Palm Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Palm Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

The Palm Cooler Review showed that this is an affordable and well-designed cooler. The freezer gel packs offer a good amount of cold, and they can keep food and drinks cold for up to 10 hours. People found it to be sturdy and compact enough to carry around the camp. This insulated cooler provides an ideal solution to keeping your food and drinks cold while you’re outdoors!

The stainless steel construction offers a durable and efficient way to cool beverages and food without the high cost of most models. The manufacturer claims that this cooler can cool up to 6 cans of beer, four bottles of wine, six large ice cubes, or two cans of soda at once.

Palm Cooler Features

Palm Cooler Features

Palm Coolers recently released their second-generation coolers. They have a lot more features than the older models, as we already mentioned. We thought it would be helpful to review the features of both, as many of their original models remain in production.

We received the 45-quart second-generation model from Palm. Although it’s not directly related to the features of the model, we loved its packaging. The whole cooler was wrapped in plastic wrap, something most brands don’t bother with.

We will first go over the walls. Palm claims that their hard-sided coolers have 1.5″ to 3″ high-pressure injected polyurethane (HPI) foam. They also use the same rotomolded technology as premium coolers. They have increased the wall thickness from 2.5″ to 3″ for the new-generation models.

These walls are thick, true to form! These walls help maintain life and make coolers more resistant to bumps and scratches that can occur over time in outdoor environments. This means that coolers will need to be smaller in storage and heavier to accomplish the same goal. This is the price that you must pay.

Latches have been updated on the new models. The cooler was equipped with sturdy rubber feet T-latches featuring the Palm logo. These latches are pretty thick and will need a lot of downward force to loosen them, but they provide an excellent seal.

An interesting fact is that latches catch in an inner hole, rather than the “T” part of the latch being what catches. This observation is not a significant advantage or disadvantage. We don’t have any evidence to support one design over the other.

You will find holes on the corners that can be used for locking or tying down your cooler. This is a feature that many premium coolers now have, and Palm has included it in their redesign.

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You will find the same rubber grips and rope handles that the Pam models used for carrying. These handles are enormous and reach almost to the cooler’s lid when lifted. These handles are longer than the majority of other handles we’ve seen on coolers.

This model has a set with wheels, which significantly improves over the older Palm models. You can either carry the cooler in your hand or lift one end to transport it. Coolers with wheels are a favorite of ours, and we’re glad they included them. These coolers are very extremely heavy when full. Including wheels can turn what was once a 2-person job into a one-person one.

The wheels are made from hard plastic material and are, according to Palm, impenetrable. We have seen many rolling coolers with rubber wheels, but these can be more susceptible to punctures. This potential failure point is eliminated by using hard plastic wheels.

The same thick rubber gasket used in high-end coolers can also be used here to aid with ice retention. A quality gasket will help you tap into the tremendous closing force of T-latches. This seal can increase ice retention by several days.

Non-skid rubber feet are another notable feature. This is a solid collection of features. This has almost all the features we want in a high-end cooler. The only things missing from this cooler would be a pressure release valve, fish scale/cup holders on its lid, and internal storage options like a dry goods basket. These features are not essential to many people.

It is an excellent cooler in terms of build quality. A cooler that lasts for years results from its highly thick walls, high-quality components, and rotomolded construction. Your cooler will last ten years, Palm promises. This is a very long time to guarantee a company’s product and show that the design is flawless.

However, it’s going to take a whole lot of effort in order to attain higher results. Thus, Palm coolers support their claim via thicker walls. Undeniably, thick walls work & especially on coolers since they reduce the influence of external elements drastically.

Palm Coolers Review: The Ultimate Guide

Palm Coolers Review The Ultimate Guide

How is it possible for companies like Palm to sell products of supposedly equal quality at half the price?

It all comes down to the size of the company. They, like other brands, have a small company staff and only a few people who manage all aspects of the business, from manufacturing to shipping to customer support.

They are also what we refer to as ‘factory direct suppliers.’ The cooler world goes directly from the manufacturing warehouse (these coolers are made in Thailand, which is a beautiful place on earth). They will then be delivered to you at your home via one of the two Palm Coolers distribution centers (Chicago or L.A.). The company can sell products at a much lower price than a Yeti because third-party retailers are not involved.

Construction, Quality, and Performance: Are Palm Coolers Worth Their Weight in Gold?

The frame/body of Palm ice chests is made from high-end plastic. It’s filled with a liquid and then rotated as the liquid hardens. This ensures 100% rigidity.

This is a significant improvement over non-rotomolded coolers that have thinner walls but not nearly the insulation.

A great cooler must be sealed tightly so that cold air cannot enter or leave. One-piece rotomold designs have been the most successful in this regard.

The insulation inside the plastic rotomold body is equally important. Palm Coolers use 3 inches of standard high-density foam (most high-quality rotomolded coolers use only 2 inches).

Ice Retention of Palm Ice Chests

Each size Palm has a seven-day shelf life. However, this is probably too generous. A realistic expectation would be three to five days, depending on the weather conditions.

TIP: Use reusable ice packs to increase the ice retention or dry ice cold to improve the cooling performance.

Yeti coolers aren’t the best in the industry; however, they do have incredibly good ice retention. The Yeti held ice for over 10 days in my ice test. This was in winter, so you could expect your Yeti to hold ice for about 5 days in the hotter months.


Palm has a conservative approach to the design of its ice chests. We like the second-generation units’ new design better than the older models. However, they still look very plain.

The Palm logo has been reduced in size. The logo now has a more minimalistic look for the greats. We don’t like cooler brands with huge logos on coolers, so Palm was the right choice.

While the new models are still simple, they have a little more to offer with cooler faces than older models. The new units have a lower section that is recessed than the flush-faced old models. We feel this is a great update from Palm Coolers.

You will have minimal options when it comes to colors. We couldn’t find any option to choose from other colors on their website. The default was white. Since the ice chest that we received was beige, we know they offer other colors. We have also seen images of a silver/gray unit on the 30-quart size. There are at most three color options. We can’t be sure of anything beyond that.

Due to these few colors, palm cooler is at the bottom of the cooler color spectrum. We don’t think Palm cooler can create custom decals, logos, or multi-color designs.

We hope Palm will soon expand its color options.


Palm claims to be a manufacturer-direct to-consumer retailer. This means that the products are shipped directly from the factory to your home. This means that there are no middlemen. RTIC is a brand you probably know. They use this approach to save huge on many other cool brands.

Palm can sell their products lower than traditional ice chest juggernauts like Yeti, Engel, and Pelican. They are still slightly more expensive than RTIC, which seems to be the leader in premium coolers at the lowest prices.

This price point is beautiful to us. Although not as affordable as an RTIC, Palm still outperforms many other brands in terms of ice retention. The new models also have more useful features, which may justify the slightly higher price.

Palm Cooler Accessories: Cool Stuff to Add to Your Palm Ice Chest

Palm Tumbler

Palm Coolers offers a few other cheap tumbler cups, like RTIC (20 oz. and 30 oz.), and their cooler line.

Each size comes with a splash-proof lid and stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation. They’ll keep your goodies warm or cold just as well as the Yeti Rambler.

The tumblers can also be purchased in bulk discount packages (boxes with 24), a popular option for businesses and companies.

Palm Koozie

It’s pretty obvious: It’s a cool, high-quality koozie that you can store your 12-ounce bottle or can in. Keep it cool in the summer heat.

TIP: Our RTIC Can Review will show you which koozies are of the highest quality and best value.

Palm Bottle Opener

This is a cool little flair that attaches easily to your Palm Ice chest. It’s also a bottle opener, so it’s super helpful. Made from high-quality stainless steel and engraved with the Palm logo.

Palm Coolers Non-slip Pads

These non-slip pads, which are available in 5 sizes, are made of 6mm EVA foam and stick to your Palm using industrial-strength adhesive. This accessory is excellent if you plan to stand on your cooler or use it as a casting platform. Prices vary depending on size.

Palm Cooler vs. Yeti

The big question is: How do Palm Coolers compare with Yeti?

Palm Coolers are a great product. They retain ice retention well and are far superior to other Yeti models in terms of features. We especially like the fact that they included wheels in their new models.

We love that Palm offers a 10-year warranty on their products. Although we aren’t sure if this will translate into a 10-year warranty, it would be very impressive.

Palm is also noticeably less expensive than Yeti. Pricing is a constant battle between Yeti and Palm. Yeti has a name recognition unmatched by any other brand, but their asking price might be too high.

Yeti has an advantage over Palm Coolers regarding their size selection, color options, and accessories you can buy. Yeti is a larger fish, and they can offer more products and colors than a smaller company like Palm.

If we had to choose one, Palm would be our choice. Their V2 models are a great example of this. They have improved the performance and features while keeping their prices reasonable.

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Is there a better cooler than a Yeti?

My top pick for the best cooler, similar to Yeti, is the Pelican ProGear Elite. It is the most affordable Yeti alternative and has higher ice retention than the Yeti.

What is the best small cooler for the money?

These are our Top Picks for the Best Small Hard Coolers

  • Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Small Softbody
  • YETI Roadie 24 Small Hard.
  • Coleman Flip Lid Personal Ice, 5-Quart
  • Igloo Profile, 16-Quart
  • Stanley Hard Cooler, 16-Quart.
  • Igloo 12 Quart
  • Klein Tools Work, 17 Quart.

Originally I thought Yeti were overpriced and were just taking advantage of their brand to make more money for no reason.

Is an nICE cooler worth it?

The best thing about the nICE brand is that they won’t break the bank. nICE is not only the most affordable but also one of the most reliable coolers. These coolers are double-walled to insulate your drinks and snacks.

Are Palm Coolers worth the money?

In our opinion, definitely. They’re very nice, good cooler quality rotomolded coolers that perform well and – most importantly – are less than half the price of the big brands like Yeti and Pelican.

And one more major thing to consider is shipping time – unlike most RTIC which are back-ordered for up to 60 days, Palm Coolers (at the time of this writing, at least) are always in stock and ship UPS within 1-3 business days of an order being placed.


Some people do not care about the high-end market, but it is a definite competitor for people who enjoy spending time outdoors all day. Palm is one of the most affordable and durable coolers out there, which is great news for people who like to spend a lot of time outside and don’t want to break the bank on expensive gear.

That’s because Palm isn’t just an affordable. It’s also one of the most versatile models out there. It works as a regular, but it can be used as a seat or keep your food and drinks cold on hot days.

Thanks for checking out my Palm review. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below.

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