The best-selling game of all time, Minecraft took the world by storm in 2009 as soon as it was released! No, the game did not have impeccable marketing campaigns and no it was not made with a huge budget. The only selling point was the game itself! Attracting a humongous fan base, Minecraft still sees no boundaries and is attracting players of all ages to this day.

Minecraft is an open world game where the players are free to do whatever they want however they want! They are the owners of their own worlds and can build their worlds however they deem fit! The block shaped environment can be created and destroyed by the player.

You are free to explore diverse landscapes, hunt animals, mine for resources, build tools, and create huge mansions. It all depends on how creative you are with your surrounding! Worried it might get a little lonely? Do not fear! Multiplayer mode is here to keep you connected with all your friends as you go on adventures with each other!


Feeling curious? Explore the amazing world of Minecraft right now! Download Minecraft now on your computer / smartphone / tablet / Pi / Xbox / Nintendo / Wii / PlayStation.

Gaming modes:

To keep players from getting bored or fed up of the gaming experience, Minecraft brings with it many gaming modes! Each one different from the previous one but just as fun if not more! Following are the 5 main gaming modes of Minecraft:

  • Survival: This is the most liked mode of the game! In it you must hunt for food, scavenge for resources, build tools, and create creative structures to keep yourself safe from angry mobs who come at night to kill you! Like the name suggests, the main emphasis is on staying alive! If you enjoy survival games, this mode is most certainly made for you!
  • Creative: Creative mode allows players to unleash the creativity in them! The mode has no concept of death and instead of gathering resources, you have unlimited resources from the start! You can levitate as well to reach high landscapes to build amazing mansions! If you are an artist, or aspire to be one, text your talent in Creative mode of Minecraft.
  • Adventure: As the name suggests, this gaming mode is built around finding and completing different adventures in the game! These adventures can be completed solo or enjoyed with a group of friends.
  • Spectator: If you feel like everyone else is better at the game then you. Do not worry! Spectator mode lets you spectate different players! You can be a ‘Ghost’ and follow players around as they artistically create their own worlds! Learn by watching others and enjoy the process.
  • Hardcore: Hardcore gaming mode allows players to truly test their strategizing skills. In it you have the risk of losing everything! The mode is similar to survival mode but the stakes are much higher! If you die once in this game, you don respawn. Your whole world gets deleted as you die! So, you must start from scratch.

Surely one of the modes, if not all of them, must be enticing! No need to wait any longer, head on and download Minecraft now on your computer / smartphone / tablet / Pi / Xbox / Nintendo / Wii / PlayStation.

Game Graphics

One of the many amazing features of this game is the unique pixelated, block shaped graphics. The graphics engine for Minecraft is decent enough to support smooth gameplay and at the same time it does not burden your gaming device! Minecraft will easily be playable even if you have a PC or mobile device which is not specifically bult for gaming. Unlike most of the games in today’s age, Minecraft utilizes little GPU power and provides an immersing experience that even the most Highly Defined Graphic games fail to provide. So do not hold back if you do not own an expensive mobile device or PC! Download Minecraft today and immerse yourself in a truly unique experience!



There are many ways to customize your experience in Minecraft. You can code your own mods and integrate them in your game. These mods can be used to introduce different textures in the surrounding or even new adventures and puzzles!

Not a coder? No worries, people upload their mods all the time on the internet! You can easily download and install one of their pre-made resource packs and enjoy the whole experience!

Do Modes cost extra?

Not at all! Minecraft comes with free five modes and you can enjoy each of them anytime you want! So, there are no worries about spending too much in game cash. Download the game free today on your computer / smartphone / tablet / Pi / Xbox / Nintendo / Wii / PlayStation and immerse yourself in an unprecedented experience that puts no weight on your pockets!

Kid friendly?

Minecraft is completely safe for kids to play since it revolves around exploring diverse landscapes and embracing your inner artist! So not only is it safe, but it is also very beneficial! It helps kids polish their creative thinking, creative skills, problem solving skills and organizing skills. Multiplayer adventures in Minecraft instill the strong importance of teamwork as well!

Teachers around the world have started taking advantage of Minecraft to teach their students. Especially students who face autism and ADHD. The easy to understand and utilize mechanics of the game and the free atmosphere helps children learn through experience!

Download Free Minecraft APK:

With all these features and much more, you will never get tired of Minecraft’s ever evolving and immersing gameplay! So be a part of the Minecraft community today and download the game on your computer / smartphone / tablet / Pi / Xbox / Nintendo / Wii / PlayStation.

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