Danby Compact Refrigerator Review 2022: Best Information For You

Danby Compact Refrigerator Review 2022 Best Information For You
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The Danby compact refrigerator review article is a good fit for any size kitchen, with its dimensions at 33″ x 17 3/4″ x 32 1/2″. The inside has enough room to hold up to ten 12-ounce cans at one time, with an adjustable thermostat. The fridge includes two detachable drawers in the freezer, which are insulated for lower cooling.

For durability, it is made from a tough ABS plastic shell and stainless steel drawers. It has a total capacity of ten quarts. This refrigerator is ideal for a dorm room or a small apartment, as well as a great college graduation gift for a student heading off to a new place.


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The Danby Designer Compact Refrigerator, affordable, energy-efficient, and Energy Star certified with semi-automatic defrost, use the R600a refrigerant. It consumes just 226 kWh/year.

This compact fridge is perfect for any room: dorm, office, workshop, or guesthouse. The refrigerator holds a staggering 4.4 cu. It measures just 20.7 inches wide, 34.6 inches high, and 22.6 inches deep. It even has an independent freezer section that is full-width, making it an ideal bar fridge. You can also make your ice.

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The Danby comes with a CanStor beverage dispenser to enjoy your favorite beverages and plenty of room for tall bottles. This unit has two shelves and one shelf each, which allows for excellent storage flexibility.

The model is available in White and Black, smudge-free spotless Steel, and has an integrated door handle that can be used for left- or right-handed openings. Danby offers an 18-month warranty for parts and labor, as well as in-home service.

The model comes with an all-fridge option. This model also has an all-fridge option (i.e., no freezer compartment), which consumes a little less energy at 268kWh/yr. It is also available in Black and White as well as Steel.

Different types of Danby Refrigerator

Although Danby has a limited selection of refrigerators, we love their models because they are sturdy and last a long while. There are many options for compact and mid-sized refrigerators.

Compact Refrigerator

Different types of Danby Refrigerators

Danby refrigerator offers a two-small refrigerator that is 1.7 cubic inches in size if you’re looking for a cube fridge. Both in black or white, the refrigerators are Energy Star-rated with semi-automatic defrost. These mini-fridges, also known as mini-fridges, can be placed on top of a desk or top of a countertop.

They also offer a 2.5 cu. The Danby compact refrigerator is a 5 ft. Danby compact refrigerator, which can also be purchased in white or black. It is Energy Star rated. The Danby refrigerator’s door swing can be reversible so that you can open it from either the left or right.

Mid-size compact refrigerator

These refrigerators are ideal if you have enough storage space to cook for one but not enough for a full-size refrigerator.

Danby refrigerator reviews come in three sizes, each measuring just three cu. However, they have a total of 3 cu. ft. storage. One has a separate door to store the freezer. This makes it appear like a top-of-the-line compact refrigerator. We appreciate this feature as it eliminates the frost problems that can often affect refrigerators with freezers.

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Large Compact Refrigerator

The mid-sized version has 4.4 cu. ft. of small space. There are three other models. Storage space is approximately 4.4 cu. ft. The Energy Star rating of the two models is worth looking into. They are available in black, stainless with black accents, and white.

Apartment Refrigerator

If you don’t have the space for a larger refrigerator but still need it, a traditional Danby refrigerator Danby compact refrigerator model is for you. There are six models to choose from, ranging in size from 7.8 to 11.0 cubic feet. They have a total of 7.5 to 11.0 cu. ft. of storage space. We found that only one model is Energy Star rated and did not come with a fridge. The other five models are only available in white.

Wine Cellars: We were surprised at the incredible range of wine fridges they had. There were 20 models to choose from, ranging in size from 8 bottles storage to a wine cellar with 166 bottles. We’re not surprised that they have one that works for you.

Beverage Center: You might be asking yourself what precisely a beverage center is. It can also store bottles and cans. You have likely seen one in a hotel room that has a minibar. However, these doors are usually clear glass. Even though there are only five models, their selection is sufficient to meet most of your needs.

Beverage dispenser: This new invention allows you to provide a beverage dispenser that your guests can make their drinks. It can hold any amount of liquid you like and keep them cool. It’s like a mini kegerator.

Danby Designer Vs. Midea Vs. EdgeStar

Danby Designer Vs. Midea Vs. EdgeStar

The Danby Designer is the most efficient in this category, both for energy efficiency and functionality. It beats the Midea or the EdgeStar. It’s economical in both upfront and ongoing costs. Available in three finishes.

The Danby Designer has greater functionality and lowers energy consumption (226 kWh/yr) than the Midea. The three-wire racks, two full and one half, are easily removed, and the freezer compartment is not a chiller like the Midea. The EdgeStar has slide-out shelves that make it easier to clean and a true freezer with separate doors for the fridge and freezer.

The EdgeStar is more efficient in terms of energy efficiency. However, EdgeStar has an automated defrost. This might explain why it consumes almost 20% more energy than its semi-automatic counterpart, the Danby. The Midea has the only manual defrost, making it less attractive for student dorm rooms or offices.

The Midea has a good amount of space (44.2 cu. The Midea is a spacious, 4.4 cu. ft. design with low energy consumption (226 kWh/yr), which gives it an advantage over the EdgeStar (270kWh/yr and just 3.0 cu. ft. The Midea is quieter at 42 decibels compared to the Danby’s fifty decibels.

This is great for dorm space. The Midea can only be set to 32-35.6degF. However, EdgeStar and Danby Designer have temperature ranges of 34-60degF.

All three models are eco-friendly and use r600a coolant rather than CFCs or HFCs. The Midea and the EdgeStar have a 90-day labor warranty and a one-year parts warranty. However, the Danby Designer offers 18-month parts and labor warranty with in-home support.

The Danby Designer is available in three finishes as well as the Midea. However, the EdgeStar is currently only available in stainless steel. The EdgeStar is about 20% more expensive than the Midea, while the Danby Designer is around 20% cheaper.


Who makes Danby Compact refrigerators?

Danby Appliances Inc.

Danby is the name of a line marketed by Danby Appliances Inc./Danby Appliances Ltd. under the leadership of Jim Estill, President, and CEO. Danby is a specialist in designing, manufacturing, and distributing small appliances through independent and national retailers across Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Where are Danby refrigerators manufactured?


In a press release, Jim Estill, the company’s president and chief executive officer, stated that it had begun to manufacture niche appliances and refrigeration in Canada. Production is taking place at Danby’s Guelph area headquarters, located on the outskirts of the city along Whitelaw Road.

This fridge is equipped with dc for cigarette lighters in vehicles and ac power adapters for standard wall outlets. this compact refrigerator is ideal for use in bedrooms, dorms, nurseries, offices, or on the going in truck, boat, trailer, RV.

Does Danby make suitable freezers?

The Danby Chest Freezer was ranked 7th in our review of 120 expert reviews. We also looked at the top 9 products within the category. The full ranking can be found here. In this article, we’ll review four Danby refrigerator models made to fit in compact spaces, starting with two apartment-sized models around 10 cubic feet then moving on to mini fridge models under 5 cubic feet.

Why is my Danby mini fridge not cold?

Standard solutions of the mini-fridge: Danby Refrigerator is not cooling. The mini-fridge won’t be able to maintain the correct temperature if the coils become significantly dirty. To check the condition of the condenser, you can inspect them and clean them. This is the best mini fridge I have owned by far. All the rest had spots that would freeze stuff that was not in the freezer.


When choosing a fridge for your household, it is essential to consider the size of your home and how much capacity it can hold. You will also want to look at the refrigerator’s energy efficiency, the features included with the refrigeration, and the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

To make this decision easier, one should take a close look at the list below, highlighting some of the pros and cons of Danby refrigerators.

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