How Long Does Bacon Grease Last In The Fridge: TOP Full Guide 2023

How Long Does Bacon Grease Last In The Fridge TOP Full Guide 2020

Bacon grease is a versatile cooking oil with a long shelf life. But How Long Does Bacon Grease Last In The Fridge and how do you store it? If you store it in the fridge, your options for usage are limited and how you cook with it is very dependent on the consistency of the bacon grease. If you store it in the fridge, you can cook with it for up to six months. 

When the wrapper is removed, bacon grease should be stored in a container with a tight-fitting lid because it can go rancid. Alternatively, it can be frozen to extend the shelf life. Ideally, bacon grease should last about three months.

Can Bacon Grease Go Bad


Like all fats, wheat germ will eventually spoil, even however, if kept properly, this will not be for quite a while. Refrigerated wheat germ will remain good in the fridge for up to six months and may be utilized in place of butter or cooking oil in several dishes.

Storing wheat germ is, in fact, rather straightforward. After cooking the bacon, then allow it to cool for a little until it has reached room temperature and then strain out the vital parts of bacon using a sieve or cheesecloth.

Pour the rest of the grease into a container, and seal. If the grease solidifies until it could be poured, only reheat the pan on low heat till the dirt becomes liquid.

You will add extra bacon grease into the container every time you cook bacon but make sure you strain out the bigger pieces. Likely, sediment will still stay, but that will fall into the container’s base since the dirt cools.

Signs Of Spoilage

Rancidity is your number one indication that wheat germ has spoiled. If the dust has a rancid odor, then it’s probably gone bad and must be discarded. Bacon grease will go rancid at room temperature much faster as it will at a cold, dark spot, so storage is equally vital.

While unlikely, it is possible that mold could appear on the wheat germ that’s been left too long. When there’s any indication of mold growth, the dirt shouldn’t be consumed.

To protect against any contamination, which could result in mold growth, ensure that you always have a clean, dry utensil to part out the wheat germ.

Freezing Bacon Grease

As wheat germ is completely fat, it is going to freeze very well for around a year. Pour strained grease to a temperature secure, airtight container, and freeze.

To thaw, place the container in your fridge overnight. Thawed wheat germ needs to be used in a couple of days.

The refreezing wheat germ that’s been thawed isn’t recommended because the repeated temperature adjustments will alter the flavor and possibly produce the dirt move rancid somewhat faster.

For easier use, freeze bacon grease in an ice cube tray, then move cubes into an airtight container.

Additionally, this can be accomplished by cooling the dirt in a container before it’s a scoopable consistency, then having a melon baller to part out chunks of fat into an airtight container.

In this manner, the dirt is currently portioned and may be used for cooking, straight in the freezer.

The Way To Store Bacon Grease

The Way To Store Bacon Grease

Let us begin with store-bought bacon, as keeping it easy and straightforward. Like Crisco, you do not have to wash bacon grease. Keeping it in the cabinet or your kitchen is fine.

Be sure that the container is shut tightly when not in use and does not sit near any heat sources, e.g., the cooker. At above 80°F (or 26°C), the wheat germ begins to liquefy. And liquefying and solidifying repeatedly is not great for the quality of the fat.

Regarding saving homemade bacon fat, then there are a couple of items that I wish to pay for.

To spare the rendered bacon fat, then you want some container. An airtight container or even a large mason jar are both excellent options. Ordinarily, any content which you could readily seal and scoop the fat from can perform. There are special grease containers with filters you may find on Amazon.

Now you own a container. Then you have to bring the dirt to it after cooking the bacon. Do not jump the gun and pour the fat directly after you finish cooking. Rather, allow it to cool down for at least a couple of minutes. Do not let it solidify, though.

When it is pretty cool, pour it in the container through a strainer. In case you don’t breed it, there’ll be a few tiny chunks of bacon inside, and those can get the fat to go rancid.

Now it is time to set the fat. Since wheat germ is fat out of a pig’s gut, it’s a lard form, and storage is comparable to lard.

This means that you may keep it in the pantry, but it will keep quality for more if kept in the refrigerator. Plus, maintaining the home fat from the refrigerator brings lots of people reassurance, which is the favorite place to keep it.

When reserving bacon grease, many individuals add and scoop out of precisely the same jar repeatedly. As you can probably imagine, the fat will not survive eternally in superb fantastic quality.

Due to that, I suggest changing to some other container every 3 to 6 months. This means you incorporate any fresh bacon grease to some other jar and then consume the fat out of the older one. This way, you don’t have wheat germ stored for just five or even more years.

Last but not least, as soon as you’ve used the saved bacon grease for cooking, do not attempt to store it and reuse it. It’ll take a few of the tastes of everything you’re cooking and shed a few of its own.

Plus, there’ll be a few microbes that may get the fat to go rancid. Just discard it.

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How Long Does Bacon Grease Last In The Fridge

If it comes to store-bought bacon grease, it includes a best-by date on the tag.

It’s possible to assume that because it is just a rough estimate, the dirt should easily last a couple of months before that date. When there’s just the production date, then it ought to retain freshness for two decades.

If it has to do with a wheat germ that you leave at home, it’s hard to state how long it can survive. A lot of individuals always add and choose from precisely the same jar for ages. Or even let you know it continues approximately indefinitely. Due to that, I am only able to offer you a few rough estimates.

If you keep the fat at room temperature or under, it should maintain its quality for around six months. If it sits in the refrigerator, it should easily last a year. The fat will probably remain fine for more since these are super-safe quotes.

Please note that the intervals above are rough estimates and to find the highest quality.

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