Fatboy Cooler Review 2022: Top Full Guide

Fatboy Cooler Review 2022 Top Full Guide
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Fatboy cooler Review is highly efficient, highly durable, and well-built to keep your drinks ice cold for days. The best part about it is the no-nonsense buy now, pay later system that ensures you’re never stuck with a product you can’t afford.

The selection of coolers has something for every type of adventure, whether you’re taking the family to the beach or hunting down the best wave in the world. You’ll be sure to find the perfect cooler for your needs. If you’re ready to throw some cash at the Fatboy and throw some cans in it, we’ve got you covered!

Fatboy Cooler Reviews For Beginner 2022

Fatboy Cooler Reviews For Beginner 2022

Design And Construction

Fatboy’s best selling point when it comes to hard coolers is that they are rotomolded. This cooler is so good at roto-molding that I will give you an explanation of what rotomolded means.

Roto-molding is also known as rotational mold, and it is a method of making plastic. High temperatures and low pressures characterize it. We’ll also see how rotation helps achieve the one-piece design. This is the reason Fatboy’s hard coolers are so durable and robust.

A one-piece design also dramatically increases ice time, making them last longer than coolers made from other plastic forming methods.

A Fatboy’s life begins with a mold that is filled with polyethylene powder. The mold is heated in an oven and rotated on two axes (biaxial rotation). This rotation is what makes roto molded coolers so sturdy.

This allows the plastic to spread evenly through the mold. It also ensures consistent thickness and strong corners. After the polyethylene has adhered, it is removed from the oven and left to cool. Once the polyethylene has bonded to the mold, it is removed from the oven and allowed to cool.

At this point, the Fatboy heavy duty body is a hollow piece made of plastic. It is a nice looking cooler, but nothing more. Insulating foam is used to keep the interior temperatures constant for as long as ten days.

Roto-molding’s beauty is its ability to be constructed in one piece. It isn’t made up of multiple parts that are attached. This can let air through and create inconsistent internal temperatures. Fragmented construction can also make the body vulnerable to damage, as it is only as strong and as stable as the joints. Rotomolded coolers can be both durable and strong and will keep your icy ice cold for a longer time.

Despite this, we are impressed by the cooler’s strength. It was dropped from 20 feet, but we couldn’t find any damage. Ok, we only found one scratch, but it was hard to find.

Available Sizes And Dimensions

Fatboy Wheeled Coolers did an excellent job in making both soft-sided and hard ice pack coolers. This makes them an unshakeable hot spot among the pioneering competitors.

The Fatboy’s hard sided coolers are available in seven sizes, which I think all look fantastic. All outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy any activity with the flexibility and versatility of the sizes available.

There are many sizes to choose from, from the personal 10qt or 20qt coolers to the 70qt Fat-wheeled boy that is a great addition to the collection. And of course, there’s always the Fatboy 110qt, the big man in the family.

  • Fatboy 10QT Cooler
  • Fatboy 20QT Cooler
  • Fatboy 45QT Cooler
  • Fatboy 70QT Wheeled Cooler
  • Fatboy 75QT Cooler
  • Fatboy 110QT Cooler

This collection is very practical in terms of size. Each Titan deep freeze cooler offers a little more, which simulates an upgrade. You’ll have longer outdoor fun with each larger cooler.

Fatboy has two soft-sided coolers available: the Fatback Original backpack cooler and the Fatboy Backpack. They look almost identical and can hold the same interior capacity. The only difference is the color. One is red/black, and one is blue/black.

These coolers are unique in a way you won’t find anywhere else. However, Fatboy Wheeled Coolers may be a relatively new company, but that didn’t stop them from pursuing a different product.

  • Fatboy Backpack Cooler Kayak & Canoe Floating Drybag
  • Fatboy Backpack Cooler Kayak & Canoe (Cardinal Red).

Fatboy Backpack Coolers can be used safely and easily anywhere.

Features Of Fatboy Cooler Reviews

This cooler has many great features. Let’s begin with the lid. It is slip-resistant and holds its place well.

Another problem with coolers is that you need to place the lid against something to prevent it from closing too quickly. You’ll find yourself holding the lid with one hand while searching for something deep within the chest. The Fatboy is different. It is stable and can be opened and closed with a little force.

T-rex latches are also very popular. These latches are made from industrial-grade materials and keep the cooler closed. The latches on other coolers may feel loose and have the potential to fall off.

It becomes a problem when the cooler is loaded in the back of the truck and taken for a bumpy ride. When you arrive at your destination, your cooler latches have become loose, and your ice is gone. With the Fatboy’s latches, you won’t have this problem.

We love the handles. They are made of Polyethylene and can be removed. Many cooler brands boast about the strength of their nylon rope handles. We compared Fatboy’s handles to RTIC’s and found them to be just as strong and easy to remove. These items should last a lifetime.

We were captivated by the lockable corners. You won’t want any animals or people unauthorized to get into your Fatboy Ice. So you can put a padlock on each corner and feel secure. The front corners can also be used as bottle openers.

We also really liked the non-skid bottom feet, the molded ruler, the drain plug, and the vacuum release. These last two features will be discussed in detail.

Let’s begin with the drain plug. The small drain is another thing I dislike about cooler brands. To drain the water, you have to wait for it to dry. You also run the risk of losing the plug on most coolers. It’s all you have, a plug.

It’s a whole new experience with the Fatboy. The plug is attached to the cooler using a stainless steel chain. This means you don’t need to worry about it getting lost when unwinding it. This is a positive in our book.

Fatboy drain has another advantage. There are two levels to the Fatboy drain. The top plug can be removed, which is similar to a garden hose. This will allow for a slow, high-pressure drain. The hole at this level is approximately the same size as the holes in all other coolers.

The second lid can be removed, revealing the drain hall. This drain hall is much wider than the typical 1-inch drain hall found on coolers. It measures approximately an inch and a quarter in diameter. This means that water will drain much more quickly. It doesn’t stop there.

Fatboy added a vacuum release switch to his drain. Air forces water to flow out of a cooler in spurts or bursts when you drain it. This results in slow drainage.

The Fatboy has a vacuum release button that allows air to enter through a different passage. This allows water to flow more easily. It drains faster as a result. This double feature seems to be Fatboy’s coup de grace.

Let’s look at the actual chest. The lid contains an industrial-grade gasket which helps keep the temperature inside your cooler at the right temperature. Two trays are included in the chest. These trays can be used to place different items.

These boards help to separate the liquid from the ice. A cutting board also acts as a divider by cutting the chest in half down the middle. Two cup and bottle holders are located on the sides of the cooler.

Ice Retention And Insulation Ability

Ice Retention And Insulation Ability (1)

A few basic tips on storing ice and food in a cooler will help you retain and insulate your cooler better. Roto-molded coolers are designed to do this well without you having to work so hard. This Fatboy Wheeled Coolers collection keeps ice and drinks cool inside, just like global brands.

First, larger coolers have a longer ice period than smaller coolers. The Fatboy 20qt can keep ice for up to 6 days if it is exposed to the sun and opened several times throughout the day ice to check on the condition of the ice. This is a great personal cooler.

You can now guess how long the Fatboy 110qt will keep going. The Fatboy 110qt can keep ice for up to 10 days in different environments. You can be sure that your cooler will melt ice and have water activity. Just drain it when you need to.

This is due to the exclusive Cryo-Foam polyurethane insulation, which provides superior ice retention. Our advice to you is to pre-chill your cooler as soon as possible. Keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Only open the cooler when necessary to prolong the life of your ice.

Fatboy’s soft cools is the same. They’re small and lightweight with a 1/2-inch BlubberTM insulation layer that keeps your Fatpack’s insides dry, safe, and comfortable for a picnic or short road trip.

You shouldn’t expect a soft cooler to keep things inside for more than a day. It is meant for short trips, picnics, and even water rafting.


This is another area in which Fatboy did not skimp on variety. The Fatboy is available in five color options: sand (light blue), green (green), white, pink, and an exclusive camo version.


You might be slightly disappointed. I’m sure I was. A Fatboy hard cooler comes with a 5-year warranty. The warranty for accessories and parts is 90 days.

This could be because Fatboy doesn’t come from America. Instead, the parent company outsources its manufacturing to a Chinese factory.

They can’t guarantee the quality, I suppose. Fatboy is a problem, but other brands, like Siberian and Pelican, offer lifetime warranties, though they may be limited.


Fatboy can be used for fishing, tailgating, and camping. They can be taken hiking or carried to work on hot days.

The duration of an activity is what matters with this cooler. It doesn’t matter how intense it is. You can depend on the cooler to keep your ice-cold if you don’t go out for more than one week. You’ll need to carry a bucket of water if you go beyond ten days.

Who is it for?

Fatboy was a fantastic line, with its sizes, colors, and unique details. This is what makes any cooler versatile and can be found in the back seat of any person. Anyone can use it, from a worker looking for a drink or lunch at work to a fisherman fishing in the middle of a river or lake.

These sizes and the ice retention capability are amazing. That’s why a cooler is so great.

The Fatboy Fatpack soft coolers are also very popular. A spacious, waterproof, water-proof, well-padded backpack is a must for water enthusiasts. It will protect their items and snacks from being damaged or wet while still allowing them to move freely.

We can’t exclude the use of these Fatboys from one group but not the other. They are for everyone to enjoy.

Fatboy Vs. Yeti: Which Is Better?

This is where the debate is never-ending. Yeti Tundra Haul is always the model many people end up comparing their coolers too. You don’t have to if you are interested in our opinions. If you need to know more about Best Yeti Cooler Brand 2022, let’s access here: https://publicananker.com/best-yeti-cooler/

Fatboy and many other brands have managed to create quality roto-molded coolers capable of doing exactly what Yeti and other top brands can with a few minor differences in terms of details and sometimes even ice.

Fatboy is a great choice. They come in many colors and offer great insulation. There is, however, a significant price gap between Fatboy and Yeti, as is the case with Yeti. This brand is certified American bear-resistant, while Fatboy Coolers discount code are not.

We can confirm that Yeti and Fatboy deliver similar high performance in keeping ice inside for almost the same time. However, Yeti was slightly ahead of the curve when it came to ice.

Yeti uses 3 inches of commercial-grade foam to insulate their insulation, while Fatboy has only 2 inches.

Where can you buy Fatboy Coolers?

You can buy Fatboy at many online stores, including their website. However, we recommend you purchase your Fatboy at Amazon.

Amazon has many advantages over other sites. You can read real reviews from customers who have used the product before you. This will help you make a more informed decision about your purchase.

You are fully protected, and you can return the product to get a refund if it isn’t what you expected. You can also enjoy perks such as free shipping for Prime members and many other perks.


What cooler is made in the USA?

Many American-made cooler manufacturers produce high-quality products. Esky, Grizzly, and many other brands make ice in the USA, including Orca, Orion, and Pelican.

Does RTIC make a rolling cooler?

Unfortunately, there is no standard RTIC cooler that comes with wheels. (RTIC coolers are similar to YETI).

Does cooler color affect retention?

Cooler colors can impact ice times but are not as significant as some may think. … A white cooler kept ice for half the time of a grey or darker cooler in extreme cases. We also tested tumblers in different colors.

Read on: https://www.coolersonsale.com/ultimate-ice-challenge-results/

Do coolers lose effectiveness?

Your ice chest is probably not something that you think about often. Insulation can and will deteriorate over time and make your ice chests less efficient. A decent cooler has solid ice.


Fatboy is sleek and modern. They stand out against other coolers because of their simple and beautiful design. The side handles make the cooler easy to move around and even come with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport. This model also has drainage holes at the bottom, allowing any excess water accumulated inside to get drained out easily.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully, this Fatboy review can help you pick the right one for your needs. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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