Ice Mule Review 2022: Top Full Guide For You

Ice Mule Review 2022 Top Full Guide For You
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Since their arrival on the scene, ice mules have been a personal favorite at parties. An Ice Mule Review is a much more enjoyable way to drink than just chugging a bottle of champagne and trying to stop it before it’s too late. The perfect ice mule review is where people rave about how refreshing and delightful an ice mule is to drink. For those who enjoy the finer things in life, this review is for you.

If you’re looking for a chance to make your mouth water and see your reflection in the ice on a hot day, then it’s time to invest in a mule. The mule might be worth your attention! Is the ice mule worth the investment? Check out our unbiased review today!

Three Different Models For All Your Coolerpack Needs

Three Different Models For All Your Coolerpack Needs

Before we get into the Icemule review process, let’s briefly explain what an IceMule cooler review is. They are cooler backpacks, high-performance coolers. They are lightweight and easy to carry.

The whole idea was born out of a simple desire to “carry a real cooler – one that carries real Ice – comfortably and easily” If you ever felt the need to have a cooler with you on long trips, you can now.

The IceMule Classic Cooler

The IceMule has an original, minimalistic, and bare-bones design. The IceMule is an insulated, waterproof roll-top bag that can be carried comfortably and conveniently using a sling handle. It doesn’t have backpack-style straps like the Pro model.

The Classic features a MuleSkin, EV exterior layer that is durable. This is separated from an inner liner made of IceMule’s PolarLayer insulation. The exterior also has an IM Valve, which allows the insulation’s air to be completely squeezed out and compacted for easy storage.

You might be skeptical about the comfort of carrying a heavy-duty bag full of snacks, drinks, and ice. You can easily carry the bag thanks to the thick insulation and the quality padded strap.

The IceMule is available in three sizes and three colors: 10L (small), 20L (large), and 15L (medium). You can choose from orange, olive, and sky blue sizes. The small size is 8″ in diameter and 16″ in height (closed). It will hold eight 12-ounce cans or four 750mL bottles with ice. Medium measures 10″ in diameter x 16.5″ tall, while the large measures 12″ diameterx16″ tall.

These bags are so simple, but they’re so clever! Once you have rolled the top down and secured it, you can store your drinks in a waterproof, insulated bag that will keep them cold until you reach your destination. The IceMule can keep ice for up to 24 hours. Consider that it will take 6-8 hours for your ice to melt if you are out in the sun and heat.

The IceMule Pro Cooler

The Mule Pro, a bigger version of the original IceMule, offers some additional design features. The Cooler features a pair of backpack-style, high-quality straps that are super comfortable and durable.

The Classic model is built with the MuleSkin, EV external layer, but the Pro model comes with a super-heavy-duty, 1000-denier MuleSkin ET layer. This adds to its durability. The Pro model also has a handy elastic mesh pocket at the front that can store little bits and pieces (the Classic doesn’t have this).

Mule Pro is available in three sizes: Large – 20L, Medium – 33L, and Large – 40L. It also comes in three colors (grey and olive) and a sweet Realtree camo.

The Classic’s roll-top closure system and the IM AirVent feature are the same. It is amazing how small these items can be when packed up for storage.

The IceMule Pro Catch Cooler

The IceMule is, last but not least – IceMule’s fish bag (or as they prefer to call it fish cooler), which was specifically designed for SUP (stand-up paddleboard) fishing.

This model is the same as the Pro model. However, there are a few key differences. They have a tapered design, which makes them wider at the top than at the bottom. There are welded clips and clips and elastic strings that allow you to lash it to your kayak or whatever else in many different ways. Also, they have a shoulder strap similar to the Classic model.

There are three sizes of the Catch: Small (22″, 32″), and Large (42″). They have the same IM AirValve and Classic models like the Pro and the same tough MuleSkin ET exterior that the Pro has.

We won’t claim that the IceMule Catch performs better than any of the leading fish bags, but it is more suitable for kayak fishing. The bag is designed to be attached to your kayak’s bow, and the top-opening design allows for easy access to your bag without you having to get out of your chair. This is something you can’t do in a kayak. This is a great idea.

The Ice Mule Review

The Ice Mule Review


Icemule products look very different from the coolers you’re used to. This unique approach has some unique features, which we will discuss in this section.

All Icemule products are built on a host of proprietary technologies, which provide the foundation for their remarkable performance.

Muleskin is the name they use to refer to your cooler review. MuleSkinET is on the cooler’s exterior and MuleSkinEV inside. These two layers provide excellent protection from the elements, including heat, water, and rocks. These layers also improve ice performance.

PolarLayer Insulation is located between these two rough layers. This is the core of ice (24+ hours, according to Icemule). PolarLayer Insulation can be added to it with air, unlike traditional closed-cell insulation we are used to on coolers. The cooler review is buoyant and can float on even rougher water like a river or lake.

The IM AirValve is the final piece of this puzzle. This is where you can insert (and remove) the insulation layer’s air. This is why you’d want to get rid of the insulation layer.

This image shows how easy rolling up your Icemule Cooler can be when it’s not being used. It is easy to store and takes up very little space. For added ice performance, you can roll it up again and fill it with air. Then, enjoy your next outdoor adventure!

These coolers have the same three main features as those mentioned above, but each model has additional features that make them more user-friendly.

The Classic models have a limited feature list to keep the cost down. The removable, padded shoulder strap is worth mentioning. The strap lets you wrap the cooler around your shoulder and allows you to use your hands for other tasks.

The Classic Series Coolers have a snap buckle at the top. This will keep your cooler cool and airtight during use.

The Icemule has a similar design but on a larger scale. The Classic model has the same insulation, materials, and snapping function.

You can replace the shoulder strap with a double-padded strap and a balancing strap for your sternum. This is very helpful, as the coolers can get quite heavy and make it difficult to hike over rough terrain.

A built-in elastic buckle bungee is also available on the cooler’s front. The bungee can be used to hang or secure additional items you don’t need. This will allow you to quickly and easily access your outside items. These bungees have been proven to be great for keys, maps, GPS, and other small items.

We will be discussing the Icemule Boss Backpack Cooler as our last model. This model combines the best features from the other models with the traditional features you’re used to seeing in insulated backpack coolers.

You will be able to see the additional storage pockets on the Boss. Although these pockets do not provide the same insulation as the main pocket, they are useful for storing items you don’t use or want to keep warm.

These pockets will also include the additional features mentioned above, such as double-padded shoulder straps or front bungee cord. Side webbing will add even more storage capacity to the list.

What about warranty and durability? These features are all great, but it is equally important to have them on a product that will be durable.

Icemule’s simple approach to using strong materials and keeping it simple has proven successful. These products are very durable and will withstand most wear and tear. They are particularly good for wet environments and can be sealed properly to keep them waterproof for short periods.

They use welded seams and have no pockets (which could be leak paths). They can also withstand drops, scratches, and bumps against abrasive materials like rocks and trees.

However, our only complaint is about the warranty. We were extremely disappointed with the warranty, which was only 90 days for such a difficult product. Higher-end cooler manufacturers offer longer warranties. Although soft coolers don’t have the same warranty as hard-sided coolers, we still wanted at least a one-year warranty.

1-1.5 or 3+ Days Ice Retention (Depend On Which Cooler)

The IceMule comes with insulation. Depending on the cooler you choose, how long you can keep ice cold will also affect how long they last.

IceMule Classic and Jaunt use Polar Layer insulation. This can keep ice for approximately 24 hours. With regular use of these coolers, you can expect 1-1.5 days of ice.

The IceMule Boss and Urbano coolers use Polar Plus insulation, which is thicker and better than the other IceMule. The premium coolers have three-day ice, sometimes more.

This cooler is comparable to Pelican, Yeti, and other brands.

Engel HD30 is the best choice for ice. It can keep ice extremely long and even beat Yeti Hopper in terms of ice retention. See how long the Engel HD30 can keep ice.

Below is a challenge that Coolers On Sale put on for sided coolers. They test their ice.

Rugged Design

IceMule is simple yet rugged in design. These coolers are essentially insulated dry bags and have a similar shape to dry bags.

The exterior is tough Muleskin waterproof material, while the Pro version is made with a 1000D waterproof Tarpaulin.

Classic is made of tough material, but they can be easily ripped if caught on anything sharp.

Pro coolers have a thicker, more durable tarp that will last for years without any tears.

All IceMule are reinforced to withstand the abuse and care of being dropped on the ground.

Comfortable Carrying Options

IceMule is portable and comfortable to carry.

Shoulder Sling

The Classic coolers come with a shoulder strap that is padded to carry it over your shoulder.

These coolers are compact and lightweight. They don’t have large capacities, so the shoulder strap works well in most situations.

The 20L version can get heavy and dig into your shoulders if it is full.

Backpack Straps

All IceMule models, including the Urbano, Boss, and Jaunt, have thick, padded backpack straps that can be used to support your back while also breathable mesh padding to keep it cool.

Customers have commented on how comfortable this cooler is.

Leak Proof Roll Down Design

IceMule has a roll-down lid and then clips shut to seal the cooler from leakage.

This is the same method that dry bags use to keep items dry, and it works well for most of them.

Although it can be cumbersome and takes longer to close than a regular zipper, you won’t have to worry about it failing.

The downside to this cooler is its depth. This can make it more difficult to see and access your stuff than other coolers.

Some people prefer this design over zippers. It’s more durable and less likely that it will break. However, it will not be for everyone.

IceMule Cooler Cost

Icemule has innovative features and design strategies that are unmatched by any competitor. Their products are the result of a lot of engineering work and design. They also have several proprietary methods that enable them to achieve their success.

This is reflected in the price, as you might expect. These items are priced in the premium to intermediate price range depending on the series and the size.

The Classic Series is at the lower end of the price range, but they are still affordable. Although they are not the most expensive Icemule, they are still affordable. They also have the smallest storage capacity and the fewest features.

The price goes up as you move up in size and model. The Icemule Boss Backpack is the most expensive. This backpack is regarded as the best backpack cooler, but you’ll have to pay a lot of money to get it. If you have the funds, you can get tons of storage and many additional features.

Besides that, our list has more great info about Best Cooler For The Money 2022:

Ice Mule vs Yeti

How does Icemule stack up to the giant dogs of the cooler planet (specifically Yeti?)?

Icemule makes only-sided coolers, so the comparison is between these coolers and the Yeti coolers, known as the Hopper.

Both offer a wide range of sizes. Although the Hopper has a few more models, it’s not overwhelming. Both brands can provide a cooler to store a few items and a larger cooler that can hold several.

Yeti is the best for features. Icemule is a great product with intuitive features that improve performance but are not useful from a user perspective. Additional pockets, hooks, and latches are missing from most models. These features are also common in premium soft coolers. Boss, and to a lesser extent, Pro Series are the exceptions to this rule. We believe that Icemule intended to keep things simple, and it was easy. They succeeded in this regard.

Both are excellent in terms of build quality. Both offer thick insulation and excellent build quality. Yeti is the clear winner in terms of the warranty. Their Hopper Coolers come with a 3-year warranty, whereas Icemule only offers 90 days.

The price. The Yeti is always the most expensive model, and this is also true here. Unlike the Icemule Boss, A Yeti will make you open your wallet a lot more than the Icemule Boss. For those with tighter budgets, the additional warranty and features of a Yeti won’t justify the higher price.

Which is better? Although it is close, we will have to choose Icemule by one hair. It is a great soft cooler, simple and reliable. Yeti is a better option if you prefer a traditional cooler with more pockets and are willing to spend extra. You will still enjoy great products from both brands.

IceMule Cooler Bag: Should You Buy One?

IceMule can be used as portable, soft-sided coolers. You can choose from various sizes, and they offer significant savings compared to brands such as Yeti.

They are strong and can keep ice for approximately 1-1.5 days.

You might consider IceMule if you require a cooler that can hold ice longer.

These coolers are great for those who don’t need ice for more than a day and want a basic cooler.

They are also very portable, which is great for those who travel light.

I love the IceMule Classic Mini and Jaunt. They are compact and easy to transport to skating and the beach with my children.


How does a Mule work?

Our patented dry bag design is used in all ICEMULE: Classic, Pro, Boss Urbano, Jaunt, and Boss. It is simple to close the cooler. Roll the top towards the logo 2-3 times. After that, clip the cooler to the back and twist the air valve closed.

How do you close an ice mule large?

How long does Icemule keep ice?

If you keep your ICEMULE closed when not in use and the recommended 2:1 ice mix, it will keep ice for at least 24 hours. The ice will melt faster if it is opened more often and hotter than usual.

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Where are icemule coolers made?

IceMule coolers do not originate in the USA. They are manufactured overseas. Although they don’t specify where their coolers were made, they are made from China.


All mule coolers are engineered to be durable, strong, and resilient. They make a perfect cooler for your trips to the beach, camping trip, hiking, boating, picnics, and more. The cooler comes with wheels, making it easy to bring it anywhere you need to go. In all seriousness, the mule cooler is sturdy, tough, and strong. You can’t go wrong with this as it will never let you down.

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