COHO Cooler Review 2022: Top Full Guide

COHO Cooler Review 2022 Top Full Guide
  • Paul Kahan

If you’re looking for a way to stay cool while not having to carry around an oversized cooler, the Coho Cooler review is the product for you. The lightweight design fits most cars, perfect for easy transport, while it still has enough room for your food and drinks.

Coho Coolers is a company that produces ultra-lightweight coolers with a specific design to maintain their durability. In this article, Publican Anker will outline the features of this standard cooler and compare it to other brands currently on the market.

Available Sizes & Dimensions

Available Sizes & Dimensions

Future brands need to be open to new ideas and have a variety of products.

We can certainly argue that Coho has a great selection. We can support Coho’s ambition to invest in soft-sided coolers and hard-sided coolers right from the beginning.

Coho RealCold Soft Ice Bag

Coho also presents a product on the soft side of the spectrum. The focus is the RealCold, Soft Ice Bag. We were expecting more options in the soft-sided section but were disappointed only to see one cooler.

We are not here to evaluate the production decisions of the brand as much as the products themselves. The RealCold soft-ice bag measures an impressive 14-3/8″ x 12″ x 15″.

We described it as such because new brands tend to choose smaller coolers in the beginning stages of their development to exceed expectations. It was, therefore, a pleasant surprise that a cooler with a soft-sided design was on display.

The cooler is large enough to be used for camping, riverside fishing, and picnicking. The Coho soft cooler is large enough for a lot of cans, snacks, and melted ice. This is often associated with longer ice retention.

Coho Extreme 55 Hard Cooler

The cooler is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of people, such as anglers and hunters, and even wilderness lovers.

The cooler measures 15 7/8″ x 17 1/4″ x 27 5/8″ and can hold a lot of fish ruler, beverages, or standard camping provisions. It is important to remember that the cooler weighs in at 25 pounds initially and can get heavier.

Without wheels, planning your trip before you eat more than you can chew is a good idea.

Design and Construction

We were happy that they made a standard cooler. Rotomolded is the industry standard. Any new player who wants to penetrate the market and offer quality comparable to industry giants will have to offer the best ice chest.

Technology-wise, it’s a great piece cooler. It was made for bold adventurers, such as hunters, fishermen, camper, and road trip addict.

It is very similar to the Yeti’s design. Here is where the problems start. We were astonished to see this cooler when we first saw it.

I felt the urge to repurpose Shakespeare’s old expression: A rose by any name… In this instance, it would be a Yeti.

The cooler looks like a Yeti and is sleek like a Yeti. It also has many of the same design features that Yeti is famous for.

The Yeti Tundra has a 55-quart option, but the Coho Ice chest does not. It also does not include the Coho logo and name.

The main design is pretty standard for Yetis. It has a snug-fitting design that seals tightly and keeps heat and cold out.

The inside gasket is made of industrial-grade material to seal the lid tighter and increase the insulation.

Rubber T-Latches are used to open and pretty close the latches. This gives you peace of mind knowing that a broken busted latch will never happen. The polyurethane foam insulation keeps the interior super cold for many days.

Now, we have come to expect YETI to take something generic like insulation or rotomolded construction and give it a cool name. This trademark is, of course.

Coho does the same only thing. Although their cooler is rotomolded, you won’t hear it. It’s called PressMold.

Extreme cold insulation was used, and their ThickWall was used to build the ice chest. It’s easy to see the results of their work, which all harkens back to YETI’s branding methods.

Ice Retention & Insulation Ability

Ice Retention & Insulation Ability

Because it is often the reason we buy coolers, ice retention is critical. Based on our controlled testing, we found that Coho coolers were quite decent for almost half the price and build quality.

You don’t want the word ‘pretty decent‘ when discussing performance. It doesn’t mean anything. To put it simply, the soft-sided Coho achieved between 24 and 36 hours at different temperatures, while the hard-sided Coho lasted for four days.

Although the brand might not be Yeti, the 30mm thick liner on the soft cooler and the thick ExtremeCold insulation in the hard cooler work well. That’s all we have to say about this brand.

Warranty, Source, and Miscellaneous

This brand is still new, so there are many things we don’t know. The warranty for the hard cooler is not yet known. We don’t even know where the hard cooler was made. Therefore, we assume that it was designed and manufactured in the USA.

It is cheaper than the Yeti Tundra. However, it is not the most expensive rotomolded cooler of its kind. The Otterbox costs about the same, while the Lifetime is nearly half the cost.

Coho vs. Yeti

For us, this part felt a bit like the Twilight Zone. It felt as if we were comparing Yeti with ourselves, and it wasn’t a good thing.

We have the original Yeti on the one hand, and a discount YETI-lookalike, on the other.

Coho is the only one that offers more variety than Yeti. Coho only has one size and color, while Yeti offers a wide range of colors, sizes, and accessories.

The Yeti Tundra is better at retaining ice than the Coho 55 Quart Local Costco.

The Coho’s design is very similar to the Yeti. We get it. They wanted to tap into a niche in coolers where buyers were looking for cheaper Yetis that perform at half the performance.

This niche is becoming too crowded, which we think shows a lack of innovation in the market. The Coho design is beautiful and sleek.

We’ve seen coolers too similar to the Yeti and would love to see some new, refreshing ideas, however small.

The Coho is slightly more expensive than the Yeti Tundra in price, but not significantly. The COHO 55-quart Lifetime is a better deal.

The Best COHO 55 Quart Review – Top 5 Products to Buy

Lifetime 55 Quart High-Performance

The Lifetime 55 Quart High-Performance is our top pick with an impressive ice life. The unit has all the essential features you’d expect from an Ice chest with extended ice retention.

The hard cooler has a sturdy latch system, a large rubber gasket, and thick walls that keep your contents cool for up to seven days. This depends on outdoor summer conditions. However, you can expect to retain ice for up to three days.

Plus, there’s even more! The Lifetime 55-Quart High-Performance is made with top-quality stainless steel hardware. It also has thick rotomolded walls that provide adequate insulation. The brand can back this hard cooler.

This model comes with a Grizzly Bear certification and a 5-year limited warranty to give customers peace of mind. Some customers were unhappy with the gasket wrapping and lid. These issues seem to have been resolved by the manufacturer with the coolers.

Besides that, our list has more great info about Lifetime Cooler Reviews 2022:


  • A solid warranty policy
  • 5-star customer service
  • Visually appealing design
  • Excellent value for money
  • For durability, stainless steel hardware


  • The gasket and lid tend to warp.

Coho Soft-Sided Insulated, Coho Soft Cooler Review

The Coho Soft Insulated will be a great choice for those looking for a lightweight model that doesn’t compromise on performance. This model’s thick, closed-cell PE foam insulation provides unbeatable cold-keeping performance.

The lid is wide enough to allow for quick and easy access. However, it has an airtight zipper that will keep the contents cool for many days. This model is lightweight and durable, which gives you peace of mind.

This cooler also has a food-grade liner and a fully impregnated nylon shell. To prevent the cooler from moving or sliding, it has a double-stitched reinforced carry handle and an anti-slip molded bottom to keep it in place.

This cooler can store up to 24 cans. It also has a pocket for keys and wallets. Another great thing about this cooler is the easy cleaning process.


  • Cold keeping performance unmatched
  • Robust and lightweight design
  • It is easy to wash
  • Waterproof, pockets
  • Molded base with anti-slip properties


  • The waterproof design is missing from the middle pocket.

Coho 55 Quart Rotomolded Cooler

This Rotomolded Cooler is made with heavy-duty ultratherm insulation. It keeps your ice frozen for over three days at 90°F.

This unit keeps your hard or soft content cold for several days. The rugged construction of this portable unit ensures it can withstand the toughest journeys. This device combines versatility and durability for long-lasting service.

COHO Quick and Cool COHO 55 Quart rotomolded are ideal for any terrain, even sandy or rugged. For proper insulation, the walls and lid are made of commercial-grade polyurethane foam.


  • Large capacity of 55 QT
  • Built tough to withstand the abuse
  • 2 in-1 drain design
  • T-latches for heavy-duty
  • Comfort grip heavy-duty handles


  • The hinge is prone to crack.

COHO 165QT Ice Chest, Insulated Cooler

The COHO 165 Quart Ice Chest is an excellent option if you require a large cooler. The 3-inch insulation and ColdSeal Latches make this model ideal for holding ice for up to seven days. This cooler can hold food, ice packs, and beverages for several days.

The coho cooler 165 Quart has enough space to store up to 90 cans. This is enough to take camping, fishing, road trips, or tailgating. We love the easy-access hatch that allows quick access to the cooler without opening the whole lid. The cooler will keep the contents cool for a longer time.

The large cooler features a 2-in-1 drain that quickly drains water and ice. It also comes with rubber T-latches that ensure the lid is secure and easy to open and close. This cooler also has anti-skid feet, a bumper, and plastic to stop it from sliding around on the truck or the boat.

The COHO 165QT Ice Chest Insulated cooler has another great feature: its sturdy swing-up side handles make it easy to store and transport. If you are also interested in Ice Chests Vs Coolers, let’s start here:


  • The insulation system of commercial quality
  • Huge 165 QT capacity
  • For quick drainage, there are built-in threaded holes.
  • Easy carrying with impact rubber-absorbing ergonomic grips


  • External conditions can have an impact.

COHO Bag Soft Cooler

The COHO Bag Soft is a top choice with its high-quality insulation design. It features a leakproof material, 25mm PE foam, and a waterproof outer layer. The soft-sided has a long service time, excellent elasticity, and a soft touch.

This collapsible is a great travel cooler, bag, plug-in car, or picnic bag. It also features a waterproof zipper to allow you to locate cold beverages and food quickly.

Its sealed zipper traps coil air and isolates external heat air. This allows you to keep your contents chilled for up 72 hours. The 20L capacity allows it to hold 30 beverage cans while allowing enough space to make ice cubes.

This soft cooler has two handles and a removable padded shoulder strap that can be detached for transport and storage. It’s made of superior quality, BPA-free materials for an easy cleaning experience.


  • Three layers of insulation, high-quality
  • Large capacity of 20L
  • Constructions that are leakproof and BPA-free
  • Clear and anti-splash pockets


  • Quality control is poor.


Is YETI worth the money?

Yeti coolers are great for keeping your drinks cool and ice cold. They are also durable and can last for up to 5-7 days without melting. Many people love this product. Despite its flaws (some customers experienced shipping difficulties), it still receives an average rating of around four stars from each review.

Although the Yeti might have minor problems, considering the high demand for these good guys? You can be sure that any issues will soon disappear. Amazing value for the money, I love the little bottle opener on the side!

How do I keep my beach cooler cold?

You can keep your food fresher for longer by placing refrigeration equipment in a shaded or covered area. This will keep your food cool and fresh even when it is hot.

How long can the cooler stay cold?

An ice-filled cooler lasts between 2 to 4 days if it is kept in good condition. If you stack your expired commodity freezer correctly, it could last up to 10 days. Your freezer could last up to 10 years!

What size cooler do I need for the beach?

The 20-quart cooler will be sufficient for one day at the beach or Disneyworld. You won’t get 24 hours of use out of a large cooler because it will hold so much stuff and not enough water.

It is better to choose something larger – ideally 35 quarts minimum, but 50+ quarts best. They will last longer and can be used on trips with as many people as possible.

Does coho cooler float?

Coho Wide Mouth Opening Insulated Soft Waterproof For Outdoor Activities Like Fishing, Camping Hiking, Picnics, and Hiking. 100% LEAK PROOF MAJOR ZIPPER: This leak-proof soft has an airtight zipper that prevents any spillage.


For those who need an extra degree of cooling, the Coho is a perfect one-quart with heavy-duty insulation to ensure plenty of ice is left inside. Plus, this cooler can be personalized with a name or favorite phrase to remind you what type of adventure it will be.

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