GE Artistry Refrigerator Review 2022: Best Information For You

GE Artistry Refrigerator Review 2022 Best Information For You
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I’m writing this blog post to inform you about the GE Artistry Refrigerator Review. The GE Artistry Refrigerator is a beautiful refrigerator with many features to meet your needs, whether for entertaining or everyday use.

I hope to answer any questions you might have about the product and provide some constructive feedback on what could make this appliance even better!

This blog post will review the GE Artistry Refrigerator’s exterior design, interior design, door style and size, freezer storage space, ice maker functionality, water/ice dispenser functionality, and food preservation/storage options.

All in all, I think that this fridge has everything you need at an affordable price point!

GE Artistry ABE20EGEBS Review

It’s certainly a leap to liken a fridge to a car, but with the GE Artistry Series ABE20EGHBS refrigerator, the trip back to a 1960s automobile doesn’t feel that far. In particular, the way the silver handles arc and curve into the body of the fridge halfway across its front reminds me of old car doors. The fact that they’re parallel to the ground and cylindrical help.

The fridge is now producing ice, the freezer compartment needs to be thoroughly defrosted. The refrigerator fan is very loud because of Ice buildup. This review is from GE – Artistry Series 20.9 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator – High gloss white.

Each appliance in the Artistry series is also available in white—for the fridge, it’s the ABE20EGEWS—which should do a better job of hiding fingerprints. On the inside, you’re met with an otherwise basic GE bottom freezer.

GE Artistry ABE20EGEBS Review

Cool and even

Despite the nebulous 0-9 control knobs on the top, the main refrigerator compartment was spot-on with a minimal fluctuation of +-0.09degF for 72 hours.

The fridge maintained temperatures of just under 37 degrees throughout, with an average temperature of 36.21F at the top and 36.8F in the middle. This is great for fresh food storage. However, the additional warmth at the bottom (averaging 38.41degF) is better for productivity.

GE ABE20EGHBS Artistry 20.3...
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GE ABE20EGEWS Artistry 20.3...
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The freezer was set to 5 degrees, but it ran just a little warmer. The temperature at the top was 1.83 degrees F, and the lowest was 2.9 degrees. The normal fluctuation of +-0.16degF is also very good. There is a gap of only one degree in the entire compartment. This freezer will be perfect if you turn the thermostat down a few degrees.

The freezer design is downright poor and the only major drawback to this otherwise excellent fridge. Make sure you get a chance to play around with it and determine how much of an issue it’ll be for the way you use your fridge – and how it’ll fit in your kitchen – before deciding to purchase the GE ABE20EGHBS.

Unique exterior, but familiar on the inside

Artistry’s unique design elements are subtle. Horizontal chrome handles recall the heavy chrome hinges of your grandparents’ old icebox. They are high enough to make opening the door feel natural and effortless without requiring us to stop. Pulling the basket out requires the door to be all the way open.

The wire basket won’t pull out at all unless the freezer door is open all the way. At the 90-degree position where it’s easy to keep a hand on it, the basket runs into the side of the door.

An old-fashioned GE logo is located near the top of the fridge. The logo breaks up the bulk of the fridge door and gives the handle a sense of balance.

High gloss black stands out more than a matte finish and looks great with chrome handles. Smudges can be very noticeable depending on the angle that the fridge is illuminated by. Keep a cleaner handy for kids who live in the house.

The Artistry series appliances are also available in white. For the fridge, the ABE20EGEWS is recommended. This appliance should be able to hide fingerprints better.

The inside features an empty GE bottom freezer. Although full-width shelves aren’t as customizable as half-width shelves, they can still be removed and cleaned easily.

You should ensure that the freezer has wire shelves. This will prevent any frozen vegetables from bursting and causing an avalanche. Each section has ample door storage, but it’s not adjustable.

Loved the retro design of the fridge. Once installed and used, the overall functionality proved that this fridge was a waste of time and $. The Interior does not hold as much as the bulky design would appear.

Bins are flimsy and can fall off easily. To top it off, this fridge has a horrible cheap seal around the doors. The fridge is now producing ice, the freezer compartment needs to be thoroughly defrosted.

Obtuse controls

Note that I keep returning to that Frigidaire. That model, and the $800 GE GTE18GMHES top freezer, also come with more helpful controls than the Artistry Fridge. The Artistry’s control panel consists of a dial for the fridge and a dial for the freezer. Having separate controls is a plus at this price, but the dials go from 1-9 for each with no indication of what those numbers mean.

The retro look (GE logo from the 50’s – the stainless steel hefty handles – the narrow look) is OK. The sole negative for this sailor would be the freezer lower storage basket reluctance to slide out easily. If you lift – not so easy when full of frozen packages – it slides much easier.

This elegant black fridge combines minimalism with subtle retroelements. Full-width shelves offer less storage customization compared to half-width ones, but they’re still light enough to allow for easy cleaning.

All door shelves are fixed, but the use of varying heights should make storing different items straightforward.

Highly effective crisping

Highly effective crisping

The twin fridge drawers, even without a humidity slider, blew out our moisture retention test. (Into the water?) This is the main point.

Our test materials lost 0.12 grams per hour over three days. This is well below the average. This is excellent news for salad lovers. However, you might prefer to keep fresh fruits in a bowl on your counter.

The GE Artistry is missing a few other common staples. The drawers don’t have sliders to control the humidity. The door doesn’t sound an alarm if you accidentally leave it open. You don’t even have any flexibility as far as the bins on the door. Enlarge Image No humidity controls on the drawers.

The Good

The GE Artistry ABE20EGHBS packs in quite a bit of style for a reasonably priced $1,200 fridge, and backs it all up with a great temperature performance.

The Bad

It keeps the price down by sacrificing features. The shelves on the fridge can be tedious to move and the freezer feels cheap and poorly designed.

A fundamentally great job

This fridge was very efficient. The thermostat works on a 0-9 scale, but it didn’t stop this fridge from producing perfect temperatures. For reference, we used 5 for both compartments.

Although the freezer ran a little warm at first, it was steady throughout the entire compartment and over time. To lower the temperature, turn the freezer dial down to 6 or 7 instead of 5.

Crispers managed to retain moisture well despite not having an adjustable humidity slider. It’s a matter of principle that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The Artistry delivers a complete package of exceptional performance with a high level of energy efficiency.

There are no features when it comes to features. The temperature can be adjusted using controls. There is no ice maker, although you do get a removable bucket.

Suitable freezing

Artistry’s freezer can cool room temperature materials down to 32degF within just an hour and 26 minutes. Although it doesn’t break any records, it is better than average.

Frozen food should not experience a significant quality loss when thawed unless extremely delicate, such as a high-quality steak or prime salmon.

The freezer also passed the thawing test. After 36 hours of no power, the internal temperature rose to 27.67 degrees F.

Bringing retro back

The GE Artistry ABE20EGEBS is not the appliance for you if you don’t want it to stand out. However, if you are looking for a fridge that stands out in your kitchen with its unusual design, this is the one for you.

The package includes superior performance, exceptional efficiency, and a pleasant user experience.

This beauty is available in black or white at a retail price of about $1,000. This makes it less expensive than other bottom freezers with similar sizes. The entire series, including the oven, microwave, and dishwasher, has a combined MSRP of around $2,416.

The Artistry series offers a wide range of options for consumers, whether they are looking to replace their fridge or remodel their entire kitchen.

The customer said: I read any review I could find before I bought it and none mentioned (though it is cropping up now)….it is really loud when revs into its running (I don’t know is it the deep freeze?) mode. It takes a while to get used to the noise.

Here is the reality: We have been renovating for 7 years. We had to buy all of our appliances new 7 years ago. Every stinking one. The salespeople at all the stores warned us that most appliances last 5-7 years.

Roomy enough, and very efficient

The Artistry’s interior features three full-height shelves, two drawers, and some buckets on its door. These surfaces give you 10.98 cubic feet of usable space. This is enough for a small family or a single person.

There is only one shelf on this freezer, along with a large drawer and a small bin at the door. Although it’s not very large, the freezer has 4.62 cubic feet of usable space. The Artistry includes a removable ice bucket but no ice maker. This can be used to store ice and any other items you wish to place in it.

The impressive energy consumption is even more impressive. Each cubic foot of usable space is cooled by the fridge using 0.06 kWh. This means that the appliance will only require 0.06 kWh to cool each cubic foot.

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Customer reviews: GE ABE20EGEWS Artistry 20.3 Cu. Ft Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – Energy Star Skip to main content. This is the newest version of the swing door bottom freezer from GE. I had a previous unit for many years and this was the replacement when I needed one. The Artistry series, including the range, are both stylish and functional.

GE – Artistry Series 20.9 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator – High gloss black:

  • Model: ABE21DGKBS SKU: 5009823
  • User rating, 3.8 out of 5 stars with 4 review
  • Price Match Guarantee $1,079.99

Besides that, the Customer also reviews GE ABE20EGHBS Artistry 20.3 Cu. Ft Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – Energy Star Skip to main content.

Another reviews customer: I had a very odd space for a new refrigerator. I looked at Best Buy first, of course, but had to do comparable price shopping…ended up right back at Best Buy. I was scared to actually “press the button” because I was shopping site unseen. I LOVE this refrigerator!

Watch more if you need to fix your fridge:


GE’s Artistry line of refrigerators is one of the most popular this year. GE has always been a leader in innovative design, and they continue to push boundaries here with their new product, including making it more energy-efficient. It also offers many different options that make for a great choice if you are looking for an appliance from them.

Publican Anker wants to provide our readers with all the information possible on what makes these appliances so good, which is why we have included some details about how they work below, as well as links where you can see more reviews or purchase your refrigerator today!

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