Orca 40 Qt Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Orca 40 Qt Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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This article will provide you with critical information about the best cooler for sea animals, the Orca 40 Qt Cooler Review. This sturdy cooler brand is excellent for boating, camping, or everyday use. Read more about this product by clicking on the link below. For other options, visit the homepage.

Here is this orca cooler review we will cover everything in-depth to give you the best insight we have from our own experience with these coolers.

Orca Coolers Design

You will be excited by ORCA’s coolers design. Although it has a trunk-like feel, it is 19 inches taller than other coolers. This means that there is more storage space. Rotomolded coolers have no seams to ensure a smooth outer surface. ORCA cooler offers the cooler in 7 colors, including pink, red-yellow, and navy-orange. It will make you stand out.

ORCA cooler has included handles on the sides for portability. Semi-rubber handles are attached to the nylon webbing. The handles are semi-rubber and allow you to distribute the cooler’s weight evenly. This ensures there is no pressure on your hands.

A drain is located on the side of the cooler to make it easy-flow drainage spouts. Although it works well, there are some minor issues. It uses a plug that drips water from the end. If you aren’t careful, this can cause you to get your clothes wet.

One complaint was that the lid locks and shuts automatically if left unattended. Although we don’t recommend leaving the cooler lid open all the time, it can be not very pleasant if you do. It can be either left open or closed.

Orca Coolers Performance Comparison

Performance comparison

Orce Coolers Insulation

Although Orca’s claim that the Orca cooler 40 keeps your items fresh for up to 10 days is vague, the mid-sized model did an impressive job during insulation testing.

It survived our insulation test for 3.5 days, maintaining temperatures below 40 degrees F, the recommended temperature to preserve the freshness of most delicate food items such as raw meat, dairy, and eggs. The 40-quart model lasted 3.8 days in our showroom below 50°F.

ORCA COOLERS White 40 Quart
105 Reviews

The Orca 40 achieves its impressive insulation feats thanks to its thick, rotomolded walls and its sturdy build. Rubber latches keep the lid closed securely, and a rubber tube seal keeps the unit leak-proof and airtight. Although many coolers claim a waterproof seal, we found this one to be the best. We welded the ends of the rubber gasket together to eliminate the tiny gap that many other coolers leave.

Orca Coolers Durability

The Orca coolers are solid and sturdy, as we have come to expect from rotomolded coolers. The rubber latches, which look like orca coolers tails, are the thickest and most flexible of all premium coolers we have seen.

This gives the Orca coolers confidence that they will withstand time. The grip handles for comfortable can be used to transport a cooler full of snacks and drinks. During our testing, the mesh pocket at the back of the cooler was attached securely and didn’t cause any problems.

The drain plug was in good condition. We also didn’t see any indications that it might leak. The lid’s hinge is strong and made no noise when we tried to extend it.

This cooler is an IGBC-certified product. We have used it several times, including stepping on it and dropping it onto concrete. Other than minor scratches, it has lasted well. We expect the cooler to last for many years, barring any extreme abuse or other circumstances.

It’s Easy To Use

The Orca coolers, a mid-sized model, is straightforward. The lid can be opened at 90 degrees to allow for easy loading. The top is textured to make it more stable and hold onto whatever you place on it. There are two sizes available for the drain plug.

You can either unthread it slightly to let water out or take the entire plug off for quicker drainage. As most other models did, it does not have a leash that connects the plug to the cooler body. To ensure that whatever you place in the exterior mesh pocket stays put, a large strip of Velcro seals it.

Although it is effective, the Orca’s narrow, tall shape makes it difficult to locate small items in the pool of melting ice. Despite its small size, it’s slim enough to hold a standard-sized wine bottle or 2L of soda. On the other hand, this shape proved to be more durable than others and was able to keep rows of bottles upright during long car trips.

The thick latches make it one of the most difficult rubber T-grips to use. They require a lot of force to move. However, we realize that this product’s actual capacity is 40 quarts, as Orca claims. We have verified this by measuring it.

Orca Coolers Portability

The Orca coolers are just 20 pounds in weight. It’s heavy and can hold a lot of delicious food. The rubber-covered handles are curved and easy to carry by two people, while the handles with indented handles underneath the lid make it easier for single-person use.

The narrow profile of this medium ice chest makes it easier to carry, even though it is slightly larger than usual and can sometimes bump into your knees. It can be stored in your car trunk or on the deck of your boat with rubber feet. It doesn’t have any notable features that make it easier or more difficult to transport.

These Orca ice chests have four non-skid pads on the bottom of them so that the cooler doesn’t slide around on a smooth surface such as on a boat. Accessories are where Orca ice chests are leading the charge.

They have more and better accessories than almost every other cooler brand combined. If you want to deck out your cooler with awesome gear then Orca is going to be the best brand for you. Yeti has a few great accessories for their coolers.

There are more than 15 different accessories you can consider to make your ORCA cooler your own. Among them is the hybrid solar pack which is super cool. It’s a little zip-up solar panel you can use to charge a reusable internal battery, which you can then use to charge your devices – your phone, a speaker, a light – really anything you need.

Orca Coolers Features

The Orca 40 is a simple cooler but has many subtle features we love. Indented channels along the lid’s edges help keep your strap in place even when you bounce on uneven terrain. This stability is further enhanced by thick rubber feet beneath.

The cooler has an IGBC certificate. To make sure your food is safe from wild bears, the front corners have lockable sections.

We love the large mesh pocket at the back of the cooler. It proved to be more helpful than we expected as we tested the cooler with various dry items. Orca cooler offers many accessories and add-ons that you may want. We didn’t test them with the standard model.

Nowadays premium coolers come with more and more features, like built-in bottle openers and/or cup holders, reversible feet or wheels, and so on. I do wish that they had put in an integrated bottle opener because it’s such a small thing but really comes in handy. It also would have been really nice if there was a ruler marked on the lid for those who go fishing.

Orca Coolers Value

Although the Orca cooler can be expensive, we love it for its insulation, durability, and other useful features. It might not be necessary if you only use a cooler once a year. But if you need a 40-quart cooler that can withstand intense or frequent use (and abuse), the Orca cooler is the right choice. We believe it is well worth the money.

Overall the orca cooler prices really dictate that orca is the better option than yeti because overall they really are quite similar in regards to quality. Sizes Every Orca cooler has the size of it stamped on the bottom left of the front side.

Ice Life

Do keep in mind that the color of your cooler will impact how long it can retain ice. Not only does rotational molding make coolers stronger, but it also maximizes ice life. This is because since the shell was in a single piece, the chance for hot air to leak in is much smaller.

A ColdLock Gasket ensures that hot air stays out and cold air stays in the cooler as much as possible. The YETI Tundra series also offers a hinge system that they say will never fail.

In Orca, you will find a cooler with massive better ice retention times. Orca manufacturers have stated that ice can last up to 10 days when properly prepped for use. Want to learn more about other big cooler brands competing against each other? Then check out our Pelican vs YETI Roadie or Engel vs YETI Roadie article.

We don’t really see any positive or negative effect on-ice performance by doing this but we still thought it was really cool and helps to make Orca Coolers stand out from an aesthetic standpoint (more on that below). The latches provide a good bite thanks to the stretchy rubber they are made of and it really helps to get a good squeeze from the gasket.

The white cooler managed to retain ice for 6 full days, in the same constant heat. Even on the seventh day, the temperature of the water was around 50 degrees, and so still usable for beverages, which is amazing.

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Are Orca coolers as good as Yeti coolers?

Orca coolers are better than Yeti coolers. They are less expensive, have a more extended warranty, and come in a broader range of colors and designs. If you are still not sure, continue reading to find out why Orca cooler is the best cooler company for you.

Orca vs Yeti coolers have similar features and both offer a wide variety of colors and patterns. Yeti coolers are usually ever so slightly more expensive than Orca coolers, but it really depends on which color and pattern you choose with Orca. Orca vs YETI sounds like two animals duking it out, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that a duking out is indeed happening, however, it’s to claim the top spot when it comes to premium coolers.

Orca Vs YETI – How Do You Choose a Cooler? In some cases, you may want to flip a coin when it comes down to choosing between these two big names in the cooler and outdoor niche. If only it were that easy. Here is a look at these two a little closer to help you decide – Orca vs YETI Coolers.

The company has since grown to be an industry leader and is used by folks around the globe, as well as several professional hunters and fishermen such as Flip Pallot.

Orca vs YETI cooler was involved in numerous lawsuits, taking on companies that they claim infringed on their patented design of YETI cooler. You definitely don’t want to mess with a Yeti. Although designed in the USA, every YETI cooler is now manufactured in China.

Other than the cost and sizing, the ORCA vs YETI Tundra coolers are very similar, with:

  1. Thick-walled insulation covered in a seamless plastic coating (made to last a lifetime)
  2. Tough interlocking hinge
  3. Thick rubber lid gasket
  4. Non-slip feet
  5. Easy-pour drainage spout
  6. Heavy-duty rubber latches

Are Orca coolers worth the money?

Orca Coolers offer many benefits and some drawbacks. They have a long ice life that should be sufficient for most people. They can also withstand any environment they are exposed to. There are many great colors to make your Orca cooler stand out.

If you pre-cool it as recommended it will hold ice for a good three days. Maybe more under ideal conditions but in real life, hot weather, open and close several times a day, expect around 3 days. It’s a little bulky compared to the room inside but all high-quality coolers are, extra insulation causes bulk.

How much will Orca Coolers 40 qt cooler hold?

A Coleman, 40 Quart Performance, Wheeled cooler will keep your drinks and food cold for up to three days. You’ll be able to store 59 cans and plenty of room for refreshments for your whole group.

Are Orca coolers leakproof?

Leakproof Rugged On The Cooler Go.

Consumer review that:

It’s well made and on the “heavy” side for some people but I didn’t think it was too heavy even when fully loaded up, especially with two people and using the side handles. I like that it’s bear-proof if you use the locks and that will come in handy when camping.

The 40 quarts will take about 2 1/2 bags of ice, maybe 3 with nothing else in it. I recommend buying three bags and then tossing them in a day before using the cooler. Any ice that doesn’t fit put it in your home freezer…


The Orca coolers 40 is a great medium-sized cooler with impressive insulation, robust construction, and a simple design with just the correct number of valuable features. It’s light enough to take on a backpacking adventure, tough enough to sit in a truck bed for the long haul, and long enough for most kayaks and rowing boats.

Orca isn’t as popular as some other premium cooler brands, and I honestly can’t see why. The most important question is; are they worth the price? Orca Coolers are well-built coolers with exceptional insulation, well-designed latches, and a well-designed interior layout. Overall, it’s a great cooler for the price, but the price is right.

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