How To Cook Corn In A Cooler: TOP Full Guide 2021

Can I be the only person that hasn’t heard of “cooler corn”?

As an ice-cream nerd, you would expect that I’d have heard of it. Still, over the weekend, I had been blindsided by the easy method’s genius for cooking plenty of corn on the cob.

My sister, a competent Maine cook with years of camping experience, states, “let us do cooler corn”. Before I could ask, ” what the hell is cooler corn? How To Cook Corn In A Cooler? ” A Coleman cooler looks in the garage, is wiped clean, then stuffed with all the shucked ears.

Next, two kettles-full of boiling water is poured across the corn along with the top shut.

Then nothing.

After we sat down to supper 30 minutes after and opened it, the corn was cooked. My mind was blown. And I am advised that the corn will stay in the ideal amount of doneness for a few hours.

Turns out, Cooler Corn is a fairly well-known one of the outdoorsy sets (I discovered a few mentions on different camping sites ).

However, for those folks who avert tents as far as you possibly can, it is ideal for big barbecues and far less of a mess compared to grilling. I might even get another cooler only, so I am prepared for next summer. Now I’m in the know.

What’s Cooler Corn?

What's Cooler Corn

It is corn cooked within a cooler! Here is the very best method to generate corn to get a crowd. And you conserve the dishwasher, grill, and stove-top space! Here is my recipe.

What You Will Need

  • Sterile cooler, any size functions but do not use styrofoam.
  • 8 – 12 (or more) new ears of corn (depending on how large your cooler is)
  • Boiling water, (approximately 2 quarts 12 ears of corn)

Cook Time

  • Prep time: 20 minutes
  • Cook time: 30 minutes
  • Ready in: 50 minutes
  • Yields:8 – 12 ears of corn (based upon the size of the cooler)


  • Shuck all of the corn and then rinse thoroughly.
  • Put the shucked corn within the wash cooler. It doesn’t matter how you place it in, provided that the water can pay for it.
  • Wipe the water. You are going to need approximately two quarts each 12 ears. Be certain that the water reaches a complete boil until you pour it in.
  • Add water to cover all portions of corn. Snap the lid down and let stand for thirty minutes, undisturbed.
  • Drain the water either by dumping it out or utilizing the drain spout.
  • Enjoy! With the lid, the corn should remain hot for approximately two hours. Make certain people place the lid back as soon as they take a bit.

How To Cook Corn In A Cooler

How To Cook Corn In A Cooler

Selecting Corn

In Long Family Orchard, Farm, and Cider Mill, you can purchase corn without even becoming out of your vehicle.

The family-owned farm in the corner of East Commerce and Bogie Lake streets in Commerce Township picks corn each morning. It is available starting at noon for drive-up support. Corn is $4 to seven years and $7 to predict a lengthy dozen, 13 ears.

In Block’s Stand and Greenhouse at Romulus, in the corner of Middlebelt and Eureka streets, corn is a deal at $2.99 for yet many years you’ll be able to stuff it in a bag.

The totes, provided by Block’s, are all about the size of a plastic supermarket bag and can readily match a dozen ears. And. You buy a third tote free if you purchase two bags.

Ben Phillips, an MSU vegetable extension teacher, agrees that this year’s harvest is an excellent one.

“What’s being chosen right now is your very best stuff,” Phillips stated. “It is the cream of this crop.”

Phillips has some timely advice for people who enjoy pawing through heaps of corn, looking for the ideal earStop.

“Do not rifle through the ears,” Phillips stated. “You do not need to peel back the husk. It is not an excellent sanitary thing to do, particularly this season.”

Phillips stated that Folks is searching for that which he called”trick fill,” making sure it is a complete ear.

“You’ll feel through the husk,” he explained. “If it is black, then you’ve got a complete year, and you do not need to peel off the husk back.”

Instructions Detail

Step 1: Find Your Supplies

Begin with a cooler. I used a little Igloo that could hold anywhere from 8-12 ears of shucked corn.

Step 2: Prep Your Cooler

Fill it with warm, sudsy water and wash. Some say you also need to employ a bleach solution and then rinse. In any event, wash hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Step 3: Prep Your Corn

Select fresh corn in the husk. The freshest corn on the cob is the tastiest corn! Fresh corn silks are still fairly intact on the surface rather than super limp.

Shuck all of the corn and then rinse thoroughly. To get a fantastic idea about the best way to get those silks off, see the movie below.

Step 4: Place Corn from the Cooler

Put the shucked corn indoors. Utilizing a bigger cooler, there’s but one way that the corn can match, but at a bigger one, set the ears in almost any way you would like.

Measure 5: Boil Water

Put on a huge pot or pot of water to boil. You will need about two quarts of water every 12 ears of corn. Be certain that the water reaches a complete boil.

Step 6: Pour on the Water On the Corn

Add water to cover all portions of corn. Snap the lid down and let stand for half an hour, undisturbed.

Measure 7: Drain the Corn and Enjoy!

Remove the lid and drain the water. The corn should remain deliciously moist and moist for two hours at the cooker using the lid. Replace the lid every time someone takes a mouthwatering piece of corn on the cob.

Season and taste with butter while it’s hot! Enjoy.

Why Cook at a Cooler?

When I saw this recipe in a cooking magazine, my initial thought was, “How bizarre! Who the hell wants to cook at a cooler?”

Being the sort of person who likes to try out every cooking technique, there’s, I could not resist taking a look at the tiny blurb and thinking to myself it may be a sort of a unique matter to attempt.

My very first thought was, “Can it work?” My next thought was, “Wouldn’t it only be the neatest demonstration? “Because I am a cook and prefer to cook everything in as many ways as you can. I thought how cool it’d be to get a barbecue, a picnic in the park, or just for the hell of it.

The directions called for many dozen ears of corn; however, because I was not with a celebration or a get-together, I decided to improvise and use a little Igloo that people use daily trips to take our lunch.

The size I used was only about ideal for eight years but could probably hold up to 12 ears of corn. Gauge what dimensions cooler you desire by the number of shucked ears of corn will fit loosely inside, allowing space to your boiling water.

Do not forget to make certain it’s insulated and made from tough plastic. Styrofoam coolers will not function with this recipe since the boiling water will liquefy them.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Does cooler corn destroy the cooler?

Response: Not at all – it is easily washed – and only a smidge of dishwashing soap and wash out completely, but it’s a good idea to go. It doesn’t retain any odor!

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Question: Can I do so with hot dogs?

Response: I am not certain. I’d imagine if you did, it would leave a permanent hot dog odor on your cooler, and I am not sure that will be enjoyable!

Question: Is coolers BPA complimentary?

Response: If you search for ones who are – yes.

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