been certified bear-resistant by the IGBC. This means that bears won’t be able to open the cooler to get the contents.

The downside is that the Cabela cooler has a thicker body and molded handles, which takes up more space than other coolers. The handles make hailing easier, but they can also be cumbersome when you place the cooler in your vehicle.

The fatter body and thicker walls also mean less interior space. Because of its smaller interior, it is challenging to stock selected store many items.


  • It features a durable and rugged design.
  • Ice retention up to a week
  • Comfortable handles
  • Affordable
  • Strong, molded-in hinge
  • Leak-proof spigot and lanyard made of stainless steel


  • Provides no warranty
  • Minimize internal space

Cabela’S Polar Cap Cooler Reviews

Cabela'S Polar Cap Cooler Reviews


Cabela was determined to design the Cabela Polar Cap Equalizer cooler with a balanced weight and cooling power. Cabela’s philosophy is that coolers shouldn’t weigh a lot to keep your drinks cool and your ice solid.

Although Cabela’s Ice Chests aren’t light, they have a tremendous weight-to-quantity ratio. The 100-quart cooler weighs in at 47-pounds. The 25-quart cooler, which is the smallest in the Cabela’s range, weighs only 18-pounds.

The Polar Cap is sealed with a freezer-grade gasket. The seal prevents cold air from entering and keeps warmer air from outside from getting in.

The lid is secured to the body using rubber latches. The lids have integrated bottle openers that allow you to open your drink without any hassle.

A thick layer of temperature-control foam is sandwiched between the outer plastic and inner goodies. It acts as a shield from hot temperatures.

The cooler’s bottom is covered by high feet. These elevate the airflow and reduce heat buildup below the cooler’s body.

You can also grab the cooler with the molded-in handles without worrying about space. The hinge-less design reduces the possibility of weak points in the construction.

Coleman’s chose to make a hinge for the Polar Cap, supported by aluminum connecting bars. This line boasts a triplet of design features that provide a high level of durability and long-lasting power. It will allow you to travel fully loaded for many years.


It has many fancy features and cool names. But how does it keep things cold? Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer was designed for long-term use. This is not a day of soaking in the sun.

The Polar Cap’s smallest cooler keeps ice at room temperature for five days. The 40- and 60-quart coolers keep ice solid at room temperature for seven days. The 80- and 100-quart models can keep ice for 12 days.

The freezer-grade seal and latches create a tight seal that keeps the cooler cool. When the seal is left closed for a long time, it can become extremely tight.

Cabela’s built a pressure relief valve into the cooler’s body to make it easier to open. This valve releases pressure from the lid, allowing you to open the cooler and get your goods out.

The Polar Cap Equalizer’s primary purpose is to keep you cold, but its build quality is just as impressive as its ability for keeping your drinks cold.

IGBC has certified Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer bear-resistant. This means that even if the cooler is accidentally left out in the open, a hungry bear will not be able to steal your hero sandwich. If you happen to meet a bear who has the intelligence of a dinosaur from Jurassic Park,

Coleman’s Ice Chest also features a padlock latch that prevents Mr. Smarty Bear from putting the latches on your cooler.

So it has a bunch of fancy features with cool names, but how does that translate to keeping things cold? Well, Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer is built for the long haul. I’m not just talking about an afternoon of basking in the sun. The smallest cooler in the Polar Cap family keeps ice solid at room temperature for a stunning 5 days. The 40 and 60-quart coolers hold for 7-days.

Cabela’s Ice Chest – A Bit of an Honest Opinion

After a lot of performance and build specs, it’s now time to share some of the actual uses I discovered while researching.

Size does Matter

The coolers are light in weight, which is reasonable considering how cold they keep things. However, the thicker cooler body and molded handles mean that these coolers will take up more room in your trunk or bed than other similar coolers. The cooler is easier to transport, even with the larger handles, but it can be cumbersome when packed into a car due to its extra wingspan.

There is also less interior space due to thicker walls and a larger body. The 25-quart has an interior dimension of only 15x10x11 inches. This volume is 1,650 cubic inches. This is much smaller than the average camping backpack.

This means you can only store about 12 cans but still have enough room for snacks and ice. You can increase the number to 20 cans by omitting food and using less ice. The lack of space is not a problem, as 12 cool cans are better than 12 mildly chilled cans.

Unlike other coolers that have flimsy handles, Cabela is careful to add in molded handles and a molded-in hinge with aluminum connecting rods for enhanced performance and durability. You can enjoy lifting and carrying your cooler as it comes with rope handles that have handle retainers and tracers.

Cabela’s Soft Coolers

You might need a cooler with a smaller capacity that can be used for short trips or store your bait.

Cabela’s soft coolers have a PEVA lining. PEVA is a nontoxic lining material. It can resist damage and keep your precious frosties fresh for a day full of fun.

The 600-denier polyester is coated with PVC to create a rigid, thick outer lining. This puppy can be tossed in with your other gear, and not worry about it ripping or tearing.

Cabela’s soft coolers have a wide range of capacities, just like the Polar Cap Equalizer coolers. Cabela’s soft coolers are labeled by the number of 12-ounce cans that they can hold, different from the cooler.

There are three sizes available: 30 can, 18-can, and 12-can. They come in many colors, including camo patterns. You don’t want your cooler to give away your store location in the woods.

The soft coolers come with three pockets that can hold cold items in addition to the main one. You can use the zippered front pocket or the mesh pockets on either side to store your keys and utensils while on the water in a blind.

Cabela’s Soft Cooler is in Action

You know that a soft cooler won’t keep ice for several days, so plan your activities to ensure that the cooler keeps things cool for at least one day.

I was able to see the many uses for soft coolers, and I realized that they are an intelligent option for a lunch bag.

The 12-can size is excellent for making a lunch bag. You can pack food for your friends and family in larger sizes. This 30-can-sized camo bag is great for packing condiments so that my bread doesn’t get soggy.

It is also great to take your cooler with you when fishing to bring home your catch. The cooler can be combined with an ice pack to keep you cool enough to return home or to camp when you can prepare the fish for dinner.

Cabela’s makes one of the coolest small coolers that I have ever seen. You can also get a tube-shaped Neoprene “Sling Cooler” that allows you to carry a six-pack over your shoulder. The sling cooler is lightweight, practical, and relaxed.

The reviewer says: Instant Credit will be automatically applied at checkout. If your order is less than $25, you can use the remaining balance on another order by choosing to Redeem CLUB Points area within checkout. You now have $* in points!

Cabela’s vs. Yeti

You will find many cooler brands on the shelves at Cabela’s. Yeti Tundra is one of the most renowned brands for heavy-duty coolers. I wanted to compare Cabela’s coolers with the top-of-the-ice chest mountain.


You will immediately notice bulk item packaging a difference in the look of these cooler brands. The Yeti is a chest-like cooler; add some gold trim to these coolers, and they will double as a chest for your bed.

Cabela’s coolers are more treasure chest-like than other coolers trying to replicate the Yeti’s proven performance. Although the cooler stands out more than the Yeti’s, the coolers are easier to use and less likely to fall apart due to the molded handles.


Cabela’s and the Yeti line are made of rotomolded plastic, which can withstand a bear attack. Bit companies have created a series of durable hard coolers and can be used for many years if you follow the care instructions.


Both cooler brands can keep ice indefinitely if adequately packed, prepared, and used. Cabela’s superior performance and lower cost give them an edge in performance. Yeti is known for its reliability and quality at a higher cost. Cabela’s coolers are said to match Yeti. However, they can be purchased for much less than their Yeti counterparts.


Yeti is a big fan of Cabela’s variety. Cabela’s Ice chests come in five sizes and two colors. Yeti offers 15 sizes. Yeti offers smaller sizes in increments that allow you to choose the size you need. A pair of bucket coolers have been included that can be used for large gatherings or camping trips. Yeti is a clear winner because of the sheer number of options.

Soft Coolers

Both companies have created solid soft coolers that last and get the job done. Yeti wins the looks competition, though. Yeti Hopper coolers are sleek and functional without looking flashy.

Cabela’s soft coolers are similar to your average soft cooler. If it weren’t for the Cabela’s Sezzle logo fullcolor whitewm, you might mistake their appearance for cheaper coolers. Cabela’s soft coolers are still a great choice, and they come at a lower price than the Yeti. Yeti is the cooler for you if that’s what you want. Cabela’s soft cool cooler is a high-performing, affordable option.

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Where are Cabelas Polar Cap Coolers made?


Made in America craftsmanship guarantees years of reliability. Each cap is equipped with innovative features that make outdoor, indoor, or travel more accessible. Cabela’s Polar Cap can go anywhere you are.

How long does Cabelas cooler hold ice?

12 days

The lid has a freezer-grade gasket that seals in cold temperatures. This cooler from Cabela’s can hold ice for up to 12 days. The cooler’s bear-resistant design includes molded padlock tabs in the resin shell. This allows you to lock the contents securely.

What’s better, YETI or RTIC?

Yes, RTIC is cheaper than YETI in terms of cost. Most people will be happy with the performance of the lower-priced gear. But if you plan to put them through their paces and possibly subject them to severe punishment, it may be worth paying a little more.

Are all Rotomolded coolers the same?

To meet different needs, coolers come in different sizes and capacities. The empty weight of rotomolded coolers varies from 15 to 40 pounds for smaller models to 40 pounds for larger models. They will also have less capacity than coolers with smaller walls.


You are on a long trip and want to make sure that you stay nice and cool. What is the best cooler for this situation? Cabela’s Polar Cap Cooler is perfect for these situations. It is lightweight, comes with wheels, and holds up to 50 quarts. Take a look at the reviews for this unit and see for yourself.

You want to take a long trip with the family, camping out in the great outdoors. What is the best cooler for this situation? The Cabela’s Polar Cap Cooler is what you are looking for.

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