Kenai Cooler Review 2022: Top Full Coolers Store

Kenai Cooler Review 2022 Top Full Coolers Store
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How to stay cool in the heat this summer! The Kenai cooler review is here to help you out. Whether you’re out at the beach or enjoying a day by the pool, the Kenai is perfect for you! This cooler bag is quite large but small enough that one person can still carry it.

The Kenai features rubber feet that keep the base anchored in place while it’s being moved, and its strong handle allows you to carry it with ease.

Kenai Coolers Review

Kenai Coolers Review

Factory Direct Cooler

The Kenai is similar to RTIC coolers. These coolers, as the name suggests, are shipped straight from the factory to the end consumer. Kenai was able to reduce the cost of the coolers by eliminating the middlemen and retailers. Canyon coolers and Kenai are different in that they have a warranty and a build location. The coolers and Kenai soft coolers can be found in China, while Kenai cooler vs RTIC can be found in the USA (in Iowa).

Coolers can be expensive, but it is not true that they are. We also know that our readers care about the origins of their coolers. Kenai soft coolers come with a lifetime warranty. Coolers have a one-year warranty. Kenai’s bold statement demonstrates its superior build.

Construction and Build

Let’s begin with the quality. This is a huge win considering the price of these coolers. They are rotomolded and have superior quality so that they will last many years.

Grizzly seems to have a lot of confidence in Kenai’s build quality, as each cooler comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The lid is strong and comes with a silicone seal. The latches are the best part.

These latches don’t look like the ones we use on Grizzly coolers. They fit under the molding underneath the lid.

They are a fancy T-latch at their core. They’re sleeker and fit into the lid better, making them look cooler and sleeker.

It is also missing the slots at the front that allow it to lock. The Kenai icebox is not bear-proof because it can’t be bolted with a padlock. This contrast is evident because Grizzly is well-known for making bear-proof coolers.

However, you shouldn’t be concerned unless your camping trip is in bear country.

The lid has a hinge with a molded-in design that is unlikely to lock. It has an aluminum pin that runs through it for extra durability.

The plug and drain are located on the side. They can be used to drain any melted ice quickly from your cooler.

The plug doesn’t come with a chain, so be sure to keep it in place.

Antiskid feet are located at the bottom of the unit. These help in insulation by raising the cooler from the floor.

The handles are located on the sides. Kenai comes with a molded handle and rope handles with a rubber grip.

The molded-in handles are great for carrying the cooler by themselves, even if it’s not very heavy.

The rope handles will make hauling the cooler easier if there are more than two of you.

Affordable Performance

We were reluctant to test the cooler after seeing its price. In our previous testing, less expensive coolers performed as expected ….. Cheaply. The Kenai 45 was a different story. The Kenai 45 retained ice for longer than the Grizzly 40 qt coolers that we had previously tested.

We have to be fair and say that the test was conducted outside, which was cooler than previous tests in Florida’s middle of the summer. It is still impressive to hold ice for almost eight days during summer testing in the Pacific Northwest. During this test, afternoon temperatures reached a high of 90 degrees.

Like most of our testing, the Kenai 45 was filled up to its maximum capacity with ice (approximately 45lbs) and several beverages. It was opened three times per day. This is the norm for most cooler tests, so it’s easy to compare sizes and colors.

This cooler was often transported from one campground and tested in cooler temperatures. The Kenai 25 cooler review was able to withstand cooler temperatures, but it could also be jarred in the bed of a pickup truck.

Insulation and Ice Retention

The cooler’s interior has as much as 2 inches of insulation. This makes it thick and very efficient.

The Kenai’s ice chest is quite good, which is an excellent indicator of its performance!

For our ice retention test, we used a Kenai45. It was filled with ice cubes and a medium-sized block of ice. We kept it outside in temperatures up to 90 degrees. Every evening, we opened it to measure the temperature.

It was still frozen five days later. If it hadn’t been so hot, it could have stayed cool for another day or two. This is quite a good price for a cooler, and it’s enough to last almost a week.

Available Sizes And Dimensions

We always begin our reviews by giving an objective view of a brand’s range. This is why we decided to stick with it, even though only one cooler currently represents the Kenai line.

However, limiting the audience to one cooler will limit their reach. In the hopes of seeing more Kenai 25 in the future, here’s what you can expect to see from the Kenai 45Qt.

The cooler is small enough to fit easily on any boat or vehicle. The Kenai ice chest can hold up to 45Qt (roughly 43 liters), and this gives you ample space for a whole fishing trip for small game anglers.

This cooler is a great choice because it can be used by anglers/hunters individually and is small enough for campers, kayakers, and the occasional guy who likes to drink in the woods.


Many things affect the profile of a cooler, and features aren’t far behind. Features are often the focal point of buyers, as they can affect your whole experience with the cooler.

We can only say that Kenai has done an admirable job of maintaining a familiar yet rich profile with all the features you want. Here’s what you can expect from Kenai.

Multi-purpose lid

Although the lid of ice-coolers is used for only occasional tasks, the Kenai is one of few that has thought about it. This cooler’s lid has a grippy texture to make it easier to use as a casting platform or a seat.

The lid of the Kenai has four indentations that allow for a more secure and easy tie-down. If you plan to keep this cooler on your truck/boat, it won’t slide around, injuring or damaging passengers or damaging itself.

Anti-skid feet

We cannot allow the rubber feet on premium coolers to be overlooked.

Rubber feet make this Kenai cooler military discount much safer.

If you plan to use this cooler for your livelihood, you can purchase sliding feet separately. If you looking for the best coolers for money, this is a great way:

Silicone Rubber Gasket

Although there aren’t many special features, the freezer-grade gasket is undoubtedly worth mentioning.

This small addition is crucial in the ice retention process. It seals the cooler tightly and keeps the cold air inside for long periods.


Although there are many options for T-latches, the basic concept is the same. These latches are very popular among premium brands due to their ease of use and efficiency.

Once you have secured the lid, the rubber latches will tighten the gasket and reinforce the seal.


Handles are a key feature on hard-sided coolers. They determine how easy it is to transport large coolers. Grizzly chose flexible rope handles for Kenai, with a padded grip to provide additional comfort.

It is also important to remember that rope handles are flexible and make it easier to transport the cooler on uneven surfaces.

If you plan on handling the cooler by yourself, you can opt for the integrated handles. They are much more comfortable and easier to hold.


As we mentioned, Grizzly offers a life-long warranty on these coolers. This is a testimony to Grizzly’s trust in their product. This is a huge advantage over many of Kenai’s rivals.

Kenai Cooler Vs Yeti: Which Is Better?

Kenai Cooler Vs. Yeti Which Is Better

It’s almost a given that the Kenai can be compared to a Yeti, as it has been the custom on our website. This little segment can give you a lot of insight and help decide when you are at a loss. If you are certain that you will stick with Kenai, you can skip this section.

We will compare the Kenai45Qt to the popular Yeti 45 if you want to continue reading. It is the closest competitor.

First, the Kenai is a standalone product, and we cannot judge it based on its variety. This is why we are going to remove this criterion. But we cannot ignore the quality aspect.

The Yeti 45 cooler is twice as strong as the Kenai. On the other hand, the Kenai is a roto-molded option that has enough strength to last a lifetime.

The Yeti Tundra is still ahead in terms of performance but not by much. The Kenai, a descendant of Grizzly, has inherited almost all its performance characteristics. Both the Yeti and the Kenai are equals at the record for an ice retention time of 5 to 7 days.

Both coolers have similar features, with the Yeti having a slight edge due to its clear mastery in craftsmanship and remarkable dedication to the smallest details.


Where are Kenai coolers made?

Kenai cooler coupon can be found in the USA, Iowa. These cooler can be found in China.

How long does ice last in a Kenai cooler 25?

The Kenai special edition cooler is promising because it follows the same guidelines as premium coolers. This cooler is Rotomolded, which should provide some insight into its performance. Roto-molded coolers typically retain ice for five days.

Is a rotomolded cooler worth it?

Rotomolded coolers outperform other coolers. This is because they are made using a process known as rotational molding. There are no seams. To create a cooler of high quality, the liquid plastic is continuously poured on top of thick insulation. This cooler is worth the additional cost over lower-quality coolers.

Does Grizzly make Kenai?

More answers here:


According to the author, a Kenai can help you keep your lunch cool during a midday break. For best results, you should wrap the cooler in a wet towel before putting it in your bag. Lastly, be sure to put it back in the fridge as soon as possible after use.

In the following summary, the author of this article discusses Kenai 45 cooler reviews and concludes that they can help you keep your lunch cool during a midday break.

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