Igloo BMX Cooler Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Igloo Bmx Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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The igloo BMX cooler review is a high-quality ice chest that will keep anything cold for an extended period. It has a sleek, durable design that seems to withstand all types of bumps and scrapes. The igloo BMX cooler review has convenient features, including a bottle opener on the top flap, a mesh lid pocket for easy access, and a hole at the top for quick water filling.

Despite its well-designed and sleek exterior, the igloo BMX cooler does have a few minor flaws that may deter you from purchasing it. The unit has a solid metallic smell that can be somewhat disturbing to those who do not like things that smell like metal.


Lineup igloo

Igloo currently offers three models of its BMX Ice Chest: the BMX cooler 25QT (BMX 52 quarts) and the BMX 72QT (BMX 72QT). These sites are within the range of optimal sizes that most people need.

For a quick outing, you can use a smaller/personal size. This is a good size for mobility and doesn’t take up much space. The 52 quarts is next, which is a mid-sized vehicle. This model is big enough to handle larger outings like a picnic or tailgate.

It is also suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who like to camp and enjoy the outdoors. The 72-quart size is the largest. This size allows you to store almost anything. You can store up to a week’s worth of food and beverages or everything you need for an outdoor party.

These sizes are also typical in that the smallest will use a different method of carrying than the larger ones. This will be discussed in greater detail in the next section. Nevertheless, the majority of features are maintained across all three models.

At this time, we don’t have any Igloo BMX Soft Coolers. They may still be in development, or Igloo might choose to go a different route and offer higher-quality soft coolers.


Igloo BMX cooler has more to offer than the igloo BMX 25 right off the bat. Although they claim it is 20% thicker foam and can retain the day ice retention test for up to four days, they admit such results were achieved in controlled testing.

The Igloo BMX 25 can maintain food and drinks temperatures below 40°F for multiple days, even in extreme conditions. This is the most durable personal model we tested. Because the cooler reinforced base is slightly higher than a flat surface, it helps in the best possible insulation.

We feel the cooler’s dark grey color works against it if left out in the sun. The insulated lid is not watertight, even though it feels tight. It allows drinks cold air to escape while warm air can enter, unlike beefier models with freezer-quality gaskets to keep their contents separated from the outside air. We found the Igloo BMX Cooler insulation to have a good size and were impressed by its performance during our insulation tests.


Features igloo bmx

Igloo must have the same features people expect from premium coolers to spend this much money to be competitive in the premium cooler market.

Igloo used what they call blow-molded construction to construct these coolers. This is, if not identical to roto-molding. The cooler’s body is made in one piece. This eliminates the need to glue/merge walls and makes them much more durable. It also helps with the day ice retention test.

Wall thickness can vary depending on the insulated cooler and wall, but we have seen pretty similar typical thicknesses for this type of cooler (2ish inches thick walls). We have tested coolers with thicker walls, but they do not sacrifice storage volume or add weight.

The Igloo BMW 25 QT Cooler review that igloo BMX coolers come with a gripped overhead carry handle. This is quite normal for coolers this size. One person can carry the cooler, so the handle makes it an easy time to carry and allows you to use your other hand to hold any other items.

Gripped swing-up handles made of reinforced base stainless steel hardware are used for the larger Igloo BBMX Ice Chest sizes 52QT and 72QT. These coolers are usually best carried by two people, incredibly if full.

Rubberized T grip latches are used to secure the lid. The user can stretch tie-down points to lock the lid in place. These latches feel and texture very similar to the t-latches used by other brands. They are perfect.

The rubber gasket is located inside the lid. It seals by sealing. This is the same seal we have coolers come to expect from other manufacturers for their high-end coolers. The combination of the closing force produced by the t-latch and this gasket creates a tight seal that locks in cold air.

It is essential to keep an eye on the gasket and apply sealant grease from time to time. This will help to prevent cracking and possible leaks.

Hardware is another essential feature of a high-quality cooler. Igloo BMX Coolers use large hinges and stainless-steel screws to keep the hinges in their place. It is often overlooked that stainless steel hardware is essential to a cooler that will last a long time. It is made from stainless steel and will resist rust and wear better than lower-end materials.

We will now discuss other features that don’t directly relate to toughness. Many Igloo Coolers also use what they call “Cooler Rise Technology.” Igloo’s registered feature is to place legs under the cooler, which “lifts” it off the ground.

This will increase ice life as heat travels through less area. The Igloo BMX series design these risers to have similar grips to off-road tires. This is smart because coolers may slide more on these risers than they do on the off-road tires.

People have a common problem with empty a cooler of melted Ice, especially when they are using larger coolers. Igloo’s high-flow threaded drain plug connector has got you covered. This drain plug has a garden hose compatibility, which is a cool feature. This cooler makes it easy to carry and clean up after a camping trip or fishing trip.

Other noteworthy features include four tie-down points, diamond plate metal inserts, and a molded fish ruler.

Although this is a good selection of features, there are still some that we would like to see. These include wheels, slots for inserting Ice Packs, internal lights, and pressure bleed-off vales. However, the majority of “essentials” are available.


Igloo also makes huge claims in this metric. The Igloo BMX 25 is the name of the heavy-duty Blow-Molded Construction Xtreme plastic, which they use to make the plastic. It’s designed for strength and performance and features “tough cooler, oversized hinges” and diamond plate metal kick plates.

The BMX 25 was a great cooler. We spent a lot of time jumping and standing on it. It is solid and has a thick handle that gave us no reason to doubt its integrity.

The rubber latches can be soft and damaged by sunlight, temperature, pulling too hard, or pulling too hard. However, they performed well in our testing. Despite the BMX hinges being advertised as having “extended performance,” it is possible to remove the mounting screws from the lid by extending the open lid.

Water can easily leak out of the cooler without a seal. This could lead to water leaking into the back seat, which can cause it to tip over around tight corners. We love the thick walls and sturdy feel of the BMX 25. However, there are some minor flaws to the cooler’s durability.

Ice Retention

It is one thing to have a rugged cooler that has helpful features. A cooler must be able to keep items cool to compete with top brands.

The Igloo BMX Cooler appears to meet all of our requirements for coolers that can hold ice for long periods. It features thick, rotomolded construction walls and a rubber gasket to seal it. The latch system allows for a lot more squeeze.

Cooler Riser Technology is another feature that makes Igloo BMX Coolers stand out from other coolers we tested. This allows the cooler to be lifted from the ground, as we have already mentioned earlier. This helps with ice retention, which we don’t doubt.

How long does the ice in the Igloo BMX Coolers last?

These ice chests were put through our ice retention tests to find out. These ice chests are set up in the following manner: We fill them up to about halfway with ice and leave them outside. The cooler is then opened up occasionally. It will be more like real-life use by opening the cooler from time to time.

It’s starting to cool down here in Texas, so outdoor testing isn’t as tricky as it was in August. The ice retention numbers we calculated may not be the same as the actual numbers you will see. We recognize that many variables are involved, so our numbers should not be taken as an exact guideline for what to expect in similar situations.

We were very impressed by the ice life of Igloo BMX Cooler. Depending on the model and how much ice you use, the ice life can last anywhere from 2 days to almost a week for the 72QT model.

This ice range can be used for many purposes: weekend camping trips, fishing excursions, a large tailgate, and even a week-long road trip.

These ice numbers are comparable to those of other high-end cooler brands. Although they don’t reach the same levels as Techni Ice or other high-end cooler brands, the ice lifetime will be far superior to the budget and mid-range brands.

Cooler sizes can also limit maximum ice lifetime. Other cooler brands offer coolers up to 100 QTs. The coolers are generally larger and can hold more ice, which in turn will last longer.

Available Colors and Sizes

Although the BMX series has a wide variety range of sizes, this new addition to Igloo’s offerings does not mean that they aren’t available in other sizes. However, the goal is to make them lightweight enough to be carried easily by customers while still being as strong as the largest options in the ice chest universe.

At the moment, there are two Igloo BMX cooler choices:

  • The 25 Quart Cooler is the smaller option. It weighs 11.29 pounds and measures 19.59 inches. Dimensions: 13.25 in. x 15.7 in. an inner dimension 11.5 in. 8.75 in. x 14.75 inches
  • The igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler is the most rugged option, at 16.34 pounds and 26.2 inches in length. Dimensions: 16.42 in. 16.06 in. on the outside air and 20.75 inches. X 12.75 inches x 12.75 in. On the inside.
  • The 72 Quart Cooler is the largest option, at 18.7 pounds. It measures 32.19″ x 17.34″ x 16.82″.
  • You can carry up to 37 12-oz containers with the BMX 25 quarts and up to 83 12-oz cartons with igloo BMX 52, as well as up to 101 12-oz containers with the 72.
  • The 25 quarts and 52 colors are carbonite gray and carboniteblue, making the design simple but reflective of their durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions.


It is essential to have a cooler that covers you from any manufacturing issues. This is especially important if you intend to use the cooler for a long time. The warranty on the BMX 25 is one year, while the BMX 52 has a five-year guarantee.

This brand still has a long way to go before RTIC has a seven-year warranty. Others that last a lifetime (Cordova, Otterbox and Siberian, Monoprice, Pelican) have a lifetime warranty. BMX is still a new series, but that should not be difficult given its current performance.


Although looks may not be as crucial for those who shop for coolers, it is worth discussing.

Igloo is a cooler brand that has many styles. You’ll quickly notice this if you look at the other Igloo Coolers we tested.

The Igloo BMX Cooler takes the style to a whole new level. It needs to be tough to match coolers from the toughest brands.

We love the Igloo design approach to the BMX series. The blue latches add a pop of color to the complementing carbonite gray. The bottom has a diamond plate metal insert that adds a rugged touch.

The lack of color options is our main complaint about the styling. There are currently only five color options. While we can’t deny that the current selection is beautiful, we wish there were more options.

The Igloo BMX coolers lack specialty colors that can be used to match your college or professional sports team. We couldn’t find any custom options that would allow you to place your logo.

These features may be added in the future.


When shopping for an ice chest, price is a significant consideration. Igloo has always been a leader in both the mid-range and budget categories. They tried to find a good balance between costs and performance. They are pretty good at this. They are one of the most loved cooler brands ever!

The Igloo BMX series coolers will cost more than other Igloo coolers in the same size range. This is normal considering the superior build quality, features, durability, and ice retention.

Even though they are an Igloo Cooler, these ice chests have a lower price than other premium cooler brands of similar size. The overall performance is still quite impressive, even though it may be slightly less than other brands. This is because you can see how much money you are saving.

The Igloo BMX coolers are a great deal considering the quality.

It’s Easy To Use

Rubber latches on the BMX 25 can be unhooked easily with one hand. The lid also stays open for easy loading. The handle stays pretty much where you leave it, making quick tie-down points to close the back-hatch maneuver a cinch.

This cooler’s interior is large for its size. It can hold 34 cans if you add some ice to the sides. It can also accommodate a standard-sized wine glass. You can also tie the Igloo in its four corners with tie-down holes. This will ensure that it stays closed until you open it again.

Igloo missed an opportunity to make these tie-down holes lockable. This can provide some animal protection and peace of mind. The lid’s topography makes it difficult to use as a cold can surface or a comfortable seat.

The handle is so close to the cooler that it can run into the rubber latches if they aren’t properly sealed. The BMX 25 does not have rubber feet, so it can slide across your pickup’s bed if you don’t tie down loops. Despite these minor issues, the BMX 25 is relatively easy to use.


When a cooler can be used in almost any situation, you know that you have a reliable one. Igloo’s BMX Series is a great choice for any occasion.

These coolers are light enough to be carried in your car on road trips as well as on a boat on a camping trip or on the ocean to use when you visit the beach. This brand has a 4.5/5 rating for quality because it is helpful in all these situations.

Igloo BMX Cooler vs. Yeti Cooler

It is interesting to compare Yeti Tundra series coolers with the Igloo BBMX Coolers. While they are both targeting the same demographics, their approaches to doing so are very different.

Yeti Tundra line is slightly miles ahead in terms of performance. The Igloo BMX Cooler may be a great product, but the outstanding build quality and long warranty of a Yeti are hard to beat.

Yeti Tundra has a slight advantage in terms of ice retention. For a given size, Yeti Tundra Coolers held ice buckets for a longer time than Igloo BMX coolers, anywhere from a few hours up to a fully loaded day’s catch.

Both brands have similar features. Yeti Tundra has not been able to beat Igloo when it comes to the built-in features of its coolers. Their many accessories are where they excel and easily surpass Igloo decided.

Yeti also excels in the area of size and color selections. There are many models and colors available for Yeti Coolers. This compares to the three sizes and five available colors for Igloo BBMX Coolers.

Igloo is easily miles ahead of Yeti in price. Yeti is still one of the most expensive cooler brands in this industry. Many people don’t think the performance gains you might see from a Yeti are worth the high price. Igloo offers comparable performance for a fraction of its price.

Which cooler is best? This is a difficult decision that depends on your priorities. Yeti is the best choice if you want the best regardless of the price and take pride in American-made products. After all these years, they have kept their cool and continue to be the leader. However, you’ll have to pay a high price to get one.

If you’re more on a budget and want to get the best products performance for your money, we recommend Igloo. Igloo is also a master at making coolers, and their BMX Coolers have impressed us.

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How long does the igloo BMX hold ice?

5 days of ice

BMX Coolers

Igloo’s BMX coolers are long-lasting and durable. They can keep ice life for up to 5 days. Extra thick foam walls and insulated lid provides 5 days of ice retention.

Is Igloo a cool cooler brand?

Igloo products adhere to high-quality standards, and many of them are built to last years. Another benefit to being a large cooler company is that you can streamline the manufacturing process, have easier access to the required materials, and do more things in-house.

Can you sit on an Igloo cooler?

You could sit or stand on the cooler, and that is what it was made for. To keep my beer cold, I placed mine under the carport. This cooler could be used in the same way as regular coolers.

How long will dry ice last in an Igloo cooler?

Dry ice can last approximately 18-24 hours with just 1-2 dry blocks in a standard-sized gas station styrofoam cooler. If dry ice is used together, it can last for up to three or four days.


The Igloo BMX cooler has so many perks that it’s the only item you need to bring on your long trip. The size of the cooler, insulation properties and durability are just some of the features that make it the superior option for traveling.

The cooler has a lockable lid to keep whatever you put inside from getting stolen, and the sturdy handles make it easy to carry. So, whether you’re on the beach, in the pool, or at the lake, this cooler will keep your food and drinks cold. The cooler is heavy-duty blow-molded construction of 100% waterproof material. You are no more getting frustrated when the ice melts because it had to be transported over an hour away.

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