Hooked Cooler Review – Best Choice For Trip [2022]

Hooked Cooler Review - Best Choice For Trip [2022]
  • Paul Kahan

You are looking for a hooked cooler review that will keep your drinks cold and won’t be a pain to lug around? Check out the new Hooked Cooler. Not only does this great cooler look great, but it is easy to store and even easier to carry and can hold up to 130 cans! This durable cooler comes with everything you need to enjoy an icy drink or two on those hot summer days.

Hooked is a company from Victoria, British Columbia, that initially started as a bait company. They’ve now expanded their offerings to include a variety of tools and gadgets.

Hooked Cooler – Ice Chest Cooler With Wheels

Hooked Cooler Reviews

Let’s begin by giving you a brief overview of the main features of hook.


Insulation is next. We’ve also paid more attention to the Ice retention performance of Hooked, as we do every time.

The insulation of the Hooked cooler is provided by more than 2 inches of closed-cell polyurethane foam (PU), which is quite common for higher-end rotomolded. Hooked have a freezer-grade gasket, which is another common feature in engel coolers. This seal keeps heat out and maintains an airtight seal.

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Hooked boasts that its coolers retain ice chest as follows:

  • 25-45 days.
  • 35 to 6 days
  • 50-70 days
  • 75-10 days

We appreciate Hooked listing of different ice retention figures per size. Cooler makers usually list the ice retention time of their largest coolers for all sizes. The provided numbers for small coolers are too low and make smaller sizes seem larger than they are. Is it possible?

Because larger coolers retain more ice than smaller coolers, even though they are made in the same manner and have the same insulation, it takes less heat to melt small coolers, rendering their insulation ineffective. In this aspect, smaller coolers won’t be as effective as larger coolers. If you want to ensure maximum ice retention, choose a large cooler.

Although Hooked coolers have yet to be tested for ice retention, their claims look great – comparable to the more expensive YETI models. Can they be trusted?

Yes, it is. We have had experience with many other brands and can tell you that the Hooked cooler should meet or exceed the advertised figures if the following are followed:

  • Before packing, pre-chill the Hooked cooler.
  • Flake ice is faster than regular cube ice, and blocks ice melts slower. Awesome cooler shock ice packs are another option. These packs melt faster and have a lower melting point.
  • It would help if you only opened the great cooler when necessary. Be sure to close the cooler when you are done.
  • Shades are the best way to keep your body cooler.
  • When not in use, you should cover the great cooler with a thermal fleece.

Based on previous experience, Hooked can store ice for approximately a day less on hot days at 90 degrees Fahrenheit, even with proper packing. Their insulation would still be excellent even in this situation.

Accessories And Features

Accessories And Features

A few useful features are also available for hooked:

Tie-down slots

These can be used to secure the great cooler to your pickup or boat.

Fish ruler

The lid features a fishing ruler. The lid of the 75 cooler comes with two 20-inch rulers, and the 25 cooler only has one 12-inch ruler.

Cup holder

Cup holders are pretty interesting. They have a “tiered” design that fits cups of various sizes. These holders won’t allow a small cup to get lost.

Bottle openers

The bottle opener is located on the cooler’s front on the left and right.

Removable handles

The rope handles on Hooked coolers can be removed (except for the 25 cooler). The 25 cooler uses a metal grab handle rather than ropes.

The hooked model also has non-slip feet and a quick drain plug.

Hooked also offers accessories like dividers or baskets. You can also purchase replacement drain plugs or rope handles. However, there are no latches, bottle openers, or other small hardware pieces that often go wrong.

Where Are Hooked Made?

The price of a hooked is roughly half that of a YETI cooler. These coolers are highly affordable and provide great value for money.

Hooked ships its coolers from the US but manufactures them overseas. This is similar to cooler brands such as Blue Coolers or RTIC. We reached out to them to get more information. They replied that their hard coolers were sourced from many countries outside the US.

Construction & durability

Let’s first talk briefly about the construction of the Hooked cooler.

These can withstand any abuse and are rotomolded coolers. It is similar to other rotomolded coolers (including YETI), so it is not surprising that hooked coolers are sturdy and ideal for outdoor travel.

These coolers are also very rugged for small hardware. They have rubber latches and rigid rope handles. Hooked also come with a lockable lid, which should make them bear-resistant.

However, hooked do not have IGBC bear resistance certification. This is likely because of cost-savings – brands like E.g., RTIC, and possibly also Hooked are skipping IGBC certification to lower the price of their pelican coolers, as certification is likely to cost money.

IGBC certification is more about prestige than it is practicality. A cooler with a lockable lid or rotomolded shell will likely be bear-resistant, even without certification.

Available Sizes

Available Sizes

There are four sizes of hook: 25, 35, 50, and 75. These numbers indicate the cooler’s capacity in quarts. They are accurate to some extent, but there may be slight variations. These capacities are based on the inside dimensions of hooked:

Twenty-five cooler: 23.36 quarts. This is done by adding the interior dimensions of the cooler (height and width) to the 25 cooler. The result is 14.3″x8.5″x11.1″ = 1,349.205 cubic inch. After that, convert the result into US liquid quarts. That’s roughly 23.36. If the cooler’s capacity is not stated in quarts, it can be calculated if you have the interior dimensions.

  • Thirty-five cooler: 33.4 quarts.
  • Fifty cooler: 51.9 quarts.
  • 75-wheeled cooler: 76.3 cubic inches This size has some interior space taken up by the wheel housings. The actual capacity may be slightly lower at 75 quarts.

These hooked coolers range from small to medium-sized and should meet most buyers’ needs. This line does not include extra-large coolers (200+, 300+), but many people don’t require such large sizes.

It is nice that Hooked has a more straightforward naming system, especially compared to the YETI cooler. Many buyers are confused because the YETI cooler doesn’t have a capacity in quarts.

Wheels on the 75 QT cooler

For more accessible transport, the 75-quart Hooked cooler comes with a pair of wheels at the back. We have mixed feelings about these wheels, to be honest.

The wheels are not too large and bulky, so they don’t take up too much space. The wheels can make it very easy to transport on uneven surfaces.

The wheels aren’t big enough to be used off-road. The large wheels of the Igloo Trailmate and ROVR, YETI Haul, and this 55-quart cooler by Blue Coolers are big enough for off-road usage.

These wheels are unique. We haven’t seen them in a cooler with such small wheels. However, we aren’t sure if they are practical. These wheels may be helpful for some, but they are not suitable for everyone.

Warranty & Discount Information

Hooked offers a lifetime warranty on its coolers, a rare feature among the cooler brand. This makes Hooked a standout. 10% Discounts for veterans, military personnel, and first responders are also available.

Overall, Hooked models offer solid alternatives to YETI or other rotomolded coolers. However, they are not for buyers who prefer 100% US-made coolers.

Hooked Coolers VS YETI – Head to Head Comparison

YETI is the company that rotomolded cooler manufacturers must compete with. Here’s how Hooked stack up against YETI hard (specifically Tundras).

Construction and durability

Both coolers can be rugged and heavy-duty. However, YETI Tundras have been IGBC-certified. The quality of both coolers is comparable.


YETI inspired the hooked coolers – similar shells and latches can be found on the coolers. This is not surprising. Most brands offering rotomolded coolers attempt to imitate YETI models.


YETI Tundra offers 13 sizes, while Hooked has only 4.


Hooked has five colors to choose from, which is quite lovely. YETI rotates cooler colors every season and introduces new colors each season.


The lids of Hooked coolers are better designed and include fish rulers, the cup holds ice, and bottle openers. YETI Tundra coolers do not have these features. Both coolers have molded tie-down slots.

The YETI include a dry goods basket. Hooked models will require you to purchase them separately.


YETI offers a broader selection of accessories, including tie-down kits and padlocks, beverage hold ice, or other items, as well as replacement parts such as non-slip feet, drain plugs, latches, and many others.


YETI can be ordered in the USA and Philippines. Hooked coolers aren’t made in the US. However, we don’t know exactly where they were manufactured (multiple countries).


This is where Hooked stands out: their coolers come with a lifetime warranty. Tundras have only a 5-year warranty.


Hooked cost half the price of YETI coolers – a huge difference that we, and our seasoned readers, are used to. The brand name and IGBC certification, along with the US manufacturing process, are some of the reasons why YETI coolers cost more.

Similarly Priced Coolers Worth Looking At

You may not feel that Hooked ice chest is the right one for you. Here are some alternatives at the same price. Either you’ll find something that’s better, or you’ll decide that Hooked will be the right choice for you.

Cordova Coolers

Cordova is a great alternative to Hooked or YETI coolers. Its rotomolded coolers, which are made in the USA, are much cheaper than other US-made coolers.

Cordova has been aggressive in pricing recently – Cordova is even more affordable per quart than Hooked models when you use a coupon like “save 10 now“.

Cordova coolers come with many features, including IGBC certification, bottle openers, and patented aluminum handles.

Blue Coolers

Blue, like Hooked, is a US-based brand. However, its manufacturing facility is located in China. Both cooler brands have similar pricing. However, Blue Coolers appear to offer better insulation. The foam in the walls of Blue is thicker than that in Tundra or Hooked. This may allow for a more extended period of ice retention.

Blue Coolers only offers three sizes: 30, 55, or 100 quarts. The 55-quart model comes in both standard and wheeled options. If you are looking for off-road capability, the wheeled cooler is a better choice than the Hooked 75 cooler.

Blue Coolers models lack the same features as Hooked. They don’t have cup holders or tie-down points, and they are fundamental. Blue may be better if insulation is essential to you.

RTIC Coolers

RTIC, a significant competitor of YETI, produces similar coolers to YETI coolers, with the same insulation, durability, and features. However, they are more expensive than YETI. RTIC is very similar to Hooked models per gallon, but they are slightly more expensive in absolutely love terms.

RTIC are simple in design. There are no cup holders, fish rulers, or bottle openers. They have no tie-down points and rigid rope handles. However, they are bear-resistant and rotomolded (but not IGBC-certified). They are almost identical to YETI. More information can be found in our RTIC cooler comparison with YETI.

RTIC models have a distinct advantage over Hooked and YETI models. The traction lid is great support for casting. And if you need to know more about RTIC Cooler Reviews 2022, please click this post: https://publicananker.com/rtic-cooler-review/


Is hooked a good cooler?

My first trip out, and I loved my Hooked 50. We loved the 50’s size after four days of drinking ice-cold beer. Bottle openers make a great addition to an already excellent cooler. This cooler is great and has all the features you could ever want.

I was reading this post to find more info: https://hookedcoolers.com/products/hooked50.

Are hooked coolers made in the USA?

Hooked was founded and operated by veterans. Our headquarters are located in Brevard County, Florida. All of our coolers, and accessories, are designed and shipped from our headquarters. Shipping times can be found here.

Are Cordova coolers any good?

5.0 stars The Best Cooler On the Market! It’s well worth the money. It is lighter than a Yeti, has more space inside, and its latches work better. It retains ice well.

Is Yeti the best cooler?

Yeti is the brand that stands out in high-end coolers, but many coolers offer better performance, features, and prices than Yeti. Yeti is still some of the most expensive on the market. They often charge a $100-200 premium over similar coolers.


You don’t need to sacrifice space in your backpack for a water bottle – get yourself a hooked cooler! The cooler is a 1-quart size and heavy-duty insulated, so it has even more ice time than other coolers, at 12. 95$ at REI, this cooler is a steal and is perfect for hiking and other cooler outdoor activities.

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