Igloo Sportsman Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

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Igloo Sportsman Cooler Review is an excellent way to keep your food fresh during the warm summer months. One model, in particular, the Igloo Sportsman cooler, has good insulation for keeping meat cold for over 24 hours. This model offers the added convenience of the drain plug at the bottom that makes it easy to rinse out sand or saltwater. It comes with a recessed, hinged lid that opens easily, even if the user is wearing gloves.

The lid can be held open in any position and will not allow water to escape. The drain plug at the bottom of the tub provides a quick and easy way to rinse off sand or saltwater when you’re done playing. This is great for after beach trips or if your dog rolled around in the grass.

Igloo Sportsman Cooler Review

Igloo Sportsman Coolers Review


There are currently four models in the Igloo Sportsman Cooler review range. There are options for sizes 20-quart to 40-quart, 55-quart, and 70-quart. These sites are viral and are what premium cooler brands will offer. We are not surprised that Igloo chose to begin with them.

Igloo Sportsman Cooler
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Only the giant sizes (100+ quarts) are missing. These coolers can be used for large tailgates or for packing lunches and drinks for entire classes. You may need a cooler to carry these items. We hope Igloo will expand their Sportsman Cooler range to include larger sizes.


This option has roto-molded coolers design to prevent the Sportsman Ice chest from having weather factors such as strong wind, rain, hail, and dirt.

The cooler’s exterior is virtually indestructible, so even if you drop it while transporting it to a picnic area or patio at a friend’s house, it won’t cause any damage. The Sportsman cooler has received a lot of praise online for its ability to handle different situations.

This cooler can be used to take a break if you or someone you care about feels the need for a drink or a cool beverage.


You should ensure that your cooler can provide cold drinks and frozen meats for barbeques. This will make it less tempting to serve warm beverages or eat uncooked meats. Igloo’s 2-inch thick foam in the gasket lid and 1.5 to 2-inch body foam ensure that your items are in top-consuming condition.

You can be extra sure that your ice packs and items are kept cold by using the lid latches. They can be locked securely enough not to fall out if you knock the cooler over or if cold escapes and leaves you with a melted ice chest.

This ice chest has a threaded drain plug that allows you to empty the cooler and keep it clean quickly. To prevent any loss of ice test, a rope is included.

Ice Life

Two essential characteristics of a premium icebox are durability and long-lasting use. The Sportsman Series has been tested and proven to be very durable. But how does it hold ice?

Igloo inspects all boxes to ensure coolers that can hold ice for long periods. These coolers have thick rotomolded walls and strong T-latches. They also come with adequate storage volumes. These coolers are excellent at keeping ice. We’ve seen it time and again.

We used the standard procedure of filling an ice chest about 1/3 of the way, leaving it outside to heat, and opening it occasionally for testing. This allows for a better representation of actual-life usage. The graph below shows our results.

These numbers are in line with other premium cooler brands. Although people might not immediately associate Igloo with RTIC, Orca, or Yeti, this case shows that they are on the same level in terms of great ice retention.

The strength of the coolers and their ice retention tests. Both the Yeti and the Sportsman promise ice retention ability of 5 days or more. There have been multiple ice retention comparisons done between these 2 coolers with each challenge showing the negligible difference between the two cooler brands in terms of ice retention.


Igloo is pretty conservative from a design standpoint. Although these coolers have a tough exterior, they aren’t be noticed for their many external features. The walls are smooth and clean, except for the embedded ridge at the forehead and some subtle grooves along the sides.

They are not as abundant in color options right now. The 20-quart is the size that offers the most options. The current options include white, tan, and pink. The color options are limited to two or three in larger sizes. Although the 55-quart model comes in optional camo, it is the only one that does.

There doesn’t seem to be any Igloo-supported customization level that allows for emblems, decals, and so forth. We wouldn’t be surprised, though Igloo sportsman is a large company if they could place enough orders to allow them to go the custom route.

We hope Igloo will expand on the color options and embrace customization in the future.


The size and weight of coolers can impact how easy it is to carry them to your friends’ patio. However, the ease with which its manufacturer holds it will make it easier. Igloo’s Sportsman Ice chest has swing-up handles so you can easily carry it on your own, or if there is enough food and drinks to go around.

Side handles ensure that the ice chest stays flat while being carried. This helps to keep your items in place and doesn’t move around as you walk. If your items are different sizes, this makes it easier to store them properly.

Rubber T-handle lid latches will keep your cooler locked if you are worried about drinks or food spilling out.


Igloo is known for its competitive pricing. To be considered the best ice chests, Igloo sportsman had to use better materials and construction. These coolers will have a slightly higher asking price than other Igloo Sportsman Coolers.

The asking prices for coolers of this quality are still quite affordable. This is especially true for larger sizes. These models are significantly cheaper than Yeti Tundra and Orca, Pelican, and other high-end iceboxes.

However, we did notice that the “bang-for-the-buck” went down a bit on the lower end. The price difference between the Sportsman 20, Sportsman 40, and Sportsman 55 is not significant. We recommend spending a bit more to get an even larger cooler.


It can be challenging to find a suitable cooler. Durable coolers may also have to be large enough to make carrying them to your destination a hassle, no matter how many you bring.

Igloo’s Sportsman Ice chests won’t have that problem. They are tough enough to withstand the elements but weigh 16.5 pounds for 20 QT, 23 pounds for 40 QT, 23 pounds each for the 40 and 55 QT options, 26.6 pounds for the 55 QT options, 30 pounds for 70 QT options, and 37.5 pounds for both the 55 and 70 QT options. The amount of water you keep inside will determine how difficult it is to bring the cooler to the party.

These ice chests’ dimensions shouldn’t hinder your ability to carry them to the patio. The 70 QT option measures 33.2″ x 17.97″ x 18.68″, which isn’t too long or wide. It also makes it easy for you to transport the 40 QT and 20 QT coolers.


Igloo sportsman made sure you had plenty of color options to choose from if you wanted yours to stand out from other coolers. You can choose from White and Tan (all sizes), Pink or Purple Granite (for 20qt), and Realtree Xtra (555qt).


Your cooler will be free from any defects in artistry or material for five years after the date you purchase it from Sportsman.

This brand is now comparable to Pelican and Yeti, making it an even better choice than RTIC, which only covers you for a year.

Igloo Sportsman vs Yeti Tundra

Igloo Sportsman Cooler vs. Yeti

Comparing an Igloo Cooler with a Yeti Tundra Cooler is not necessary. Yeti coolers will almost always be of higher quality and have longer ice lives. They are also more durable. It will almost always cost significantly more.

The Igloo Sportsman cooler was designed to rival Yeti Tundra. They are very similar in many ways, even if you line them up.

Both models have similar ice lives for a given size. You can expect multiple days of ice-life regardless of which model you choose.

Both are built to a high standard. Both are IGBC certified and made from premium materials in the USA.

Yeti Tundra has a slight advantage feature-wise due to the many accessories you can buy. Many people won’t need these extra items and will want a good ice chest.

Yeti cooler also offers more color options and sizes, as well as more customization options.

Igloo is the better value in terms of cost. Even more so, if you buy larger sizes, a large Igloo Sportsman Cooler review will save you a lot of money over a large Yeti Cooler.

Which is better?

Both models are excellent. Igloo is the clear winner in terms of value for money.

More information:


Are Igloo coolers worth the money?

The Igloo MaxCold Cooler is a good option for $45. It’s not fancy, but it delivers outstanding performance. The bad… The bad: At 46.5 quarts, this 50-quart Igloo MaxCold cooler is slightly smaller than advertised. You won’t find extra features with coolers costing more.

As you can see from the table Igloo Sportsman coolers are significantly cheaper than Yeti Tundra. The smallest size has a price difference of $80, while the large size has a price difference of a whopping $150.

On the upper side, Igloo Sportsman coolers have been known to destroy Yetis in terms of user-friendliness and general features. In fact, the Igloo Sportsman line is considered to be the best option for a first cooler because it facilitates the entire process to perfection.

Are Igloo coolers roto-molded?

Igloo sportsman Coolers – Since 1947

The Igloo Sportsman offers the best outdoorsman’s durability, ice retention, quality, and value with its virtually indestructible rotating molded construction and extra-thick insulation foam.

Another plus of the Igloo Sportsman is that the chest is roto-molded with very thick, insulated walls. The cooler seems very well built and durable, but then again, I haven’t taken it out on a camping trip or fishing trip yet. More testing must be done in that regard. Finally, the Sportsman is made in the USA and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

How long does an Igloo sportsman cooler last?

Four to five days

According to Igloo sportsman, the cooler can keep ice for up to four to five days at temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Based on Amazon customer reviews, the cooler seems to live up to the hype.

Is Igloo or Coleman better?

Igloo and Coleman’s coolers are both affordable so that they won’t cost you a fortune. If you are tight on cash or want the best option, Coleman coolers might be a better choice. These coolers are often cheaper and can be purchased for as low as $15-$100.


The Igloo Sportsman cooler is an insulated cooler made by Igloo. It comes in different sizes, but the two models we will review here are the 24-quart and 18-quart models.

Both of these Igloo Sportsman cooler models come with what is called a Multi-Layer Insulation, and this technology helps keep things cooler longer. Multi-layer insulation keeps cold air in and warm air out. This means that the food and drinks inside will stay colder for more extended periods.

If you are looking for the best choice for a long trip or just something that will keep your food or drink cold, then you will need to read this article to see if the Igloo Sportsman cooler is suitable for you.

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