GE Cafe Refrigerator Review 2022: Best Information For You

GE Cafe Refrigerator Review 2022 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

We all know that french door refrigerators are an essential part of the kitchen. If you’re looking for new appliances, then this GE Cafe Refrigerator Review is just what you need to read!

The GE Cafe Refrigerator model is an excellent choice because it has so many features and benefits. I’ll be reviewing these features in detail below, but first, let me tell you about the product itself.

This refrigerator comes with a two-tier freezer on top of three different drawers on the bottom shelf. There’s also an ice maker which can store up to 12lbs (yes!).

As far as food storage goes, this fridge has plenty of room with nine total shelves that can accommodate almost any size or shape container!

About Cafe

Cafe Smart French Door Fridge CVE28D has a score of 4.0 out of 5 in our rating. This puts it at No. 3: both Best Refrigerator 2022 and Best French Door refrigerator.

GE Appliances owns the Cafe brand. It was launched in 2018 to make a high-end refrigerator. Cafe appliances are distinguished by design and offer customers the option to select from various modern finishes and accents.

The GE Cafe refrigerator is a French door model. However, there are also models with hot water and a Keurig K-Cup brewing machine.

What makes the Cafe Appliances line so different from other appliances is you can customize your look by choosing a color and changing the hardware finish. They are four finish options: brushed bronze, brushed black, copper, and stainless steel.

Each handle in The Matte Collection carries a copper cuff with a discreet Cafe logo. Soft-brushed copper hardware is another custom option available for order. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for the latest Cafe products. If you’re considering purchasing multiple machines, it is useful to keep in mind that Cafe appliances run seasonal promotions that encourage package purchases ( Cafe Appliance Price: $2,249 to $4,999.)



I find Autofill a better option than the standard Autofill feature on some GE Profile Series. Autofill allows you to set the container down and tell the fridge what to do. Then, while the fridge works its magic, you can get on with other things in the kitchen. The GE Cafe Series makes it easy to do this water magic.

The interior is almost identical to the Profile Series 28.6 cu ft and GE Cafe Series models. It has 27.8 cubic feet of total storage space and is the same size as the Profile Series fridge in the slate finish we reviewed earlier this month.

As with the fridge, we fit all our test groceries and more oversized stress-testing items in it, but the space was smaller than average for refrigerators at this price.

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2 Reviews

The new GE Cafe Cafe CFE28TSHSS (MSRP 3,100) passed all our tests without exception. This fridge is flawless. GE appliances come with a traditional warranty, but the company also offers extended coverage with a Service Protection Advantage plan from Assurant, GE’s authorized provider of extended warranties.

The plan covers parts and labor for appliance repairs for an extended period. At the advice of the appliance shop owner, bought the extended warranty as he said there may be problems with the computer parts. In Nov. 2019, the drain hose was plugged and that was covered under the original warranty.


The GE Cafe 2.0 is a great refrigerator. Our tests have shown that this fridge is even better than its predecessor. On these refrigerators, there is both a hot water dispenser and a standard ice dispenser. These features make it simple to have hot water, cold water, and ice ready whenever you need it.

To accommodate more oversized items, the base of the exterior dispenser extends about 1 inch. It also has one of the highest niches we have seen. This makes it easier to fill jugs and other unusually shaped containers.

A matching control panel enhances the stainless finish. The responsive touch screen displays animated icons when active based on the dispenser setting – water or crushed ice. Even with the animations, prompts remain intuitive and require little effort to find.

Doors have a distinct weight and need to be opened with some force. The handles were our only complaint.

Unlike other handles that feel smooth, the GE’s felt rough and grainy. Although they aren’t rough or sandpapery like other handles, many reviewers felt they were not finished.

Bright LED lighting will illuminate the interior of the prominent fridge when you open the doors. The fridge is equipped with two crispers and adjustable shelves. It also has a full-width drawer that can be independently adjusted for temperature.

Rubber bottoms are available on the two large buckets at the right. They can be used to contain spillage and prevent food from sliding around. A drop-down tray is also included in the dairy bin to hold small items such as tubs of yogurt, spreadable cheese, and hummus.

There is a full-width, electronic temperature-controlled drawer with LED lighting at the bottom. Store whatever you want in here, we have meats, deli, and larger packaged items in here. Since you can control the temperature here, it’s also great for keeping food chilled for guests before they arrive.

Food is easy to access in both the fridge and freezer. It’s quite economical compared to our previous brand. I like the appeal of the finish, as well as the hardware that came with it.

You’ll find upper and lower drawers inside the pull-out freezer with sliding dividers to improve organization. A small shelf is located just inside the door to store small, loose items that may sink to the bottom in the larger drawers.

Fridge Temperatures

They were perfect throughout the whole compartment. They averaged 37.2degF from top to bottom, 36.18degF, and 38.28degF, respectively. Crispers and fruits love the little boost at the bottom. This compartment is very stable as temperature variations over time were only +-0.15degF.

Induction requires the use of cast iron or stainless steel cookware to transfer energy to the pan or pot you are using. Precision-guided cooking: There is no longer a need to guess the right temperature or amount of time to cook the perfect meal.

The Crispers Did A Great Job Retaining Moisture

The Crispers Did A Great Job Retaining Moisture

Our test materials lost 0.08 grams of moisture per hour over three days. This makes it one of our most efficient fridges when it comes to producing storage. Food could become moldy if it retained more moisture. More miniature moist carrots may dry out sooner.

We’ve never seen a GE perform as well as this one. The temperatures were consistently excellent, and the crispers outperformed any drawer we tested. The fridge is also highly energy-efficient despite its size.

It was much more than paying for a Café Appliances refrigerator and I still would have to pay for the custom panel doors! This fridge has that custom look because it can seamlessly blend into your kitchen no matter your cabinet color at a fraction of the cost. We got counter depth for that flush look.

We have a galley kitchen & needed a fridge that was ‘counter depth’. We also wanted gray appliances to match our decor. The GE Profile Line Refrigerator we chose makes up in width where we had to cut back in depth. It’s energy-efficient as well as beautiful to look at. We couldn’t be happier!

In terms of Features

Features: GE refrigerators offer a number of unique features, such as digital dispenser readouts and temperature-controlled drawers.

Capacity: GE 9.0 cu ft offers a wide range of storage capacities in its models, ranging from 4 cubic feet to more than 26 cubic feet.

GE has done a great job. Essential fridge functions like Turbo Cool or Turbo Freezer are available, along with a door-mounted ice maker.

You can adjust the temperature of your fridge’s Temperature Adjust Drawer by turning on four settings: Meat (32degF), Beverage (34), and Deli (36degF). Neutral is a default setting if you only need it to be a drawer.

There are also high-tech options such as Precise Fill. This eliminates using a measuring cup and allows the user to choose how much water they want to pour.

A USB port is located on the underside of the controls. This allows you to transfer photos and create slideshows on your fridge’s small screen. Magnets won’t work with stainless steel, so this is the best way to show your child’s latest creation.

The hot water dispenser is still being used by GE, which is perhaps the most impressive feature. This fridge has four temperature settings, customizable settings that range from 90 to 185degF, and a tutorial video. It could be the end of your need for a separate kettle.

This is the biggest refrigerator I’ve ever seen. It has all the bells and whistles you expect from a bottom freezer, French-door fridge, including outside water/ice dispenser, color-indicator compartments, and adjustable shelving.

The Cool Factor

The CFE28USHSS was able to perform well in cooling tests. It achieved acceptable temperatures in the fridge’s body at 37 degrees. Installed it this past week and it will not cool or freeze.

Other than the butter container, the only hot spot was the central shelf just below it. At 40 degrees F on average, it earned the orange tint in the heatmap above by the smallest of margins.

This is slightly better than the performance we saw last year from the Samsung RF28HMEDBSR (which has the same asking price of $3,300) and much better than the performance we got from the Electrolux EW28BS85KS, which retails at $3,350. It was not good enough to compete with our top-performing models like the LG LFXS32726S, which retails for $3,600.

There were tell-tale spikes of 7 or 8 degrees in the door shelf just inside of the brewer each time I fired it up, but that’s actually low enough to suggest some pretty impressive engineering, given that the water is getting heated to a near-boil.

If it’s cooling power that matters most, then you’ll want to take a cold, hard look at the LG LFXS32726S, a comparably priced French-door model that’s one of our top performers. Still, the Cafe Series has a lot going for it, and likely belongs on your list if you’re in the market for an upgrade.

I also tried the fridge at its lowest setting of 34 degrees. The temperatures were again consistent, with the target temperature being a little higher on average than the actual.

To see if heat affects performance, I made sure that I brewed a cup of coffee twice daily during the second round of testing.

The door shelf was visible at 7 to 8 degrees each time I started the brewer. However, that’s low enough to indicate some impressive engineering considering that the water is heating to near-boil.

The accuracy of the water dispenser impressed me as well. I was impressed with how Precise, accurate fill was in my testing. It gave me the right amount of water every time I tested it.

Hot-water smarts let you set a temperature precisely using an app. They were as hot as I needed. The fridge’s marquee features are Precise Fill as well as the hot-beverage intelligence. GE is doing a great job.

When active, the responsive touch screen initially displays animated icons based on which dispenser setting is active—water, crushed ice, or cubed ice. Even with the added animations, prompts are intuitive, and settings require minimal effort to locate.

Our refrigerator tester and appliance editor spent two weeks with the GE Café CFE28TSHSS (MSRP $3,100), and think it’s the best refrigerator you can buy.

Watching video:

User Reviews

Noise is the main complaint due to a compressor running at different speeds. The majority of high-end refrigerators use a similar setup. However, owners feel that this GE is louder than the others. The CFE28TSHSS may not be the best option if your fridge is near a bedroom wall.

Many complaints about the touchscreen of the K-Cup refrigerator are often grouped with the K-Cup’s reviews. Other people caution you to ensure the interior freezer drawer is closed correctly, or the exterior fridge door will not seal.

The freezing test yielded what was probably the CFE28TSHSS’s most average (and therefore the least exciting) result. After one hour and 32 minutes, room-temperature materials reached 32degF inside the GE’s freeze. This is acceptable but not exceptional.

The GE offers plenty of storage space in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. There are five shelves in the fridge. Four of them can be adjusted.

The right-hand buckets have enough room to hold at least two gallon-sized bottles. The shallower storage area on the left side is perfect for smaller items. In total, you get 12.75 usable cu ft.

Although they are not very fancy, the freezer’s pull-out drawers are pretty significant. The freezer has 6.54 cu ft of usable space, considering the space taken up with the sliding dividers. This includes the shelf located just inside the door.

Despite its size, GE proved to be highly efficient. We estimate that this refrigerator will run at $46.98 annually, based on the average American electricity rate of $0.09 per kWh.

This amounts to 0.07 kWh per cubic foot. Remember that these figures do not include an active icemaker. Those numbers will drop even more if you don’t use it often or keep it off.

The GE Cafe CFE28TSHSS in stainless steel must fill a lot of big shoes. The fridge it replaces is one of our favorites and has been for many years.

All the features that we loved about the old model, including Precise Fill – are back. This fridge also did well in freezing fresh and frozen food preservation tests.

The GE Cafe CFE28TSHSS French door refrigerator is not cheap. It rarely drops below $3,000. This refrigerator is well worth the price if it’s on sale. Customer service was disappointing as well, after all of the different parts and service calls they actually asked me what I expected!

Customer Reviews: I would absolutely be lying if I told you the main purpose of buying this fridge is how it looks. It’s probably hands down the number one reason anyone purchases this fridge. It’s gorgeous and will instantly add that designer look to a kitchen. If you want to make a statement and get that luxury look for less, you’ll want to get Café Appliances. They have a full collection of refrigerators, cooktops, ranges, dishwashers, ovens, and more.

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Is GE Cafe better than GE Profile?

The Cafe series ovens have two distinctive characteristics: unique colors and custom handle. In terms of innovation, the Profile series ovens are different from all others. Although the Profile series ovens cannot be compared with the Cafe’s design, they are superior in cooking performance.

During this second round of testing, I also made sure to brew a cup of coffee twice a day to see if the heat had any effect on performance.

There were tell-tale spikes of 7 or 8 degrees in the door shelf just inside of the brewer each time I fired it up, but that’s actually low enough to suggest some pretty impressive engineering, given that the water is getting heated to a near-boil.

Unfortunately, Made in the USA does not necessarily mean “quality product” as in the old days. The refrigerator was installed in Dec. 2016. At the advice of the appliance shop owner, bought the extended warranty as he said there may be problems with the computer parts. There are a number of similar online complaints about the Cafe’s quality.

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What is the difference between GE Monogram and GE Cafe?

Monogram, our premium brand, promises to Elevate Every(TM) in the kitchen. It is the epitome of luxury and appeals to designers and owners who value fine detail and personal spaces. The cafe is Different by Design(TM).

I love how the GE Cafe French doors let you organize the fridge to fit your needs. We keep coffee and creamers along with water and drinks on the lefthand door. The door on the right is where we keep butter, sauces, and things we need easy access to. There is ample space on the shelves for us to store fresh veggies, meats, leftovers along with milk and beverages.

Included are narrow meat, cheese drawer, too. The side doors are roomy for condiments, butter, salad dressings, etc. Although I can store soda cans on the bottom door shelf, I sometimes can’t view and tend to forget about the sodas because the shelf sits slightly behind the other door shelving.

Why we chose Cafe Appliances Remember when my kitchen flooded right before Thanksgiving?

Yeah, that was fun. It is also the reason we needed all new kitchen appliances. We decided to change the layout of our kitchen and our previous appliances didn’t match or fit the space.

Every time I call their customer line it takes over an hour or more to get a person. It’s hard to support American products when they lack any decent customer service.

Is the GE Cafe Refrigerator loud?

The compressor emits a low hum from about 15 feet away. It is not loud, but it is louder than our 10-year-old fridge.

Is GE Cafe more expensive than GE Profile?

General Electric’s appliances division makes different lines for different types of kitchens. The Profile and Cafe series is different in style, not in function. The Cafe series appliances are more expensive.

This GE Cafe Series model isn’t inexpensive, but it gets enough right to justify being priced on the high end.

Besides that, If I had it to do again, I would pay a little bit more and get a truly quality line of appliances. As a group, the stove, frig, and dishwasher scratched incredibly badly (see photos), but the warranty was only 30 days. The ice delivery system jams regularly and the materials are primarily cheap plastic. The oven cooks very unevenly.


We hope this article helped you have an overview of the GE Cafe refrigerator. With all these great features, it’s no wonder that it is one of the most best-selling refrigerators on the market today!

If you are interested in learning more about this product or other products from GE Appliances, be sure to visit their website for additional information.

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