Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA Vice City is among the most popular video games of all time that has been downloaded by millions of fans. This game gained a lot of attention from all over the world, and it was also the best-selling game of 2002. It can be played on iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. GTA has one of the unique premises in which the game’s main character can do whatever he wants to do.

He can kill the drivers on the road to get their cars and drive these cars on the roads to experience the classic 80′ music. There are no limitations in this game. It is full of abusive language and bold content with extreme violence. GTA vice city apk mode is available for the users who want to enter into the world of crime on a comparatively smaller screen. This game has the most interesting and challenging missions in which you will be exploring Liberty City entirely.

You can have the latest weapons that will help you stay alive and complete the assigned job. The total missions in this game are 87, and each of the missions is full of action, violence, blood, encounters, and car chases.


GTA Gameplay

TOMMY Vercetti has entered into Liberty City to work for several crime lords, godfathers, politicians, and gangs. These individuals assign jobs to Tommy, and this is the best opportunity for Tommy to earn some money. These missions are assigned in order, and most of the mission involves encounters against the members of other gangs.

Tommy has to complete these missions one by one, and each mission will add a lot of money to his account. Tommy can use this money to buy mansions, buildings, high-speed racing cars, and the latest weaponry from armor shops. There are unlimited encounters and wars with other gang members, so the weaponry will help him win these wars. He can purchase automatic rifles, pistols, shotguns, grenades, snipers, and flares. The bulletproof vest is also available at the armory shop that acts as a shield and increases overall health.

You can also get into the action with police, FBI, and army, but the situation, in that case, could even go out of your hands because the army or FBI won’t arrest you. They have the orders to shoot at sight, and as soon as you step out of the car, they will kill you.

You can save your game by reaching the specific pink point marked on the map. The game can also be saved at the mansion or purchased buildings. Several slots are available for saving different games, and these games are easy to access by a single click.


Old classic Music and Radio Stations

GTA Vice city is famous for its 80′ music. You can drive around the city in your favorite car and tune to the different radio stations to listen to your favorite music. You can listen to the 9 hours of nonstop broadcasting of the music that can significantly affect your gameplay.

The radio stations in GTA Vice city are V-Rock, Wildstyle Pirate Radio, Fever 105, Emotion 98.3, Wave 103, Espantoso, and Flash.

Unique plot

The game’s central theme revolves around Tommy, who has to complete several missions to get a lot of money. Grand Theft Auto Vice City is famous because of the freedom it offers to a player. There are no limitations, boundaries, and restrictions. You can drive any car you want, kill anyone on the road or fly a chopper over the city anytime.

Challenging missions

This is one of the main features of GTA vice city that have helped this game win the hearts of millions. The nonstop action starts right after the first mission that lasts till the end of the game. These missions involve getting into encounters with police, stealing a politician’s cars, dealing with different gang members, controlling a mini helicopter for planting the bombs, and killing a crime lord to get his house. You will need the latest armory for each of these missions because excitement and action keep on rising as soon as you finish the first job.


There are several extra missions in GTA Vice City that include property missions, vehicle missions, bikers’ missions, assassination missions, Love first missions, and gang missions. These extra missions will also help you earn extra money.

Liberty City

Liberty City has been one of the largest cities with an airport, golf course, beach, seaport, night clubs, departmental stores, tunnels, cruise ships, and amusement park. You will have to visit each of these places for particular missions.

You can drive the high-speed boats in the sea or fly a chopper over Liberty city to see the beautiful sunset. Drive the high-performance racing cars on the race tracks or get a car to participate in a car race.

You can also go to the amusement park for the most interesting missions in which you have to complete a stunt at a specific time.

Flying a chopper

Flying a helicopter over GTA Vice city requires advanced levels skills. Only a few missions involve flying a chopper, and there will be no chopper at the game’s start. You will have a personal helicopter after purchasing Diaz’s mansion, but a helicopter is always waiting for you at the VCN news building.

Parent’s Guide

Many parents are questioning the age restriction of GTA Vice City. This game includes extreme violence, blood, armors, bold content, abusive language, and drug deals. GTA has a strip club, and you can also pick the prostitutes. Some of the missions also include going to a dance bar and night club where bartenders are wearing inappropriate dresses. This game is not suitable for children.


  • Can I play GTA Vice City on my smartphone?
    Yes, the GTA apk mode is available to download for free.
  • Is GTA Vice City free?
    Yes, it is free to play the game.
  • Are there any minimum requirements for GTA vice city?
    You need a RAM of 128 MB and storage space for the game.


Grand Theft Auto Vice City has one of the best streaming technology and unique premise, amazing graphics, and a bigger map. This game is perfect for individuals who are in Love with action packed games. You will need advanced level skills related to snipping, driving, and shooting.
Get into this new world full of criminals, politicians, sports stars, godfathers, and crime lords by downloading GTA Vice city.

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