How To Paint A Refrigerator Top Full Guide 2022

How To Paint A Refrigerator Top Full Guide 2022

Repainting your refrigerator when it is too old should be the first thing you do. How To Paint A Refrigerator Quick and correctly? You will not achieve the desired result if you buy a draw color that you like and then apply it to your refrigerator. This article will help you achieve an excellent result.

We will show you how to repair and draw dry completely your rusty refrigerator without making any mistakes. Publican Anker also provides important information about painting and repairing.

The Equipment

Roller: Using a small roller to paint is more convenient than using a regular brush. It doesn’t leave streaks and provides better coverage. If you prefer, you can use a brush.

Primer: Make sure you use it specifically for metal.

Paint: Make sure you get to draw for metal. I used silk texture. To avoid visible smudge/fingerprints marks, avoid matte or eggshell textures. You can choose the color. I chose a turquoise color called Tropicana/R229D by Valspar.

Tip: Paint colors may look different under different lighting conditions. A handy section of the website from the paint job brand I used indicates how the color will look in different lighting conditions. You might be able to find something similar.

OPTIONAL: Sandpaper-If you need to sand your dream fridge before painting, I recommend using medium 120-grit contact paper. Seal the layer – A paint sealer can be used to give your DIY projects a more durable finish. However, it is not always necessary.

How To Paint Your Refrigerator And Change Its Look – It’s Easy

If your fridge is very old/dirty, you may need a small air compressor to get out any dust and food bits from the fridge’s various hard-to-reach parts. When painting, you can clean it up with q-tips and a little rubbing alcohol if you make any mistakes

How To Paint Your Refrigerator And Change Its Look – It’s Actually Easy

Move the fridge and prep the well-ventilated area around it

Before you apply the paint, it is important to prepare the fridge. This means that you need to move the fridge away from any furniture or other appliances. Also, you will need to remove food from the fridge and freezer. The fridge should be unplugged.

Because all paints emit toxic fumes, it would be best to move the fridge to an area with good ventilation. It is easier to clean the fridge by placing it outside or on a deck. You should cover the floor and all the fridge’s surfaces if you plan to paint it indoors.

Clean the exterior of the fridge

This is crucial because any stains and grime left behind will be visible even after painting them. Put a drop cloth underneath or around your fridge, and then wash it with warm soapy water dispenser. Be sure to clean all corners, drop cloth, and edges.

Let the fridge air dry. Don’t use any towel or other drying methods to leave lint behind, which will cause draw to crack.

Sand it

After your fridge has been cleaned, you can begin to remove the gloss. You can use medium-grit sandpaper to smoothen the rough surface you wish to draw. This helps the paint adhere better. It is important if you want your new paint to look great and last.

You don’t need to remove the paint. You can only remove the glossy finish. To remove any dust, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Cover the handles and seals

Next, use painter’s tape to cover areas you don’t want to be painted. This well-ventilated area includes handles, seals, hinges, and displays or other features on your fridge. Ensure that the masking tape is secure and does not easily fall off during painting.

It would be wonderful to remove the handles completely to make it easier to paint and give the fridge a smooth surface appearance.

Apply primer

You can also apply a two-in-1 paint with primer, but this step is not always necessary. Regardless of whether it is a separate step or not, the primer is necessary because it helps the paint adhere to fridges and makes the paint look even and smoother.

Apply a coat of primer, allow it to dry, and then use liquid stainless steel finish wool to smoothen any imperfections. Let it dry in the refrigerator, then second coat with primer.

Apply paint

Here you have two in one option: spray or a rolling pin. Each case is different. Use a roller to open the paint can, stir it, and pour it into a tray.

Next, take a foam roller and dip it. Apply a final coat to the fridge. Let it dry. A thin brush is also needed to draw corners, edges, and other difficult areas to reach with the roller.

The spray should be shaken before you use it. Pay attention to the instructions and shake the can according to the directions. Otherwise, the paint may not be the right color or have a poor consistency. Next, apply thin coats. Allow the paint to dry between coats and eliminate any speckles or bumps.

Allow the paint to dry for at most 24 hours. Don’t forget the interior frame of your fridge. This is true even if oil-based spray primer paint is not used.

See How Others Painted Their Fridges

This is a great example of how a fridge can be painted to improve the look of the whole kitchen. Younghouselove’s makeover shows how to paint an almond-colored refrigerator handles and get it a white fridge to match the kitchen cabinets.

First, the fridge needed to be moved out onto the patio. This was not an easy task but made things much easier. After removing handles, the entire surface was lightly sanded. Special appliance epoxy was then applied using a foam roller. A brush was used to apply the adhesive in tighter areas.

This tutorial by addicted2decorating shows you how to draw a refrigerator or freezer and give it an entirely new look.

It wasn’t just the paint color that was changed in this instance, but also the handle. The new handle is more in line with the darker nuance and new style. This case is interesting because the plastic seal around it was not taped before applying the paint.

This was due to the dark color. The seals are now the same paint as the rest of your fridge, while the interior has the original color.

Here’s an example of what it might look like if you painted a fridge white and made it dark gray or black fridge. This fridge was clean, neat, and uniform in color. However, it didn’t stand out in the kitchen and didn’t match the style.

The matte finish and dark color give it a modern, elegant look. This chalkboard paint is a great option because you can write directly on the fridge with chalk. Before you start the DIY projects, read the full instructions at the little house on the corner.

You may have an old fridge with a rather unflattering patina. It can be painted to look new again. Athomewithashley’s transformation is amazing. Let this makeover inspire. The fridge was not a great place to be at first.

It looks great after cleaning, sanding, and priming. This is a list of the supplies used in this project: cleaner and soft pink chalk, clear wax, sprayer, and gold spray. This new color is stylish.

Smeg’s retro-looking appliances may be something you are familiar with. These stainless appliances are beautiful but very expensive. If you decide to repaint your fridge, you can still get the same style and look. You can choose a retro color.

Pastel and light color would be great, such as the lovely blue featured at a piece of rainbow. The fridge’s handles were spray-painted gold, which matches the new theme perfectly.

It might sound like painting a fridge is only possible if you look for a bold or unusual color. This is not true. It’s possible to make your fridge look stainless steel by doing it yourself. Publican Anker has a detailed tutorial that explains how to paint a fridge with liquid stainless. Check it out if this interests you.

A chalkboard refrigerator is a great idea. It allows you to write down lists, recipes, and other notes on the fridge, which can be very useful in the kitchen. However, fridges are not usually equipped with chalkboards. You can change this, however.

Get a chalkboard in any color you like that matches your kitchen. Next, prepare the fridge. Lightly sand it down, remove the handles, and prime it. Finally, gold spray.

You will need to paint a fridge several coats. Once the paint has dried, you won’t be able to write anything down. See the transformation on the pretty purple freezer door.

It is tempting to paint your fridge in bright, bold colors. Although it may seem scary, this decision will be well worth the effort if you pick a color you love.

See how others painted their fridges

Look at the cozy crooked cottage’s transformation to see how the fridge changed from white to a vibrant turquoise nuance. It stands out and is a focal point in the kitchen.

You can also see how beautiful this fridge looks after being painted. The following items were used to transform the fridge: a chalkboard, magnetic primer, small roller brushes, an angled brush, painter’s tape, and a chalkboard.

It’s always fun to use chalkboard, especially with young children. You could let your kids draw and write on the fridge, and you could also use the surface to make grocery lists, notes, and other things. Visit the handmade home for more information and inspiration.

Even if you don’t want to change the fridge’s color, painting it is a great idea. The fridge can be painted and the same color used in the original design.

It won’t look any different once you’re done, but it will be very clean and fresh again. It’s a great opportunity to clean the fridge and maybe even organize it or give it some finishing touches. Rainonatinroof has more information on how to paint your fridge.

Maybe You Need To Know:


  • The drying time will depend on how well ventilated your area is. The weather can also affect drying times. High humidity, for example, can make drying time take longer.
  • You may need to use an air compressor if your fridge is extremely old or dirty. This will remove any food inside particles and dust from the fridge’s many hard-to-reach areas.
  • You can use q-tips to clean up any mistakes you make when you draw. You can sand any bumps in the first coat.
  • If you are looking for a retro fridge on a budget, consider yellow or pastel colors like pastel pink, duck-egg, and so forth.
  • Plastic handles can be removed from the fridge by replacing metallic handles.
  • Depending on the color of your fridge, the number of coats you will need to paint it will affect how many.
  • Many brands can mix custom colors with standard colors to match your refrigerator paint.


Can I gold spray paint a fridge?

Spray paint your desired color. Spray the paint in a steady, side-to-side motion. Be careful not to apply too much paint. Allow 15 minutes between each coat. Apply two coats. Leave it on for at least one hour to ensure that the fridge’s surface is dry enough for touch.

What kind of paint can be used on a refrigerator?

Paint that can be applied on metal surfaces should be used. Hardware stores can help you locate what you are looking for. When you shop online, make sure that you read the description.

For repairing damaged appliances in white, appliance epoxy is a great choice. You can use any oil-based, water-based, or latex-based paints as long as the manufacturer specifies that they are for metal. Many spray options work well with metal, including rust-oleum, one of my favorite brands.

The chalkboard can also create a retro-styled refrigerator or DIY project.

How do you paint an old fridge?

Take out all hardware and labels and sand the fridge with 120-grit sandpaper. Tape and newspaper can seal any areas that you don’t wish painted. Spray your area with the first coat. Let it dry. After it dries, apply another coat.

Do you need to seal the paint?

It’s not necessary. It will protect the paint from scraping and general everyday wear and tear. Spray enamel sealant is also available to protect your fridge from rust.

How much does it cost to paint a refrigerator?

You can coat vinyl, ceramic and plastic surfaces with different materials. Most appliance refinishing can be done for $40-$70 an hour for labor costs. Refinishing a refrigerator of average size will cost $200-300 via electrostatic painting.

Will paint the fridge affect magnetism?

It shouldn’t. To ensure this is not the case, you can use a magnetic to paint the fridge. You might need to use a magnetic primer with a chalkboard or other, but I’m not certain.

Can you paint a refrigerator with Rustoleum paint?

To ensure paint adhesion, prime with Rust-Oleum Mode Primer. Next, shake your Rust-Oleum Mode spray thoroughly. Two coats of paint should be applied, allowing for at least 15 minutes between each coat. Leave them on for at least 60 minutes after applying the last coat to ensure that they dry completely.

Do you need to sand the fridge before painting?

Sanding the fridge can create a smoother base to apply the primer. It could also help ensure a more durable finish. But, I decided not to do this step. I will let you know how long it lasts.

The looked great and went on beautifully. It all depends on how smooth your fridge’s finish is.

If you decide to sand your fridge, clean it first, sand it again, and finally paint it with the primer coat.


The best way to save an old refrigerator’s aesthetic is to paint it. It’s a great way to express your creativity and use your favorite colors to make a new refrigerator. Publican Anker has provided detailed instructions for all of the above methods. We wish you success.

You can comment below if you have any questions. Publican Anker will monitor and filter all questions. Your comments are a great way to help the article become better.

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