Igloo MaxCold Cooler Review 2022: Top Full Guide

Igloo MaxCold Cooler Review 2022 Top Full Guide
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The igloo maxcold cooler review is a quality, durable product that will keep your beverages cold for a long time. This is a full cooler, and it can hold food and drinks, and ice with the same level of efficiency as small-sized cooler reviews. The construction is very sturdy, and it will last for a very long time before needing to be replaced.

Igloo MaxCold Soft-sided Coolers

Igloo MaxCold Cooler Review 2022 Top Full Guide

There have been many changes to the MaxCold Series over the years. The number of sizes available has decreased, much like many other Igloo hard-sided coolers. You can choose from 40 quarts (wheeled), 52-quart (wheeled), 100, 165, or 100 quarts. There have been many other MaxCold sizes in the past (70 quarts, 120, etc.). They won’t get the facelifts and updates of the newer models.

Although the current selection is a little limited, it does cover most of the desired sizes. There are four sizes available: small, medium, large, and giant. These are all defined by our internal storage volume definitions. You also have some wheels to choose from. The largest size, 165-quart, can be described as a hybrid Igloo cooler review that combines Max Cold and Igloo Contour technology.


Unlike other premium cooler brands we tested, Igloo won’t overwhelm you with the number of features they offer. They do include some features that will increase ice performance. They also include a few features that promote usability. These coolers are suitable for a wide range of audiences.

The latches are a favorite feature of these coolers, especially the larger ones. You will often find sub-par latches on budget coolers. These latches can be weak and don’t always give a good “bite.” This can allow air to escape from the cooler more easily.

Igloo Max Cold products’ latches are more like premium coolers.

The hatch lid is another handy feature found on larger models. The hatch lid allows you to easily access the stored items within the soft cooler body without opening it completely. This is both convenient and helps to keep warm air from getting into the soft coolers.

All sizes, even the smallest, come with drain plugs. They are easy to open/close and access. The smaller sizes will not come with a threaded drainage plug. It is a triple-snap, leak-resistant model. Although this is not a major issue, some prefer the threaded drain (available in larger sizes).

There are a few buying options available for transportation, depending on the model. Side carrying handles can be rotated almost 180 degrees on the 165-quart and 100-quart models. These handles are standard for larger ice chests. They are reinforced to withstand the extra weight they might have to support.

There are wheels and a locking handle (52-quart model) for smaller models or reinforced swing-up handles (40-quart model). This makes it easy to pull the ice. There are also side handles that can be used to lift the ice with your hands.

The MaxCold 40 Roller cooler will place the wheels on long-ways, while the MaxCold Quantum 52 will center them.

Certain sizes may also have features that are exclusive to them. The 52-Quart Quantum model has an internal shelf-ledge, which makes it a great place to store condiments. The 165-Quart MaxCold Contour model, on the other hand, has a unique contour shape that reduces storage space while still being easy to handle.

We’ve covered some of the most popular convenience features. Now let’s look at the features that prolong ice lives.

Ultratherm insulation, which you’ll find in everybody piece, is the most important component that gives MaxCold its unique name. Although the insulation is not the thickest (about 1.5 inches thick), it locks in heat very well. Cool Riser Technology is also available on all MaxCold models. The ice chest’s body is raised off the ground by letting in the corners. This increases ice performance by removing the hot ground from the cold base.

Design and Construction

MaxCold’s ice options will ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor activities without being bored. The stainless steel latches and hinges work together to ensure that the lid and any attachments required to keep cold air inside remain intact.

You can also store your hunting gear inside the coolers. You can attach handles to the sides to allow a friend to help you carry the cooler to the camping ground or the beach. Some coolers come with Igloo MaxCold 90 qt review so you can transport heavy loads.

Ice Life

The ultimate goal of the ice retention systems discussed is to increase cooling performance. Igloo claims that depending on the size of your model, you can expect 5 to 7 days of ice. These numbers are impressive, considering the Igloo trailmate wheeled cooler does not use rotomolded technology and has no large rubber gaskets or thick walls.

We like to conduct our testing and analysis. Our testing typically involves filling the cooler with 1/3 to 1/2 of ice and leaving it out in the heat. The cooler will then be opened, exposing the ice to the warm air. This is a very close representation of real-life usage.

The largest coolers tend to be the most efficient, as is the rule. The 165-qt coolers work has an impressive 110 to 140 hours of ice. That’s almost six days at the top end!

The trend was downward for smaller coolers, with the 40-quart cooler producing 35 to 60 hours of potential Ice (depending on what conditions).

These numbers are quite satisfactory, especially considering the price. We didn’t get the same results as Igloo (up to 7 days), but they were close. It’s possible to get another day of performance if you place the cooler in the best conditions and load it with extra ice.

Available Colors and Sizes

Igloo considers the number of people you may bring with you on your adventures so that you can choose the right size cooler.

The MaxCold group offers a variety of options: 40 QT to 50 QT, 70QT to 100 QT, and even 165 QT options. This means that you can carry between 50 and 165 120-oz cans.

This is a great tool for any occasion, whether it’s a quick trip with a few friends or a long trip with many family members, friends, or a combination.

The hard coolers come in a color scheme that includes white, gray, and blue. This allows them to blend well with outdoor settings, such as camping trips or fishing trips. This cool fusion is a good choice if you don’t want to prioritize color options.


We were very unhappy with the appearance of the MaxCold. The styling was outdated and boring, according to our review. Igloo has modernized the styling to make it more contemporary. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than before.

We like the new combination of dark and light blue. The curves look less “bubbly,” but we do like them. The lack of color options is the main problem. The blue color combination is the only one that will work for the 165-quart contour. White can only be used in this case.

We hope Igloo will expand its color options in the future.


MaxCold’s hard coolers come with a 1-year warranty. This covers any problems with the material or construction. It is valid as long as it is used under normal conditions.


Any cooler should be priced carefully. Premium coolers can easily cost hundreds of dollars, so having more affordable options is important. Let’s face facts: Not everyone can afford to buy a cooler that expensive.

Igloo is always affordable. The Igloo MaxCold Cooler series has some additional features, which may increase the price slightly. However, it is still affordable and should fit most budgets.

You won’t get the industry-leading ice and extreme toughness of more expensive coolers, but most people don’t need it. A solid Igloo Cooler is enough.


MaxCold’s hard-ice chests are strong and durable, as we have mentioned before.

The smaller coolers can be used to store fish caught on a boat, with friends, on a sunny day. Or, you can use them for hunting rabbits, ducks, or deer.

This ice can be used for many celebrations, including watching the big game at a friend’s house or a bachelor party for a friend who is getting married.

They can be used to keep your children, and their football, basketball, or baseball team energized so they can have fun and win.

Igloo MaxCold vs. Yeti

Igloo MaxCold vs. Yeti

There are clear pros and cons when comparing the Igloo with Yeti coolers.

Igloo is a well-known brand that has been around for many years. They provide quality products at very affordable prices and excellent customer support in the unlikely event of a quality problem.

MaxCold coolers have a higher ice life and thicker Ultratherm insulation.

They are, however, a significant step down from Yeti in quality, performance, durability, and design. These backpack coolers can’t handle grizzly bears and keep ice for more than a week (except the larger sizes).

Yeti is a well-known brand. They are not known for their affordable price points. Instead, they are well-known for their exceptional build quality and nice performance.

As you might imagine, it comes with a high asking price.

You are purchasing a Yeti that can handle almost anything Mother Nature throws at it. This investment should last for many years.

After reading all info here, we hope you find more interested in Yeti Cooler Vs Igloo 2022: https://publicananker.com/yeti-cooler-vs-igloo/

Which is better, Igloo MaxCold or Yeti?

The MaxCold is the best option if you have a limited budget and only need a few days of ice life. Yeti is the clear choice if you want something more durable with better performance (and can afford it).

Igloo MaxCold Cooler Review – Where To Buy?

The MaxCold coolers by Igloo can be found on the website of ice maker. Prices vary depending on the size of the cooler and the accessories that you choose.

We recommend Amazon as a reliable online shop for all your needs. Amazon has both hard and soft ice for any occasion.

To see the details of other users’ reviews, you can view them. Returning your order if it does not work out is easy.

We recommend that you become an Amazon Prime member to get free shipping and have money for any other items that will make your event more fun.


Is Igloo a good cooler?

Igloo coolers are a trusted brand. They are known for their quality, affordable prices and wide range of coolers. Igloo offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for a cooler to bring to the pool or to take on a hunting trip.

What is MaxCold insulation?

Ultratherm insulation, which you’ll find in everybody piece, is the most important component that gives MaxCold its unique name. Although the insulation is not the thickest (measures 1.5 inches), it locks in heat very well.

How long do Igloo coolers stay cold?

Four to five days

Each cooler features robust construction and a reinforced base to increase strength. According to Igloo, the cooler will retain ice for up to four to five days at temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Based on Amazon customer reviews, the cooler seems to live up to the hype.

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How long do Igloo ice packs last?

Ice packs can be kept frozen for 24-36 hours in an insulated container. At room temperature, it will take around 3-4 hours. They will keep frozen for longer than ice, and that is the most important thing!


Are you tired of lugging around a heavy cooler and getting frustrated because your food and drinks aren’t cold? You don’t have to worry about that anymore with the Igloo MaxCold. This user-friendly cooler has the power to keep your food and drinks cold without needing batteries.

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