Kenmore Elite 72483 Refrigerator Review 2022: Best Information For You

Kenmore Elite 72483 Refrigerator Review 2022 Best Information For You
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The Kenmore Elite 72483 refrigerator review is the latest in Kenmore’s line of refrigerators to offer even more storage. Kenmore’s patented Quiet Plus design keeps your fresh food and your kitchen quiet.

This side-by-side has five-door shelves, three crispers, six door bins, adjustable wire shelves, and seven-gallon door bins.

The door bins are designed to stack vertically, making it easy to frozen food organized and maximize space. The Elite 72483 is a top seller for a reason.

There is a reason why this model has been one of the top sellers in the Coachman RV line for years. Features like the wet bath, functional exterior design, and spacious interior make it a family favorite.


About Kenmore Elite 72483 Refrigerator

Consumer Reports has tested the Kenmore Elite 72483 in its Refrigerators program. French-Door Refrigerators models such as the Elite 72483 were rated using multiple sliding drawers criteria in our laboratory tests.

Thermostat control: This is a measurement of how well the refrigerator’s thermostat can:

1) reach the initial set temperature according to manufacturer’s recommendations

2) simultaneously achieve optimal temperatures in fresh food sections, and

3) maintain internal temperatures consistent despite large fluctuations in room temperatures.

Temperature uniformity: This performance measure measures how well a model reduces heat and cold spots in its fresh food or freezer sections.

Energy efficiency: This is the electricity consumed per cu. ft of usable storage space. Two models may have the exact energy costs per year but different energy efficiency. For example, A unit with more door-in-door storage space is more efficient.

Multi Air Flow technology works throughout the fridge to optimize interior temperatures and humidity levels, so produce stays fresh, leftovers stay delicious and frozen foods won’t get freezer burned. Keep fresh food at your fingertips with the Kenmore Elite 72483 French door refrigerator with a pull-out pantry drawer.

Pros And Cons


  • Maintains consistent temperatures
  • Deli middle drawer
  • Through the door ice maker and water dispenser


  • We could not find anything.

Editor’s Note

The Kenmore Elite 72483 (MSRP 4,199.99) is a perfect example of how you can take a good thing and make it even better. We thought we had seen the best Kenmore could offer when we tried the Elite 74025 last year. We were wrong.

The 72483 takes the 74025’s sleek design, helpful layout, and excellent performance and adds a separate temperature-controlled drawer in the center.

There is always a catch. The MSRP for the 72483 is over $4,000, which is a price you shouldn’t settle for. Although 72483 sales prices have been challenging to find, we recently saw a price drop to $2999.

The three-door 74025 fridge is still available for sale prices at a very reasonable $2,599; we hope Kenmore will drop the price of its 4-door refrigerator even more.

Another advantage with the Elite 79043 is that it comes with two humidity-controlled crisper drawers, helping keep your produce farm-fresh for a little longer.

The two-tier pull-out freezer makes it very easy for you to access pre-made meals and treats. You won’t need to dig through piles of food to find what you need.

The Kenmore Elite 72483 (MSRP 4,199.99) is one of our top-scoring fridges. It has passed almost every condition we tested.

Kenmore 72483 adds a separate temperature-controlled center fourth drawer for storing everything from snacks and deli meats to chilled wine. Though it has an external water dispenser and crushed ice dispenser, the fridge hides all of its controls behind the door, which gives the 72483 a streamlined and contemporary look.

Kenmore Elite 72483 Reviews

Kenmore Elite 72483 reviews

A Little Bit Extra

The middle drawer of the 72483 draws air from your fridge, allowing you to choose from four temperature settings, ranging from 29degF up to 42degF.

This design makes it easy to organize food and even makes a fridge more family-friendly. Fill the central drawer up with snacks, drinks, and other treats for your kids, and you’ll be able to leave the main doors unlocked, waiting for inspiration. BBQ enthusiasts can use it to organize their meats, and party hosts can store wine or cheese.

Both French door fridges are equipped with bright LED lights and smooth-sliding drawers. There is also tons of storage space that can be adjusted and accessible in many places. The controls are located on the top of the frame, around the main fresh food section. This gives the water dispenser a futuristic, minimal look.

BBQ aficionados can also use it as a specialized meat drawer, or party hosts can use it to store wine and cheese. Beyond that, both fridges have bright LED lights, smooth-sliding drawers, and tons of storage space that’s both accessible and—in many places—adjustable.

Other differences between the two models are subtler. For instance, the water filter is hidden behind a shelf and built into the left refrigerator door.

This French door fridge can be finished in any other finish than stainless steel and will save you around $100. The Kenmore 72482 is available in white and the Kenmore 7489 in black. The new model, unlike the 74025, is not available in bisque.

Even with fridges that use degrees-based thermostats, it’s rare to see such precise temperature readings. The average temperature settings of the prominent left fridge door fresh food section were 37.13degF at its top, 37.03degF mid-range, and 38.59degF down low. The extra warmth around the crispers can be used to store produce, making it just about perfect.

The temperature changed by +0.28degF during the time, which is one of the most significant gaps we’ve ever seen in fresh food sections. However, the average temperatures were so precise that this fluctuation shouldn’t affect your food.

Even better was the freezer, which experienced fluctuations of only +–0.18degF. The average temperatures at the top, and door bottom freezer refrigerator, were -2.58 and -1.3 degrees, respectively. This means that freezer burn won’t occur immediately.

One word: WOW

We couldn’t find any problems with the Kenmore72483 based on extensive laboratory tests.

The freezer kept temperatures constant over time. It maintained an average of 37 degrees Celsius over three days, which means that temperature fluctuations won’t significantly affect food.

Kenmore’s Airtight Crisper lived up to its name. It retained the majority of moisture we added to test materials over the 72-hour testing period. There is also a regular crisper with an adjustable humidity slider.

The 72483 is highly energy-efficient, as has been the case ever since the release of the Energy Star standards last year. This French door model is among the most energy-efficient we have tested. You’ll notice a decrease in your electric bills if your fridge is more than ten years old.

This Kenmore 72482 is very well-equipped with extra features. Ultra Ice mode is the only additional feature that this Kenmore 72482 has, and it speeds up cube production. The central drawer also has five settings, including 29degF to cook meats and seafood, 33degF to drink, 37degF to make deli snacks, and 42degF to chill wine.

Visit the Science Page for more performance information.

We focused our testing on Kenmore’s Airtight Crisper drawer. We’ve seen that the Airtight Crisper performed as promised. After three days, we saw an average loss of 0.06 grams per hour. This crisper is unique and superior to other refrigerators.

The rest of the controls are hidden inside the door. Tyler Lizenby/CNET The 72482 has just three buttons on the front door – touchable icons that allow you to select between water dispenser, ice maker, and crushed ice.

You’ll find the rest of the controls up top when you open the doors. It’s an approach that leaves the front looking simpler and more streamlined, but it also means that you can’t tweak settings when the doors are closed.

As a rule of thumb, the more complex the fridge’s design is, the more energy it uses. While the difference in energy consumption between a basic fridge and a French door fridge isn’t too large, the costs and damage to the environment do add up over time.

It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to trade the convenience that a complex unit offers for slightly higher running costs over time.

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If You Can Find A Lower Price, Snap It Up

The new Kenmore Elite 72483 has a fourth drawer to ensure food preservation. It’s hard to find a better French door refrigerator.

This special appliance is not recommended for sale due to its high price. The Kenmore 74025, almost identical to the Kenmore 72483, is selling for around $1,000 less.

We tested the 4-door KitchenAid 72483, which was discontinued. However, we found some clearance models available for less than $2,000, which is a fantastic deal for a 4-door refrigerator.

This Kenmore is worth your attention. It could be one the most valuable on the market, as long as it is priced below $3,000

The freeze times were in line with four years of research. After about an hour and 25 minutes in the freezer, room temperature testing materials reached 32degF.

The 72483 looks excellent and can hold a lot of food.

The main section boasts an impressive 15.58 cubic feet of food storage. It includes an ample shelf fridge more space, large crispers, and sliding compartments. There are also door shelves and a central drawer.

With its many sliding drawers at different heights, the freezer is spacious. It provides 5.78 cubic feet of storage space for frozen food organized.

The 72483 is one of the most efficient refrigerators we tested. It was also one of the most efficient French door models since the new EPA guidelines last year. The 72483 requires 0.06 kWh to cool each cubic foot. This is based on an average American electricity rate of $0.09/kWh. That would translate into approximately $42.88 per annual electricity cost.


Is Kenmore Elite a good refrigerator?

The Kenmore Elite 31.0 cu. Ft has received excellent feedback online, including a 4/5 rating on (55 reviews). Customers are generally delighted with the refrigerator’s usability, energy efficiency, style, and performance.

How long should a Kenmore Elite refrigerator last?

10-20 years

Your fridge is more than ten years old.

Refrigerators can last between 10 and 20 years. It is more expensive to repair a refrigerator that is older than it is.

Who makes Kenmore Elite refrigerators?

Electrolux makes most top-freezer Kenmore 72482 refrigerators. They are very similar to Frigidaire’s models. Whirlpool makes most side-by-side and inexpensive French door models, while LG makes almost all French door models and some side-by-side.

Is there a recall on the Kenmore Elite refrigerator?

Sears, Roebuck and Co., and LG Electronics are recalling approximately 20,000 three-door refrigerators sold under the Kenmore Elite Trio and LG names. The condenser fan motor’s component can fail, causing it to short circuit. This can cause the fan motor to heat up, creating a fire hazard for consumers.


The Kenmore Elite appliance is a high-quality product. It is designed to meet the needs of your household, and it can be used in a variety of ways that will provide numerous benefits. No other brand compares to how well-rated this appliance is, and you can learn more about what it offers by reading the full article.

Overall, the Kenmore Elite is a fantastic product that provides various features for various customers. If you have any questions about the entire article’s offer or any additional questions, feel free to comment on this page, and Publican Anker will be more than happy to assist you.

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