Calcutta Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Calcutta Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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Calcutta Cooler Review is ice chests that are perfect for sporting events, picnics, camping, or other situations where you need to keep food and drinks cold. They are insulated with foam around the outside, and their linings are made of waterproof vinyl to ensure that ice will not leak out.

The coolers are easy to transport because they have handles, attached shoulder straps, and wheels for rolling.

These materials are also durable so that the coolers will last for many years. You can find these cooler bags in different sizes, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Whether you want a bag to use for work or when you’re going on a trip, there is a size for you.

They come in a variety of colors and designs, and they feature a latch to lock the lid and keep the contents of the cooler safe. The Kids can use it as a lunch box, and you can use it as a travel container. It would help if you took your favorite kids with you.

Calcutta Cooler Lineup

Calcutta offers both soft-sided and hard-sided coolers, as we have already mentioned. There are a variety of sizes available, which we will discuss in this section.

Calcutta Cooler Lineup

Calcutta Hard-Sided Coolers

Calcutta currently has 20 liter and 35-liter water jugs, 55 liter and 75-liter options, as well as 100 liters, 100, and 125-liter hard-sided coolers. They also offer a few sizes of water jugs, including 5 gallons and 10-gallon versions.

Calcutta has given their hard-sided coolers the Renegade Series. The Renegade 100, for example, will hold 100 liters. The Renegade Hydrate Jug is their water jug.

Calcutta Outdoors Soft Sided...
52 Reviews
Calcutta Outdoors Renegade...
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Calcutta Outdoors Renegade...
16 Reviews

Calcutta’s newest model is the Renegade Series. Calcutta is an established company that sells older models of hard-sided coolers.

There are sizes to suit almost every market we know. Calcutta offers a range of coolers, from a portable and small unit to a large 125L cooler with enough storage for a large gathering.

You will see that the design principles are very similar for all sizes. The 20L model is equipped with an overhead carry handle, while larger models have traditional side handles. (We’ll go into greater detail in the next section).

Calcutta Soft Sided Coolers

Although this review will focus on Calcutta’s hard-sided coolers, we briefly wanted to mention the soft-sided coolers. There were many models available at the time this article was written.

Renegade 15 Renegade Prym1 15 Renegade 25 Renegade Prym1 25 Renegade 30L Backpack cooler, Renegade 35 Renegade Prym135 Renegade Roller 45 Calcutta also offers a range of soft coolers with lower quality that are cheaper. These include the 12-pack, 20-pack, 24-pack, 24-pack, and 36-pack.

The soft-sided cooler selection in Calcutta is similar to Calcutta’s hard-sided coolers. The 15L, a small hand-held model, is ideal for an individual or small group. This model can be scaled up to the sturdy 45-liter model, large enough to store a larger group.

We were recently able to test a Calcutta Soft Cooler. This review can be found here.

The Keeper 35L Cooler Back to the larger scale, Calcutta presents their Keeper which is significantly larger than the previous option, and that consequently means better ice retention.

Hence, whether it is a day at your favorite fishing spot or a weekend up the mountain, the Keeper will get the job done. Accordingly, since this is a larger cooler, it is no surprise that it measures 12″W x 16″H x 24″L & capable of accommodating around 60 cans.

Qualitative Construction

Before we get into the details about the features, it’s worth noting Calcutta has made a significant effort to update its product line. The older models, which were cooler, will be offered in different sizes and have entirely new features. We will concentrate on the “new” models with their respected features for this review.

Many cooler companies are trying to make a name for themselves in the market. A premium cooler should have a long list of features that improve the quality of its build.

All of this begins with the material and manufacturing of the cooler. Rotomolded construction is the holy grail in manufacturing processes. This design eliminates potential weaknesses in the body that could occur with coolers with multiple walls glued together.

Calcutta uses rotomolded cooler construction for all their hard-sided coolers. These thick walls and rotomolded coolers construction make an extremely resilient ice chest. Depending on the size of the wall, wall thickness can vary from 2 to 3 inches. This is a standard range, if not slightly higher than other premium coolers we have tested.

Consumer says: The lid is thick and durable – honestly, I’ve already stood on it a few times – which is another great reason it makes a great fishing cooler. It also comes with a bait tray – which also works great for regular use to just keep some of your things out of the ice and dry, or for some more organization.

However, having cooler walls is just the beginning. The various metal hardware pieces used to attach the lid and body should be equally durable. Calcutta realized this and chose a Durahinge made of stainless steel. The hinge is stronger against corrosion and cracking from fatigue due to prolonged use.

Calcutta uses high-end components to ensure that its products are reliable. All Calcutta Renegade coolers come with a 5-year warranty. This warranty is the best cooler reviews in the industry, except for a few companies that offer a lifetime warranty.

The sealing and latch systems are probably the most critical components after the hinge and cooler body. Calcutta used a freezer-grade gasket to seal the lid’s bottom. The gasket seals in the groove extruded on the cooler’s body.

The gasket is available in white. This gasket was found in almost all of the other brands we tested. However, the material seems to be almost identical.

Although the latching system is pretty standard, there are a few notable exceptions. A large majority of coolers use the rubber T-latch method. The latch is extended and captures the groove in the coolers. This gives the freezer gasket a strong seal.

You should be aware that these coolers’ latches can be pretty stubborn. You may have to force the coolers to open and close again. This is the price to pay for a strong latch force.

Although this process is not new, we found that Calcutta’s latches differed from others. The latch has two larger areas. The lower one engages the cooler and closes the lid. The lower one seems to have little use. The above image shows you what we mean.

The rubber latch attaches to the cooler lid using a bolt system. The latch rests in a groove on the lid of most coolers we tested. Calcutta uses threaded bolts to attach the latch to the cooler in this instance.

If you find an older Calcutta hard-sided cooler model, you’ll see that the latch attachment method was even more fun. The latch was fastened shut using three bolts. It was held closed by sliding through the bottom of three bolts.

We believe that simplicity is best for things like this, so Calcutta made the right decision to simplify with their newer models.

The small 20-liter model has an overhead transport handle. For all other sizes, there are standard side rope handles with rubber grips.

Non-slip, non-marking feet are located at the cooler’s base. Calcutta Coolers can be thrown in the back of your truck without scratching or sliding.

You are unlikely to see any features that will make the Calcutta Cooler stand apart from other premium hard-sided coolers at this time. You would be right! These features are not all unique. Most of these features are now mandatory.

Calcutta has a unique feature. We can think of only one or two other brands who have done something similar. This feature was called “Floodlight.”

Floodlight is an LED oversized drain plug with 100 lumens. All Calcutta Cooler sizes, except the 20 liters, have two drain plug slots. Every Calcutta Cooler you buy will have an LED bulb built into the top drain plug.

This will provide internal lighting for the cooler. This is a great way to locate your favorite soda or beer from your ice chests when it’s dark outside.

The power button is located at the center of the drain plug. You can turn on or off the LED light by pushing it. This is a great idea!

A dry goods basket is included with each cooler and a fish scale located inside the lid. The image below shows the dry goods basket. You can also see the fish scale in the image of a gasket earlier in this article.

Calcutta took a very safe approach to the design of their Renegade coolers. We would love to see more features in future models. These include cup holders, bottle openers, and pressure release valves. Calcutta Coolers rank among the best in terms of overall quality.

Ice Life

Ice Life 1

When deciding whether a cooler is a good choice, an ice retention test is often a key consideration. Calcutta appears to possess all the characteristics we want in an ice chest with long-lasting ice life. These include thick, rotomolded walls and a large rubber gasket. Robust latches are also included for sealing.

What kind of ice performance can you expect? We deiced to find out. To replicate real-life use, we filled our test cooler with the recommended amount of ice retention tests. We opened the cooler from time to turn it on and off. Then, we applied our findings to other sizes using our methods. This chart should give an idea of what kind of ice life you can expect.

As you can see, the 35L model we tested had a very high ice-life. It had a lot to do with the location where we kept it. It was kept indoors in an air-conditioned area. You could fill the cooler with the same amount of ice and leave it outside in summer heat. Your ice life would be likely to be longer.

We are happy overall with the results. Calcutta Coolers is an excellent cooler than any other high-end model we tested. There are some models with longer ice lives, but most users will be satisfied with the results.

The smaller-sized coolers models, such as the Renegade 20 or Renegade 35, should keep ice for 2 and 4 days. For those who require a longer ice time (and more storage space), Renegade 125 can provide a week or more of ice life under optimal conditions.

Our testing revealed that our results were higher than expected. This is because it is freezing outside, so the coolers had to be kept indoors. If you tested the cooler outside in the summer, the ice life would be lower.


Depending on the person you ask, cooler styling might be a top priority or a secondary concern for others. It doesn’t matter what side you are on. It is worth discussing in a thorough review of the brand.

As we have mentioned before, Calcutta has recently undergone a minor facelift. Part of that facelift included subtle styling changes to the products.

Despite this, their hard-sided coolers still have a conservative look.

The cooler’s face will have subtle vertical grooves. While this helps them stand out from other cooler brands, it is not eye-popping. The Calcutta logo will be placed between these vertical grooves. The logo, with its skull and crossbones, is quite menacing.

The dual drain ports are the most distinctive styling element. One drain plug lights up when it is opened.

There are very few color options. There are only two color options: white and tan. This is a small selection considering that other brands have many colors, including multi-color schemes.

We couldn’t find any options to customize ice chests with team logos or decals. These things are becoming more familiar with cooler brands, and we hope Calcutta will expand into this area in the future.


Premium coolers are a familiar sight. It’s not cheap to use high-end materials and manufacturing processes. There can be a wide range of asking prices for premium coolers, including “cheap” and more expensive.

They tend to be more expensive in Calcutta. Calcutta Coolers may not be as expensive as the Yeti Cooler, but they are still more expensive than most high-end coolers we tested.

It doesn’t mean that something is always more expensive, just because it costs more. There may be a significant improvement in performance, features, or quality. Sometimes, the more expensive ice chests are better valued.

In this instance, however, we don’t see it. These coolers are rugged. These coolers are highly durable. It isn’t something we’ve seen before. Other than the LED drain plug that lights up, we don’t see any other noteworthy features.

Even though Yeti coolers are more expensive than others, it has a name that many coolers brands cannot match. Calcutta Coolers has that advantage.

Calcutta Cooler vs. Yeti

This brings us to our next topic, which is better, a Calcutta Cooler or a Yeti Cooler.

Both have their pros and cons.

Yeti is the clear leader in terms of size options, accessories, and color options. They are, however, costly.

Calcutta offers few color options and accessories but does have a light-up LED drain plug and a strong warranty.

Both brands perform well, retain ice, and build quality are all equal to our knowledge.

We are going to side by Yeti coolers by one hair in this comparison. Although Yeti may cost a little more, it is not a huge difference. The price is justified by the vast improvement in color options and sizes. You also get to own a cooler from one of the most trusted and respected cooler brands in the entire world.

No matter what brand or model you choose, your cooler will last many years.

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How to get your hands on a Calcutta Cooler

You can choose where to buy Calcutta Coolers. Calcutta offers free shipping if you buy directly. Amazon has an option.

Amazon is the best place to shop if you want to get the best deal, lowest shipping costs, or free shipping. You also have access to excellent customer support in the event of a problem.

Amazon is the most trusted online retailer. Amazon offers excellent prices, and all orders are guaranteed to be 100% secure. Even if your order is not eligible for Amazon Prime, you can still get excellent shipping rates.


Is Calcutta a good brand?

Calcutta is not trying to be a boring brand. This requires some serious engineering and quality build. Because of its premium theme and insulation, Calcutta is well-equipped to challenge the top tier.

Where are Calcutta coolers manufactured?

Calcutta Outdoors, a Florida-based company, started small but has grown to produce many premium outdoor products.

What is Calcutta fishing?

The Calcutta refers to the side pot used in these tournaments to win the “big money.” Before the BOAT LEAVES THE DOCK, it is essential to discuss how the winnings will be distributed with the crew and all contributors.

How does Calcutta work in the pool?

Calcutta is an authorized organization that conducts an auction pool. The event results determine who wins the money and who the competitors are.


This article concludes that Calcutta Cooler’s benefits are plentiful. Since they are so beneficial, you can purchase them at any store! Hopefully, this will inspire you to purchase one. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please get in touch with me. I would be more than happy to help you!

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