Mammoth Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Mammoth Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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Mammoth Cooler Review is one of the highest quality and affordably priced coolers on the market. Their thick layer of high-quality foam insulation ability is 40% thicker than other cooler companies, and their leak-proof liner keeps ice-cold for up to ten days without an additional dry ice chest. The rigid base and lid make it durable and won’t crack like cheaper models, even if you try to kick it.

It’s the perfect size to take camping, tailgating, or to the beach. It’s a good option for warming food without having to mess with an oven or stove. It can be used as a large bowl, serving platter, and even pot cover. The lid features two handles that are designed for carrying hot foods. The best part is that it’s made out of 100% stainless steel!

Updated Design And Features Of Mammoth Cooler With Non-Skid Feet

Updated Design and Features

Mammoth Coolers has updated its design. We are thrilled to share this news with you. Coolers provided us with a sample for us to test. This section contains our latest thoughts and opinions on the new design. The review Mammoth will provide a more detailed discussion on the metrics.

Mammoth has updated their coolers’ shape, and they have to fun new prints. The cooler’s camo print is visible in the test. If you don’t wish to go camouflage, you can choose from other cooler colors.

Mammoth’s latest models include many of the same great features we know and love and some new features that were not available in older models. Their coolers now have 4 cup holders. This is not just for their larger models. As you can see, the smaller cruiser 15-quart models also have this feature.

Mammoth Cruiser 15 Cooler,...
174 Reviews
Mammoth Cruiser 30 Cooler,...
2 Reviews

Some subtle changes have been made to the cooler’s interior around the freezer-grade gasket area. In the “features” section, we will discuss the freezer-grade lid gasket and its sealing abilities. However, as you can see in our dry ice tests, a high-quality gasket and a robust latch can produce impressive ice retention.

Although the latches and hinges can seem stubborn at first, they provide a great bite. This design reduces the chance of your cooler lid falling off during use.

The new cruiser 15-quart model’s ice retention test was very impressive. Over 60 hours of ice retention (Mammoth ice chest) was achieved. This can vary depending on how much ice is used and how the cooler is kept. But, even though the cooler is small, it can retain ice life for over 2 hours.

These ice numbers will be lower in outdoor settings where the cooler is likely to be opened more frequently. We did, however, see potential improvements to the models’ older generation.

We wanted to give you some valuable updates on the latest Cooler releases. We will now go over the specifications, models, and high-performance thermal barrier of all Mammoth Cooler review lines.

One thing we can all agree upon is the fact that you can tell a good and tough cooler first by how it looks and then how it feels when you lay your hands on it.

Mammoth coolers did a terrific job making sharp-looking coolers that are a pleasure to use and handle. Each Mammoth cooler review is roto-molded, which means they’re extra mile tough, durable, and error-free.

Mammoth Cooler Non- Skid Feet Lineup

We have already discussed that the now-retired Discovery Series was replaced by two models, the Ranger Series and the Cruiser Series. Each model has a specific purpose that targets different types of outdoor people.

Lineup 3

Mammoth Cruiser Cooler Series

The Mammoth Cruiser Series ice chest collection is smaller than the other hand. This coolers cruiser series is ideal for people who don’t require much storage but don’t mind sacrificing significant ice life. There are four sizes available: the Cruiser 15, Cruiser 20, Cruiser 25, and Cruiser 30 with hinge system, respectively.

Mammoth says that the coolers cruiser is ideal for picnics, lunches, and short camping trips. These places don’t need much storage but still want something portable and easy to use.

All sizes of the Coolers Cruiser have a similar design. The feature section below will provide more detail, but you will notice immediately the overhead carrying handles on all models of the Coolers Cruiser. This unique feature is not available from other brands.

With all these elements combined together, coolers left not even the tiniest outlet for items cold air to get out, hot air flow to get in, or for anyone to criticize this lid. Now let’s talk about the handles; the coolers on the Cruiser line are featured with a rotating metal handle with a thick rubber grip for firm and comfortable use.

Also, the lid closes onto a high-quality, sealed gasket as well. One of Cooler’s best features, though, in our opinion, is their hinge system ( heavy flow drain system) which is a one-piece design that extends through the full length of the lid.

This allows for the entire hinge system to be virtually indestructible – it’ll last thing as long as the cooler lasts, which will probably be a very, very, very long time.

The Mammoth Coolers Cruiser with a heavy flow drain system is a great cooler for food transport. A cooler can help preserve your food for a long time. The Mammoth Coolers Cruiser Cooler is a great option. Mammoth Coolers Coolers are made with the same high-quality resources you have expected from this distinguished manufacturer.

Mammoth Coolers has been making high-quality coolers for many years. The Coolers Cruiser Cooler resulted from their constant efforts to keep your food cold and ready to eat. The Coolers cruiser cooler is a great way to preserve the quality of your food while on the road.

Mammoth Ranger Cooler Series

Mammoth says that more extensive models can be used for camping, fishing, catering, and other activities. These are applications that require more ice storage and ice life. Moreover, it is reviewed long lifetime warranty.

The Mammoth Ranger Coolers have side rope handles instead of the overhead carrying handles. These handles are typically found on larger coolers. There are “25” models in both the Cruiser and Ranger series. Both will have similar storage volumes, but they will differ in how they are handled.

We are happy with the wide range of sizes we have. This is especially true at the lower end. There are four sizes of hard-sided coolers that can hold ice cruiser 30 quarts and less. These options give people who are looking for small, portable coolers a lot of choices.

However, we wish Mammoth had done the same thing for their larger sizes. Only two models can hold 50 quarts and more. We think that the Ranger Series should have different sizes like 75 quarts or 100 quarts (best ice chest).

These types of handles are typically found on smaller coolers and designed for one person to hold while carrying. The larger Ranger Series coolers come with side-carrying rope handles. This makes it possible (and oftentimes encouraged!) to be carried by two people instead of one.

Mammoth Cooler – A Note on Sizing

A cooler’s name usually includes a number. This number indicates storage volume in liters or quarts. The Ranger 45 would have 45 quarts storage volume.

This is true for the Ranger Series but not so for the Cruiser Series. The storage volume of Rangers is likely to be lower than what the model names suggest. The Mammoth Cruiser coolers 25 has 22 quarts of storage.

Although this may not seem like a massive deal to most people, we must mention it.

Insulation Ability & Ice retention: What’s About Mammoth Ice Chest?

Great ice retention is the biggest challenge, no matter how well-respected or durable a cooler is. Coolers learned from all the greats in this field to create their perfect cooler. They are now able to compete with giants in this sector. Mammoth coolers feature 2-inch thick sidewalls, and lids and are the most durable on the market.

This thickness means that even the smallest coolers of Mammoth can provide 2-3 days of ice retention.

The cooler you choose, the more ice life will last. For example, the Ranger 125, a great cooler to take camping or extended trips, can last 6-7 days. This is a number that only brands such as ORCA, RTIC, and Pelican can reach.

When any brand manufactures the cooler using rotomolded construction technology, the cooler’s extreme durability is no longer questionable.

Rotomolded construction technology is the hallmark for superior build quality. Cruiser Series and Ranger Series both come with a roto-molded design that provides extreme toughness in the worst and difficult situations.

Mammoth Cooler Aesthetics

Mammoth Coolers takes a conservative approach to their design. We are not surprised that they don’t emphasize creating coolers with lots of aesthetic features. Mammoth Coolers review was one of our most basic premium coolers.

There are very few curves or sharp edges. Coolers can be described as rectangular boxes with curved edges. The only exception is the “Mammoth” logo embedded on the cooler’s review ice chests.

You are also limited in your color choices. The Ranger is only available in two colors (white and tan), while the Mammoth Cruiser Series has three options (tan, seafoam, thick foam insulation, and tan storage volume).

Special “Mossy Oak Editions” models will have semi-camouflaged walls. These additional options are welcome. However, there are only so many colors that you can choose from.

Mammoth ice chest doesn’t offer any custom decals or colors. We love it when cooler manufacturers offer customization options. We hope mammoth coolers ice chest will do the same in the future.


Mammoth Coolers were designed to be an investment, not a purchase. Its high-quality components and thick rubber rotomolded construction walls are proof of this. But, to have the same level of ice retention as they do, there is a price.

Coolers fall in the premium price range, as you might guess. This is the price you pay to get a cooler with the highest level of performance.

Mammoth coolers are about the middle of premium coolers. Also, you will find more expensive models (Yeti cooler and Pelican, some Orca models, etc.). There will also be slightly less expensive models (RTIC and nICE). The prices are generally comparable enough to allow for a good comparison.

The Mammoth Cruisers will also be selling at a slightly lower price. This could be due to a thinner insulated wall.

We feel the asking prices for Mammoths are fair.

Mammoth Coolers Vs. Yeti: Which Is The Best Lifetime Warranty?

Mammoth, as well as Yeti, have been in premium cooler manufacturing for over a decade. Both companies can provide reliable, long-lasting coolers in many sizes. Which is the best of both?

Coolers are one of few that can compare to Yeti in terms of size selection. This is especially true for their smaller, hard-sided coolers. They will also perform as well as Yetis in terms of ice life and toughness. They also offer a genuinely excellent lifetime warranty.

Mammoth’s features are limited. There aren’t many color options. Coolers also don’t offer nearly as many product lines. They do not currently have any soft-sided coolers, and they are limited in their selection of drinkware.

Yeti is a strong competitor with a long ice life that will satisfy most people’s needs. There are so many sizes and colors to choose from and a wide variety of products. However, the price tag is prohibitively high and can often exceed most people’s financial means.

Which is better?

The mammoth cooler has a slight advantage over Yeti if you’re looking for a hard-sided cooler, especially a smaller one. However, Yeti will have a more comprehensive product range to suit your needs.

You will be able to enjoy a cooler for many years, regardless of which brand you choose.

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Where to Buy Mammoth Coolers Online

Are you looking for Mammoth Coolers to purchase? Mammoth Coolers have, as we said, become somewhat ghost-like in terms of availability.

A ‘blemished’ batch was found (factory second guess, we think). Amazon has the Titan 31-quart models, but they are now sold out.

Although we can’t be sure, we are curious if the Yeti lawsuit may have something to do with the limited availability of Mammoth Coolers.

Customer review Mammoth: I am a huge fan of the outdoors and nature, and I believe that there’s so much waiting to be explored — if only more of us could simply unplug long enough to enjoy it! Over the years, I’ve discovered that one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is with a good cooler with great ice retention. Convenient, portable, affordable, and durable — ice chests are a great gear that will reward you with years of memorable stories and adventures.


Every outdoor enthusiast can empathize with keeping their drinks cold daily struggle. That is why we have taken the time to compare all of the options on the market and choose what we believe to be the best cooler to fit your needs.

You’ve just got to look at all the things that matter to you, then decide which would work best for you! Great job!

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