Kenmore Side By Side Refrigerator Review 2022: Best Information For You

Kenmore Side By Side Refrigerator Review 2022 Best Information For You
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The Kenmore Side By Side Refrigerator Review is an excellent option for shoppers looking to save money and create more space in their kitchen. This fridge has a water and ice dispenser on the outside, making it easy for people to use without opening up the door. It also features an LED display that can show you what’s inside your fridge at all times.

The best thing about this refrigerator is its price point: most models are less than $1,000! That makes them perfect for families on a budget. Plus, they have plenty of storage space, so you’ll never run out of room when putting away groceries or leftovers from dinner last night!

What We’ve Heard From Our Customer Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews

The 7205’s freezer has 10 cu. ft. of capacity and is designed with a Tilt-N-Take freezer drawer that conveniently tips open to reveal three tiers of storage space including two pullout drawers and a deep bin.

The fridge has adjustable shelves, door bins, and dairy bins, as well as temperature- and humidity-controlled drawers.

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We strive to make buying easier. Below is a list of feedback from customers. Don’t be too concerned about the fact that Kenmore elite side-by-side refrigerator reviews aren’t ” great.”

We are confident that many people love their refrigerators. Kenmore appliances would stop making these refrigerators if they didn’t.

Defective items will receive a full repair or replacement.

Luxury models: Kenmore offers many top-of-the-line luxury models and options, such as french-cut doors with stainless steel construction and GeniusCool technology.

Commercial products: Kenmore offers commercial products for restaurants and consumers who are in need of extra-large refrigerators.

Customer reviews: Kenmore Elite 51773 28 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Accela Ice Technology in Stainless Steel Skip to main content. It is available in Stainless Steel Energy Star or Overlay (with custom panels). It has flat, smooth doors, and you can choose between 3 handle styles including Pro, Tubular, or Framed.

Fire Hazard/Short in Fridge Light

It is fantastic to see how a simple fault in a fridge can create an electric fire. This is what we heard most. It was not lit by fire, however. They all smelled a strong plastic burnt smell, which alerted them to their problem. They were all home at the time, which was a blessing.

In terms of warranty, Kenmore only includes a 10-year warranty on the linear compressor in the price, but you can also purchase an additional In-Home Master Protection Agreement for either $379.99 (3-year) or $549.99 (5-year).

Ice Dispenser Issues

We didn’t hear of one particular issue, but many minor issues. The ice dispenser is making a loud noise or the accidental opening of the ice maker, causing more frost in the freezer and higher electric bills.

It also has a frost-free freezer and separates external temperature controls in the water and ice dispenser that allow you to make precise temperature adjustments to each compartment. You can control temperatures in the fridge and freezer from the external water and ice dispenser.

The control panel allows you to adjust the temperatures inside the freezer and refrigerator, the interior lighting, and the type of ice you’d like. You can even lock the door if needed. Ice (both cubed and crushed) and filtered water are dispensed through the door. Lit in green, the tap-touch controls on the front panel are clear and simple to adjust.

Other Issues

These were not things we heard often, but we did. We thought you might enjoy them. It covered the fridge’s failure to work, surge protector problems (not correctly installed), and the fridge was prone to running cold.

Please scroll down to the bottom to see the Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator reviews that we have gotten.

Built-in water filter

A water filter, included with many icemakers, is intended to reduce levels of lead, chlorine, and other impurities. A filter usually adds to the cost of the refrigerator, so have your tap water tested to see if you really need one.

Plenty of room and the lighting in it is superb! I can see what I need too and everything is laid out very nicely inside. Makes plenty of ice, is easy to clean, and is very easy to change the water filter inside. We probably looked at 10 different refrigerators and as soon as we saw this one, we knew we had to have it.

Water dispenser

The water dispenser is normally accessible from the outside as part of the ice and water dispenser. External Stainless/SS-look option Stainless/SS-look option Stainless steel is stylish but it shows fingerprints. The kids enjoy getting water for themselves (my old fridge did not have a water dispenser). Highly recommend. Installation was great from Amazon.

Ice and water options are also great, but we do not use this. Stainless steel is beautiful and durable, making it easy to clean. The inner drawers pull out… fine. They’re not the worst, but they can definitely be smoother. It is also a very quiet fridge; we hardly even notice it.

Your refrigerator could be making you sick feature Your refrigerator could be making you sick. When the door opens, the LED lights shine. Gallon bins provide storage for milk and juice containers.

In some models, you can use an electronic touchpad to adjust the temperature settings. In some higher-end models, the display will show the actual temperature.

Kenmore 51112 Side By Side Review Of 2022

Kenmore 51112 Side By Side Review Of 2022

When we tried the Kenmore fridge (available at Sears at $999.99), it reminded me a lot of Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ, another side-by-side refrigerator that we recently tested.

Whirlpool makes both, and they have a lot to share. Besides that, Mary Griffin Storage in the Fresh Food Compartment and Freezer The 7205 series Kenmore Elite refrigerators have 30.7 cu. ft. of capacity and offer the most storage space of any Kenmore refrigerator. With 20.7 cu. ft. of capacity, the fresh food compartment has very flexible storage capabilities.

Storage space wasn’t as spacious as the size of the fridge suggests, and the in-door cooling performance leaves a lot to be desired. For example, two models with the same energy cost per year may have different energy efficiencies – the unit with more storage space being more efficient.

Side-by-side fridges tend to cost less than trendier French door models, which have double doors on top, and a freezer drawer below. If you’re sure you want to stick with the side-by-side format, the Kenmore 51122 fridge is a good value, and the crispers do a good job capturing humidity.

Design and features

We tested the Kenmore fridge in our labs in white. The classic all-white kitchen is timeless, but you can get the Kenmore appliances in a shiny stainless (51113) for $50 less. The fridge can also be purchased in black (51119) at the same price as its white counterpart.

The door allows you to access filtered water and cubed ice. The front panel is lit in green. The tap-touch controls are easy to use and clear. These controls can’t be used to set a temperature exactly, but you can tap the side of the side-by-side fridge to change its temperature.

The LED lights glow when the door is opened. Gallon bins can store milk and juice bottles. A side-by-side refrigerator is great for kids because they can access their snacks. These bins are a great option.

The shelves won’t catch spills if a child accidentally lands on one of them. They are also easy to clean.

The refrigerator’s capacity was measured at 11 cu.ft., which is not 15.4 cu. ft. claimed by the manufacturer. However, it can still be used depending on your requirements. The ice bin in the freezer takes up too much space. You can only use 4.6 cubic feet of the promised 9.1 cubic feet. This is not good if you have kids who eat lots of ice cream or frozen pizzas.


Produce should stay crisp and juicy when it is placed in a crisper. This fridge’s crispers may not be able to keep your produce fresh for long periods. We found that they lost 7.7g of water per day in our tests. Kenmore 795.51832 review: This annoying Kenmore fridge left us cold Ry Crist May 2, 2015, 7:00 a.m.

The refrigerator temperature is where we want temperatures to remain at 40deg and below. 37deg would be ideal. Our test refrigerator had an average temperature of 40.1deg. That’s not too bad. We were concerned about the freshness of the milk, significantly when it spiked up to 42deg.

We recommend using the control panel to lower the refrigerator’s temperature if you purchase this model. It can be checked with a refrigerator thermometer.

The freezer side works great. In just 31 minutes, it cooled to 32deg. It remained at the optimal temperature for 31 minutes, and it never went below 0deg.

This side-by-side fridge is efficient to operate and costs only $36.20 annually to heat.

Energy Star Refrigerators manufactured after April 28, 2008, earning this designation must be at least 20 percent more energy-efficient than the minimum federal standard. Yes CR’s suggested refrigerator setting CR’s suggested refrigerator setting. Because it is a good, large-capacity refrigerator that is energy efficient and maintains optimal internal temperatures without producing too much noise.

The freezer side is great as is. It cooled down to 32° in an amazing 31 minutes. And once it got into the optimal range (best is 0°, and this one reached -1°), it stayed there, which keeps the freezer burn at bay. Efficient to operate, the estimated yearly energy cost to run this fridge is about $36.20.

What users say

Kenmore fridge for just over three years until today. It stopped cooling and I called a repair tech. It was a BIG surprise to learn our Kenmore was actually an LG product that had a known poor-quality compressor.

The technician told us he and his company had replaced MANY compressors on the same Kenmore refrigerator I owned. It cost me $840 to replace the compressor because of course, it was no longer under warranty. It frustrates me to no end, just three years after purchasing the refrigerator at a cost of $2,500 and now an additional $840. I recommend to everyone do their own research before buying.

This model has not yet received any user comments. The Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ is very similar. However, some owners are not happy with how much space the icemaker takes up.

Having more review: As reported by other reviews the ice maker is a little noisy and messy as far as dropping ice chips have not had any problems with the freezer door wiring yet but we have only had it for seven months. The internal air circulation works well with no food smells. We purchased the 28 cf refrigerator.

Occasionally ice maker makes noise. Not often. Interior Organization I love the interior. There is a vegetable and a fruit-controlled temperature drawer. And the shelves on the door have one designed for milk and I love that – Another customer says.

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The Bottom Line

Side-by-side refrigerators are more efficient at keeping food at eye level and have lower shelves that children can reach. This makes them a good choice for families. Side-by-side fridges are less expensive than the trendier French doors models, which have double doors and a freezer drawer below.

The Kenmore 51122 refrigerator is an excellent choice if you are sure you want to keep the side-by-sides format. It also has crispers that capture humidity well. Before you buy, take a look at the product.

Customer review: We bought a Kenmore Elite refrigerator in 2018. On January 29, 2022, the compressor quit working, food was ruined. Okay, things happen. We called about having a warranty repair. The wife was on phone for more than 3 hours with different parties within the Sears network. Got an appointment for February 1st, GREAT service!

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How long do Kenmore side-by-side refrigerators last?

Between 14 and 17 years

Standard refrigerators, such as side-by-side and freezer-top refrigerators, typically last between 14-17 years. Your refrigerator’s life expectancy can also be affected by how well it is maintained and the construction.

Who makes Kenmore side by side refrigerators?

Refrigerators: This is where things get tricky. Electrolux makes most top-freezer Kenmore refrigerators. They are very similar to Frigidaire’s models. Whirlpool makes most side-by-side fridge and inexpensive French door model, while LG makes almost all French door and side-by-side models.

Are Whirlpool and Kenmore Elite parts interchangeable?

Both brands of refrigerator parts are available on this page. The Whirlpool Corporation makes certain appliances under the Kenmore brand, so our replacement parts will fit both Kenmore models.

Besides that, the very basic GE GTE18GMHES top freezer, the well-reviewed LG LDC24370ST bottom freezer, and the GE Artistry Series bottom freezer all performed better in both the standard and optimized load tests, and all three cost less than the Grab-N-Go. The Samsung Food Showcase side-by-side outperformed it as well, although it costs more.

Some drawback of this model: Our Kenmore side by side refrigerator itself is okay, but we have had repeated issues with the water dispenser freezing within the water line inside … Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator Review (model #5101) My Kenmore side by side refrigerator review can be summed up into one major issue: FILTER PROBLEMS.

Are our Kenmore Elite side-by-side refrigerator warranties still valid?

Kenmore fridge warranties generally last one year from the date the appliance was purchased. Kenmore dishwasher warranties might have a more extended warranty period for defective parts than other appliances. Kenmore fridge will replace or fix defective parts at no charge to you.

Again, the body of the fridge did fine, but the door continued to run warm, with three out of four sections still averaging a temperature above 40. Not good at all.

Sears came and diagnosed the problem as the compressor, which is under a 10-year warranty (reads: “repair free of charge”). However, Sears noted the replacement compressor will need a new computer in order to function. We paid the diagnostic fee and asked him to email us a full quote, which he never did.

Aside from the steady temperatures in the main body of the fridge, the only other real positive here is that the freezer performance was more or less was on point, with temperatures averaging out acceptably close to the target of 0 degrees F. In some higher-end models, the display will show the actual temperature.


Kenmore fridge is a reliable and well-known brand for refrigerators selling side-by-side models since the early 1900s. They have many different options in this category to fit all kinds of budgets, from basic white ones with limited features to more expensive stainless steel appliances with digital screens.

If you are looking for a specific size or want something other than white, keep browsing on our site or contact us directly if you need help finding the perfect refrigerator! We’re happy to help you find your next best kitchen appliance.

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