Pelican Cooler 20 QT Review 2022: Top Full Guide

Pelican Cooler 20 QT Review 2022 Top Full Guide
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Pelican cooler 20 qt review will take a look at one of the most popular brands, Pelican. Pelican is known for high-quality designs that are also affordable. Pelican is considered very durable, lightweight, and has

extended warranties. This Pelican 20qt review will cover this brand’s features, pros, and cons. Pelican review is lightweight, durable, and has a long warranty.

A Brief History

A Brief History

Pelican launched the Pelican 20QT, a newer version of its ‘Pelican elite water’ in 2017. This was to add new and better features to the Pelican elite’. We were not disappointed.

Dave and Arlene founded Pelican in their Torrance garage. After years of success, they were purchased by Behrman Capital. This has put them on a new course of growth and success.


  • The upright design ensures good capacity.
  • Insulation made of polyurethane increases ice retention by 2 inches.
  • ABS latches ensure that the rotomolded is sealed tightly.
  • For increased security, the lock hasp comes with a molded lock.
  • The lid has 4 cup holders that can be used to drain the cup’s contents.
  • A lifetime warranty


  • It is quite heavy at 13.9 pounds.
  • Cooler topples easily with a well-designed design.
  • Customer reviews complain about a defective rubber seal.

Who is it for?

The Pelican 20 Quart Elite is designed for adventurers and travelers who travel extensively and require a wheeled that can withstand rough use.

Pelican has ice retention capabilities similar to Yeti coolers and is great for those who need to keep drinks safe and cold for longer periods (7-10 days).

Pelican Cooler 20 QT Reviews

Pelican Cooler 20 QT Reviews


The most important aspect of any cooler is its insulation performance. If it isn’t keeping your food cool, why would you carry a heavy cooler when a backpack or soft is better? The cooler had one of the worst insulation performances of all the tested models. It held below 40 degrees F for a sad 1.4 days.

The Yeti Tundra kept beverages below 50 degrees F for just a few more hours, giving only 1.7 days of cold beer. This is not enough to last a weekend on the road. You can also get it in dark colors, which absorb heat from the sun and keep you cool.


The durability of the Pelican is also not what we were expecting. Although the body and its parts seem strong enough, the components that hold them together are weak. Our model’s seal was permanently bent at several points. This is in addition to the fact that the seal was not sealed properly at the ends, so the box isn’t airtight.

The hinge is not fully integrated and creaks when applied pressure. This makes us less confident in the cooler’s ability to withstand years of abuse. The cooler’s high height makes it comfortable for one, although you might reconsider it after falling over a few times.

Good Ice Retention

Pelican claims the Ice chest has a ten-day ice retention capacity, making it suitable for camping for extended periods.

Because of its ice retention, you can trust the Pelican Elite review to keep your drinks chilled for long picnics or cross-road trips.

Pelican Ice Chest comprises 2 inches of polyurethane foam insulation, which is waterproof and not affected by moisture.

It is so annoying to find out that cold drinks you had just hours ago have lost their refreshing temperature and are now much hotter.

Customers reported that the Pelican 20-qt kept ice in the cooler for 9-10 days. Some customers also claimed that their ice supply lasted longer due to the Pelican’s innovative capabilities.

Ease of Use

This cooler is perfect if you are planning to bring a bottle of wine or bubbly. This is ideal for carrying this cargo because of its narrow, tall shape. However, if you plan to bring many small items, the same tall design will make it difficult to find the right item at the bottom. The handle at the top is very heavy and has a catch at its top to keep it upright when it’s time to be set down.

It’s not as sticky as other personal models, making it difficult to move the handle from its upright position using only one hand. The easy-to-use latches are our favorite feature of reviews. It’s simple to push the button and pull the latch up with one hand.


The Pelican 20 is a personal cooler, but we are not impressed by its portability. The lid has a slight indentation at the back to allow it to rest against your body as you walk. The indented area is insufficient to allow for a normal stride unless the handle is hung over your elbow and not dangling from your side.

Unfortunately, even for short distances, the handle is not comfortable to hold in your elbow. The 12.4-pound is portable but not as portable as some of the monsters we tested.

Pelican Cooler 20 qt Reviews Features

The cooler review has a few useful features, such as a bottle opener built into the lid and anti-skid feet that prevent sliding. Tie-downs are a good option to prevent the top-heavy box from tipping as you turn the corner. The lid also features four cupholders, which are useful if you plan to camp out at the beach.

If you have a dark-colored, like the one we tested, your beverage will heat up quickly in the sunlight.


This is not worth the high price, and we don’t believe it offers much value. This tall cooler might be the right one for you if you are all about white wine at the party.


Pelican offers a lifetime warranty on its coolers, which is a leap beyond most.

Pelican’s coolers come with a lifetime warranty. This guarantees that the cooler will be free from any damage, leakage, or wear.

Strong build and add-ons

Your cooler is an essential piece of equipment for outdoor activities. It’s not fun to worry about it being dropped on rough or hard surfaces.

The Pelican 20qt elite makes it easy to transport your Pelican 20 Qt elite without any worries.

To prevent accidental spillage, it has a metal locking have. The Pelican’s base has thick rubber feet that help keep it stable and steady – even on slippery surfaces.

Additionally, the Pelican 20qt has an anti-shear hinge and 3-inch locking latches.

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee has awarded pelican, the Grizzly Bear Certificate. This cooler can withstand nearly anything, and it’s not exaggerated.

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Do you have questions about the Pelican? We have your back! These are the most frequently asked questions about this product. We have answers!

What is the cost of the cooler?

The Pelican 20 is priced between $149 and $199. This price range can be due to the availability of different colors.

What are the internal dimensions of the cooler?

The dimensions of the cooler for the 20-QT model are 12×6.7×14.1.

Can I take it to a family picnic? It is heavy and difficult to transport.

It weighs 13.9 lbs without any contents. This makes it very practical and worth the extra weight. It can even be used as a picnic cooler for small families because of its large capacity.

Does the cooler easily tip over?

It does not. Because of its evenly distributed weight, it has a good balance.

Can I use it as a chair/stool to sit on? Will it take my weight (145 lbs)?

The cooler’s top can be seated on without any problems. Customers have shared how they used the cooler to make a short chair if necessary.

Should I buy a more expensive cooler to make my drinks maintain their temperature?

If you keep the lid shut, the Pelican will keep drinks cold for up to 9-10 days. The Pelican is a good, inexpensive cooler that does a decent job.

Are Pelican coolers leakproof?

Pelican soft coolers should not be used with dry ice. These are leak-proof, and gas buildup inside them can cause an explosion.

Read on:

How many beers can a 20 qt hold?

Although it is heavy and bulky (even empty), the 20-quart cooler is my favorite. See more We can fit 12 beers, six sodas, and several frozen water bottles (topped off with crushed ice).


If you are in the market for a high-quality, look no further than Pelican Coolers 20 qt. It is one of the most popular coolers on the market and has won many awards for its performance. This provides all the standard features like rugged construction, convenient tie-down points, rustproof hardware, and leakproof latches.

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