Cooler Shock Review 2022: Best Information For You

Cooler Shock Review 2022 Best Information For You
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Since the summer’s heat is still on, it’s essential to have a water cooler at your house so you can beat the heat. The Cooler Shock Review does just that with its efficient design, but is it worth it? If you are looking for a new water cooler to bring some relief to your home, the review of cooler might be for you.

The cooler is unlike other water soft coolers because of its sleek, minimalistic design. It is an insulated container with a handle that holds up to 20 bottles of cold drinks. It can keep drinks cold for over 24 hours. The cover is lockable, so you can keep your drinks safe from pets and children.

The cooler shock is available in gray or white color. This is one of the best water coolers that gives you plenty of hot and cold water choices.

How Does Cooler Shock Work?

How does Cooler Shock work

Like many similar products, cooler shock review ice packs can be dry packs.

The ice packs are made from a gel-like material called PCM (or Phase Change Material). Water will freeze and become ice at 32° Fahrenheit. However, PCM will freeze at 18° Fahrenheit. This makes it colder than ice.

Cooler’s primary technique is a phase shift. Let’s examine how ice behaves to understand why. Ice has a melting temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It will melt at the melting point and then maintain that temperature until it is gone. This is known as a phase change or sticking point. The liquid water will continue to melt linearly after the ice has been melted.

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Shock’s phase change point (or sticking point) will also heat up. Its sticking point is lower than that of 18-degree Fahrenheit ice. It will change from solid to gel and maintain that temperature until it starts warming up. Its sticking point is much lower than regular ice, so it will keep objects cooler for more extended periods than regular ice.

Cooler Packs will freeze room-temperature water faster than Yeti ice. Shock claims that it can freeze room temperature water within 4 hours.

These ice packs won’t make your sandwiches soggy because they are dry.

The Cooler Dry Packs come empty, so you have to fill them with water yourself. Because there’s a little set-up involved, the ice packs can be messier than those that come pre-filled—especially if you’re a first-time user like us.

Each pack has one screw cap in the top left corner, so you have to pop that off and then fill the bag with water using the included funnel. Once the water is in, the instructions say to gently squeeze the pack and keep the opening straight so you can see the water rising to the top. However, I would like to give some feedback on the instructions (for the Screw cap packs only).

The instructions also warn that the sides of the pack can become sharp when frozen, so we weren’t messing around. We put one pack in a large cooler along with two beers, a bottle of tonic water, a can of seltzer, and a bag of frozen fruit. As recommended, we placed all of our items in direct contact with the pack. We left the cooler outside around 3 p.m. and checked in on it about three hours later.

Cooler Shock vs. Regular Ice

How does Cooler Shock compare to regular ice?

There are quite a few winners with this product.

Cooler packs are denser than buy ice and have a higher energy content. This means that they can keep your items cooler for longer.

Cooler packs won’t make your food soggy as regular ice.

Cooler ice packs can save you money over the long term because you only need a few packs, whereas you would need several pounds of ice, which would have been a lot more expensive (they are about the same price as 10-20 pounds).

Cooler reusable ice packs are reusable, so you don’t need to buy another one each time you freeze your stuff. The packs can be placed in the refrigerator the night before to make them ready for use.

How Many Ice Packs Do I Need For A Cooler?

How many ice packs do you need to cool your cooler? A cooler ice pack can save you a lot of space compared to regular ice. Each Shock pack weighs 5 pounds and can replace 7 pounds of regular ice.

A 16-quart cooler will only need one Shock Ice Pack, but you may need two if it’s going to be kept cold for more than two days. It will require 6 pounds of ice.

For a medium-sized cooler like 48 quarts, you will need four large shock reusable ice packs to provide more than two days of cooling and 18 lbs of ice for equivalent performance.

To keep food and beverages in a large cooler (say 64 quarts), you must pack 4-5 Shock Ice Packs. On the ice, the equivalent would weigh at least 24 lbs.

The Claim: The Cooler Shock company claims that when you use their product, you no longer have a need for ice to keep your items cold.

The Hype: One of the big factors is that they are reusable which the same cannot be said for ice. Unless you want to take that cooler full of melted ice and re-freeze it.

The Cost: The cost is going to vary depending on the size and type of the Shock product that you buy. For example, you can buy the 4 pack medium-sized Shocks packs that you just add the water to and then seal and use them when you are ready. This version will cost you $18.95.

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The tables below provide a better view.

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Are There Any Cons Of The Cooler Shock Packs?

The main disadvantage that Shock packs have when compared to other packs is that they are actually pretty pricey when compared to the other Shocks brands.

We think they are worth the investment, considering their outstanding performance.

You’ll decide for yourself when you compare them with the other pack reviews we will briefly review in this review.


Is Cooler Shock better than ice?

Block ice is 10-14 degrees F colder than shock block so that you will need less. Shock Block cools faster than block ice because of its ribbed surface and lower overall temperature.

How long do Cooler Shock packs last?

Best Compact: Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Pack

They can freeze at 18°C for up to 48 hours. These packs come flat with cooling gel inside. Once frozen, the gel turns into a solid block. Before you can use the packs, add water and shake well.

The next morning, we checked on the cooler around 7 a.m.—16 hours after we’d initially left it outside. At this point, the Cooler Shock pack had fully thawed, but it was still ice-cold as were all of the beverages. We noticed the pack had shrunk and the gel had shifted to the bottom, leaving a lot less surface area for our items to touch. So again, we rearranged our items so they were all touching the pack.

How do you store the Cooler Shock review?

Cooler shock dry packs must be kept in the freezer for 24 to 48 hours to be effective. We are used to putting our packs in the freezer overnight for 12 hours, so it was a surprise that they took so long.

The Shock packs are available in three sizes: large (10 x 14 inches), medium (10 x 10 inches), and lunch bag size(7 x 7 inches). We ordered the large ones, which come in a pack of three. When the bags arrived, they were entirely flat, foldable, and easy to store.

Given the brand’s high-quality construction, they are a little more expensive and range from $15 to $30 depending on your size. Thrive Reusable Packs: Thrive’s option is well-reviewed if you’re looking for a small ice pack that can fit in a lunch box or bag.

Do ice packs go on top or bottom of the cooler?

Ice packs should always be placed on top of any food that is in a cooler. Keep in mind that cool air falls and warm air rises. You can freeze water bottles or in resealable bags if you don’t own packs.

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Many people enjoy their trip more with the help of an ice cooler. Without the need to worry about your food spoiling, you can keep it nice and cool. You will also not be wasteful if you accidentally put something past the expiry date.

Any regular person will find great benefit when they bring their ice cooler. It helps keep your food and drinks at the desired temperature, especially in hot climates. Greater Cooling Capacity While you may think that an cooler is not the best option for cooling, it is the truth. Ice coolers have a greater cooling capacity than air coolers. This can be attributed to the fact that they are insulated and designed so that the hot air outside is trapped inside.

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