Orion Cooler Review 2021: Best Information For You

Orion Cooler Review 2021 Best Information For You

The Orion cooler Review is the perfect solution for an inexpensive and powerful cooler, whether you need it to keep your game fish fresh or keep your drink cold. With two 150w cooling units, the good design of the cooler, and the 3″ polyethylene insulation that lines the inside of the cooler, you won’t need to worry about anything that might spoil your day.

Climbing up the mountain, you can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. It doesn’t seem so daunting anymore. One more step and you’re there.

You are welcomed with open arms by your friends who have already made it to the summit. You are ready to take that victory picture with the breathtaking views just behind you. That is precisely what the Orion Cooler offers people.

About Orion Coolers

About Orion Coolers

Orion 65 cooler was made by Jackson Kayaks, a major manufacturer of plastic kayaks. Jackson, an American company, makes all their products in the USA at their Tennessee factory. Jackson Kayaks makes kayaks for professional kayakers, casual whitewater kayakers, professional anglers, and casual hobbyists.

Jackson Kayak used its knowledge in plastic manufacturing to create a similarly impressive premium roto-molded cooler. Orion’s roto-molded coolers are made by pouring molten plastic into a mold and then rotating it. These premium coolers are virtually indestructible because they have a uniform plastic layer that covers thick foam insulation.

Orion coolers have a unique design that allows them to retain ice for a very long time. Orion cooler offers a host of unique features that other cooler brands don’t have. Jackson Kayaks Orion Cooler is a premium choice because they have features that you won’t find in other brands.

Orion Coolers Features

Orion Coolers’ standard features include six tie-down points for each cooler as well as four aluminum bottle openers. One on each corner of each cooler. Bottle openers will always be available no matter where the cooler is tied down. You don’t have to worry about the bottle falling, whether it is in the back of your truck or used as a casting platform.

Orion coolers are bear-resistant and lockable. This makes them great for camping trips. The camming latches sit flush to the cooler front and are very low-profile. Wild animals may find it challenging to access the cooler due to this feature. This makes it possible to pack the cooler in tight places or against a truck bed.

These motorcycle grips are the carrying handles for this rugged, rotomolded cooler. We found the grip to be attached to rope handles that are longer than many other coolers. Comfort handles are a great addition to the cooler, which is heavier than other similar-sized coolers.

When compared to other premium coolers with 2″ insulation, the Jackson kayak cooler is deemed Best-in-Class. This is quite an accomplishment for a cooler on the market today. It is also made in the USA.

The Orion 65 is 39 lbs, and the Orion 25 is 21.5 lbs. Your new cooler comes with a lifetime warranty on the hinges. You also get a 5-year warranty for any other problems.

The Orion features YakAttrack tracks with RAM Integration and a tray system that is very useful on all premium coolers. The Orion premium cooler sector is the best because it offers so many options. If you need more, you can add a sectional separator that doubles up as a cutting board.

Orion Performance

The Orion 45qt cooler we tested looked and performed well, as we had previously stated. The Orion ranked among the top 11 roto-molded coolers when compared to it. The Orion 45 remained ice-cold for six days in mid-summer Florida, with afternoon temperatures reaching the mid 90’s.

Orion Cooler Sizing & Colors

Orion Cooler Sizing & Colors

Orion Coolers uses real-world sizing. You will get the exact size you need if you buy an Orion 65 or Orion 25. It may seem obvious, but it is essential. Yeti and other manufacturers use model numbers for their coolers. Orion has a 25qt cooler as well as a 35qt and a 45qt cooler. There are also 65- and 85-quart coolers.

There is a size that will suit your needs, no matter what outdoor activity you are involved in. You can also choose from a range of colors. They are all camouflage-style patterns, but you can choose from a sky and white camo or Bluefin, blaze, jungle, forest, or a light-green Dorado.

It’s worth noting that when we test coolers, everyone always asks, “which cooler is that over there?” Always about Orion. It is impossible to find a cooler like this. Orion coolers are sure to make you stand out at any party, tailgate, or boat event.

High-Quality Materials

InsulationOrion coolers are made right here in America. They draw on their expertise and experience in manufacturing kayaks. Orion coolers are made from thick, durable polyethylene. The insulation inside is exceptionally thick and can withstand extremely cold air and warm air temperatures.

Insulation is at least 2 inches thick throughout, including the corners and lid. They don’t compromise on quality, and this is evident in the materials they use. This cooler is the best. These rope handles are durable insulated ice chest and connect to a rubber motorcycle grip handle.

Ice Retention

Orions are a great product. You want it to work, even if you spend a few hundred on a cooler. Orion’s outstanding design and features contribute to its incredible performance. We’ve seen competitors like RTIC and YETI that can deliver ice for 5-6 days. What does Orion offer? It does pretty well. Orion coolers are capable of keeping you ice for up to 6 days.

IceRetention How often it is opened, how cold the cooler was, whether it was pre-cooled, and what kind of ice you use (large cubes vs. small blocks). Many other factors can affect ice retention. It doesn’t matter what you use it for. You can expect to get at least a weekend of use. The thick insulation and the freezer-style rubber gasket keep it cool and airtight.

Orion Coolers Lifetime Warranty

Jackson Kayak was a company we researched extensively while writing our Orion cooler review. This company stands behind its products, which we found out by doing extensive research. They manufacture their coolers in the USA and are confident that they will last a lifetime. Orion coolers also have another great feature.


These coolers come at a price, however. They are more expensive than YETI, a company well-known for high prices. Orion’s coolers beat YETI in many ways, including their superior ice retention, excellent features, and the fact that YETI’s coolers are made in China.

At the same time, Orion still manufactures in the USA. This makes the price somewhat reasonable. You get what you pay, and this product is a “buy it to last” product.

Orion Coolers vs. YETI Coolers

Our readers frequently ask us a common question: Who wins in a battle between YETI and Orion? This is a great question that we tried to answer in our Orion Cooler Review. Orion coolers vs. YETI offer many features you won’t find in YETI coolers or other premium cooler brands.

Aluminum Corner tie-downs with bottle opener and integrated bottle opener are not common in other brands. Another feature that you won’t find on YETI coolers is the grippy lid. Orion coolers are still manufactured in the USA, whereas YETI is based overseas. These coolers have a similar performance and can retain ice for up to 10 days.

Orion and YETI coolers can withstand bears, but we prefer the Orion cooler’s latches. They will not wear out like rubber T-latches from YETIs or other brands. They are flush with cooler walls, which is a feature that’s often overlooked. YETI is the largest of the available sizes, but in the end, if we were to pick between YETI and Orion, which would it be? We’d go Orion.

The reason why it’s not 5 stars, is this used to come equipped with the standing pad and gear track which you now have to buy separately. What a shame because if Jackson’s adventures would’ve continued doing that, you’d have a better product. That was the reason people would it this over Yeti.

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Are Orion coolers manufactured in the USA?

Many American-made cooler manufacturers produce high-quality products. Esky, Grizzly, and many other brands make ice chests in the USA, including Orca, Orion, and Pelican.

How can I make my cooler cold for three days?

7 Tips to Keep Your Cooler Colder For A Longer Time

  • Fill with chilled or cold contents as often as possible
  • Keep a Cooler Cold by Packing Items Densely
  • Keep the icebox closed.
  • Insulate the cooler outside.
  • Use multiple coolers like an expert.
  • Ice, ice packs, frozen juice jugs, or dry ice are all good options to keep your items cool.

Read on: https://www.grizzlycoolers.com/how-to-pack-your-cooler-to-retain-ice-keep-contents-cold-as-long-as-possible-2/.

Why is the desert cooler in summer?

Evaporation cools the surrounding air. Desert coolers convert heat energy from the circulating air into water. Humid air has a higher water vapor content so that the heat energy will transfer will be lower, and the cooling rate will be slower. Desert cooler cools faster on hot, dry days.

What Makes Orion Ice Chest Unique?

Performance-wise, they’re unquestionably up there in that cream-of-the-crop category with the best in the biz. However, they won’t necessarily blow any other top brand out of the water.


This article is about the various types of coolers on the market. Some are not as good as others, so the conclusion is that the Orion is the best cooler. The Orion comes in many different sizes, so it will best suit your individual needs.

What are the different types of coolers? There are two main types of coolers. The first is a solid insulated cooler, which is less efficient at keeping your items cold than the second type.

Thanks for visiting our site. The Orion Cooler is available at major retail stores, including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. If you find the product within the next day or two, you should see it in your local store.

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