Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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With the demand for quality wines increasing, many people are looking to store their wines safely in a Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review.

Dual-zone coolers can maintain wines at proper temperatures for drinking without damaging them. This review will explore the benefits of this cooler and identify what makes it better than the traditional single zone cooler.

Why Should You Buy A Stylish Wine Cooler?

Why should you buy a wine cooler

A built-in cooler is essential for wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and hobbyists. Wine coolers will keep your collection at the perfect temperature and humidity so that it will remain intact.

A common question among newbies is, “Why should I buy a cooler?”


The answer is easy. A built-in cooler, an appliance specifically designed for wine, has different characteristics than a regular fridge and can provide different temperatures to preserve or cool wine before it’s time for tasting.

This cooler is perfect under any countertop or even standing alone in any room. Its control display with LED light and large temperature range promise to keep any wine perfectly chilled at all times.

Here are the characteristics of a cooler:

  • Wine coolers have unique shelves. These shelves are designed to hold wine, and they are not like traditional fridges. They are usually made from wood. However, many coolers are now available with metallic shelves.
  • A custom ventilation system: In addition to proper airflow, constant humidity is essential for preserving wine. Wine coolers are equipped with unique ventilation systems to maintain the proper humidity level.
  • Tempered UV-shielded Glass: The glass doors to coolers are usually made from double- or triple-tempered anti-UV glasses that will protect your wine from light damage. This feature is essential if you store sparkling or white wine.
  • Anti-vibration cooling: coolers have anti-vibration cooling devices that prevent wine bottles from being moved beyond the point of tasting.

It is hard to find these qualities in a regular fridge, so investing in coolers is good. Let’s take a look at the different types of coolers that you have.

Different Types Of Coolers

We can categorize coolers either based upon their cooling system or their structure.

The coolers in the first case can be broken down into two types: thermoelectric vs compressor-based cooler.

A compressor-based cooler can be placed anywhere you like. However, it is essential to allow for ventilation. This will then create cold air inside the unit while expelling hot air outside. In terms of setup, coolers can either be freestanding or built-in.

Advantages of the compressor coolers:

  • There are many temperature settings.
  • Rapid cooling
  • Some models have dual temperature zones.

Disadvantages of the compressor coolers:

  • Vibrations at a high level
  • It consumes a lot of electricity.

The thermoelectric wine chillers use an electric current to maintain the desired temperature. The device uses a metal rod to transport heat outside the system and keep the temperature inside low.

You will need to keep the cooler’s back and sides away from any walls or furniture to function correctly.

Advantages of the thermoelectric coolers:

  • Do not produce vibrations.
  • Consume little energy
  • Don’t over freeze

Disadvantages of the thermoelectric coolers:

  • The wine takes a while to cool down.
  • External temperature influences the internal temperature

Thermoelectric cooling is popular in coolers because they are quieter and more energy-efficient. They also produce less vibration, which is better for the wine. Whereas a compressor pushes out cold air, a thermoelectric cools without pushing out cold air.

The wine coolers are classified according to their structure. There are two types of coolers: single and dual-zone. Dual-zone fridges provide two temperature settings that can preserve different types or cool the wine before it is served.

You might consider a dual-zone cooler a better investment because different wines need to be stored at different temperatures. Let’s find out which temperatures are best for preservation.

How To Preserve Wine?

You should keep your wine at the right temperature, based on its type.

White wines should be kept at 50 to 54 degrees F. This is the ideal temperature for sparkling wines.

Red wines should, however, be kept at temperatures between 54 and 59 degrees F.

It is best to keep your wines at 54 degrees Fahrenheit if you have a mix of red and white wines.

In both cases, the desired humidity is 70%. Variations between 60 to 80% won’t affect the quality of your wine. It would help if you were careful to maintain these parameters at all costs.

Is A Dual Zone Wine Fridge Right For You?

The answer is complicated. A dual-zone cooler is unnecessary unless your wine knowledge is exceptional or you have a wine business.

A dual-zone cooler is a must-have for wine lovers who want to preserve different wine types at the correct temperature.

A dual-zone cooler, however, is far more versatile. Dual-zone coolers allow you to maintain the temperature you want to preserve your wine and cool it down before cooling it in another area.

Even if you don’t need dual-zone fridges, this fantastic feature can still be used.

How To Choose The Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler

How to Choose a Dual Zone Wine Cooler

When choosing a dual-zone wine cooler, you first need to decide whether to invest in a compressor.

After you have decided how extensive your wine collection is, the next step is to decide the size of the cooler. Keep in mind that wine should not be kept in wine coolers for more than one year.

It is also essential to decide where the cooler should be placed. There are many options for coolers, including built-in ones that you can incorporate into your furniture. A freestanding cooler is also available. It has a design that is very similar to a refrigerator.

Some manufacturers offer beautiful coolers that can be placed in your living room or studio.

Dual Zone Wine Cooler Reviews

1. Wine Enthusiast 272 18 05 Silent Dual Zone Cooler for 18 Bottles with Upright Bottle Storage

This Enthusiast wine chiller is a beautiful, dual-zone cooler that can hold up to 18 bottles. Its sleek design matches any interior.

This cooler can be used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with other units. It is small enough to fit into tight spaces.

The cooler’s most coolers outstanding feature is its upright bottle storage. This will allow you to cool down wine bottles that have been opened.

Temperature zones are ideal for the preservation of red and white wine. They can be divided into a 10-bottle area with temperatures between 54-66degF and an eight-bottle region with 46-66degF.


  • Thermoelectric coolers: This cooler produces virtually no vibrations and is completely silent thanks to its thermoelectric cooling technology.
  • Touchscreen commands: You can set the temperature range you desire quickly using the touchscreen commands.
  • Proper bottle storage is ideal for keeping an open bottle at the right temperature.
  • This cooler is elegant: its stunning design can make any interior look more elegant.


  • The cooler’s bottom zone doesn’t have light, so large bottles might not work well.

2. Haier 12-Bottle Dual-Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Storage

The Haier 12-bottle dual-zone wine cellar is a small but affordable solution for wine lovers who are just starting to collect wine.

Haier makes small cellars that can hold 6 to 18 bottles. However, the 12-bottle wine chiller might be the best option for starters.

This unit has a stunning design and a dual touchscreen screen. It is ideal for storing red and white wine in zones that have temperatures ranging from 46 to 65 degrees F and 54 to 66 degrees F, respectively.


  • Thermoelectric cooler: You won’t have to worry anymore about vibrations and noises, thanks to thermoelectric technology.
  • Modern design: The unit comes in black with a dark-tempered glass door. This adds a lot of elegance and class to the room.
  • This unit is a bargain price: It is a great deal if you don’t want a cooler at a high price.
  • Five sizes: If you don’t like the 12-bottle cooler, you can choose from one of the four other sizes.


  • The thermoelectric cooler is not noisy, but some customers complained.

3. Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

The Kalamera Freestanding Wine Refrigerator is one of the most sought-after dual zone coolers. It can store up to 157 bottles.

Kalamera wine cooler makes the same appliance for 30 or 46 bottles if you don’t have an extensive collection.

You can also choose whether you want the more remarkable to preserve red and white wine or if the cooler is to cool the wine before serving.

The temperature in the upper zone drops to 40- 50 degrees F, while the lower zone maintains wine temperatures between 50 and 64 degrees F.

4. Koolatron 45 Bottle Dual Zone Cellar

The Koolatron 45 Bottle Dual Zone wine cellar is another popular dual zone cooler. The unit can store up to 45 bottles simultaneously, but it is divided into two zones with its doors.

This compressor cooler looks modern and sleek, thanks to the aluminum details. Your collection of wines will glow in the soft blue light because the doors are made from dark tempered glass.

Wine shelves made from metal are incredibly slim and take up very little space in the cooler. A good basket on the bottom allows you to store more wine bottles.

An LED display allows you to control and set the temperature in each compartment. It can be adjusted between 45 and 54 degrees F in the upper zone and between 54 and 65 degrees lower.


  • You can remove or change the position of removable shelves to fit any wine bottle, even larger ones.
  • Temperature display in Celsius and Fahrenheit: You can set the right temperature, even if the label for the wine uses another unit.
  • Digital control: The temperature control can be done digitally, so adjusting or setting the internal temperature in both zones is easy.
  • Coolers with compressors: You can be sure that your wines will remain at the right temperature, regardless of external conditions.


  • The compressor cooler is quite noisy when it is in use.

5. Koldfront 18 bottle freestanding dual zone

Koldfront 18 Bottle-Free Standing Dual Zone Cooler is the last on our list. It can hold up to 18 bottles.

The temperature of the Koldfront unit is similar to other thermoelectric coolers. It can be set between 46 and 65 degrees F in the lower zone and 54 to 66 degrees in the upper.

Thanks to the elegant wooden storage racks and the steel details, the contemporary design works well in even the most traditional interiors.

A digital display controls the temperature, and the tempered glass door comes with a safety lock.


  • Convenient shelves: The storage racks can slide out easily and allow for quick access to your favorite wines.
  • Accurate temperature settings: The unit can maintain the temperature set, which is excellent for a thermoelectric device.
  • This unit is silent and vibration-free.
  • Safety lock: If you want to protect your collection from children, this safety lock is a great option.


  • The capacity of 18 bottles refers to standard Bordeaux bottles. If you store larger bottles, the capacity will decrease.

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Do dual zone wine coolers work?

A dual-zone cooler is the best choice if you have an extensive collection or anticipate getting one. Dual-zone coolers are more versatile and can hold both white and red wines simultaneously. You can store sparkling wines in a dual-zone cooler.

Why have a dual-zone wine cooler?

Dual-zone coolers are better at properly storing wine, red and white wines by dividing their storage space in half. You can protect white wine against oxidation by keeping it at a lower temperature. They also make it easy to enjoy red and white wines at the best serving temperatures.

What temperature should a dual-zone wine fridge be set at?

These are the dual-zone wine cooler temperatures you can set for different wine types. It is best to set the temperature at 50 degrees (11degC), 65 degrees (18degC) for red wine, and the temperature at 45 degrees (7degC), and 50 degrees (11degC), for white wine.


According to the reviews, some may argue that this is not true, but it is the truth. Dual Zone coolers are one of the best products on the market because they take up less space, run quieter, and prevent wine from accumulating any unpleasant odors. This cooler has it all.

This review will discuss the benefits of dual zone coolers in detail and tell you what features make them worth it. Thanks for reading. The benefits of dual zone coolers are pretty extensive.

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