Kenmore Elite 74025 Refrigerator Review 2022: Best Information For You

Kenmore Elite 74025 Refrigerator Review 2022 Best Information For You
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Kenmore Elite 74025 refrigerator review is a versatile refrigerator with a 26. 9 cubic foot total capacity and a stainless steel finish. This Kenmore refrigerator is a top choice for a family with various needs, from finding a perfect fit for tall bottles in the door to storing dinner rolls near the freezer.

The stainless steel finish helps to keep this Kenmore refrigerator looking sharp. And it also keeps the refrigerator cool, even when you put warm foods inside. That’s because stainless steel is a great conductor of heat. But don’t worry about the looks being only skin deep.

The Kenmore Elite refrigerator comes with an electronic ice maker that makes about seven pounds of ice every 24 hours. It also comes with an ice bucket that holds 1.5 pounds of ice and a cubed or crushed ice bin. This refrigerator has a 3-door design, which means you can quickly get to all the food in your fridge. It also comes with a divider shelf to create custom storage areas in your refrigerator.

Sleek And Spacious, And You Can Order It In Bisque!

Sleek and spacious, and you can order it in bisque

The GE Cafe was known for its strength and weight. However, the Kenmore’s long handles and light-grained finish give the fridge a modern feel. Kenmore Elite 74025 is a metallic finish, distinct from stainless. It’s resistant to fingerprints and easy to clean. This makes it an excellent choice for small households or messy adults.

The Kenmore Elite 74023 stainless version is available for about $100 less. You can also get it in black (74029), white (74022), or bisque (74024), which is unusual for an elegant large french door model. It is also unusual that the prices for all three versions of the non-metallic version are the same as those of the stainless model.

The external controls are now simplified to just three icons with backlit icons: water and crushed ice. This minimalistic touch is a welcome addition. While this helps keep the outer doors visually uncluttered, the dispenser’s current selection highlighted in bright blue will always glow in your kitchen.

Kenmore 4672483 4 Door Bottom...
193 Reviews

You will find the rest of the controls along with the upper interior frame of your main fridge compartment. The controls are easy to see, but it may be difficult for shorter people to understand if they need to adjust the Kenmore Elite fridge settings.

The LED lighting shining through a sea of white plastic gives the interior a clean and sterile look. Visual interest is added by touches like the stainless edging on crispers and shelf fronts, as well as a blue backlit ring around an air filter.

The freezer is great for large kitchens. The refrigerator door opens out and tilts forward to allow for easy access to all three sliding drawers. Remember: A fully extended freezer requires twice the depth of the fridge.

The temperature consistency in the primary refrigerator compartment was exceptionally efficient fridge. The average temperature was 37.78degF above the top, 37.61degF middle, and 39.95degF below the bottom. This is because products will be more comfortable if a slight increase in heat at the bottom. This fridge can withstand temperature deviations up to +0.22degF.

Temperatures were adequate for long-term door storage down in the freezer. From top to bottom, we measured average temperatures of -2.18degF & -2.55degF. This freezer can keep freezer burn at bay with a consistent deviation of only +-0.18degF.

An Airtight Crisper Is Icing On A Properly Chilled Cake.

An Airtight Crisper is icing on a properly chilled cake.

We couldn’t find any fault with this model’s performance, as was the case for the GE Cafe. The freezer and fridge were both the fridge adequately cooled, and the temperatures remained constant over time.

The Airtight Crisper was able to retain moisture remarkably. This drawer should be your primary drawer for produce that requires a moist environment. The left drawer can also serve as additional door storage for more picky vegetables.

It is also a very efficient fridge. The Elite is small enough not to cause a significant increase in your electricity bills, even when the ice maker is running.

The Kenmore Elite is a great machine, but the features are not very impressive. Ultra Ice is an Ultra Ice feature that allows you to make ice quickly. Although the fridge does not have a dispenser, it comes with an extra ice maker.

A temperature-controlled pantry drawer in the fridge offers three settings–Meat, Deli, and Produce–but aside from that, the fridge doesn’t offer much in the way of extras. The Kenmore fridge has a control lock function, which is a strange twist considering the location of the control console.

The toggle that controls the nightlight of the dispenser would be better positioned beside it than inside the fridge.

We tested this Kenmore’s Airtight Crisper. It is a drawer that cannot be adjusted and designed for products that must be kept moist.

It lost just 0.5 grams per hour over three days. This is the lowest recorded rate of moisture loss we have ever seen. Another drawer, a standard crisper, has a slider that controls how much moisture it retains. However, this drawer never performed as well as the Airtight during our testing.

LED illumination and predominantly white plastic give the fridge a bright, clean look. The slim icemaker keeps left door storage shallow, but still quite usable. The freezer is just as roomy, proportionately speaking.

Three sliding drawers of varying heights, as well as a shallow door shelf, provide ample space for frozen food. Kenmore throws in a supplementary ice bucket that you can use for the secondary ice maker in the freezer, should you want it. In total, you get 4.97 usable cubic feet.

High-end Style And Performance

The Kenmore 74025 is a standout standalone refrigerator, and it lives up to its “Elite” name. A sleek, fingerprint-resistant metallic finish gives the sizeable French door model an air of class that will spruce up any kitchen.

This fridge is available at Sears for less than $3,000, despite its high MSRP of 74025. It’s still expensive but much cheaper than a built-in luxury model. This fridge is also comparable to our top-ranking French doors, so you can choose the model that best suits your culinary and personal tastes.

The Kenmore appliances took one hour and 32 minutes for our room temperature test materials to drop to 32 degrees F. This is a pretty average time, but it should be sufficient to freeze all cuts of meat.

The 74025 makes excellent use of the space available. The majority of the storage options are made up of five shelves, four adjustable gallon sized storage. Two crispers are included, the Airtight drawer as well as the regular crisper. The bottom also has a full-width temperature adjust drawer. You get 14.45 cubic feet of storage with extra space between the fridge doors on the right and left, which is a considerable amount.

The freezer is equally significant, proportionally speaking. Three sliding drawers with different heights and an external door shelf provide plenty of space for frozen foods. Kenmore brand includes an ice bucket, which you can use to make secondary ice in your freezer. In total, you get 4.97 usable cubic feet.

The Kenmore’s space is not wasted. We calculate that the fridge will run for $44.53 per year, based on a $0.09/kWh fixed rate. This means that each cubic foot of usable cooling space will only take 0.07 kWh.

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Is Kenmore Elite a good refrigerator?

The Kenmore Elite 31.0 cu. The Kenmore Elite 31.0 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator (72053,72053,72059) has received excellent feedback online, including a 4/5 rating on (558 customer reviews). Customers are generally delighted with the refrigerator’s usability, energy efficiency, style, and performance.

The 7205 series Kenmore Elite refrigerators have 30.7 cu. ft. of capacity and offer the most storage space of any Kenmore refrigerator. With 20.7 cu. ft. of capacity, the fresh food compartment has very flexible storage capabilities.

It has a total of five spill-proof glass shelves including one full-width shelf and four split ones. The four split shelves are all adjustable and the two top shelves can even be retracted to allow for more space below.

How long should a Kenmore Elite refrigerator last?

10-20 years

Your fridge is more than ten years old.

Refrigerators can last between 10 and 20 years. It is more expensive to repair a refrigerator that is older than it is.

Who makes Kenmore Elite Side-by-Side refrigerators?

Electrolux makes most top-freezer Kenmore refrigerators. They are very similar to Frigidaire’s models. Whirlpool makes most side-by-side and inexpensive French door models, while LG makes almost all French door and side-by-side models.

Should I buy Kenmore refrigerators If Sears is closing?

Your home warranty company, as a third party, will not be affected by Sear’s bankruptcy. Sears may close or be sold to new owners. Your Kenmore Elite warranty could be invalidated and your appliance unprotected.

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Kenmore Elite 74025 is an oven that will work for most kitchens. With most models being the same, it’s just a matter of preference.

We recommend Kenmore Elite 74025 for those who want to use their oven as a way to cook homemade meals for their family. Kenmore Elite 74025 has a lot of extras you might not have on a basic oven. It has a rotisserie system that allows you to roast a whole chicken in a concise amount of time.

Thanks for reading about Kenmore Elite 74025 Refrigerator. Kenmore Elite 74025, with room for about 18 cans and a 3-door design, you can quickly get to everything in your refrigerator.

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