Otterbox Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Otterbox Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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The Otterbox Cooler Review has been a trusted name in cell phone protection for years. With a design team that includes coffee drinkers, dusters, and drop-testers, Otterbox offers a whole line of high-quality products to suit various lifestyles and tastes. As a last-minute addition to the suitcase for a summer trip, they offer several products from wallets to backpacks.

Today, we are going to be looking at the Otterbox Cooler. We will see what this case offers and whether it is worth the money you pay for it. We will also see what customers have been saying about it. The Otterbox Cooler is a hard-shell carrying case that can be used to carry your lunch or your drinks so that you can have a picnic anywhere.

Lineup Table

Please visit our lineup table if you want to know more about the OtterBox Venture cooler’s quality. It details the brand’s offerings in terms of price, size, ice retention, and durability. These data will be helpful for both beginners and experts in the ice chest business.

OtterBox Venture 65 Cooler Review

OtterBox Venture Cooler Review

Design & Construction

OtterBox Venture coolers are made in America for anyone who wants to support American-made goods and please those who have purchased their favorite products from overseas.

This company is based in Colorado and understands the effects of nature on even the most difficult items. It has integrated handles that make it easier to carry the ice chest and prevent it from being dropped.

OtterBox offers anti-slide rubber feet to ensure your cooler stays where it is meant to be.

Mounting hardware is provided to add ice and any accessories to your cooler without carrying extra bags or pockets. You can also drain extra water from the bottom of your cooler by slanting it.


Venture brands consider other cool features. They avoid mixing items and make it easy to find what you need when you open the icebox.

The Dry storage tray and the cutting board are great for this purpose. You can use them to separate food and drink based on the occasion or the guests you’re having at a get-together.

You will also receive a bottle opener, so you don’t need to ask your friend for one when you find the beer you want or run into the kitchen for one while you cook.

The inside has three slots that make it easy to organize what you have inside. However, the Separator can be purchased separately.

This is a great way to save money on snacks. Considering the price, it shouldn’t be too difficult to spend a few dollars.

Add all these features together, and you get a rating of 4.6/5.

Ice Retention

People worry about the coldness of their drinks and food when buying a cooler. We all hate hosting people and fear that they will treat us with warm sodas and beers.

Depending on your model, the Venture cooler will keep your items cool and ready to eat for 10-16 days. These figures are from their website. But what is the truth?

A 65-quart cooler with 16-days of ice retention is quite a feat, not counting the smaller ones. This is unrealistic unless the outside temperature drops and you follow these tips to maximize ice retention in your cooler.

It is essential to reduce the amount of time a cooler is opened. Keep it covered with a thermal blanket, place it in the shade, and use a 1:2 ice to ice ratio. Also, make sure you use the correct type of ice, ideally a large block ice with either a flake, cube, or chunk of ice. How you pack your cooler can also impact how long it will keep ice.

These are just a few tips to help you get the most from your cooler. You won’t be able to last more than ten days even if your cooler is Otterbox-sized, regardless of how well it’s insulated – unless you live in colder areas.

Don’t get me wrong. We’ve been impressed by the Otterbox Venture coolers. They are excellent at retaining ice. Otterbox Venture coolers dense foam insulation is over 2 inches thick and made from closed-cell polyurethane.

The physics are hard to cheat, so you can realistically expect to receive your 25-quart Venture cooler in 4 days, the mid-sized Venture cooler in 5-7 days, and the 65-quart Venture cooler in 8-10 days. This is in comparison to the top cooler brands.

Overall, Venture Line has a 5/5 retention rating. This should be good news for anyone planning a long vacation with friends or family, especially if they plan to spend a lot of time outside.

Many other features ensure great ice retention, including polypropylene shells on the outside and inside, seals, and freezer-grade silicone latches to keep the stuff cold air inside.

This category also includes stainless steel pins, polycarbonate, ABS latches, and the Nylon drain plug to eliminate any melted ice.

Sizes and colors

There are several otterbox venture cooler sizes available for the Venture cooler, so customers can have a variety of options and carry their ice chest with ease no matter what.

Venture 65 is the largest option and weighs 32.95 lbs. It has an exterior dimension measuring 40.01 inches. 18.76 in. x 18.83 inches, an interior dimension of 27.92 inches x 11.67 x13.30, and an interior dimension at 26.72 inches x10.60 in. x13.30 in.

The Venture 45 measures in at 26.37 lbs and measures 31.39 inches. 18.76 in. x 18.83 inches Outside, 19.30 in x11.67 in x 13.30 inches. At the top, 18.10 in x10.60 inches x13.30 inches on the inside. On the inside, at the bottom.

Venture 25, weighing 16.79 pounds, is the most miniature model. It measures 26 inches in outer dimensions. 18.76 in. x 16.08 inches, with an inner dimension of 13.89 inches at the top x11.67 in x10.56 inches, with an inner dimension at the bottom measuring 12.73 inches x10.60 in x10.56.

There are many options when it comes to color. We’re not talking about just solid colors. There are also many designs and combinations of colors to choose from. As of this review, Venture’s most miniature model has ten options. The other two models offer more options, but still a good variety.


Venture coolers are a reliable choice for keeping your ice chest stocked for as long as you can. OtterBox offers lifetime coverage for any manufacturing issues.

The Venture line is on par with Cordova Coolers and Kenai, with a limited lifetime warranty. This puts it ahead of Engel, which covers you for ten years, YETI, which covers you for five years, and RTIC, which provides coverage for one year.


OtterBox Venture Ice chests are a great cooler because they can be used for many occasions. This is surprisingly rare, even for the most well-known brands.

This ice chest is excellent for outdoors people. It can hold ice lunches, drinks, and the cooler game you have gathered on your hunting trips.

This cooler is great for sports fans. It can be used for softball, touch football, and tailgating games with friends.

The Venture cooler has a rating of 4.6/5 for its multi-purpose capabilities.

Some Relevant Posts:

OtterBox vs. Yeti Tundra

OtterBox vs. Yeti Tundra

You’ll need to compare your options with Yeti, the most respected name in the field, if you want your cooler to be the best.

Although Yeti is more popular than OtterBox, both brands have a solid reputation and have enough similarities to offer a fair matchup.

OtterBox coolers and Yeti share a common feature: they both are suitable for outdoor use. Both options can be used for hunters and anglers who have a few days to plan.

Customers can enjoy a delicious game after their trip thanks to the ice retention of both brands for several days.

Yeti is far more reliable than OtterBox in terms of size options. The Venture line offers three options, each unique feature, making it easier to transport the ice chest.

The Tundra doesn’t have much in the way of add-ons besides the included dry goods basket, a divider that you can buy separately, and three sizes of specially designed ice packs. The compact handles, while certainly low-profile, can be a little awkward to maneuver when the cooler is fully loaded.

Yeti has more options in this category, with the smaller Hopper series and Roadie series and the larger Tundra 350, which measures 24.75 inches. Dimensions: 23.25 in. X 63.5 in. on the outside, and 16.75 in. X 17.75 inches. X 54.625 inches. On the inside.

Larger sizes can be saved for big games, while OtterBox’s options can be used for parties or similar occasions.

OtterBox’s greatest strength is its affordability. Venture coolers from OtterBox cost between $280 and $450 depending on the size and whereabouts you order them.

Yeti coolers can be more expensive than others, especially when you consider the price per quart. It is more expensive to buy larger models, with the Tundra 350 being the most expensive at $1300.

This makes OtterBox an excellent choice for hunters who want to save money while still enjoying cooler hunting. We give OtterBox a rating of 4.4/5 in pricing.

How do Otterbox’s and Yeti coolers actually keep the ice solid, so it doesn’t melt?

The answer is polyurethane, which is used to form the injection foam insulation in the coolers by these two brands. It forms an insulating layer between the contents and the outer casing of the cooler.

What About Soft Coolers? Meet The OtterBox Trooper

The OtterBox Trooper series of soft coolers are unique to the rest. There are three models: Trooper 12, Trooper 20, and TrooperLT30. You can see them all here.

These coolers are complex and soft cooler, as they feature a hardliner and rigid frames and lids.

These latching mechanisms are also unique and unmatched on the market. No waterproof zippers here. These latches can be opened with one hand and are easier than zippered lids.

These coolers also come with additional features like bottle openers and mounting points to allow you to add accessories to your cooler.

The Trooper’s versatility is what we love about the Trooper. Its should straps can be adjusted to carry it as a backpack. All coolers have shoulder straps and carry handles. There are also front zippered pockets that can hold dry goods.

They can keep ice for up to 3 days. You might be able to get them to last longer if you chill the contents before you put them in.

These coolers are more expensive than Yeti Hopper coolers, but they are still a good value for money. They also have lots of cool features and are premium cooler quality. They are highly recommended!

Where To Buy It?

We recommend that you visit the Otterbox official store if you are interested in purchasing the Venture cooler. This is where you will find the most current offer and any new color options and accessories.

Amazon is another option. Amazon, like most products, has proved to be reliable by offering millions of products, including OtterBox coolers. Amazon offers the benefit of free shipping and the possibility to return any items that don’t work.

You won’t be disappointed no matter which store you choose. Both are reliable and can ship your products quickly.


In conclusion, Otterbox Cooler is not only a beautiful design but also offers more benefits. These cooler features include a leak-proof liner and a sturdy lid that stays shut with a latch to prevent pesky critters from getting into the ice while you’re on the go. This is a perfect cooler for you and your family that will provide a fun experience of having a picnic with friends or family or just anything you want to do!

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