Cascade Coolers Review 2022: Top Full Guide For You

Cascade Coolers Review 2022 Top Full Guide For You
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Cascade coolers Review is perfect for transporting cold drinks to an outdoor event. These cold drink transport boxes are high-quality, durable materials to ensure durability, weather resistance, and optimum insulation properties.

They are available in various sizes, ranging from 6 – 18 quarts, for your convenience. Cascade coolers are perfect for transporting cold drinks to an outdoor event.

Cascade Coolers Reviews – A Word Of Introduction

Cascade Coolers Reviews – A Word Of Introduction

It’s easy to believe that the Mountain Tech rotomolded cooler box market is saturated. There seems to be a camping cooler company in every niche. There are wheeled cooler brand that caters to tailgating and premium coolers. There is also a market for people who customize coolers.

However, we are constantly amazed by the new brands that emerge from these thoughts. They either create a completely new niche or redefine an existing one in a way we didn’t imagine.

We all fail, but we learn from our mistakes and realize that there is always room for new players in the Costco rotomolded coolers market as long as they do it correctly.

Cascade is a cool brand that redefines a niche you thought was well-defined.

They make adventure so exciting that everyone wants to go to the mountains for a few weeks. We don’t know what we will do. We want it!

Cascade introduced some cool premium coolers to the adventure market to compete with YETI (more later).

They went one step further. Many of the names in this space will sell a few soft and camo coolers for hunters and adventurers and call themselves an adventure brand.

Cascade has gone one step further by selling camping equipment in addition to their hard coolers, tumblers, and tumblers.

These guys can sell you camping chairs, LED lanterns, and trekking poles, as well as your rotomolded cooler. It gives you the feeling that you have everything under one roof.

Do you see what I’m referring to? They have redefined a niche that we thought we knew well. I don’t think I even know my hands as well as I used to.

Outdoor enthusiasts founded this company from the Pacific Northwest. It offers great gear and affordable adventures.

They were so loved that we decided to review their Cascade Super Cooler review. We are confident that you will love it as much as we do. They are still young, but they show promise.

Features/Build Quality

Today, roto-molded coolers that are less well-known win new customer reviews by offering quality and thinking outside the box. Coolers can be designed to stand out from the rest by offering unique features that make them stand out. However, there are some features that every ice should have to remain competitive.

Cascade is conservative when it comes to features. We haven’t seen any accessories on Cascade that we don’t recognize. They do include the most popular accessories.

Cascade Coolers have been certified bear-resistant by the IGBC. Although we all hope we will never be able to test this, it demonstrates the quality of their products.

This is possible thanks to thick rotomolded insulation walls. Cascade coolers can boast insulated walls up to 3 inches thick. This is slightly more than the average premium coolers. These coolers are durable and help greatly with ice (more details in the next section).

Quality hardware will be found alongside the thick walls. You will find heavy-duty rubber latches as well as stainless steel hardware. Low-quality hardware can cause ice to be less durable than those with thicker lids. These fish ruler coolers won’t cause you to be concerned about this.

We’ll be focusing more on the latches. These are the “T-shaped” designs that many day cooler brand use. The latch can be closed by simply stretching it down. These rubber latches are very durable and waterproof. However, it would help if you avoided sharp objects being placed around them.

Cascade Coolers come with side ropes and rubber handles that make them easy to carry. You can also grab the cooler by the edge extruded. One handle might be better than another, depending on how many people you carry and how heavy the Canyon coolers are. We encourage you to find a friend to help carry your coolers, especially when they get full.

An oversized rubber gasket is found inside the cooler review. This sealing feature is found in almost all high-end coolers. This is a well-proven design that maximizes ice life. The lid closes down and “squeezes” the gasket. This creates an airtight seal. Good t-latches are also important. When you pull the t-latch down, you want to feel some resistance.

The cooler has a high-flow drain port on its side. Non-slip feet are another feature. Elevated sections lift the cooler from the ground.

The corner bottle openers are the most distinctive and unique feature of Cascade Coolers. On either side of your Coleman Xtreme cooler base, you will find stainless-steel bottle openers. These can be accessed when the lid is closed or open.

You can also purchase accessories (at an additional cost), such as an internal storage basket and cooler divider. We are disappointed that these ice chests do not have cup holders embedded on the lid. However, we are aware that this can affect the ice.

Let’s talk about the warranty. A 5-year limited warranty covers Cascade Coolers. This, combined with the Grizzly Bear Certification, ensures that you get a high-quality product supported by this company. We know some brands offer lifetime warranties. A 5-year warranty is not something to laugh at.

Available Sizes and Dimensions

Cascade is a brand that makes portable coolers. However, their coolers range is much smaller than other brands. They only offer two coolers. Let’s not be too judgmental and appreciate Cascade’s offerings.

Cascade 45Qt Cooler

The Super Cooler, 45 qt Roto-molded, measures 21″ x 9.12′ x 12″, on the inside and 27.75′ x 17.37″. It weighs 33 lbs empty.

This cooler is large enough to hold 38 cans of ice and can be used as a bar if you want to host a party. This size is great for short trips, family weekends, and even a day at the beach.

Cascade 80Qt Cooler

The Super Cooler 80 qt is twice as big, allowing you to store up to 70 cans and ice. You can take it on long trips or host a backyard party on hot days.

The cooler is 49 lbs empty. It measures 26.62″ x 11.18″ x 14.75″, and 33.18 “x 19.25″ x 20.31”.

Ice Retention

The company claims that ice retention is seven days. This is a big claim, so we decided that we would investigate. We filled our Pelican elite coolers (larger 80-quart versions) with ice, using a 1:2 ratio.

The ice was still there, and our drinks were still cold a week later. The ice was likely to survive another day: good ice and a good cooler review. You can’t ask for more.

However, keep in mind that the time a size cooler can keep ice depends on many factors. The larger cooler will keep the ice longer, so the 45-quart model may not be as effective in keeping ice as the 80-quart.

These factors are not the only ones that affect ice retention.

For example, adding a few cooler ice packs or large blocks of ice to your ice tray will increase the ice retention time. It is also easier to pack drinks and foods that have been pre-chilled. This is the main point.

We want to wrap up this section by saying that the Cascade ice chest performs well for a cooler at this low price.

It’s a serious contender for the top ice coolers, such as the YETI Tundra and Cordova. This is due to the thick insulation in the walls and lid. The single-piece construction and the thickness of the insulation make it possible to retain ice for seven days or more.


These coolers come in a limited selection of colors. We were a little disappointed. We have found only three color options for the 80-quart and 45-quart models: Tan, White, and Gray.

Even with the variety of colors available in the 45-quart coolers, the colors are very similar. You won’t find the right color if you like the “pop” of a brightly colored cooler. We don’t have any options for specialty colors like logos, multi-color schemes, professional colors, or team colors. Comparable to premium cooler brands that offer more than a dozen color options, this is quite a difference.

Cascade takes a conservative approach to the design of these ice chests. These coolers will look similar to premium coolers. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them sharing coolers with other brands that use the same manufacturer.

They don’t look bad, however. These coolers are high quality and look great. With so many brands available, companies must do something to make their brand stand out. We don’t see the same in aesthetics.

Cascade Cooler vs. Yeti

Cascade Cooler vs. Yeti

Now we come to our favorite part, comparing the incumbent with the industry leader. Here’s a comparison between Cascade and YETI Coolers.

These two products are very comparable in terms of performance. Both the ice retention and built-in bottle opener are comparable. Both coolers have been bear-certified. They both feature a strong, one-piece, rotomolded design and are extremely insulated.

We love that the Cascade cooler is different in terms of aesthetics. We’ve seen many YETI knockoffs, which often look identical to YETI’s, and we have learned to appreciate any effort to distinguish the market leader. The Cascade cooler is an exceptional example of a cooler with a unique design. This cooler is very popular with us.

YETI and the Cascade cooler are visually different. The Cascade cooler looks more rugged, heavier-duty, and YETI is sleeker, lighter, and slicker. This is not a design issue, as both coolers can be equally strong and almost indestructible. However, we prefer the Cascade cooler’s more robust look.

However, the Yeti is better than the Cascade when it comes to customizability and availability of colors and sizes. It doesn’t end there. When it comes to performance, the Cascade is just as good as any Yeti.

It doesn’t stop there. The price is another important aspect. The Cascade is half the price of the YETI.

The Cascade Mountain Tech coolers, 45-quart, cost $189, while the YETI Tundra, which is the same size, was $299.

This is almost one-third less. It’s a huge difference, but it is still surprising. It’s not. YETI is a high-end brand and a sought-after object. However, that shiny badge comes at a high price. Their reputation has been earned over the years, and many people will happily pay more for their products.

The Cascade is better than YETI in terms of value for money. The Cascade is almost as good at a third of the YETI’s price.

So, when you want to find more detailed info about Best Yeti Cooler Brand 2022, please click this post:

Best Alternatives To Cascade Mountain Tech

Cascade has been compared to YETI. But what about other brands? It turns out that there are many coolers, like Cascade Mountain Tech, that are worth looking into. These are the best alternatives:

RTIC Coolers

RTIC, a well-known brand, and a notorious YETI competitor, have been responsible for a lot of YETI’s lost business. RTIC has always been aggressive with pricing and bold marketing claims (“half-price holds more ice”) but also with their bold marketing claims.

RTIC costs the same as those manufactured by Cascade Mountain Tech. RTIC’s 45-quart cooler is $199.99, only $10 more than the Cascade cooler.

What are you getting in return? RTIC is field-tested. Over the years, they sold millions of them, and we have seen at least a few design iterations. They’re a good bet.

Suppose you have read our RTIC vs. YETI Comparison before. In that case, you will know that RTIC is nearly identical to YETI: rotomolded and heavy-duty insulation material, same thickness, same price, and a different badge.

Cordova Coolers

Cordova is a great cooler that we have included in this article. These coolers are amazing and have some very unique features, such as the all-metal handles, raised lid tray height, or top-loader latches.

They are also available in multiple sizes and colors, as opposed to the 2 Cascade coolers.

Perhaps even more important, Cordova coolers are 100% made in the USA, Idaho, unlike Cascade Mountain Tech heavy duty coolers.

You might expect the Cordovas made in the USA to be more expensive than the Cascades. But the funny thing is, they aren’t!

Cordova has been quite aggressive in its pricing as of the writing of this article, but it is possible to purchase them very inexpensively.

Let’s take an example: The 45-quart Cascade Mountain Tech cooler review cost $189.99 on Amazon last time we checked (check the current price). The 48-quart Cordova Adventurer cooler was the same size and cost $209.99 at Cordova’s. This is $4.22 per gallon versus $4.37 for the Cordova and Cascade, respectively.

However, if you use the coupon code “save10now”, the Cordova cooler’s price drops to $209.99. This is less than the Cascade heavy duty rubber cooler, and you get 3 quarts more space. Not a bad deal, right?

Cascade Mountain Tech Super Coolers – Where can I buy them?

Although there are many places you can purchase these cooler reviews, we recommend Amazon. Amazon offers many benefits, so make sure you order it.

You can read real reviews written by real users like you. This will help you make better decisions. Prime members get free returns if they don’t love the product and free shipping.


Where are Cascade coolers review made?

Designed and assembled in the USA at our facility in Washington State. Like other major competitors, Cascade Coolers products are mainly assembled in China by our factories to offer the consumer the most affordable pricing.

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Are Cordova coolers any good?

Cordova claims it has the highest insulation rating, but this is still to be proved. … It is still too early to compare the ice retention of these Titan deep freeze coolers, but I would assume they would perform similar to one another.

What soft cooler is made in the USA?

Four Best Soft-sided Coolers Made in the USA

  • Pelican Soft Coolers
  • Bison SoftPak Coolers
  • Frio Coolers.
  • AO Coolers (Only a Few)

Who makes Kong coolers?

Elkhart Plastics

KONG Coolers by Elkhart Plastics were designed and manufactured in the United States at their Ridgefield, Wash. location. They can be shipped to any part of the U.S.


Cascade coolers have been around for more than a century. The design was created in response to the demand for coal-powered air conditioning and refrigeration—the cascading layers of water and ice-cool drinks and food without electricity. The cooler has won various awards, including the coveted Editors’ Choice Award from 3 different publications. A highly awarded product, Cascade Coolers features several benefits.

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