Canyon Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Canyon Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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Many users find that Canyon Cooler Review is the best option for their lifestyle, with new cooler review citing the incredible long-term value and outstanding customer service.

The customers’ experiences with these coolers are largely positive, with people commenting on the great quality, easy setup, and especially the reasonable pricing.

Despite receiving good reviews from many users, great cooler reviews show that these high-end coolers aren’t perfect. We like that the CFX comes with an included pump to increase performance, but reviews show that it still doesn’t match the optimum performance of similar coolers that don’t include pumps.

About Canyon Coolers

About Canyon Coolers

Canyon Ice Chests are made of American-made materials (made overseas). Canyon, based in Flagstaff, Arizona, since March 2008, is committed to providing professional outfitters with quality coolers.

Coolers is a family-owned and operated business. They have been awarded the Great Buy Award for providing high-quality coolers. All coolers come with a lifetime warranty that guarantees customer satisfaction and huge cooler durability no matter what great outdoors adventure you plan.

What Is Canyon Performance?

We conducted our ice retention test to see how long coolers can keep ice frozen. All the major brands were tested under moderate usage for five days.

Moderate use means opening the other coolers three times daily to move the beverages from top to bottom and vice versa. The coolers can also be left outside in the Florida sun. Canyon suggested that coolers be pre-chilled for 24hrs to ensure optimal performance. All coolers were filled with six drinks, and the ice was frozen.

We were surprised that the Canyon Outfitter Series 35Q performed well in our test. It was also the most affordable cooler ice in our test. Canyon 35 was one of the most compact tested and kept the ice chest among the best.

The Canyon models could hold the ice chest for five days without difficulty, as you can see. The Canyon 35 could have held ice left for another two or three days, giving it a total of 7-8 days of moderate use once filled with an ice chest. Check out the video review.

Canyon Cooler Review – Ice Retention Results

Who is The Canyon Ice Chest for?

The Canyon cooler ice is a great choice for all occasions, but you should consider the cooler’s purpose. You might want our best beach cooler guide if you need a cooler to bring to a party or potluck.

Canyon Ice chest may be the cooler for you if you want something that will withstand the outside elements, endure extreme temperatures, and keep your contents cool for several days.

What are users reporting?

One user described the Canyon as good as his Yeti. Although the user did not like the shoulder strap, he said it worked well. He was also very impressed by the Canyon’s price point, particularly for the quality.

Canyon cooler reviews were praised by one user, who called them Awesome. They chose the Canyon Ice Chest after comparing nearly ten top-of-the-line coolers. Even though the user updated their review, they said it still worked as advertised and had no problems.

Another user stated that it was a great deal for the price. He found it comparable to his Yeti but half the cost. This leads us to the next section.

Canyon Coolers: Where to Buy?

The manufacturer can purchase the coolers online, or you can check to find a nearby dealer to pick them up.

Amazon has Coolers at various price points to get the best deal.

Canyon Coolers Review - Ice Retention Results

Popular Canyon Cooler Sizes

Canyon Brand has many different sizes and options. For example, the fishing companion coolers offer a place for your favorite beverages and fishing poles. The extra cooler features a light inside that allows you to fish in the dark. The warranty on this model is many years without any hassle. Here are some of our most popular sizes and white marble colors.


Canyon’s warranty is a huge plus. Their coolers come with a limited LIFETIME warranty. This warranty is not typical among cooler manufacturers, and it’s a great incentive to get a Canyon.


When it comes to premium coolers, the most common theme is the price. A high-quality cooler doesn’t come cheap. We won’t lie! While some might be offended by the price tag for Yeti, Engel, Canyon, Bison, or any other premium coolers available, the quality and durability of these coolers are unmatched compared to the cheaper models.

Canyon Coolers are a great value compared to other premium brands. This is great news for those on a budget who don’t want to spend too much to get a high-performing one.

Canyon vs Yeti Roadie

The Canyon Outfitter series 22 has 21.13 quarts of interior space. A Yeti – comparison cooler offers 20.8 quarts. The canyon is equipped with a premium seal and weighs 11.1 pounds empty. The Yeti weighs 15 pounds and comes with a Hycar Wiper Seal. These AirTight seals act as a no-lose drain plug. The Canyon Outfitter series has a lifetime warranty, while the Yeti coolers only have a 5-year warranty.

The Grand Canyon vs Yeti is priced at approximately $120-140, while the Yeti is about $200. Both have easy-to-carry recessed handles and secure latches. However, the Grand Canyon latches can be recessed. The Canyon has a padded shoulder strap, while the Roadie has a metal handle.

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Outfitter 35

The 35qt Canyon differs from the Yeti Tundra 45 because it offers a Loss drain plug and a lifetime warranty. Thick Walls can be up to 2.7 inches thick. The Yeti has a quick twist drain plug and wall up to 2 inches thick. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The Canyon will cost you around $240, while the Yeti uses a Silicone Wiper Seal. It could cost you as much as $320.

As we proved in our tests, the 35qt can store ice for up to five full days. This high-end cooler is lightweight at only an outfitter of 22 lbs. The Canyon is available in white marble or sandstone colors.

So we bought 4 Yeti Tundra (ouch) and started our ice retention. One of the problems with retention tests is that there is no standard procedure to run. Further, so many variables play into how well a performs that if you run ten tests, there’re heard good things chance you’ll get ten different results.

Outfitter 55

Thanks to its Neoprene foam rubber sealing, the Canyon 55qt can keep ice for up to 14 days. It is 28 pounds empty and features nonskid feet. The canyon is unique in that it has a drain plug that is leak-free and lose-free.

Canyon versus Grizzly

Grizzly coolers come with a lifetime warranty, just like Canyon Coolers. These are slightly less expensive than Grizzly bear coolers. Both coolers are bear-proof, have reliable latches, and retain ice well. We like the Canyon’s recessed latches better than the Grizzly. It is possible to store the cooler flush against a boat wall or in the back of your truck bed.

As a result of our five-day ice challenge, the Canyon can hang with the Yeti brand, Grizzly, and Pelican of the world.

However, Grizzly coolers are slightly more expensive than Canyon. Both are certified bear-proof, offer reliable latches, and excellent ice retention. One feature we like on the Canyon compared to the Grizzly is the recessed latches. This makes storing the cooler flush in the back of a truck bed or up against a boat wall possible.

Canyon, A Great Value Cooler

As we’ve already stated, the canyon is an excellent value for money. The canyon is a cooler we consider the best value for money. The Canyon can compete with the Yeti and Grizzly coolers globally thanks to our five-day ice challenge.


How long does ice last in Canyon?

Thanks to its Neoprene foam rubber sealing, the Canyon 55qt can keep ice for up to 14 days. It is 28 pounds empty and features non-skid feet. The canyon is unique in that it has a drain plug that is leak-free and lose-free.

Ice packs are melted but cool; the water is 55 degrees. So this is just testing it with what I had on hand. For 3 days in similar extreme conditions for spoilable food, I’d think about 30 lbs of ice or ice packs, which would take up about 1/2 the cooler, would be fine.

Can you use dry ice in the Canyon?

You can put dry ice inside a cooler. It will make your cooler more fragile and more likely to crack or break on impact, so be careful. Cover it with paper or towels to reduce the amount of ice that touches the cooler’s walls.

Are Canyon coolers Rotomolded?

Canyon Coolers is a manufacturer of roto-molded coolers that everyone can use, from professional soccer players to backyard barbecues. Coolers are usually found at $100 or more discount compared to a Yeti and several other roto-molded.

Will dry ice explode in a cooler?

Dry ice melts when it releases carbon dioxide gas. This could cause an explosion in an airtight cooler. Safety precautions and specific usage instructions must use dry ice.


In the article, the author proposes a solution to a common problem of keeping food and drinks cold. The author suggests a cooler be purchased for a camping trip where the cooler will be stored in the trunk. This will solve the heat issue of a cooler stored inside a hot vehicle all day long.

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