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Have you been searching for the best Engel cooler review for your next fishing or camping trip? The Engel 33-quart roto-molded cooler is the one you’ve been looking for. It has a molded-in military-grade roto-molded design and heavy-duty insulation, keeping food and beverages cold and fresh for up to five days in any environment. Users rave about its ease of use and durability.

They also love the attached and durable carrying handle and the dual lid latches, which can be used as additional drink holders.

The Engel 33-quart roto-molded cooler is trendy and continues to sell well. What is the best cooler for keeping things cold? The Engel bear-proof Cooler that is most popular among hikers and campers is the Engel 34-quart roto-molded cooler. It has excellent insulation, which keeps Ice frozen for up to 4 days.

Are You Looking For The Engel 12V Cooler?

Are you looking for the Engel 12v cooler

Engel also makes a popular product, the 12v cooler. This is one of the most sought-after 12v coolers/refrigerators that you will find.

This article is about Engel’s 12v soft coolers. If you are looking for a regular cooler that can be plugged in, you can continue reading to see the sizes of the Engel Deep Blue Series coolers.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Engel UC19 19qt Leak-Proof... Engel UC19 19qt Leak-Proof... No ratings yet $94.99 $83.99
2 ENGEL 13 Quart Compact Durable... ENGEL 13 Quart Compact Durable... No ratings yet $79.99 $69.97
3 Engel UC7T 7.5qt Leak-Proof... Engel UC7T 7.5qt Leak-Proof... 481 Reviews $69.99
4 Engel UC30C1 30qt Leak-Proof... Engel UC30C1 30qt Leak-Proof... 911 Reviews $93.99
5 Engel High Performance... Engel High Performance... No ratings yet $599.99 $542.99
6 ENGEL ENG65 High Performance... ENGEL ENG65 High Performance... No ratings yet $227.99 $213.99

These coolers don’t have the same kind of performance as the Deep blue coolers, but they provide an airtight seal making them great for a variety of short-term storage uses. Where they offer many different sizes is in their Deep blue rotomolded high-performance coolers.

Size of the High-Performance Coolers

If your brand is well-known, you don’t need to worry about catching up with your products’ catchy names.

The Engel Coolers vs Yeti is a generic name for each model. Its storage capacity is what distinguishes them. Let’s look at the various sizes and options.

Engel coolers offer single-size soft-sided coolers in a backpack. The soft-sided coolers can hold ice for up to five days in ideal situations, but it’s more likely that you will get 1-3 days out of it. You can carry it as a bag or backpack with a shoulder strap.

There are three sizes available for their dry box ice chests: 13qt. 19qt. And 30qt. Although these soft coolers aren’t as efficient as Deep blue coolers in terms of performance, they offer an excellent solution for short-term storage.

They offer many sizes in their Deep Blue roto-molded high-performance coolers. These coolers are also known as Engel Deep Blue coolers.

They have thick insulation and rigid, roto-molded coolers construction that can hold Ice for up to 10 days. These coolers are a rugged, bear-resistant ice chest that has 2 inches of insulation. This Engel is the best in all aspects.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a cooler is its actual internal capacity. Pelican, a vendor of ice chests, rates their models with an exact internal capacity. Other coolers use the external volume, such as the YETI Tundra coolers, so the numbers are always a bit lower. Engel seems to be pretty consistent in this.

Remember that a cooler with a larger capacity is not always better. As the cooler gets bigger, so does its weight. You want to find the right size for you, not one that leaves you wanting more. The Engel high-performance coolers are available in this gallery:


Engel has a cooler that fits your needs, no matter how big or small. They come in a variety of sizes, from small 13-quart models to large 320-quart coolers. This cooler is our largest ever!

They have everything you need, no matter if you’re looking for something to take with you to your next family reunion or a bag to store your food cold. No matter how big or small you are, you can ensure that your Engel product will meet your expectations. Each size has been carefully designed to ensure the highest performance.

Optimized to Maximize Storage Capacity

There are many sizes available. The shapes of each size were optimized to allow for maximum space and minimize the amount of “free space” left.

It is the worst feeling in the entire world when your cooler is complete, and you discover that the last few drinks or food items won’t fit, even though there is more space at the top.

Engel has a lower chance of this happening and can take advantage of all the volume that a cooler has to offer.

The Engel 123 has a 32″ x 13.5″ x 13.375″ internal volume. This is quite a space!

Qualitative Construction

Qualitative Construction

Engel, like most high-end coolers, uses rotomolding to manufacture their products. The foam frame is the foundation of their products. This foam is approximately 2 inches thick all around. It provides significantly more insulation than what you will find in your regular, run-of-the-mill cooler.

Then, they melt the plastic pellets in a microwave and spin them at high speed to coat foam. This is the final result. Engel cooler reviews can hold ice for up to 10 days, thanks to their insulation of 2 inches.

The additives are what make the plastic unique. The color is UV-resistant 100%. The paint will not fade even if it is exposed to the sun for long periods. It will always look the same as it did when you purchased it, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at it.

It’s simple in design, but it’s highly durable. This cooler can withstand being dropped, bounced around in a box on a truck, and being tossed as necessary. This cooler is efficient. It’s not too extravagant, but it’s always reliable.

The hinges are made from plastic and have a pivot in stainless steel to hold them in place. Stainless steel is highly durable and resistant to rust. The thick insulation makes them a bit heavy, but the rope handles make them easy to transport. They are made of high-quality marine-grade rope, so you can be sure they will last.

For premium coolers ice chests, the latches are very easy to open and close. This pressure is essential, even though it can be a little tedious.

This is combined with the gasket that runs around the edge of the cooler to create an air-tight seal. Bears will not smell your food, and they won’t be exposed to the elements. The coolers also have a live bait tray, making them ideal for fishing.

Although the Engel coolers look simple, it is clear that Engel took time to create them of exceptional quality. You don’t have to pay for many features you might not use. Instead, you get a cooler that does one thing very well. The Engel Deep Blue Series cooler is the best Engel.

They are built with rotomolded construction and 2 inches of insulation. Some of the beneficial features of this cooler are a silicone gasket, non-slip feet, non-slip lid, padlock holes, bottle opener, compression latches, one-twist drain plug, rope handles, and so on.

Ice Retention

Engel has the most extended reported ice life, with a maximum of 8-10 days of cold-keeping capability. Engel is an excellent choice for hunting and camping trips that require extra time. You will save time and effort when moving and buying ice bags.

This means you spend less time worrying about your cooler and more time outdoors enjoying nature. How does it keep Ice icy for so long? Many factors can explain this phenomenon. Below we will discuss some of the most critical factors. First, let’s look at our results regarding ice life. These are based on personal testing.

Ice life varies based on the size of the Cooler reviews. All of them perform well and can compete with premium brands.

This long-lasting ice life is due to the quality of the components as well as the construction. The shell is made of thick roto-molded coolers plastic (which we will discuss further below). The lid is sealed with a silicone gasket that provides the required squeeze between the body and the lid. Strong clamps are used for the required force to squeeze the gaskets.

From Engel 25 to Engel 85, there are two latches. Three latches are available for Engel 123 and Engel 320.


Comparing the exterior dimensions to competitors will make it appear that these models have less capacity. This would be true. They use thicker insulation than any other product on the market. It paid off. Yes, in many ways.

The Ice lasted for a full day longer than the Yeti cooler and was comparable to Pelican. Engel has more insulation than Pelican, and the two brands were neck-and-neck. It worked, but that doesn’t mean you should buy the thickest option. Many coolers available today boast similar features.


Engel coolers are built to withstand the most severe elements and last for many years. A premium cooler is useless if it fails after a few trips to the beach or one season. Many of their products have unique features and proprietary manufacturing elements that allow them to achieve this level of toughness. We’ll discuss and break down some of them.

Hardshell Rotomolded Coolers Construction

All Engel coolers are made using roto-molded construction, as mentioned. A single, tough polyurethane shell protects the cooler’s body. Most conventional coolers are made in small pieces and must be assembled using a traditional method like melting the plastic ends. These stress risers are weak points within the cooler shell, and they are often the first to crack or fail.

This issue is eliminated with one-piece construction. The cooler also has more flexibility in its shape and embedded features.

TruHold Lid

All Engel cooler brand lids have the TruHold Lid. The TruHold Lid is a non-skid reinforced lid that can be sat on or stood on without fear. Older coolers will show signs of wear over time. This can be fixed.

Anvil Hinge

The hinge is a weak spot in coolers that you will see in many of our reviews on this website. The hinge is the essential part of a cooler. The hinge is vital to the proper functioning of a cooler. A cooler that doesn’t seal well is nothing but a box.

The full-length hinge can withstand years of abuse and is self-stopping. It is also designed to prevent someone from opening the lid too far back. This can be a problem with many more fabulous designs.

Unity Latch System

The latch system is another problem that affects lower-end coolers. Many will choose a cheaper plastic latch, which can crack, warp and even break off over time. Recessed marine-grade, adjustable draw latches with stainless steel hardware that doubles as a bottle opener.

This cooler can be opened and closed thousands of times without it ever failing. It is strong, but it is easy to use. Anyone should be able to open and close the latches.

The ice chest by Engel high-performance cooler has four tie-down points which you can use to tie the cooler to your truck floor or to your boat if you are using it as a marine cooler. The Yeti Tundra 75 has a smaller capacity of about 72 quarts and can hold up to 50 cans with a lot of ice to keep them cool for days.

I-BEAM Lid Inserts

There can be a lot of space between walls on larger coolers. The cooler walls can sag and dip over time due to a lack of reinforcement. It can also cause performance issues. Engel included I-beams along the cooler lid, as in many other buildings.

This provides reinforcement and helps the product to be able to bear the weight of both internal items and potential people sitting or standing on top. This doubles as protection in case the cooler is accidentally dropped or knocked over.

Engel Coolers Vs Yeti

We get this question a lot from our readers: How do you choose between Engel coolers vs YETI. YETI coolers are a pioneer in roto-molded cooler design. They were able to stand out with their durable and high-quality design, superior ice retention, excellent branding, and affordable price.

Yeti cooler is a well-known brand. People are always curious about how the cooler compares to the top-selling coolers on the market, no matter what it is. It will be a relief to learn that these coolers have many things in common. There are a few things you should consider when comparing Engel coolers to YETI.

First, the coolers look very similar. However, there are essential differences in the yeti Engel debate.

You can expect a similar level of performance to get rid of the argument about ice retention. Although both cooler brands claim that Ice lives up to 10 days in ideal conditions, it is important to note that this is not the case for all situations.

Both cooler brands can expect to keep Ice for around seven days. Engel holds Ice’s chest slightly longer when tested head-to-head.

Both models are bear-proof and can be used to melt dry Ice. Engel coolers feature a simple rubber latching, while YETI coolers come with their rubber T-latches. The difference is purely a design one, but the Engel cooler seems to hold more.

Engel coolers have a 10-year warranty depending on which cooler you choose. YETI coolers only have a 5-year warranty. Engel coolers are more affordable than a YETI one, so Engel vs Yeti is the best choice if your budget is tight. Both brands are top-of-the-line coolers, so you can’t go wrong with either.


Engel offers a variety of accessories to enhance the cooler’s functionality. The divider and hanging basket are our two favorite options. The divider is simply a sheet of plastic that fits into the groove at the center of your cooler.

It is water-tight. For example, you could keep your beer in a mix of water and Ice. The water won’t make your beer last as long, but the Ice will keep it colder. How long is that beer going to last anyway?

You can also keep your vegetables, meats, and other dry items on the other side. The basket is for food that you don’t want to come in direct contact with Ice. You can see the perfect example in the sandwiches you have packed for the day.

You can get a larger plush cushion that doubles as a seat if you choose the larger model. You can’t get any more versatile than this.


There are many color options. The white is the most popular, and it is also as simple as it gets. A camo brown would look great at any campsite. Or a haze grey that looks more like a shade. If you want something truly unique, the camo one is worth a little extra.

It is made from authentic Realtree graphics and is an excellent choice for avid outdoors people or dads who want their kids to stay away from their beer stash. Since then, they have added pink and blue to the line.

Our suggestion? Choose white. White is easy to clean and won’t show any scratches. The white option will look amazing even after many years.


It’s a sign of reliability when a company stands behind its product. This industry is no exception. Warranty terms are often longer than we’re used to. Some companies offer a three-year warranty, while others offer a lifetime guarantee. Engel offers a 5-year warranty.

What is the fine print? This warranty is limited. They will replace any defective part unless the manufacturing error is clearly shown. It could be either way. They may say no if your cooler suffers enough visible damage (e.g., if it falls out of a truck’s back).

The seal is the only part they will ship. You won’t be able to replace any other components so you will need a new cooler. This cooler is very durable. There are very few chances that you will need to use the warranty.

One of the Best Coolers

A guide was created to identify the top coolers for 2020. You can click here to see the guide and compare it with other coolers. We have compiled these cool reviews to help you decide which one is right for you.

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Is Engel better than Yeti?

Engel coolers are superior in terms of ice retention. Yeti coolers hold Ice for about a day longer than Engel, but they are still superior. Both coolers are very similar in terms of build quality. The most significant difference is in the latch system.

Can you sit on Engel coolers?

All Engel cooler lids have the TruHold Lid. This is a non-skid reinforced lid that can be sat on or stood on without worrying about damage.

What does this have to do with coolers?

One of the main reasons Engels fridges are so efficient is the polyurethane insulation. Although they are compact, they’re insulated better than even the freezer you have in your home. If their coolers use the same polyurethane insulation, we expect to see some pretty impressive results. Let’s go hands-on and find out how an Engel Cooler stacks up against the competition.

Which brand is better than Yeti?

My recommendation: Pelican ProGear Elite

My top pick for the best cooler, similar to Yeti, is the Pelican ProGear Elite cooler. It is the most affordable Yeti alternative and has higher ice retention than the Yeti.

Are ENGEL coolers bear proof?

ENGEL coolers are the best! They are rugged, durable, and bear-resistant. Not only are they the preferred choice for industry professionals, but they also make the best coolers available for fishing, hunting, camping, tailgating, and off-road expeditions.


Engel cooler is a perfect choice for your long trip for those who love to take their trips outdoors or outdoors. It is the best long-term solution to keep your food fresh and cold, allowing you to have a great time outdoors without being bothered by the intensity of the heat.

Thanks to this feature, you can use the Engel for longer trips. Its carrying capacity of 50 lbs provides you with enough space to store all the necessities for outdoor trips.

Thanks for reading our blog post. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. And we would love to hear from you!

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