Lifetime Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Lifetime Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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Are you looking for a high-quality, durable cooler with a lifetime warranty? Then look no further than the model from Lifetime Cooler Review. This is an excellent cooler with a lot of features that you will love.

This is genuinely a cooler that will last for years to come. If you are looking for a cooler that will keep your food cold for several days on end, then this is the one for you.

Consumers like how it looks and the features that it has to offer. They also like the overall construction of the unit. The premium price point is very reasonable as well.

This line of ice chests is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, workers, and anyone who wants to keep their beverages at the right temperature. They are ideal for picnics, camping trips, boating, fishing, hunting, and more.

The Company Behind these Cool Coolers

Lifetime is one such company that started from humble beginnings. The founder wanted to create a better basketball court for his family. Lifetime Products was founded in 1986.

They now make chairs, tables, and sheds from basketball systems.

Lifetime 90820 55 Quart High...
1,183 Reviews
Lifetime High Performance...
208 Reviews
Lifetime High Performance...
129 Reviews
Lifetime 28-Quart...
24 Reviews
Lifetime Unisex's 77 Quart...
21 Reviews

This company is well-known for its innovations, especially in the area of metal and plastic products. Their patented technology has revolutionized the industry.

Lifetime products are well-known for their affordability, durability, strength, as well as affordability.

Available Sizes and Dimensions

Lifetime has a variety of more great cooler sizes and capacities. They range from 28-quart to 110-quart capacities.

28-Quart Lifetime Durable Performance Cooler

  • Exterior dimensions – 21.5 x 13 x 16 inches
  • Interior dimensions – 17.6 x 7.25-9.25 x 11.5 inches

Lifetime 90820 55-Quart High-Performance Cooler (55 Quart)

  • Exterior dimensions – 27 x 17.6 x 17.3 inches
  • Interior dimensions – 19.5-22 x 10.7-13.2 x 12.5 inches

High-Performance Hard Cooler (65 Quart)

  • Exterior dimensions – 28.4 x 18.1 x 17.5 inches
  • Interior dimensions – 21-23 x 12-13.7 x 13 inches

Lifetime High-Performance Cooler with Water Bottle (77 Quart)

  • Exterior dimensions – 30 x 18.5 x 18.5 inches
  • Interior dimensions – 23-25 x 12-14 x 14.3 inches

Lifetime Cooler Reviews

Lifetime Cooler Reviews


Lifetime currently offers three sizes of roto molded coolers locally to choose from at the time this article was written. All three models have hard sides. There are three options available: a 28-quart, 55 quarts, or 77-quart option.

These sites are viral among consumers. It’s no surprise that Lifetime chose to partner with them. For shorter trips, you can choose a portable and smaller model. For more challenging trips, you can choose from a small or portable model.

Lifetime was able to reach the most significant market segments, but the size options are still limited. There is not a wide selection of coolers in the mid-size range and no options for those who want huge difference coolers (100+ cubic feet).

The features and superior design aspects of the larger future models are very similar. Due to limited space, the 28-quart model will use a traditional carry handle, but it will also lose the drain plug. (We will get into more detail in the next cooler brand section about this cool feature on the particular ice chest).

Qualitative Construction

Your products must be durable enough to last a lifetime if you want to be remembered for your “lifetime”!

Lifetime cooler review looks great and is very reliable. These features make popular coolers last longer than a 2-year cooler.

All of this begins with wall construction. Lifetime uses injection-molded rotomolding technology, as is the case with premium coolers. This allows for a more muscular one-piece body, eliminating any potential weaknesses with glues and other types of bonding.

Lifetime offers a stainless steel rod that can be used to hold the lid and body together. They are resistant to opening too far, which could cause damage to the hinge.

We like the Lifetime warranty on their coolers. They offer a limited warranty of 5 years.

Lifetime Cooler review has also had its ice chest certified bear-resistant – Grizzly bear-proof by the IGBC. Although this is a standard seal on many ice chests, it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy seeing it. This seal means that coolers can withstand being attacked by grizzly bears (hopefully, this theory is never tested). This is bear-proof.

Some people have complained about the lids on these ice chests becoming warped after a few months. We have not personally experienced this, but it would be worth a longer-term test.

There have been reports of gasket problems. The gaskets on older models are prone to warping or peeling off. Lifetime recently upgraded its gasket to a better design. Lifetime support can help you get a new gasket if you have an older model.

Let’s now look at some of the features of Lifetime Ice Chests.

Cool and simple-to-use latches are a favorite feature. These latches can be opened with one hand. They are strong and can be opened with one hand.

You may be wondering why a vital bit is necessary. This is to ensure that the gasket is properly squeezed. When the rubber gasket is closed, it acts like a rubber seal to keep the air between the lid (and the body) and the gasket.

Lifetime Coolers’ gasket is very similar to other high-end coolers. This is a good thing, as this design has been a reliable performer for many decades.

Small embedded cavities are found on the 28-quart model. These can be used for side handles or the overhead carrying handle. For added comfort and grip, there is a small foam insert at the handle’s middle.

The overhead carrying handle for larger sizes is replaced with a traditional side rope handle. To provide additional comfort and grip, the rope has a rubber gasket grip. You can also place your hands under the blow molded cavity if you need to. We prefer the grip handles.

Side drain ports for the 55- and 77-quart models are worth mentioning, as well as a built-in bottle opener on all sizes and a tie-down hold on the cooler’s front to lock and secure it. These features are pretty standard on hard-sided coolers, but we like to be aware of them.

Lifetime Coolers are simple. More excellent brands have added clever cup holders, dry goods trays, suitable dry trays, and LED lights. These features may not seem like a big deal to some people, but to other brands, lifetime cooler review may be pushed further down the list of possible buys.

Ice Retention

After we’ve covered some of the essential features of Lifetime Cooler, let’s talk about maximizing ice retention.

A cooler must have excellent ice retention to be competitive in today’s highly competitive market. This is especially true for coolers with high-end features.

At first glance, Lifetime seems to offer everything you need to maintain long ice life. It has thick rotomolded walls and a thick rubber gasket. There is also an excellent latching system that provides a strong closing force. How does this translate into ice retention numbers?

Lifetime’s website is quite impressive when it comes to their alleged ice retention numbers. They claim that their 28-quart model will retain ice for up to five days, their 55-quart model will keep ice melted for seven days, and their 77-quart model will keep ice for nine days.

We have seen more relaxed cooler companies inflate their longer ice retention amounts or base them on “best-case” scenarios. This means filling the cooler to the top, then storing them in an indoor environment.

These scenarios are not realistic for most people. People are filling up their coolers with other coolers, exposing them outdoors to warm temperatures, and occasionally opening the coolers for items.

We decided to test the coolers in our laboratory. The process involves filling the cooler to about halfway, then leaving it outside and opening it up from time to time.

These coolers were subject to some very demanding settings because of the extreme heat in Texas right now. How did they do?

As you can see, our ice numbers were significantly lower than the Lifetime website stated. They weren’t bad, but that doesn’t mean they are good. They were competitive with similar-sized premium coolers (maybe slightly less). These coolers were also subject to some of the hottest temperatures in the South, which was a significant factor in their popularity.

We saw the ice for around 2 to 2.5 days with the 28-quart model, 3 or 4 days with 55-quart models, 4 to 6 with the 77-quart model.

We are confident that ice retention would be increased if these ice chests were kept in more relaxed environments with higher ice content and kept closed as little as possible. What about the numbers on the website? That’s something we aren’t sure about.


Although looks don’t play a significant role in choosing the more excellent someone will buy, it is worth discussing. People will often spend more on coolers that stand out when they are at the lake or pool.

Lifetime Cooler’s overall design is very pleasing to us. They are modern and have curves that are different from other models we’ve tested. We like the way the latches attach to the channels cascade down with a slight taper.

The bright blue color of the latches is an excellent contrast to the gray background. You will find the number designation underneath the bottle opener for which Lifetime Cooler review size you are viewing “28”, 55″, or 77″.

This is the biggest problem. There is only one color option for Lifetime Cooler, as far as we know. The gray color is shown above. We like the color, but what about other options? Many other cool brands offer a variety of color options. We are disappointed Lifetime only offers one option.


High-end coolers are expensive, so the affordable price is an important consideration. Getting the best bang for your buck is essential when you spend hundreds of dollars on something.

Lifetime is a top choice in this category. These coolers are pretty affordable. These coolers are among the most affordable that you will find.

They are still a step above the more expensive models, but not significantly so. These coolers offer 90% of the same capabilities as the most expensive coolers but for a half-off (or higher) affordable price.

It is also a great deal, so it’s easy to overlook minor flaws. The RTIC cooler is about twice the price of the Lifetime cooler.

Security And Access

Lifetime cooler can withstand bear attacks for up to one hour. These coolers are highly durable and secure. The rubber latches allow you to access the cooler’s contents. These coolers come with a lock, which you can use to open the bottles.

Lifetime Cooler vs. Yeti

Lifetime Cooler vs. Yeti

We get many questions about how Yeti compares with “X” cooler brands. Yeti has been a household name in high-end coolers for many years. People are always on the lookout for the next Lifetime brand to replace Yeti.

So how does the Lifetime Cooler brand compare?

Yeti is our favorite in terms of features and build quality. Although the Lifetime Cooler looks excellent, the leaks in the lids and gaskets (which Lifetime has acknowledged is being addressed) are not to be ignored.

These features are all you need, but nothing more. Additional accessories are not available. The Lifetime Coolers are very simple in design.

Yeti has a slight advantage in ice retention. Yeti coolers seem to be a little better than Lifetime. This could be partly because the Lifetime Coolers were tested in August. These were tested during August, one of the hottest months of the year in the Southern USA.

Yeti also wins aesthetics by a more significant margin. Although we prefer the Lifetime Coolers design, their lack of customization options and additional colors is a drawback.

Lifetime Coolers has a significant advantage in the price department. Yeti Coolers can be very expensive, let’s face it. The Lifetime Coolers are the best “premium” coolers we’ve tested. Ice retention and building quality have some compromises, but they are more than acceptable when you consider the massive price drop.

Although Yeti cooler may appear superior on paper, we believe that a Lifetime Cooler is a better option. It will save you a lot of money and make your life easier.

Yeti cooler is for you if you have a large budget and are willing to pay more for the best. A Lifetime Cooler can help you save a lot.

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Problems with Lifetime Coolers

These coolers are not perfect. These coolers can be a great value if you compare their overall build to their cost.

Lifetime coolers aren’t water-tight. We’ve read some Lifetime cooler reviews that users got wet from tilting the cooler sideways even though the latches were closed.

This could be due to manufacturing defects that affect the installation of the gasket. The Lifetime customer service team can address this issue.

Some reviews also mention a leaky drain plug. This issue can be corrected by tightening or ensuring the seal is in its correct position.

Leaking Drain Plug: Some people have commented on a leaking drain plug. This can be fixed by tightening the drain plug with a wrench or checking that the rubber seal in the drain plug lid is in its correct position.


Are Lifetime coolers as good as YETI?

Both YETI and Lifetime coolers offer advantages over their counterparts. YETI coolers are more watertight than Lifetime, which is a benefit in general.

Lifetime is the clear winner if you consider the build quality latches, dual grip-and slide feet, non-slip rubber feet, and the built-in bottle opener. Lifetime is also the most affordable.

The question of whether Lifetime coolers are better than YETI is dependent on your perspective.

Are Lifetime coolers versatile?

These coolers can withstand harsh conditions. They can be used for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. They can keep ice for several days.

Insulation is vital for ice retention. It’s not enough that a cooler has durable and thick walls. The quality of the gasket and the latch also matters because they ensure that the warm air will not get in while the cool air stays inside. For Lifetime coolers, they used an oversized thick gasket that completely seals the lid.

What cooler is better, Ozark Trail or Lifetime?

Because they are frequently on sale, Lifetime coolers tend to be cheaper than Ozark Trail coolers. However, Ozark Trail coolers can be roto-molded, making them more durable than Lifetime coolers that are blow molded. Both coolers have similar ice retention and features, but they also have some issues.

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Are lifetime coolers worth the money?

Lifetime’s 55-quart High-Performance Cooler, rated at five stars by customers, is larger than the advertised size. It also performs better than rotomolded coolers that can cost hundreds of dollars. Bottom line: This roto molded cooler is a great middle-ground option that doesn’t cost too much. The bad: You can get performance that’s just as good from the Igloo MaxCold Cooler, which costs less than half as much.

How long can a lifetime cooler hold ice?

Lifetime’s website is quite impressive when it comes to their alleged hold ice retention numbers. They claim that their 28-quart model will retain ice for up to five days, their 55-quart model will keep ice for seven days, and their 77-quart model will keep ice for nine days.


The Lifetime roto molded cooler is the best seller in this year’s list of coolers. It is perfect for any activity like fishing, hiking, camping, or just spending time with friends and family. It can easily fit in a backpack to take with you anywhere, and the large size allows you to bring plenty of food and drinks along. It has a total weight of 23 pounds.

The Lifetime cooler measures 17.7 by 13. 2 inches and has no wheels, handle, or any other mechanism. It is tough to reach the top even with two hands. On the other hand, it is straightforward to carry. Only one person can easily lift it with both hands.

So, Publican Anker hopes you will enjoy your outdoor activities as much as possible with this great portable cooler.

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