Kula Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Kula Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

If you’re looking for a way to keep your stuff cold while enjoying the outdoors, then the Kula Cooler Review is the right product for you. It is lightweight, durable, and high quality. Now you can enjoy picnics, camping, hiking, biking, boating, concerts, fishing, hunting, and more with friends or family without worrying about where your next meal will come from.

The Kula Cooler will also work for any picnic or cookout, including barbecues, family reunions, parties, dinners, and more. And you don’t have to worry about it leaking because there are no holes in the container.


Kula offers a limited selection of soft-sided and hard-sided coolers. While we will be focusing on the hard-sided coolers in this review, we also wanted to mention their soft-sided coolers briefly. Many people are turning more to soft coolers, so we wanted to let you know what Kula offers in these.

The KULA cooler is a tool for your life. Use it as a cooler, seat, baitwell, rod holder, cast net holder, equipment storage, or just about anything that you can do with a five-gallon bucket. The KULA 5 Seafoam is the ultimate attachment for any BOTE board.

Kula Hard-Sided Coolers


Kula currently has two models of hard-sided coolers. These include their Kula 2.5 and Kula 5. These models have a similar design, but they have some differences, which we will discuss in the next section.

The cooler’s number design indicates how many gallons of storage capacity they have. This is quite different from most hard-sided coolers we tested, which can hold quarts to liters. The Kula 5 can hold approximately 5 gallons (or 19 liters) of volume.

KULA Cooler| Lightweight...
62 Reviews
KULA Cooler| Lightweight...
62 Reviews
KULA Cooler| Lightweight...
35 Reviews
KULA Cooler| Lightweight...
62 Reviews
KULA Cooler| Lightweight...
35 Reviews

You can see that the options are limited. Kula won’t be able to provide a small-sized or personal hard cooler. We have noticed a lot of demand lately for smaller coolers, so we believe Kula has a large market.

Kula Soft-Sided Ice Coolers

Kula also offers a limited number of soft-sided coolers. These coolers are called KulaSofty 2.5 and KulaSofty 5. They have 2.5 and 5 gallons respectively storage capacity and are similar to their hard-sided counterparts. These best coolers are similar to the Kula Hard Sided Coolers in that they are round and very similar in size.

We will be reviewing the hard-sided coolers, as we have already mentioned. We hope to test Kula’s Softy Coolers later.

Qualitative Construction

Kula Coolers are packed with clever features. These features are similar to those we’ve seen on coolers we have reviewed. Kula has some unique features.

Let’s begin with the build quality. Kula Coolers have excellent HD construction. You’re used to seeing the same roto-molded plastic in Kula Coolers as you see in premium hard-sided coolers. They have cleverly named it “Gatorshell.” Although we can’t see any difference between Kula and other companies’ rotomolded poly, we must thank the clever name.

We found that the wall thicknesses of this cooler are lower than other hard-sided roto-molded coolers. It is strong enough to allow this cooler to be used as a stool or seat. We measured the thickness of the walls to be approximately 1 inch.

You don’t need to have thick walls to make your cooler strong by using a circular shape. This is due to the lack of sharp edges or corners (which can lead to stress concentrations that are more likely to fail). This makes the cooler body very resilient and doesn’t have any significant weaknesses.

We found the hinge to be our biggest concern. Kula uses a clever hinge design called the “270 Hinge” by Kula. This hinge allows you to rotate the lid almost 270 degrees. Although this allows you to access items inside, it also means that only one hinge can hold the load. This means you have to be careful not to bend the hinge.

We are happy with the build quality. Kula’s hard-sided cooler has been certified waterproof by the Gator Proof Alliance. While we are familiar with Grizzly Bear Proof, which many cooler brands have certified their coolers to be under, Certified Gator Proof is a brand new one. We’ll let you decide which one is cooler easier between a Gator and Grizzly Bear, but we do know that neither one of them is good friends!

Drain at the bottom center of the cooler allows for hassle-free water release. Light and portable the Kula is a summer must-have.

Gator Proof Roto-molded UV food-grade polyethylene construction is extremely durable. There is a drain plug on the bottom for easier draining. This cooler has an integrated bottle opener and an eva foam seat pad on the lid makes a comfortable seat. Certified gator-proof by the Gator Proof Alliance.

Kula also stands behind its coolers. Kula offers a 5-year warranty for their hard-sided coolers and a 2-year guarantee on soft-sided coolers. Kula’s 5-year warranty is one of the longest in the industry. It proves that Kula is confident that their ice chests are durable.

Let’s now look at some of the highlights that you will find in a Kula Cooler.

Kula must have known from the beginning that their coolers would make excellent seats and stepstools because of their shape and size.

They have accepted that idea and added a textured material to the lid. This is their “Lid Trax.” It can grip well in wet and dry conditions. This is important as it can cause injury if you step on slippery plastic. It can be used in a variety of weather conditions.

Below is an image that shows two additional features of the Kula Coolers. You will first find the integrated bottle opener. This is their “Bottle Jaws.” It is made from stainless steel, which prevents it from rusting in the presence of moisture.

Kula’s T-latch is located right above the built-in bottle opener. It is also known as the “One-hand Latch,” It is the primary mechanism you use to seal your ice. We’ve built-in side-mounted stainless steel pins for the Travelink carry handle sling just in case you need a helping shoulder to carry the load.

As the name implies, it is named the “one hand” for its ability to be opened and closed with just one hand. This is the same as any other t-latch we’ve seen on hard-sided coolers. Kula’s creative marketing team is at work.

We must mention latches. This is the only hard-sided cooler we tested that has a single latch. Although this makes it easy to open and close the lid, it will reduce the closing force you’ll enjoy. This can impact the amount of gasket that is squeezed (which can impact ice life).

The gasket is the same thick rubber one that we have come to expect on other rotomolded coolers, except that this gasket is round, not rectangular. Although the gasket can squeeze, it is enormous and will cause it to be squeezed. However, this will not be affected if there is only product latch that produces the squeezing force.

Non-skid rubber feet are found at the base of the Kula Cooler. Kula has given these sticky feet the name “Sticky Rubber Feet.” These grips are very popular, and we are happy that they were added. This cooler will often be used as a seat or step-up point. And finally, KULA’s soft coolers are featured with raised sticky feet to always keep it where you left it.

Side latch points and an elevated platform are two other coolers that are common and appreciated. The overhead rotating stainless steel handle can be gripped and used for carrying. This is similar to the handles found in smaller coolers.

The port for draining is located at the base of the cooler. The image below shows you what we mean. This is a subject that we have mixed feelings about.

You don’t need to worry about water leaking from the drain port like you would with a traditional drain plug cooler. To loosen the drain port, you’ll need to raise the cooler or tilt it to the side. These coolers are not large, but they can be heavy when filled with ice and beverages. This may prove difficult for some people.

Except for one exception, the features of the Kula 5 & Kula 2.5 are almost identical. The Kula 2.5 comes with a tap. This allows the cooler to double as an ice chest and a container for water. We are so glad Kula implemented this cool idea.

We are pleased with the build quality and features of Kula’s hard-sided coolers. Kula’s coolers have many features as premium-priced coolers, but some extra features make Kula stand apart from the rest.

Before we move on to the next section, we wanted to mention one thing: transportation. Kula Coolers may be small and lightweight, but they are easy to carry.

We prefer to carry flat-sided coolers over round ones. It may not matter if the cooler is carried in your hand via the handle. If you prefer to have the cooler on your shoulder or close to your side, it may be uncomfortable for you. This is in contrast to a flat cooler, which rests flush on your side. While this may not be true for everyone, we thought it worth mentioning.

Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool

We love things that work the way they say they will. Many coolers promise to keep things cool but leave us with puddles. Kula used the proven roto-molded plastic design to insulate a 16.75-inch insulation design. However, the interior width is only 11.75 inches. Kula’s ice chest has approximately 3 inches of insulation, which can store ice for up to 6 days.

We subtracted the width of the lid’s lip to make it easier for math-savvy people. We found that three days is the average time to open and close the lid. This was based on our research. If you use this to store your items during long trips, you may reach the 6-day mark.

Even though it takes less time to keep ice, the cooler does a great job keeping everything cool. You guessed it: drinks and sandwiches.


While the design of a cooler may not be an essential consideration for some, it can still be an essential aspect to consider when choosing a suitable cooler.

Kula Coolers stand out among the rest because they are round, not square. Except for a few models by other brands (Yeti makes one: the Silo), most hard-sided coolers will be rectangular or square.

There are currently four colors available: Seafoam (Gray), White, Tan, and White. This is a good selection for a small cooler. When it comes to color options, we believe that more is better. We wouldn’t mind a few more multi-colored patterns.

There are no team logo or custom decal options. Many cooler companies can make a unique cooler in any color or design you want. Kula should consider this feature in the future.

The Kula Cooler’s overall design is simple but attractive. Black gripped material is used on the lid to complement the black handle, bottle opener, latch, and latch. This provides some separation between the solid color. Although it is difficult to see, the Kula logo can also be printed on the cooler’s front.


When deciding if a cooler is suitable to buy, price is almost always a factor. While coolers that use roto molding technology are more expensive than others, they can still be very affordable.

We expected that Kula Coolers, both the 5-gallon and 2.5-gallon models, would have lower prices. They are not the most expensive ice chests, but they are still very affordable. They are also in the full range of cooler brands like Engel, Orca, Engel, and Yeti.

We don’t see the benefit from a performance perspective. Coolers that have a comparable volume but with a longer ice-life can be found. There are many other hard-sided coolers this size with similar features.

Kula is unique in its design. You shouldn’t have any problem paying the extra for a hard-sided round cooler if you are determined to buy one.

The company behind the Kula, BODE, is known for making really high-end and expensive paddleboards so it makes sense that they wouldn’t enter the market trying to directly compete with Yeti and sell for a cheaper price.

Really it seems that the Kula is simply an add-on product for their expensive line of paddleboards, which customers often use for fishing.

Kula Cooler vs. Yeti

Kula Cooler vs. Yeti

Yeti Tundra has a model very similar to Kula’s 5-gallon cooler, the Yeti Silo 6G. How does the Yeti Silo 6G stack up to the Kula Cooler, you ask?

The Silo is slightly larger with 6 gallons storage capacity. The Silo has almost all the Kula features, except for the gripped top. It also comes with a stopper which is currently available only in the 2.5 gallons Kula Cooler. The Silo 6G also has two latches instead of the one. Although it makes opening and closing the lid more complex, the gasket will be easier to squeeze.

Both models have similar ice retention. These models won’t have the same ice till holders as the more classic models. Because the walls are thinner, this is why.

However, the Kula Cooler has some distinct advantages over the Yeti. You can choose from multiple colors (the Yeti only has white), and it’s cheaper.

They claim that because drinks are round it makes sense for the cooler to be round but I really don’t see you fitting that many more drinks in there just because of the round shape.

The round shape doesn’t make it more ergonomic to carry either and when the shoulder strap is used it doesn’t look extremely comfortable. The round shape also makes it less stable to stand on and cast off when compared to the rectangular Roadie.

Which is better?

The Yeti is a solid choice if you want maximum storage and features and are willing and able to spend more. The Kula may be a better option if you’re looking for this type of cooler but are willing to sacrifice some features for a lower price.

No matter what model you choose, you’ll enjoy a high-quality cooler.

However, Yeti is Bear proof while KULA is Gator proof and here I’d like to remind you that the KULA coolers are the only products to ever get Gator certified by the Gator Proof Alliance.

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What is a Kula cooler?

The KULA cooler can be a lifesaver. It can be used as a seat, cooler, baitwell, rod holder, or cast net holder. You can also store your equipment in it. The KULA5 Seafoam is an ideal attachment for any BOTE board.

On the other hand, KULA decided to go the other “round” and find something that’d make their coolers worth your while. In this KULA Coolers review, we’ll try to depict all features and aspects that contribute to making them as special and unique as they are.

How many cans does a Kula hold?

Answer: According to KULA, the 2.5 can hold 14 cans. Seven of these will be on the bottom and 7 of them on top.

Why is desert cooler better in summer?

Evaporation cools the surrounding air. Desert coolers convert heat energy from the circulating air into water. Humid air has a higher water vapor content so the heat energy will be lower, and the cooling rate will be slower. Desert cooler cools faster on hot, dry days.


In this post, we have shown you all the great qualities of Kula Cooler. This product will let you have an exceptional experience with a drink. We can see that it is a perfect solution for many situations, and it will be an excellent investment to invest in a Kula Cooler.

If you have any comments or questions about Kula Cooler, we will be more than happy to help you. You can leave a comment below. Thank you for reading our article, and we hope to see you soon with some exciting tips!

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