Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Review 2022: Best Information For You

Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Review 2022 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

The Fisher Paykel Refrigerator review has been a part of the Australian appliance industry for decades. Paykel designed and manufactured several home appliances, including dishwashers, ovens, and more.

Recently, a refrigerator review was written to tell a little about a Paykel refrigerator. The Paykel refrigerator focused on the DFX26SLS model. It’s a nice small refrigerator, and it does have some great features.

The first one is the Fridge door Sentry. This feature will turn the counter depth fridge off when the door is open for more than 10 minutes and then quickly cools back down once the refrigerator door is closed.

Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons 1


  • Minimalist modern design
  • It is a must-have in our home.
  • Stainless steel is easy to clean.
  • Counter-depth slim size
  • It is easy to organize the fridge section.
  • Many adjustable shelves
  • Smooth pull-out drawers
  • Bright interior lighting
  • ActiveSmart(TM), technology
  • A smaller freezer means less food waste, and food doesn’t go missing in the back.


  • The freezer is too small. We like to freeze in batches.
  • It’s challenging to organize drawers (we’re accustomed to vertical freezer space).

Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Overview

Paykel currently offers three different refrigerator styles: modern, professional, integrated.

The customer’s review:

Paykel Refrigerators in Contemporary Style

Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Overview

Fisher Paykel’s modern design refrigerator is a trademark. The refrigerator is compact and has a range of sizes that can be used in urban kitchens. Paykel is known for its beautiful looks.

Paykel 32 inch bottom freezer refrigerators can be used as counter depth and include an option for an icemaker. You can choose to have an internal ice maker installed in your fridge, or you can save money by buying a model without one.

To avoid clashes between different kitchen handles, you can choose models with handles or a single fridge with a recessed pull.

You can put two 32-inch-wide refrigerators side-by-side if you have enough space for one. This setup will give you excellent food storage and add a stylish touch to your previously reserved kitchen for more premium brands.

Paykel offers two options for constructing this combined refrigerator: with or without a surround kit. A surround kit is a decorative stainless-steel frame that creates the illusion of a single refrigerator.

Paykel bottom freezers have a large refrigerator at the top and a deep freezer at the bottom. This is similar to French doors. French doors are more significant than bottom freezers, and they are lighter in terms of features. Bottom freezers are ideal for narrower spaces.

French Door Refrigerator Selection

The Fisher Paykel Counter-depth French doors refrigerators can be divided into quad door storage and the traditional French door. The Counter depth French door refrigerator is the best choice. It can store the most commonly used food items at eye level and freeze items below. They also have the most significant capacity.

French door refrigerators are more expensive than regular fridges, but they come with all the latest features. The freestanding quad door refrigerator RF203QDUVX1 features a 2-door fridge at its top and a 2-door freezer at its bottom freezer refrigerator. This design divides the fridge into one and the freezer into two zones.

Professional Fisher Paykel French door Refrigerator

It’s thick. Round handles distinguish the professional-style Paykel FRF201ACJSX1N.

These fridges are similar to their contemporary French door cousins, apart from the handle design. Originating in Germany and well known for quality, their refrigerators are available in two capacities as full depth and counter depth refrigerators body sizes.

Other than going to the expensive Sub Zero or Leibher it was the only bottom freezer refrigerator, counter-depth without ice/water which is what we wanted.

Paykel fridge offers only two Professional Style models. If you have a local appliance store like us that offers in-house repairs, or if there is a repair business near you with factory-trained technicians, you could give them a call to ask about this.

On another note, turns out I will have to buy one of the models with an external water dispenser, because my husband INSISTS on an internal ice maker, and the other F&P models only have ice trays.

Integrated Style, Column Fisher Paykel Refrigerator

Fisher Paykel’s Integrated Style refrigerators allow you to create your panels to match your kitchen cabinets. These fridges can be customized to match your kitchen cabinetry and are much cheaper than premium brands like Sub Zero and Thermador. In our article, we feature Paykel and discuss affordable replacement options for built-in refrigerators.

This style can be used to accept cabinet panel doors from customers, but you still have the option of a stainless steel panel.

The Integrated Style has two types:

  • Flush-integrated models that fit flush your cabinets (Paykel has recently started calling them the Series 7 Integrated).
  • Columns are refrigerators and freezers that can be used in multiple installation configurations. Paykel has recently started calling them the Series 9 Integrated.

1. Flush Integrated Refrigerators

Flush-integrated refrigerators match your cabinets and give your kitchen a cohesive, clean look. You can choose from a range of handles and front panels. These refrigerators are flush with your cabinets for consistent brake lines. These models can be integrated into your existing cabinetry.

You can finish two of these models with a height of either 80- or 84 inches. Sub Zero and other premium fridges have a height of 80-inches. Paykel created these models to replace Sub Zero at a lower price.

Paykel can sell you stainless steel panels if you don’t wish to make your panels for these models. You can also find models with a water dispenser at the door.

2. Column Refrigerators and Freezer

Column Refrigeration doors by Fisher Paykel measure a staggering 84 inches tall. These doors can be used to expand the fridge or freezer space of families. They don’t need to be placed next to one another. You have more options. These column units can be placed in different locations or side-by-side.

All Column Refrigeration options fall under the Integrated Style, so they blend seamlessly into your cabinetry. An entirely stainless steel interior is also available. This will make your kitchen stand out.

Specialty Undercounter Fisher Paykel Refrigerator

The Paykel unique 36-inch undercounter refrigerator RB36S25MKIWN1 has been designed. The drawer refrigerator is versatile and can be used as a fridge, freezer, or something in between. Paykel calls this a “cool drawer.” You can choose the best refrigeration option for your food with a simple touch: fridge, freezer, pantry, or chill.

This under-the-kitchen countertop design offers 3.1 cubic feet of food storage. It looks exactly like a drawer in your kitchen so that you can blend it in with the rest of your kitchen.

Paykel’s cool drawer is versatile because it can attach your wood cabinet front or a stainless-steel panel.

Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Features

Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Features

Separate spaces ensure fresher produce.

Although apples and pork can be combined to create a delicious culinary creation, keeping them together in one place can cause problems. As they ripen, ethylene is released by a wide variety of fruits like tomatoes and apples. Because these foods are sensitive to ethylene gas, this gas accelerates the ripening of other vegetables and fruits.

You can store your foods separately so that you can control the temperature and humidity. This also helps to ensure that food stays fresher for longer.

Fisher Paykel models have different storage zones. For foods that don’t require cold storage, the pantry zone is ideal. For example, tomatoes lose their flavor when too cold, and bananas can turn brown but not ripen.

This zone can provide the perfect environment for foods sensitive to cold. The refrigerator’s chill zone brings temperatures close to freezing. This is great for poultry, meats, and fish. This zone can also quickly bring beverages to the desired temperature, ready for guests when they arrive.

You can use the fridge zone to store your daily items like fruits and dairy. You can separate the temperature and humidity options in this zone to give each food type its ideal storage environment.

Fisher Paykel ActiveSmart Technology

Paykel’s ActiveSmart technology includes a microprocessor and door and temperature sensors. Variable speed fans and multiple air ducts are also included. The microprocessor, which is the brain of your fridge, controls how it operates based upon your usage.

The sensors send continuous information to the microprocessor. This analyzes the input and adjusts fans and compressors accordingly. The fridge learns from you and uses the minimum amount of energy, which can help lower your monthly energy bills.

ActiveSmart has many unique features, such as the humidity control system. This ensures that each crisper bin is kept at a perfect humidity level. Two humidity-controlled slides are located on the top of crisper bins. These allow you to adjust the humidity levels for fruits and veggies.

ActiveSmart uses multiple variable speed fans to control the airflow through the freezer and refrigerator compartments. These fans provide greater cooling control for items that are new and faster cooling in the freezer.

Are Fisher Paykel Refrigerators Any Good?

When buying a refrigerator, there are some key factors you should consider. These factors are discussed in our blog post on how to choose the best refrigerator.

Fisher Paykel is a reliable brand. This means that we don’t have to worry about some of the covered aspects in all models. The refrigerators are innovative and offer great kitchen experiences. Paykel refrigerators are also quieter than other fridges in the same category.

Paykel is a trusted brand. Paykel backs its technology with a 2-year parts and labor warranty and a 5-year sealed system parts warranty. You can rest assured that your appliances will last for the longest time.

More on Cooling

Although refrigerators can have many high-tech features, they are only there to keep your food cool. Paykel offers a range of cooling options to ensure that every type of food is kept at the right temperature and humidity levels.

There are three options for freezing Paykel refrigerator models: freeze, soft freeze, and deep freeze. Soft freeze is for food that needs to be gently frozen and then quickly thawed. Soft freeze is ideal for foods that can be devoured and don’t need to wait for thawing.

The ” freeze ” setting is the best setting for storing everyday food items you wish to keep for future use is the “freeze” setting. This setting is excellent for freezing meat, seafood, and poultry, as well as for maintaining ice cream’s perfect consistency.

Deep freezing is used to stop the bacterial activity and can preserve food for up to months. You can still enjoy your holiday favorite dish long after the holidays have ended.

CoolDrawer can be used as a fridge, freezer, or pantry at the touch of a button. Want more fridge space? You can instantly make more space by setting the CoolDrawer on refrigerator mode.

Paykel models with ActiveSmart technology can use adaptive defrost. This allows you to avoid having vacation settings set up while away. Adaptive Defrost recognizes when you’re away so that it defrosts less frequently. This will help you save money on your electricity bill and energy.


Paykel refrigerators are not equipped with Wifi at the moment. We hope this feature will become available shortly.

Other conveniences

Are you able to reach food crumbs stuck between fridge shelves? The shelves from Paykel are spill-proof, thanks to the EZKleen technology. This means that any spillages or drips will be captured by the glass shelves and not let fall between the shelves.

Are you annoyed that your favorite water bottle doesn’t fit in your fridge’s water dispenser? Because of its angled water delivery system, the slimline water dispenser can fit any size or shape vessel. The dispenser takes up very little space in your refrigerator, which means you have more space to store food items.

The inside design is just as beautiful as the outside design with glass shelves and clean and crisp plastic drawers. With the beautiful built-in look, you do give way to less room for a refrigerator and freezer. I think it is completely worth it to have the built-in look.

Are Fisher Paykel refrigerators energy efficient?

Many Paykel refrigerator models can be ENERGY STAR certified. They are certified to conserve energy without sacrificing any functionality or features. This ENERGY STAR(r) qualification not only helps you save money on your energy bills but also protects the environment.


Where is Fisher Paykel from?

Paykel, a New Zealand company with a rich history dating back to the 1930s, is one of our favorites. The company’s headquarters are still in New Zealand, but it is now a subsidiary of GE & Haier. Paykel currently makes appliances in four factories around the globe: China, Thailand, China, and Italy.

What differentiates a Fisher Paykel refrigerator from the competition?

Three areas are where Paykel refrigerators excel. First, Paykel refrigerators have sizes that are not available elsewhere. For example, the 25-inch and 32-inch widths are paired with a height of 67-inch to 70 inches.

The company also offers a competitive price for modern refrigerators in all styles. Fisher Paykel refrigerators are an excellent alternative to high-end, built-in brands.

How well are Fisher Paykel dishwasher drawers rated?

Fisher Paykel is the only manufacturer of dishwasher drawers. We examined dishwasher drawers in detail. You can read our guide to find out more about Paykel dishwashers and what makes them desirable on the market.

Read more:

How many compressors are on a Fisher Paykel refrigerator?

Only one compressor. Fisher Paykel’s fridges use linear compressor technology, which leads to energy savings.

Is Fisher Paykel a good brand refrigerator?

Paykel is a trusted brand. Paykel backs its technology with a 2-year parts and labor warranty and a 5-year sealed system parts warranty. You can rest assured that your appliances will last for the longest time.

Are Fisher and Paykel a luxury brand?

The new Fisher & Paykel showpiece appliances are a dream. The idea: If you cannot travel to New Zealand, the renowned luxury appliance manufacturer will bring their products and the culture they inspire to you.

How long do Fisher Paykel washers last?

The United States. My last Paykel lasted eleven years. Although this may seem like a long time, it is because we are farmers. I have never had a washer last that long with all the heavy jeans and coveralls we wash.


As the review survey and data show, the most popular refrigerator on the market today is the Paykel fridge. With an average of three stars and over 300 reviews, this fridge has not had any problems that can’t be fixed with a thorough cleaning or minor repairs. In conclusion, the more reviews a product has, the more reliable it is.

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