Kong Cooler Review 2022: Top Full Guide For You

Kong Cooler Review 2022 Top Full Guide For You
  • Paul Kahan

Kong Cooler Review has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality products for over 40 years. The company is the “top of the line” choice for many, and it’s easy to see why.

Kong is known for its insulation capabilities and the flexible material they use, among other things. The foam insulation provides cooling capability and flexibility for storing items that could break if the cooler bag was too rigid.

Kong Cooler Reviews

Kong Cooler Reviews


The short version is that Kong was a serious problem in our ice chest testing. If you are not familiar with our ice ché· test procedure, please read the article about the best coolers for money 2022: https://publicananker.com/best-cooler/

At 9.5 days, the Kong 50 qt white cooler held ice for some of the longest periods we’ve ever tested. The grey 50 QT keeps ice for approximately half a day longer at nine days. During our tests, the cooler’s lids reached 100 degrees every day. Below is Kong’s performance.

Available Sizes And Dimensions

There are four sizes of Kong soft coolers. Each one is beautiful and can handle as much as you would like.

Kong 25 Qt

The Kong 25 is the first cooler ice in Kong’s cooler line. It measures 13.625′” x 11.25″, x 9.5″ on the inside and could be the truck owner’s best friend.

This hard cooler is a great option for outdoor activities that include snacks and drinks.

Kong 50 Qt Cooler

It’s versatile and not too small. Its interior dimensions (22.625′” x 11.5’’ x 12’’) make it easy to pack enough food, drinks, and ice for a fun camping weekend with friends or your better half. Or you can have your party in your backyard with easy access to fresh beverages.

Kong 70 Cooler

This gorilla measures 34.5 inches by 18.375 inches by 17.875 inches on the inside. It’s designed to keep the pack together.

This cooler will allow you to extend your trip without needing to return home as soon as possible due to a lack of food or ice.

Kong 110 Cooler

Because it has the spirit of a beast, the last cooler features in this line is the best.

The Kong 110 is built for long and adventurous adventures, such as hunting, fishing, and long, hectic days of camping.

The unbeatable Kong Family, which includes all four coolers, is what they are known for. They have everything under control. You’ll be able to give thanks a lot once you decide which member of your family you want.

Design and Quality

All Kong extended ice retention has no BPA. This means that they are safe and harmless for direct contact with food.

The outside of the Kong quart cooler review is a beautiful thing. They are FDA-approved, high-impact, FDA-approved polyethylene, well-known for its greater strength, durability, UV resistance, and strength.

These Titan deep freeze coolers can withstand any beating they receive without compromising their awesomeness and performance.

The overall design of Kong quart rotomolded coolers is sporty and attractive.

The Kong quart cooler review is elegant and straightforward and has well-designed details and features that reinforce its primary purpose.

The best thing about Kong camping coolers is their bear resistance. This makes them more durable, flexible, and valuable. This is like the cherry on the top. These Orion coolers are extremely strong due to the build quality of the material used in their construction process.

However, making them bear-proof was another way to ensure that a Kong rotomolded cooler would be a badass that would conquer the industry alongside Yeti tundra and other pioneering brands.

Insulation and Ice Retention

A proud American brand, Kong promise more than ten days of ice retention for their 110-liter cooler. This is possible if you follow simple instructions such as pre-chilling your Igloo trailmate cooler, using lots of ice, and closing the lid when needed to preserve and extend the life span of the ice in your cooler.

Good insulation plays a vital role in the ice maker. As mentioned, Kong is a brand that is closely linked to Ilkhart Plastics, Inc. This company spent decades creating durable, virtually indestructible, heavy-duty insulated containers for marine use. You can only imagine how much experience and professionalism went into the creation of these Kong small Coolers.

It is widely accepted that the Commercial-grade insulation foam used on the cooler’s lid and body is the best choice for any manufacturer looking to create the perfect ice chest. Kong didn’t even have to think twice. These coolers are well insulated to ensure the best ice retention.

These coolers have a Super Seal gasket that is 2 inches in diameter. This seal prevents anything from getting in or out of your cooler. This means that whatever goes in the Pelican elite cooler will remain unchanged for many days.

Customers from all over the globe confirmed that Kong ice Coolers could deliver the same performance as any leading brand, if not better. That’s the end of it.

Features Of Kong Cooler Review

Features Of Kong Cooler Review

Kong set the standard for its competitors in this area. Every cooler in the Kong family has the same features and details, although slightly depending on the size.

Cam Action Latches

The Kong has lid latches you won’t find anywhere else. These latches are made from rigid nylon 3/16 inches thick with stainless steel hardware. They will protect your goods against bear attacks and won’t rot or crack like rubber.

Stay-Put Lid

The lid is also equipped with a unique little feature that we are sure many of you will appreciate: the KONG Stay Put Lid allows the lid to open at a 45-degree angle. This will give you access to the cooler’s contents, no matter what the situation may be.

Ridged, Padded Handles

The handles of the Kong look great and are super strong. They are padded and made from 3/16-inch webbed nylon, which provides a firm grip and is much more comfortable than rope handles.

Steady Drain Plug

It is also worth noticing the drain plug. The plug has two large holes that allow for a fast drain rate.


Finally, all Kong is available in five colors: Tan, White, Gray, Gray/Red, Bomber Blue, Gray/Red, and Gray/Red. All of them look great and sporty. You need to choose one.

The Attachment points

The Kong is also equipped with attachment points that allow you to attach any Kong accessories such as Divider, KONG Kicker or Cut/n Tray. These same attachment points can also be used to tie down the size cooler when you’re on the road or the water.

No-slip feet

The bottom feet are also made from premium silicone rubber, known for its high coefficient static friction. This will ensure that the cooler remains in place, no matter how slippery or shaky it may be.

Who is it for?

A Kong is available to anyone, regardless of their location.

These coolers can be used in a variety of ways. You can keep the Kong 25 in your car and carry it with you, or you can keep the Kong 25 in your car. You can also get the 110 if you’re looking to escape into the wilderness to refuel after a great camping trip.

Different people from around the globe used these ice chests in different ways, and all were satisfied with their contents.

Kong vs. Yeti: Which is Better?

Kong vs. Yeti Which is Better

This part of our Kong coolers review will compare the monster with Yeti coolers, the world’s leading coolers brand. Let’s get started by comparing the two.

Both Yeti and Kong heavy duty coolers are made in America. They’re roto-molded and bear resistant and come with a lifetime warranty that speaks to their quality. These coolers are built to last for a lifetime and are not reorderable.

Therefore, it is impossible to expect a lower price than the final production. Kong did introduce some unique and beautiful features that you won’t find anywhere else: the latches and large gasket, as well as the great handles that feel superior to Yeti.

You might also think that Kong coolers can withstand extreme conditions with brutal and harsh circumstances. This might not be true for Yeti.

Although Yeti is the benchmark here in terms of ice retention, Kong delivered a performance that was just as good or better than previously mentioned. Both are excellent brands with remarkable capabilities and features.


How long does a Kong cooler 70 hold ice?

25 QT KONG Coolers can last for up to 5 days with ice retention

Are Kong coolers made in the USA?

All of our coolers are American-made and made right here in America. KONG Coolers began with a skilled rotational molder who wanted to create a cooler that was both durable and easy to use. It is backed up by American ingenuity and sold directly from the factory.

Can I use dry ice in a Kong cooler?

I have done a lot of research on coolers and own many more than I can afford. Here’s my opinion about the best coolers for Ice. The Kong Cooler for sale is the best cooler for Ice. It holds ice for the longest time.

Read on: https://huntingwaterfalls.com/best-coolers-for-dry-ice/.

Are Kong coolers bear-proof?

Yes. Except for the KONG 20, all our coolers have been certified and tested by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. You can view videos of the testing on our YouTube channel.


According to recent reviews, the Kong cooler is not worth the money due to its construction. None of the complaints included any details about the size or weight of the cooler. Some reviews say that the food in the interior usually spoils before coolers can be used outside.

The Kong cooler is not worth the money due to the construction. Reviews have shown that there are many gripes with the way the cooler was built.

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