Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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Coleman Xtreme 5 cooler review is a versatile, compact, and durable portable ice chest for outdoor use. The ice chest can hold up to 73 cans with room for more snacks and drinks while still maintaining a small and easy-to-carry size. Made from high-quality materials, the ice chest lasts for a long time and is waterproof.

Coleman Xtreme 5 cooler is ideal for camping, tailgating, boating, hunting, fishing, car racing, and more. Featuring thick insulation, durable walls, and raised bottom, this cooler can hold ice for five days. When the ice melts, the leak-proof drain makes it easy to empty water without moving or tilt the cooler brand.


Insulation Coleman

The Coleman Xtreme cooler is the cooler with the thinnest walls that we tested. It doesn’t surprise us with its incredible insulation value. Coleman Xtreme 4.1 days decent insulation time is not as impressive as models with a 6 or 6.5 day average of below 40o. We torture-tested all these coolers and found that the Coleman products outperformed nearly all the others in thermozone insulation testing. The Coleman was only hours short of the 4.5-day average.

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The Coleman also managed to keep the beer at 50o for 4.8 days. This performance is still below the 5.1-day average. You can increase this performance by using insulation tips and tricks like pre-chilling your cooler and contents, using an ice pack, and a 2:1 ratio of ice to food stay cold beverages, which we did not do during our testing.

Although the Coleman is not as striking at first glance as some of the higher-end coolers, it performed better than many of them.


Several features distinguish Coleman Xtreme Coolers. Let’s take a look at a few.

The thicker, insulated walls and the insulated lid are first and foremost. The Coleman Xtreme Coolers have thicker walls. The walls vary in thickness depending on the size. We found them to average 1.5 inches (including the lid). This is noticeably thicker than traditional Coleman coolers and plays a vital role in prolonging the ice frozen lifetime.

Another great cooler feature is the leak-resistant drain, which helps to remove any melted water. This feature is more common with larger coolers, as it’s easier to tilt the smaller ones.

All Xtreme Coolers come with the Coleman Xtreme cooler Have-A Seat Support Lid. The lid’s robust design allows you to add up to 250 pounds. It can be used as a temporary stool or a makeshift seat. This feature is also helpful for those times when you have to use extra seats around the campfire.

The embedded cup holders on all models are also worth mentioning. The 28-quart Xtreme Cooler is the only model that comes with four cup holders. Due to the smaller lid on the 28-quart, there are only two cup holders.

There are many options for handles, depending on the model. The 28-quart model has an overhead comfort grip bail. This bail is very comfortable and helps to control the relatively small cooler.

The larger sizes have comfortable grip handles on the sides that can be rotated almost 180 degrees. This allows you to reach the cooler from a great angle. We recommend that you find a friend to help move the cooler when it’s complete.

The grip handles ensure that you don’t have any issues carrying your ice chest to the party, whether it’s at a house, beach, or campsite, but the Marine Ultra also comes with UV inhibitors to keep the sun’s rays from damaging the outside of the cooler, thus keeping the items inside in good condition.

You can use the telescoping handle wheels to transport the pre-cooled, while the large tow handle allows you to pull it behind. For those occasions when you can’t use the wheels, the comfort-grip handles breaking are also available in other sizes. You may need to lift the wheel off the ground if the slope is too steep or the terrain is too tricky.

We couldn’t talk about the Coleman Wheeled Xtreme Coolers if we didn’t discuss the wheels! For added traction, you will find tough-time plastic wheels with semi-aggressive grooves. These wheels are attached to the cooler body’s underside by metal pins. These coolers are a good compromise, even though they have the same grip or traction as the more expensive coolers.

However, they can eat into the cooler’s storage volume, so the Coleman Xtreme Coolers with wheels are slightly smaller than similar-sized Coleman Xtreme Coolers that don’t have wheels.

UV Inhibitors

Another unique feature is the fish-measuring ruler built sturdy into the lid. It is a great option for fishermen because of this feature. It also features UV inhibitors to protect it from sunlight.

The cooler features a stain- and odor-resistant liner, as well as comfort grip, handles. It can hold up to 140 cans at a time.

The cooler’s ability to keep the ice-cold for up to seven days was a big hit with most reviewers. These coolers can keep cold for up to a week. The handles made it easy to transport in marine environments.

Many customers have had problems with the handles breaking. This is a common problem with coolers. This problem is made worse by the fact that replacement handles can’t be found readily.



This is where Coleman fails. Coleman’s first problem is its thin and fragile hinges. The screws are visible, ripping through the plastic as the lid expands. Coleman’s lid does not have the rubber tight seal that many competitors use, so it is neither bear-proof nor airtight.

Although we did not experience any problems with the drain plug during testing, there are many complaints that this plastic-on–plastic seal may have an expiration date. The handles attach by short plastic pegs with small holes. This makes it challenging to connect heavy loads on handles that already bow at alarming rates.

Although it does not have the IGBC certification of many other coolers we tested, the Coleman can be used as a seat. The Coleman Xtreme cooler review has a 250 lb weight limit. It is the only one we tested. We put this to the test by having our 225-pound tester jump on every cooler. The Coleman was no exception.

Although it may not have the same solid feel as many rotomolded coolers, the Coleman seems to act as an instant trampoline. The Coleman Xtreme cooler review may last a little longer if you take care of it. However, if you aren’t careful with your gear, it might not be the best choice.


Depending on the size and type of Coleman Xtreme Cooler review, you will get a different color scheme. Some of their Xtreme Coolers are currently being updated. There will be noticeable differences between the 52-quart and 120-quart Xtreme 6 coolers.

Modern design is the latest offering. The latest design features sharp edges and smooth lines. It also has a more modern look. The older generation has a more traditional, curvy look. We are not sure which style is better, but the newer models caught our attention.

There are very few color options. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you can choose from the classic Coleman blue and white scheme, brown and white, or the eye-popping gray with orange accent color option.

Ease of Use

The Coleman is a straightforward design. No latches, no dry bins, no frills at all. It’s simple to open and close with a push-and-pull lid. It has a large interior – Coleman claims it, cup holders, 70 quarts. We measured it at 68.

Although the drain has a small channel that helps pull out all water, there is a large lip at its front. This prevents some water from escaping without any tipping assistance. The sides have plastic handles that you can blindly grab and then swing back into place once you release them.

This metric is where the Coleman Xtreme cooler review performed the best. However, there are some downsides to it. Leaks can quickly occur due to tipping or sloshing. If the cooler is not drained correctly, think about how wet your sneakers will get.

The handles aren’t large enough to be lugged by most people (unless you have a friend who can help), nor sturdy enough to hold a heavy load. The Coleman is straightforward. It’s straightforward.


The Coleman Xtreme Cooler line is a highly affordable option. The Marine line will incur a small additional charge, but it’s still significantly cheaper than other coolers. The more affordable price means that the coolers have a shorter maximize ice life and are less feature-rich than some premium competitors. The great coolers won’t be as durable. It is, however, a compromise.

After extensive research and first-hand experience, we have written our complete reviews of the Coleman Xtreme Cooler review and the Coleman Xtreme Cooler.


The Coleman weighs in at just 11.9 lb. The Coleman is the lightest personal model we tested. Coleman’s lightweight design is a plus. Many of its rivals are three to four times heavier without any food inside. This cooler’s overall dimensions are pretty good large and can be carried by one person.

The narrow handles can get in the way of bent fingers when the cooler takes a walk. This is less noticeable if the cooler is filled with lighter items. If you fill your Coleman with light things cool, it will be less noticeable. However, you might soon regret it!

You may be able to haul this 68-quart cooler yourself, but you might also agree with our testers. They believe that the cooler’s height allows it to pound unceremoniously into the bearer’s legs and knees as they walk. Depending on how it is packed, you may be able to carry your Coleman around in the park. Or you might have trouble loading it into a Subaru.

How is its ice retention? Naturally, this is the main thing you want to learn in a Coleman Xtreme Cooler review. As mentioned before, this cooler promises to keep your ice-cold for five days at a time. But of course, you can’t always take the foam manufacturing word for it.


The Coleman shines in value. It’s not an impressive cooler, but it is the largest model that we tested with a lower price of fewer than two figures. It may not be able to hold ice life for a 10-day river cruise or endure the gnawing of hungry grizzly, but it is an average performer and could be the perfect solution for you. Are you looking to bring home ice cream in August in Arizona? Do you want to have some beer on ice for your backyard BBQ? Coleman Xtreme cooler technology is the perfect solution!

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How much does the Coleman Xtreme cooler cost?

It was on sale for $69.99. This cooler is much more affordable than the high-end, trendy coolers.

How much can I fit in the Coleman Xtreme 5 cooler?

Coleman rates the Xtreme technology 5 a 100-can cooler. There is plenty of space for multiple people with a 70-liter capacity.

How long does ice last in this cooler?

In our test, after 5 days, the Coleman had no ice, while the YETI had about 30% of the ice left. No ice was left but the water was still very cold. It would definitely be time to pack in some more ice or wrap up your camping road trip.

Coleman claims the Xtreme 5 can keep ice in place for up to five days. The temperature and type of food and beverages you store, the amount of ice you use, and the frequency with which the cooler is opened will affect the results. However, it is possible to keep the cooler open for five days.

How does Coleman compare to other cooler manufacturers?

Many people argue that premium cooler prices are getting out of control lately. They have a point. Are Yeti Tundra coolers better than Coleman or Igloo? In some cases, you might be able to, but you have to care about your cooler before spending that much money.

Does this cooler have wheels?

Although the Xtreme 5 comes in a wheeled version, the one I tried did not. A cooler this large can be very heavy. This is something you should consider when placing your order.

The wheels are small compared to other wheeled coolers on the market, but they do a decent job on pavement and grass. They don’t do that well on sand, though. Wheeled coolers are a must-have for families and when you have a lot of ice, food, and drinks cold because it’s just so easy to tow around.

What is Coleman’s most enormous cooler?

The Coleman 200-Quart Xtreme 7 Day Offshore Pro Series Marine Cooler will keep you fueled up and refreshed on the water. This large cooler, 200-quart, is ideal for long fishing or boating trips. It has a high capacity of 325 cans and plenty of space for food and beverages.

Can you sit on the Coleman Xtreme cooler review?

All Coleman Xtreme Coolers include the Have-A-Seat option, which allows you to carry up to 250 pounds while closed lid.

Are Coleman cooler lids insulated?

Coolers are meant to keep ice from melting, but many cheaper coolers don’t have insulation. The lid is a piece of plastic that has no air in it. This allows heat to escape and causes your ice to melt faster.


The Coleman Xtreme cooler will be the best choice for long road trips. It has three ice packs which can easily last for five days. There is also a cold air lock system, so the cooler doesn’t leak. The lid is a hinged lid, so it’s easy to open and close.

The Coleman Xtreme cooler 5-Day 70qt is an underwhelming cooler to look at when lined up with coolers many times its price. But in the cooler world, looks don’t matter.

The Xtreme 5 can hold 73 cans plus beverages and snacks. The lid is raised, making it easier to lift the heavy ice performance in and out of the cooler. This is a nice feature and saves you time and effort. You can fill the cooler with ice and beverages and enjoy your trip. The Xtreme 5 weighs only 14 pounds. It’s not as heavy as other large coolers, which means it will be easy to carry around.

It also comes with a drain plug to let you drain water without worrying about the entire cooler tipping over. The handles make it easy to carry and store. This cooler is not only sturdy and durable, but it comes with a broad, large lid to make loading and unloading easy. Thanks for reading my Coleman Xtreme cooler 5 reviews. I hope these similar products help you to make the right choice.

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