Orca Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Orca Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

The Orca cooler review is a beverage cooler and personal entertainment center that will keep your drinks and snacks cold and your devices charged. It doubles as a small speaker and has a built-in dock for your smartphone.

With up to 10 hours of battery life and a carrying handle, this purchase is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and those always on the go. The Orca cooler is an all-in-one beverage cooler and personal entertainment center! It’s the first cooler that looks like a movie theater but is built to hold up to 20 cans or eight wine bottles.

The convenient storage drawer holds four cans of soda, and the removable tray fits inside the cooler’s lid, creating an extra space for your favorite snacks.

It keeps your drinks and snacks cold and your devices charged. With 10 hours of battery life and a built-in speaker, it’s perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and the busy professional.



Orca offers a large selection of hard-sided coolers. Other products include drinkware, a Backpack Cooler poster, a hybrid solar pack, and drinkware.

Orca hard-sided coolers are available in the following sizes: Orca 20, Orca 26, Orca 41, Orca 58, and Orca 75. The industry standard is that the number refers to the internal storage volume measured in quarts.

ORCA BW058ORCORCA Cooler,...
75 Reviews
ORCA COOLERS White 40 Quart
105 Reviews
ORCA 20 Cooler, Seafoam
179 Reviews
ORCA ORCP040 Cooler with...
128 Reviews
ORCA ORCW020 20qt White Cooler
263 Reviews

This selection is extensive and covers all sizes on our site, including small, medium, large and giant. This selection not only hits the “sweet spot,” small, medium, large, and large sizes (which are, according to our experience, the most popular) but also offers a considerable size for those who need serious storage capacity.

Ice Life

Orca Coolers stand can hold ice for long periods. Orca claims that you can get up to 10 days of ice in the best settings. Publicananker.com reviews will tell you that real-life ice lives are not as good as advertised.

You can test the coolers yourself to determine their actual ice life. Before we go into the details, let’s review some of the Orca Coolers’ features to extend ice life.

Orca coolers are made from roto-molded polyethylene. This is the norm for premium coolers and almost a requirement. Rotomolding has proven to be very effective in maximizing ice life because the cooler shell is one piece. This reduces the number of leaks hot air can enter and heats things.

Although we don’t have measurements for every size, the average wall thickness is between 2 and 2.5 inches. This is the average thickness for premium coolers we’ve seen, and it is much thicker than lower-end coolers in this industry.

We like the fact that the thickness of most walls is very similar. Keep in mind that five walls are 3 inches thick, and the lid is 1 inch thick, which reduces the effectiveness. It is best cooler to have consistent barriers all around as heat will follow the path of least resistance.

The lid is sealed from outside air with a heavy-duty gasket. A thick gasket is essential to maximize ice life. Brands that use a thinner gasket are more likely to allow hot air to leak through.

Orca coolers use the T-latch design, which has become the industry standard. However, the “T” portion of the latch is in the form of a whale’s tail.

This is the Orca trademark symbol. Although we don’t see any impact on-ice performance, it is something that Orca Coolers does well from an aesthetic perspective. (more details below). The stretchy rubber used to make the rubber latches provides a great bite and tight squeeze from the gasket.

Although accessories can increase ice life, such as the Orca Iceblox, we don’t own one. We prefer to use coolers as-is. An Icebox can be added to the new cooler box for those who want extra performance or run out of ice.

Orca Cooler brand Ice Life Test

Orca claims that coolers can keep ice for up to 10 days, as we have already mentioned. Although we couldn’t see the impressive numbers in our test, the results were more than adequate for almost every application.

The cooler brand was filled with our usual amount of ice, about half the size we used to store other items. It was then placed outside at approximately 90 degrees. We interpolated the data based on our proprietary method, which has been refined over hundreds of coolers.

It is important to stress that results can vary depending on many factors. The outside temperature, the frequency with which you open the cooler, what other stuff you have in it, and how much ice you are using all of these factors will affect your results. All of these factors play a role. These numbers are a guideline. Because there are many variables, we use a range in our test to account.

These were the results:

The results can reveal many important facts:

As you would expect, ice life increases as coolers get larger. This is a fact we have seen time and again. It boils down to this: more ice equals more life. The wall thicknesses are fairly consistent across sizes, but the extra ice compensates for the increased surface area. We also wonder why Orca Coolers has the same 10-day ice-life tag on all sizes. We are open to hearing from any company that can create a 20-quart cooler with ten days of ice,

The ice life of your cooler is less than you would see in the “perfect world.” Your ice life will be impressive if you fill your cooler to the brim and store it at 33F. Let’s not get too serious. Coolers are often left open in the summer heat and are often half-full (or less) with ice. This will reduce your ice life significantly.

Ice life is variable, especially in larger sizes. As mentioned above, many factors can affect ice life. True ice life is possible in many places. This is especially true for larger coolers. You will be able to get a better idea about the environment your cooler will be placed in.

Ice life is comparable to premium coolers. You can compare the performance of premium coolers by reading our cooler reviews and our Cooler Comparison Table. Orca Coolers performed very well against all other coolers, except for the top performers. In terms of ice life, they are a significant step above the lower-end coolers.



Orca Coolers compete with the best. It is important to have a long ice lifetime, but it also requires a high level of quality. They must be able to withstand the normal wear and tear of a cooler. This could include being dropped, kicked, and scratched and being exposed to everything Mother Nature has to throw at it.

These thick, roto-molded walls play an important role in not only ice life but also cooler toughness. Because the shell is made of one piece, there are no weak points and can withstand bumps or scratches.

Components (latches, hinges, and bolts) are also important. These components are critical and can sometimes be weak points for lower-end coolers. The components are all of high quality. The hinge beam appears thick and made from steel. This will prevent it from rusting. The thick rubber lid gasket latches should be strong enough to withstand thousands of cycles without tearing.

We have not encountered any issues with the drain plug. Some people have complained that the drain plug doesn’t form a tight seal and leaks frequently. This is not a significant problem, but it was something to be aware of.

We don’t see Orca proudly displaying this seal, which is an industry-standard in premium cooler markets. It is certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

Although most people won’t have to worry about their cooler being able to handle a grizzly bear in the future, this seal proves that your cooler can withstand any challenge. We are not sure why Orca hasn’t done this yet.

Orca’s coolers warranty is excellent and something we would like to see in this price range. All hard-sided coolers come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects and artistry.

Orca Cooler Features

Orca’s features, outside of one exception, are very sparse compared to other premium cooler brands. While this might not seem like a significant issue to most people, others might find it an essential difference between buying an Orca Cooler or an RTIC, Yeti Tundra, or nICE cooler.

All Orca hard-sided coolers, except the Orca 20, have the same side-flex-grip handle. The handles are easy to grip and can be carried by one or two people. Other than this, there are no other mobility options. Extendable handles, wheels, and so on. They are not visible.

Easy-flow drainage spouts are located on each unit, making it easier to empty melted ice. We found that the drain spout for all sizes is on the side. Although we prefer to have the drain spout located on the side for larger coolers, it is easier to empty the water. However, this could be our personal preference.

You can also find built-in bottle openers and measuring tapes molded onto the lid, cupholders, reversible foot, etc. They are not available. These accessories are becoming more common on premium coolers. We wonder why Orca has not used them. There are a few accessories they sell, including ice boxes, pads, and internal baskets. They will be more expensive and won’t come with a cooler.

The only thing worth mentioning is the mesh cargo net that is attached to the back of each Orca hard-sided cooler. We appreciate this feature as it offers valuable storage space for everyday items such as bottle openers, cozies, and other cooler accessories.

Visual Appeal

Orca’s base design has a simple layout. We have already mentioned very few external features to Orca’s base design, except for the mesh cargo net (which is our favorite) and the T-latches, which are molded into Orca’s trademark shape. The shell is quite plain, with very few contours at the sides, front, and rear.

You may be surprised to hear that Orca’s visual appeal has been one of its most powerful selling points.

The body is simple, but the variety of colors, logos, and patterns that you can get from an Orca Cooler is fantastic!

There are seven different types of designs that you can choose depending on the size Orca cooler you have: Classic, Camouflage and Collegiate, Hero or Licensed, Lifestyle and Team.

  • “Classic” is a collection of classic solid colors such as white, blue and green. This color range is superior to any other cooler brands’ color selection.
  • Camouflage is a cooler that has been covered with camo. There are many patterns available, including Desolve and Kryptek.
  • Coolers labeled “Collegiate” are coolers with logos of college sports teams. There are many options, and Orca can obtain sponsorships from all of them.
  • “Hero” is a tribute to first responders and EMS personnel who help keep this country safe. They are available in many colors.
  • They are “licensed” with the NRA (National Rifle Association) and NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation) logos. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds.
  • “Lifestyle” includes the American flag printed on its lid and a range of base colors for its cooler shell.
  • A series of coolers called “Team” has a solid shell and a lid with a different color. This cooler can be used to represent your favorite team’s logo without the need for an official logo. If you wish, there are many aftermarket options to attach a logo sticker to your cooler.

Necessary: coolers with custom colors and prints will have a noticeable price increase. While the “Team” series coolers have the smallest increase, the surcharge for all other models is significant. Although we expected a higher price for these unique colors and designs, some may find the increase too steep.

We will also be discussing the price.

Overall, though the Orca Coolers’ design is not groundbreaking, the wide range of color customizations you can have is imposing. It is also a leader in comparison to other Orca ice chests.

Durability and Mobility

There are not many features that I would recommend. You have the standard, easy-grip handles on each side of the cooler, but you can also get extending handles or wheels. Are missing. The only accessory Orca Coolers has mesh netting on the cooler’s back. This feature is excellent, but Orca should add more!

You can purchase additional accessories separately, but this increases the already high price. Although it lacks many features, Orca coolers can be very durable. Each component is carefully assembled and made from premium materials. Orca offers a limited lifetime warranty on all coolers. However, we wish they would apply for the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee’s Bear Resistant Certificate.


Asking prices will play a significant role in choosing the suitable cooler for you. Premium coolers can be very expensive, and we’ve seen many people’s shocked faces when they see the price sticker for a premium cooler of 100+ quarts.

How do Orca Coolers compare with another cooler?

First, you need to know that Orca cooler prices can fluctuate. Shipping costs and availability are all factors that can affect the cost of coolers. These factors can significantly impact how much it costs to ship an ice chest to you.

We don’t like to talk about coolers in absolute terms. Sometimes one cooler might be more expensive than the other, and sometimes (during sales) it might end up being less expensive!

We can make reasonable approximations. These allow us to compare the performance of different coolers. RTIC coolers are nearly always less expensive than Yeti coolers. Igloo coolers are almost always less expensive than RTIC coolers. While the percentages may change, the fact remains.

Orca Coolers tend to be in the middle price range. RTIC and Grizzly brands are less expensive, while brands like Yeti Tundra and Pelican tend to be more expensive. This is true only for Orca Coolers with “Team” or “Classic” color schemes.

There is a significant price increase if you order specialty colors, such as camouflage or one with a college logo. Orca Coolers is priced in the same range as Yeti Coolers and Pelican due to this price increase. Orca claims that the price increase is due to the hydro dipping process used to place the pattern on the cooler correctly.

Below are some pricing tiers as a visual aid. This is not a complete list, and it is only a guideline to how Orca compares to other premium cooler brands. The order in which coolers are placed in a particular Tier does not have any meaning. It is entirely random.

Orca coolers can be quite expensive, as you can see. Although coolers in the premium tier do not come cheap, Orca coolers can be pretty expensive, mainly if you use the hydro dipping process.

Orca isn’t as efficient from a performance perspective as many other coolers. Although Orca’s ice life, toughness, and features are competitive, their warranty is not industry-leading. These coolers are unique in their wide range of colors. Camouflage coolers are not available in every color, so you might have to spend more.

Orca vs. Yeti Cooler

Which is better, Yeti cooler or Orca? It is close competition, as you can see. Both Yetis and Orcas are well within the premium price range (although Yetis can still be a bit more costly). Both have similar features and offer tons of color options.

Here is a look at these two a little closer to help you decide – Orca Coolers vs YETI Coolers. Despite YETI coolers being considered the cream of the crop of roto-molded coolers, in general, we found that when pitting ORCA coolers vs YETI Roadie, ORCA actually provided better ice retention. Comparing the two brands side by side in as equal conditions as possible, ORCAs were able to retain ice on average, around 1 day longer than YETI coolers.

This one is too close to call. Both models share the same pros/cons. It comes down to which model you can afford. You won’t be disappointed, no matter which one!

They aim to increase the USA’s workforce by manufacturing their ice chests in the USA, as opposed to outsourcing overseas. YETI cooler is also an American company, founded in Austin, Texas. The company was founded by two brothers that saw an opportunity to improve on existing cooler design and performance.

You can check out the latest range of Yeti coolers on Amazon using the link below See the latest price for Yeti coolers Orca Coolers vs Yeti: What’s Your Decision? Well, there you have my complete review/analysis on Orca coolers vs Yeti coolers. Both are great coolers with one performing slightly better than the other and with the other having a more desirable brand name.

See more information:


Which is better, orca or RTIC?

ORCA has a slight edge in hard-sided battles, but RTIC can ultimately defeat its opponent when it concerns soft-sided coolers. RTIC coolers with soft-sided RTIC cans are available in sizes 8, 20, 30, and 40 cans, so you’re sure to find the perfect match.

Are Orca coolers leakproof?

Leakproof Rugged On The Cooler Go

You need a good quality cooler to keep your drinks cold! To help you decide, we compared two of the top cooler companies: Orca coolers and Yeti coolers. In short, Orca coolers are a better investment when than Yeti coolers. They are more affordable, offer better ice retention, a lifetime warranty, a bigger variety of colors and designs and are made in the USA.

Does orca have a lifetime warranty?

Outdoor Recreation Company of America guarantees ORCA Hard Sided Coolers against defects in material and artistry for a lifetime from the date of purchase. A 1-year limited warranty covers graphics on coolers.

Did Orca coolers go out of business?

Nashville-based Outdoor Recreation Company of America (also known as ORCA) has been sold. ORCA, better known as this cooler Company of America, has been sold to Brentwood’s MacNeill Pride Group. This company makes a variety of products, from spikes for your golf shoes to teas.


A common misconception is that the Orca cooler is bulky. With all of the features it offers, this type of cooler not only keeps the cold in but the hot out as well. Ice retention times are shockingly long. The Orca cooler is consistently chosen as the most excellent cooler for a long trip.

We hope this review has provided an honest and comprehensive look at the best portable ice makers. Finally, we would like to hear from you and what your favorite model is? Please leave a comment below, and don’t forget to share our article with your friends.

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